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  1. TowZone

    2014 Hino 258 Jerr-Dan 22' Steel Wide Lo-Pro Carrier

    Listing Status?
  2. TowZone

    2007 Ford F750, Jerr-Dan MDL 280/110 14 Ton Wrecker

    Listing Status?
  3. This Action Towing is located in Midland Texas. Is this Action Towing in Canada a real company?
  4. Suite 1055 - Great Wolf Lodge - Mason, Ohio Midwest Tow Show - Friday 9.28.18 - 8pm - 10pm (11pm starts quiet time in the hallways at the lodge) For those attending the show we will See You There This Friday! Our Thanks to Beacon Software & NSD for putting this together.
  5. TowZone

    2018 Midwest Tow Show Mason Ohio Roll Call

    Forecast calls for 70's during the day and 50's in the evening. Leave the rain coat at home and bring a jacket it's going to be a nice one for sure. However are friends from down south are going to freeze. To us it's Like A/C...
  6. I still wonder what the industry will do when the Insurance says "No Customers as Passengers". I understand the challenges this presents to companies operating in rural areas. However, many urban companies are beginning the go in this route. Explaining to the customer when they call they will need to arrange for transportation. The industry should have begun accumulating the public to this years ago. It is a very rare occasion that I place anyone in the truck. I used to get all kind of negative feedback when I stated that years ago. However with so many incidents occurring with customers physical and mental issues that tide is turning. Your Thought's?
  7. TowZone

    how to convince the boss

    When posting youtube video links. Click return after adding the link to set the video, otherwise it is just a link. Thanks
  8. TowZone

    6.7L in 650 chassis

    I have been in a 2017 F-550 with a 6.7L for more than 6 months now. Just turned 10,000 miles and so far it's been the best engine in the F-series since the 7.3L. I will report every 20,000 miles but I think I already like it better than the 7.3L everyone has wanted back. It does have as much power if not more, fuel milage is about the same at 10 to 11 mpg.
  9. As usual not much follow up. All reports on driver status is he has a broken collarbone. He blew left front steer tire during heavy rain. I have not seen the name of the company listed anyplace. Looks like Action Towing on the Boom. Who recognizes this Heavy Duty Wrecker?
  10. TowForce Count has now reached 2,222 Members. Since we have now well surpassed the 2000 member mark. Watch for a Motor Club Ranking Topic to start on or about October 1st.
  11. TowZone

    Garold Lew Cline Jr.

    Garold Lew “Junior” Cline Jr., 52, passed away September 12, 2018. He was born December 25, 1965 in Parkersburg, WV, son of Linda R. Cline and the late Garold Lew Cline. Junior lived his whole life in Mineral Wells. He was a 1984 graduate of PSHS and graduated from Washington State Community College. He was formerly employed at Creel Sound and Electronics. He worked at Pifer’s Service Center for over 25 years as a mechanic and tow truck driver where he obtained many certifications. He was WreckMaster Certified Level 6-7 Heavy Duty and was a WreckMaster Instructor. Junior loved going to tow shows. He was a 4-H member and Leader, WV 4-H All Star and was a camp counselor for many years. He played drums for PSHS band, was a part-time DJ and in later years he coached Girls Softball (MOV Pride). He attended Big Tygart UMC. RESOURCE LINK
  12. TowZone

    2018 Ford F550 XLT Jerr-Dan 19' Steel Carrier ***SOLD!!!***

    Listing Status?
  13. Thank you for marking the unit SOLD
  14. Thank you for marking the unit SOLD