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We saw out local store offering a deal this week on a set of Eastwood Company car dollies and the cart for under $400 for the entire set. We picked them up just to have around as needed.
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Ok... My first thread on the new board and I wanted to make it something memorable. So I decided I wanted an (un?) official watch party on GM's return to the medium duty market with what insiders are saying will be the Silverado 4500/5500 line.  Currently it looks like at least 2 trucks have been built, one regular cab and one crew cab.
I personally hope GM does something about the grille. 
On a side note: I'll add pictures when I get that figured out... 
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Detailed pictures - 2 trucks, lift & remove 2 large rocks that they had driven over the evening before.   
Perched on top of 2 large rocks, the gas tank had a 5 gallon dent & was sitting on top of the largest of the 2 rocks. We had to be careful to lift & not drag to prevent further damage to the gas tank, more to the story to the right...

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Every tower for aaa and motor clubs around our area drives with their overhead emergency lights on. Loaded or unloaded. I asked a driver why in the world he would drive around like that? He said he was told to by aaa. So we die on the side of the road almost daily and these idiots think its ok to drive around with their overhead lights on all the time. I believe its also against the law. What can be done about this? 
Even if your loaded and the vehicle is on your bed. Why the emergency lights? Are you warning people you may have the car fall off at any time?
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You must have an invitation to attend this Special Event held each year at Pickles Pub.

Stop by the Worldwide booth or find a Worldwide representative for your invite.

You can also find me at the show or call me on the phone 502.376.3071. I will get you an invite,
even if your just inside the Pub. I will make sure you have a drink ticket and a pass upstairs!
Who is ready for Baltimore this year? Looks to be a very good year...
@Worldwide Equipment Sales
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