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  1. When looking at trucks with no identification on them because of their older age, is there a way to identify the difference between a 35 ton and 45 ton fixed boom along with a super heavy duty or standard NRC wheel lift? due to having to travel all over the country to look at trucks, is there a way to identify them via picture, any telltale markers or things I should look for that would show that it’s a 45 ton versus a 35 ton.
  2. Thanks for the info, I’ll definitely do that! We are going to sell this unit and jump head first into a massive 45 ton wrecker. 99% of our tows will be loaded tractor trailers for our contracts, just wanna make sure the truck we have is overkill until we move into a rotator. We’re gonna miss this truck though, it super powerful, in amazing condition, and a super heavy duty medium duty truck! I love the look of it too. We are about 2 weeks out from completing a “restoration” on this rig so it in perfect shape, among with a rebuild of the wheel lift, upgraded 46 spline Loing differential, and other things.
  3. Sounds like you’ve used it before?? Seems to be a pretty nice truck. Ripped the truck apart to do some upkeep. One boom cylinder is getting repacked, new sides for the bed, new updated rear differential/brakes/ratio, rebuilt wheel lift, new paint, polished aluminum wheels, etc. I haven't used the truck yet so to the major hydraulic leak. What doesn’t have a counter balance valve? Did it not work as it should? I could always add to the update list!
  4. I’ll have to hook up a semi and test it out once, maybe I’ll have to make a longer tube for the wheel lift. Idk.
  5. We bought our first entry level heavy wrecker the only attachment that can with the truck was the heavy tow sling bar. It has an underlift, but it’s a short reach 3 stage older Holmes underlift and non telescopic boom. We don’t know the specs yet, but I think it’s a 12k underlift and 50k boom. We want to fully equip the truck for most all tows/situations. sorry for any dumb questions, my wife and I are trying to figure this out quickly, the the critical equipment we need for our truck, and be equipped for most all situations. -what forks should we buy? Should we buy a whole assortment set like from Irish iron? -because our underlift is a short reach, is there anything we can buy to be able to lift long nose trucks or motor coaches where you need a long reach? Or are we sol? -are leaf spring lift forks a good thing to have? -any way to lift buses and other long reach truck or buses with the boom/lift sling instead? - should we buy a wheel lift attachment for picking trucks up from the wheels? Any other equipment or must haves are appreciated.
  6. I just emailed blue steel. I’m surprised the truck has a non telescopic boom, unless it was modified that way.
  7. Hard to say, seems very nicely done. Problem is right now I need some parts for the 3 stage wheel lift/underlift, main part being a new pin assembly for the t bar pivot.
  8. Welcome to TowForce.net By Tow411. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  9. I have a new to me wrecker with an older chain driven twin spook and hydraulic cylinders. The boom does not telescope which seems to be really rare. The wheel lift is a 3 stage that appears to be pretty heavy duty. I need some parts and cannot figure out a model and year range of my setup. ANY help would be appreciated.
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