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  1. Congratulations Christian for your unselfish act of bravery. R
  2. Say a prayer for veteran tow operator, Willie Williams, of S&R Towing, a large, well-known towing company in San Diego County, California. While head to a call in the north county mountains, a Ford F-150 came down the mountain and on the wrong-side of the center-lane. The pickup impacted the Ford F-650 carrier head-on, killing three occupants within the pickup, while a fourth person one ran away. It was reported that the person who ran away was contacted hours later and said the one who ran away was the only one in the pickup wearing his seatbelt. Note: Willie and the very same carrier were the personalities who carried Spirit Ride while it was here in San Diego. I'd like to think it was the Spirit Ride's guardian angel that was riding with him yesterday and spared him his life. Get better Willie. https://fox5sandiego.com/2019/02/12/deadly-crash-prompts-road-closure-in-valley-center/
  3. rreschran

    Re: Snow Ban

    Just for fun ... I read an article having to do with law enforcement in one Wisconsin county declaring a "Snow Ban" where they are not going to call tow trucks out so towers can get some much needed rest. Read the link: https://www.wsaw.com/content/news/No-tow-ban-implemented-in-Marathon-Co-tow-truck-drivers-say-theyre-thankful-505541851.html Because snow days are brutal to towers who work those conditions, being tired and over-worked IS a safety consideration. However, because we're in business to make money during those snow events, do you thinks it's smart to hold-back on call-volume in the best interest of operator safety? I remember those days working snow events in the Sierra in that, "around the clock", mode. So, at what point should the all American dollar be considered priority over operator safety? What are your thought? R.
  4. rreschran

    Tower Down: Newport News 02.07.19

    Christine and I send our prayers to the tower's family and to Quickie Towing. R.
  5. Polls are oftentimes lop-sided as they don't represent the whole of the industry. I personally would like to see a great response of tow owners and drivers alike. R
  6. rreschran

    Victim of car theft in Oregon? Get ready to pay $$$ (OR)

    I'm sorry Mr. & Ms. Vehicle Owner, but when you sign for your driver's license and when you intend to drive a vehicle on the world's roadways ... you are signing that you are responsible for your actions as the vehicle's driver and you are providing sufficient insurance coverages. Where should the tow truck company be required to provide you free services to tow, clean-up, store, and subsequently dispose of your vehicle, not to disregard all other costs of operations. Your negligence to provide sufficient coverage is your responsibility and should not be considered a cost of us tower's doing business. If society wishes to be woeful to the vehicle owner's plight, perhaps the costs of towing and storage should be paid by the states Crime Victim's Fund and NOT taken away for tow companies that provide a service to the law enforcement community. Read the last sentence of the article's narrative where it states, "For now, it's worth noting that the only way to protect against big tow fees if a car is stolen is by having full-coverage insurance", ... vehicle owner's take heed. R.
  7. Like Richard mentioned, we too have policy to disconnect a vehicle's battery, if that can be easily done based on the wrecked vehicles' damage. The second part of our policy is; all wrecked vehicles are parked in a dedicated staging area far removed from office and building spaces and away from other vehicles. Vehicle fires can occur if Ebrakes weren't release, if a smodering flare was tossed into the vehicle's interior by the tower during site cleanup, or if a vehicle's tire was parked close to burning flares. If there's room in the tow yard, wrecks should be parked by themselves until moved into general population by the next day driver(s) or the yard personnel. R.
  8. This is the second VIOLENT attack by and between competitor tow companies in a couple of days. It seems that the lack of formal tow rotation is reverting into the wild, wild, west. R.
  9. I'm sorry, not to Monday Morning Quarterback, but, changing a tire on the passenger-side at 9 pm? Really? What's so wrong with that picture and and a topic that's been discussed many times over on this website as well as industry wide. At the very least, I'm thankful the tower will survive his injuries, but there's a definite lesson to be learned here. Tow first. R.
  10. This is an example of why there are formal police rotation districts. R.
  11. What if two vehicles collide, they're both driveable and owners pull to the shoulder to exchange information (no cops involved) and no tow trucks are called. Why is it assumed that tow truck companies were guilty of leaving debris in the roadway? Yes, tow companies are typically responsible for the accident debris from the vehicle they're called to tow. There are also times, for purposes of public safety and to prevent secondary collisions, an officer on-scene will tell the tower to simply load and go.
  12. Congratulations and thank you are in order to trooper Ball for having the knowledge and foresight to apply the tourniquet to the tower's bleeding leg. R.
  13. rreschran

    Tow Truck Driver Critically Injured 01.27.19 (UT)

    That's great news to hear your driver will recover. R.
  14. rreschran

    Top of Grapevine on I-5 light duty Towing

    Welcome to the site Joel. Be careful up there working the Grapevine ... those motorists are maniacs. Good Luck in your venture. Randy from San Diego
  15. I have to ask ... was your association in any way an active participant supporting your case? Please advise? This would be a huge win for our side and perhaps set precedence for other states to follow. Please keep this forum advised. Thanks. R.