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  1. Train em' young Dave, right? ... hard hat, safety boots, non-traffic side ... ya' gotta' love it. Happy Thanksgiving. R.
  2. As a direct and immediate result of Mr. Rose being dragged to his death in 2018, Colorado initiated the "Allen Rose Tow Truck Safety Law", that now requires tow operators to apply an 8x8 sticker on the driver's-side window of any car bwing towed. The sticker reads something to the effect, “Warning: this vehicle is in tow. Attempting to operate or operating this vehicle may result in a criminal prosecution and may lead to injury or death to you or another person.” Can any Colorado tower confirm what the sticker says and post a picture here? The law is aimed toward persons or vehicle owners who attempt to drive away or liberate the vehicle once it's marked for tow. Based on the day-to-day violence against tow operators, every state should have something similar. R.
  3. Besides the 72-hour law, many cities throughout California have added to their municipal codes; for impound and abandoned vehicles, the verbiage that requires, "an abandoned vehicle must be moved more than a 1/10th of a mile", once marked by the PD. A person who simply wipes marks-off can no-longer interrupt the process. Once documented by Code Enforcement, the clock starts ticking. Example: Riverside COunty (Where I live) https://riversideca.gov/parking/faq/72-hour-limits Example: City of San Diego In the City of San Diego, "It is illegal to leave an operable or inoperable vehicle parked for more than 72 consecutive hours without being driven at least 1/10th of a mile on a public street. It is also illegal to park any abandoned, wrecked, dismantled or inoperable vehicle on private property in public view. https://www.sandiego.gov/police/services/units/traffic/abandonedvehicle Example: City of Santa Cruz, County Ordinance, 4756 § 1, 2004, it reads, "Any operable vehicle on a highway or public right-of-way which has not been moved more than 1,000 feet for a continuous 72-hour period and appears to be a deserted vehicle is declared an abandoned vehicle, subject to removal under this chapter." https://www.codepublishing.com/CA/SantaCruzCounty/html/SantaCruzCounty09/SantaCruzCounty0957.html#9.57.080 R.
  4. Hi Mr. Grumps ... this is going to blow you away, but, in April 2019, in MIchigan, the 6th US Circut COurt of Appeals, determined that marking tires was "unconstitutional". I've attached a synopsis of that law, yet I don't know if it's been challenged or not. Happy reading. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/chalking-tires-enforce-parking-rules-unconstitutional-court-finds-n997326
  5. Resting in-peace and rotting away in one of RoadOne's San Diego yards is one of Jim Sullivan's (Allied Gardens Towing) EKA creations that looked just like Hubbard units. Mr. Blakely was a visionary who tried to bring an idea from overseas' the the states. R.
  6. There's a reason people are killed in these wobbly-thin hot rods ... don't cha' think? R.
  7. What's not to understand? What confusion? R .
  8. While California's idiot-boy Governor Newsome hands-out Covid orders, he's in hot-water for NOT wearing a mask and attending a lobbyist's birthday dinner in Yountville. He certainly can hand-out curfew regulations, but I guess he's too important to follow his own orders. How proud am I to see my birthplace city featured as a violator city? R.
  9. Yeah ... this isn't anything new and I think it goes back to people and their right to entitlements. I got sued years ago for a similar situation. The van I towed was marked for the 72-hour, must move criteria. The PD lawfully impounded the van and it went to my facility where it remained until the lien sale date surpassed. The van belonged to an elderly couple with one parent being ADA. They in-turn gave it to one of their sons. The son moved out of his parents house, one parent passed away, and the other went to a care facility. When all of this transpired, no-one notified DMV of a change of address. Meanwhile the van was sold. When the son heard the van was sold, he took his story to the news who wrote an article just like this one. It's always the city's fault and that of the tow company right? The son said he had the right to get the vehicle back because he had the pink slip and it was still registered as ADA . He lost the case. Note: Grumps, as a beat-cop and when I had marked an abandoned of game-playing vehicle (as the result of a complaint), I wouldn't used chalk ... I'd set a small rock on top of the vehicle's tire, positioned at 12 o' clock as a means to mark its presence. R.
  10. I believe an accurate word that describes the action is .... "Wrecker".
  11. I think you're story is one that all towers take heed with asking for help in making their work areas safer ... even if it takes time to wait for them to arrive on-scene. Thanks Zoogie for sharing your important video and words of wisdom. A rolling road-block is better than nothing at all. R.
  12. Thanks for sharing the mini-video Zoogie. Did you put in a urgent request for them to help you? A rolling block is a great way to slow traffic to managable speeds to allow towers to work quickly with a better chance of NOT being struck. That's good to see LE working together to help towers. R.
  13. As always John, your comments help us US-folk to understand that we're not alone in our fight towards on-scene safety and recognition. Thanks. R.
  14. Hi John ... I agree and understand the always up-hill battle there is to try and create advancements in new laws and requirements. You and I have had some lenghty conversations about road-side safety and there seems to be the same obstacles there as in the states. All you and Paul can do is keep trying right. But, the reality remains ... towers continue to be killed. To that point, I focused on your comment, "the main resistance is additional costs to the operator", to ask, what costs are greater than saving a tow operator's life; especially when the tower is risking his own life for that of a perfect stranger? In my mind, the choice of setting cones and being fined shouldn't be privvy to overriding the cost of one's life. I'm not saying that in a disrespectful to your industry, but to re-direct the common sense that's reasonable and prudent. And, to sit at a tow operator's funeral to see a grieving young wife ... to see the helplessness in her eyes, that tears' my heart-out. You know what I'm talking about John having lost one of your own. However difficult, keep on fighting the hard battle ... your efforts are appreciated. R.
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