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  1. A couple of members have recently inquired about where the sponsorship funds go. Updating or replacing a desktop or laptop computer is part of those funds generated through the Patron/Sponsor Levels. As System Costs, Marketing, Promotions, Travel and what remains goes towards a salary for maintaining the message board. Yes, I have been compensated for my time. That compensation has been cut in the past couple of years, but like the towing industry we all keep moving forward because we cannot go back. The Tow411 message board was well know for it's time. But times change and as a New Generation enters the industry it is up to us industry veterans to not make way for that New Force. But, to offer them a TowForce of knowledge not found in such abundance any place else. Now I must apologize after months of searching I may have found a new laptop. I just need the funds to purchase it and return this borrowed Macbook. Check it out, I will be adding some reviews. But, as much as I like a Mac they are falling behind the technology. Review: The Huawei Matebook X Pro (2019) is the best laptop I’ve ever used… ever Huawei knocked this one out of the park https://thenextweb.com/plugged/2019/03/19/review-the-huawei-matebook-x-pro-2019-is-the-best-laptop-ive-ever-used-ever/
  2. What is your oldest complete wrecker unit? Note: Working or not working it must be mounted on a complete chassis with drive train to be counted. Complete means it hasn't been cannibalized, other then obviously sitting for some time it looks like it's ready to go. If your oldest is older than the 50's add reply telling us what it is, if it's newer we've probably heard about it. Don't fudge on this one!
  3. TowZone

    Who Here LiKes RaT Rod's?

    Here's a Rat Rod Tow Truck from the same guys.
  4. Watch this Dash Cam Video to the End as it takes your breath away. Our Thoughts will be with the Driver as we have a Candle lit for a speedy recovery.
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    6000 Member in only 120 Days

    Deville, I have been involved in social media for more than 20 years. I hear what you are saying and the part that is missing here are the percentage of our members that do not use other forms of social media. These are the Forgotten that were at a lose when the old Tow411 Message Board broke. While many members when to the other venues, some are not a fan of the amount of time they are spending keeping up with the topic, posts, threads many of which lack the discussion found on a message board. This is the reason message board are seeing a resurgence. Here are just a few popular high traffic message boards that have not been effected or are seeing an increased level of activity. https://www.thedieselstop.com/ https://niketalk.com/ http://pipesmagazine.com/forums/forum/general-pipe-smoking-discussion https://forum.officer.com/ https://www.jeepforum.com/forum/ (I will add more links as the time permits) As for our participation on other forms of social media. We are out there spreading the word about the New Force in the Industry. If you have not seen those interactions and links to current topics then that proves those forms of social media do not reach as many viewers as one would think. But, I will not knock the venues or those who use them. Information is power, getting the information out is not any easier than it was more than a decade ago. We have done contests and promotions in the past and we will continue to do in time. Time has been an issue, in fact we still have to finish a Christmas Drawing. I take full responsibility for the delay, watch for the new drawing videos to be posted soon. Savannah starts spring break mid week. Membership will grow, it just takes time. In fact It took Tow411 more than 3 years to break 1000 members in 2004. I stated that it would take TowForce 3 years to break 6000 members and here we are attempting to reach that mark by June 11, 2019 instead of December 2020. Half the projected time span. Thanks for the luck, we got it back...
  6. Connecticut Towing At Untouchable Towing & Auto Repair
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    2000 C6500 512LMD

    Listing Status?
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    2015 Freightliner M2

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