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  1. Hey Mr. Tony ... these long-distance calls are typically problematic. Whenever, "time and arrival", are present factors, the customer usually will look for another company in the same case as what happened to Mrs. Tow. Nobody wants to wait 2 1/2 hours if they can find someone more local or at rates that are cheaper than yours. It's my policy to not take calls out of the area for those reasons. I prefer to keep my truck's local to respond to local work. If you accept calls out of the area, get payment up-front via credit card and obtain an authorization number from the CC company. As you are a new tow biz owner, I know you want to take every call you can get, but learn quickly that auto clubs don't have control over a customer's actions once the 3-way conversation is completed. As far as the actions of the customer, you have nothing in writing to prove the customer made any contract or arrangements with you, even though you have a dispatch record or phone call. If you can get paid the GOA from Agero, at least you got something for your time and effort. Good luck trying to bill the customer as they'll stand firm that your company took too long and they found another company that was closer. If that's the case, trying to sue them in small claims will take you more time, effort and frustration to collect from them. These are live and learn scenarios that every tow company goes through as part of the learning curve of this industry. The previous comments are good comments. I'm confident this will up your education in the lessons of not getting paid and make you think twice when auto clubs comes looking for a favor. R.
  2. I too understand the on-coming wave of us, "seniors", who still are hard at work each and every day. Because of the type of men and women we are, until death do us part, it's a choice to remain active in the industry we love. Us old duffers aren't ready to become couch potatoes just yet. So, for those of you who fit into that category, me included, God Bless you and do everything you can to ensure that you're able to stay active until YOU choose to pass the torch them youngin's. Rest in Peace Tony. R.
  3. In all fairness to CGT Transport for the way the industry news has been lately regarding tow operators and medical emergencies. I'm glad that this scenario didn't result in a head-on fatality for either vehicle. I recall an accident I investigated year's ago where the tow truck driver had a sneezing attack while driving down the boulevard, crossed center and impacted several parked cars. Have you ever tried to keep your eyes open when you're having a sneezing attack? Stranger things have happened. R.
  4. Incredible Tim ... Christine and I pray for your speedy recovery. R.
  5. Hi All ... just a note to say, "Thank You", to all of the participants of American Towman's Beauty Pageant this year in Atlantic City. This year there were 30-trucks with others that couldn't wouldn't didn't show due to heavy call volume, illness, and that nasty cold front that struck the north-eastern seaboard the day before. Because of the snow, wet, and salted roads, many tow companies opted not to come to the show for obvious reasons. I appreciate all of the towers participation and good sportsmanship. There was plenty of hard work and attention to detail that we judges recognized making for a really close running. And, in the end, the winners of the eleven classes were very well deserved. I always look forward to talking with the truck's owners and drivers to hear the stories they have to share. I'm honored to be there to be a judge. Thanks again for your participation. R.
  6. This is a great opportunity for tow companies to have that chance to respond to the city's RFP. Be sure to dot all dots and cross all T's as you prepare the bid. Also remember that your should have no inkling of entitlement in being awarded the contract if ASAP or another company does a better job at preparing their RFP or where there are referral fees to be paid to the agency. Take your time in preparation so you have answered all questions thoroughly. Keep in-mind that those who review the RFP know little or nothing about the towing and recovery industry. Accordingly, it's in your best interest to make your's a totally complete package that gives your company the best appearance. And, I didn't note anything in the article to suggest that ASAP was not performing to the city's requirement. Good luck to all in the process. R.
  7. Brendan Dooley and I had the honor of draping the medal's around Andrew's neck and the others at the ceremony in Atlantic City. Congratulations Andrew for your unselfish act of courage as as you responded to that incredible incident R.
  8. As far as finance companies being required to pay court services costs ... if they fail to pay for a deputy to, "protect the peace", then repo towers should opt out of picking up their assets. This was one of those scenarios where not even the best trained tow operator or repo agent can predict the mentality of some psycho with a gun. In plain terms, Zach was purely assassinated when the shooter thought his $500 Nissan was being stolen. All the training in the world can't prepare anyone from being killed by a shooter with a penchant for violence. And, I firmly believe that any man or woman doing asset recovery should be wearing a bullet vest if they're involved in repo activities for this very reason. Christine and I send our prayers to his family and the Baker's at Texas Auto Towing Service. Mr. Baker wouldn't be wrong to shut down his business because of this tragedy. R.
  9. I believe most vehicle owners know they're in arrears and know their vehicle is about to be repo'ed. Mark Lacek and I've discussed where surrender of vehicles should be a process of a court order. Once a civil matter deems that a vehicle should be seized, deputies go to a residence to seize a vehicle (during daylight hours) and they call the tow truck company. Whats stopping that process? If law enforcenent is dispatched to protect the peace and deputies are servants of the courts ... why can't repos be a process of a court action? Wouldn't that eliminate the late night sleuthing and clains of car theft? R
  10. No Grumps ... ya' can't tell her she's right for obvious reasons ... but maybe as a Christmas present, you could go visit a doctor? It's a strange thing, but wives want the security that their husbands are going to live a long life. So ... take the time to have a a checkup and give here sone piece of mind. I'm confident she will like your gift. Merry Christmas. R.
  11. Hey Ron and Chris ... it seems like something is missing without both of you and your mom here. We'll help to carry the torch. The show is shaping up to be a good event. Save yer' pennies and perhaps we'll see you in Vegas. Otherwise ... we'll chat back and forth on TowForce. Merry Christmas to you and your family. R.
  12. There's an importance that suggests taking time to get an annual checkup. I had a stroke two years ago ... it came out of nowhere and I've always been in good health. I thankfully dodged that bullet and go get checked an a regular basis. When was you're last checkup? R.
  13. You're right John ... if that load is all about getting paid ... no brakes and no steering may lead this tower into a fatality scenario. Taking chances as shown in the video is much too risky. Why would someone show-off for a viseo that could eventually be the prosecution's best evidence. I don't get it.
  14. Hi Mrs. Tow ... I'm of the mindset that sets travel and time distances to be closer to my biz office. One thing that's consistent with new biz owners is they want to take all calls and satisfy everyone. At some point these long range calls come back to bite you. Your passion to help serve is admirable, but at the risk of being stiffed for these specialty services. Know this about customers ... while they'e stuck, they'll take the time to find someone cheaper than you maybe closer to you. The auto clubs oftentimes don't have control over the free will of their members. When the member knows your price, they'll use that to bargain with other tow companies in the same manner a disgruntled tow truck driver will ask anitger tow company for a job, learn the wages, and then come back to ask for a raise or quit. I don't like to be the bearer of bad tidings, but fishing for prices and then canceling out is a common practice. In this case, take the GOA as something for nothing ... tower's rights ... what's that? I salute your solid effort, but at some point, I think (for me anyway) working closer to home makes better sense and accept two lesser paying jobs that are closer to home versus the big score that get's away. R.
  15. All I know is ... all that rain and snow has officially ended California's wilfire season as of last week. But, all that rain and melted snow will recreate the same fire conditions next year. R
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