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  1. When I googled the address it’s a virtual office address you can rent for $50 a month with a one time setup fee of $150... Ha!
  2. What make and model dash cam are you using ?
  3. Really curious to know the math on this one. How much weight was the truck picking?
  4. This looks very difficult actually with a typical carrier
  5. Is there even a single State that allows this ?
  6. Great advertisement for In The Ditch Dollies
  7. What type of truck are you using ? Sounds like the deck angle sucks.
  8. Thoughts: WLL of the chain around the stump Curious if a high pull would have made the extraction easier vs all the lines being straight.
  9. Last one I saw like that was used at a junkyard for pulling motors.
  10. Yes, you said you were the cop on scene.
  11. First off, you suck. You need to understand that a vehicle is longer than it is wide and we need an extra lane to clean up this mess quickly and get traffic flowing again. Too many variables to perform a single lane rollover with 2 lanes of traffic still whizzing by for me. I would load it on its top, if you were still in your power trip mood.
  12. Happened 10 min away from my shop... too close for comfort. I am not a fan of using upper work lights on carriers unless you really really need them.
  13. The truck is a medium to me, but it has no feet and a basic boom and a stubby wheel lift that doesn’t have enough lift... so I hope you bought it at the right price! Doesn’t really excel at towing or recovery. Sounds like you bought the wrong truck for what you want to use it for. You will need tall forks and risers to get enough lift.
  14. Mine went up $500 for the next year.... never had a claim. Too many flip flop guys out there messing stuff up I suppose.
  15. Still chugging along. May the new year bring non injury full coverage accidents to everyone.
  16. Snow rated tires are my first line of traction. Second is 4x4. Chains are the last tool. Dont forget about chains for muddy situations as well. I carry dual rails and single for the 4x4 wrecker. With a wheel lift making chaining up the rear so easy (put down to lift rear tires off the ground), I usually throw the duals if I feel the need to chain up for a job. Even though the chains are camed , I still use the spider style rubber tensioners. I also use a large zip tie to tie off the extra couple links of chain adjustment. Call me ocd. If it’s a local dot requirement type of situation, then the singles get put on the outside. Before I had the duals, putting the singles on the inside for goat road situations caught the ruts better. Dually trucks don’t usually drive on old forest service roads and are too wide. Chain up rule: Don’t stick your head between your tire and wrecker body. Act like it could drop at any second. Arms in only and from the uphill side if there is a slope.
  17. I would have waited for them and asked them how they would like to pay for your time.
  18. sounds to me like all new bmws should be another companies problem, not mine... Complete hog wash if you ask me but what can a little guy do vs an automaker . A club could never pay me enough to skate a new car on and off a deck. Next thing you know they want you to buy a trans or a flat spotted tire. Screwed either way.
  19. Any radiator shop should be able to boil it out and coat it with a sealer.
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