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  1. I would return it to them so they can have a chance to fix their mistakes.
  2. I love that you are OCD about your trucks appearance like I am. Just finished my HPL attachment and can't wait for the first bike of the season.
  3. The pink 16 ton(?) doesn't look beat up in the video. Wonder if brakes were really the issue or a driver issue.
  4. ...Most of us don't know what we are doing tomorrow much less 5 months out. Will write it down on the calendar.
  5. I use vacuum caps from the auto part store. ...got to find an older employee who know what a carburetor is. Ha
  6. What a pain in the butt job.
  7. TSperformance 6 position Worked fine on a 2003 at f550 with a 7.3. Truck is gone now so I can't help with the part #. My Hydra in my 99 is on a 350 and high idle is mainly used to jump start big bastards.
  8. I think its impossible to change a 3rd parties perception in this industry. Your company owes me $300 for one I did last month.
  9. I gave up on my hunt for one and chose a TS performance 6 position switch. High idle is all i really needed. Hydra also makes one.
  10. Here Expired WM, School of working everyday in the trenches.
  11. Is this a integrated renegade unit or the separate rebel unit ?
  12. Renegade Stiff legs, These are an option that Twin Cities Wrecker does. Notice how far forward these are compared to the factory ones which look like a toddler just slapped them on the tail.
  13. The time has come to finally purchase a sat based phone or messenger. Do you have one? Looking at a Garmin inreach unit right now but could be swayed to another brand. Keep going out of cell service areas doing 4x4 recoveries and it would be nice to check in every once in a while to keep the boss lady happy.
  14. Gas is Cheap right now Diesel Rig: F650 with a cummins/allison combo Gas Rig: Chevy/GMC with the 8.1 or F550 with V10 (this old version is fine, the new one is out of you price range is the one with issues) Decks: You need at least a 19.5', most are 21' Alum vs Steel Depends on your areas rust situation. When buying a used aluminum deck, look at where the beams meet the bed locks to make sure the ends are not cracked off.
  15. Thats some nice yard art right there.
  16. 7" of snow in 24hrs here Looks like you chose the hard direction to winch it out.
  17. Being an Oregon native, I am partial to Quality Chains offering and used to walk into the warehouse and have them make me whatever I needed on the spot. The new set of dual rail square links showed up last week and are waiting to be used. I looked at pewags and I couldn't justify the $200 more for the same style chain. I would by happy to product test a set out for you though! Need the same size as most sprinter vans use. haha
  18. Hennessey viper with fragged motor. Haven't had to use so many blocks since the fast and furious craze. someotherplace said: In another lifetime I loaded one on a rollback. The owner was quite pleased when he saw how much wood I brought (always carried) and used to load his car with no damage. He probably would have had a fit if I showed up with a wheel lift and dollies. You and I know it can be done just fine, but owners are another story. Richard BlackAutoload said: I much prefer wheel lift and dollies over a deck. I got the second tow out of it too... Since owner was so happy how I did it the first time. dperone said: Beautiful tow. At least I'm not the only one that deals with the owner's "must have a flatbed" syndrome. Like you, if I can get them past the trust me stage I usually get their vehicle from then on, because "this way is WAYYY better than watching them drag it up a flatbed".
  19. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in November of 2013: In decent shape for sitting so long.Brought it to its new covered home 30 miles away. Got tired of all the questions. The no AAA has actually drawn more comments. I was getting all the crap from the gas attendants(in Oregon you can't pump your own gas, flipping dumb!). You know, I was once a repo man, now I pump gas guys... haha Dollies aren't that bad really.... I swear they are lighter than the older collins with 4.80s. Lift is from Detroit wrecker installed by me. Lil Hercules model. Simple L-arm job. Current rear pic. Someotherplace said: Which are they, Collins or ITD? I was really surprised several months ago when I went over to the supply shop and weighed dollies, but I only compared 4.80's - the Collins frames were considerably lighter than ITD's, by about 11lbs a side. I was hoping to find something lighter than the Collins already on my truck; I was going to come out of my own pocket for a set to try to save my back. That cracks me up about the gas station guys with the repo stories. Back when I ran a sneaky truck I even got the same routine from a guy working the Whataburger drive-through window. My truck was just slightly more conspicuous; TX law says the letters have to be X number of inches high, contrasting color, etc. So I went with the brushed-aluminum looking vinyl on top of a slightly larger set of black letters so that they had a very small outline, on a white truck. Man, I miss my ole GMC. Richard BlackAutoLoad said: Collins brand. I have beat the **** out of their dollies for years and they keep on trucking. "Flatbed in a can" as an old coworker called them.
  20. My vote is to buy a trailer instead. Convincing an insurance agent that a commercial size truck is for personal use is almost impossible. The 10-15k for a crapper rollback can buy a sweet trailer and have money to spare as long as your already have a decent size pickup.
  21. Curious about empty weight when its all geared up. Nice addition.
  22. Hopefully you stuck em with an extra fee too. Regular CDL load, plus a trailer behind that.
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