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  1. Here ... again from Southern California, but not listed. Merry Christmas to all. R.
  2. How embarrassing having a deck like that. I'll betcha' the Harley's owner was freakin' out. But, in the grand scheme of things; a Condor-like motorycle device makes perfect sense in-helping to load any bike and keep others off the carrier's deck. For the $500 dollar price of a loading dolly, it pays for itself in a few tows and helps to avoid a costly and expensive wrongful injury lawsuit. Note: My Goldwing has a pin-leak in a fuel line and needs to be transported to a factory mechanic. In my quest to find a tow company that has a motorcycle dolly, I haven't yet found a company who has one.
  3. Who would have thought that a car in the 1960's would be so coveted? Barn Finds are the best. Thanks for sharing Ron. R.
  4. Other than what's known, this news segment provides nothing new. I'm confident it will be at least another year before the total results are released. R.
  5. That's a great recovery vehicle Eric. Thanks for sharing the pics. R.
  6. Good for you Ed with intent to re-invent and assist your business in the face of Covid adversity. R.
  7. I had the honor to sit with Mr. Battelini at the tow show in Jersey talking about his, "Vintage Class", entry I judged at Towman's Beauty Pageant. He was a wealth in towing and recovery stemming way back to the 1920's. I only wish I could have spent more time listening to him ... his eyes would widen and shine when he spoke about the industry. He will be sorely missed. Rest in Peace Mr. Battelini. R.
  8. There are three parties mentioned Ron ... customer caller, driver and the vehicle's owner. I hate these, "He said she said" situations. I spoke to a tow company's owner advising him to have a new key made. Although it was a $250 key, that money was well-spent versus the vehicle's owner trashing the tow company on Facebook and slam the company on BBB websites. That's one of those situations where either a photo of or a hold-harmless paper is signed when the key exchanges hands. This particular outcome was favorable where the same owner called him a week after to have his wife's car towed.
  9. I've archived 28x towers killed changing tires nation-wide suggesting there's a safer. While I personally dispise comments by, "the Tow Police", and in due respect to the survival of a California "Freeway Service Patrol" tow operators; this 13-second video demonstrates (in my opinion) questionable safety practices that go against the grain of white-line safety. Because of the rear-tire being flat and situated nearly atop the white-line, its location requires the operator to work in a live traffic lane. I realize tire change protocol is directed by the CHP, but, I perceive six, potentiall
  10. Maybe, that's old school mentality cuz' I lost the keys a long, long time ago ... I've been starting my old tractor like that for years. R,
  11. Hi Guys ... just for fun ... while doing some research yesterday, I found this vintage pic dated, February 23, 1947, of a wrecker stuck and abandoned in the Maryland snow. While I have to remember its winter somewhere, it's Tee-shirt weather in the mid-70's today. If I want weather like that ... I'll stick my head in the freezer. Here's wishing you all a most wonderful weekend. R.
  12. You're welcome Ron. I've learned this morning of a well-known Florida tower who passed away Sunday from off-duty injuries in another vehicle crash (that occurred in October) in-which he too was a passenger. I agree that these posts are NOT insensitive as to any tower who passes away, but there's an importance as to the accuracy of on-duty, industry related incidents. R.
  13. It's sad news to hear that Daniel was killed in a vehicle crash. Not that it matters, there are many other reports to suggest Daniel wasn't on duty when the crash occurred. Christine and I send our prayers the French family and to Big Boy's Towing. It doesn't negate the fact that the industry lost another brother. R. https://www.kmov.com/news/1-dead-in-head-on-franklin-county-crash/article_1f536fda-31f7-11eb-acf5-abb6d12074a3.html#:~:text=(KMOV.com) – A,car head-on Saturday afternoon.&text=Police say Daniel French of,lane and hit the Fiesta.
  14. A sad incident for sure where we send our prayers to the tower's family and the company he worked for. Other news accounts suggested that this female had a prior DUI on her record. The vehicle she was driving was supposed to have an ignition interlock devicem but there was none on the car. Besides a drunk driver doesn't need a license ... they just need keys. R.
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