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  1. Wow, I guess I need to put myself in this roll call. Kat says he's ready to get back to the shows as well. This will be our first show in more than a year.
  2. I can answer that one as I have been watching Roy search for a Vintage Wrecker to Tow one of his current COE Vintage Wreckers to events. He started out searching for just the underlift, however he seems to have shifted towed a complete unit. I'm sure he can explain in more detail or tell me I'm wrong. LOL Oh, almost forget... I believe the image is only for reference.
  3. These VW Buses are still in high demand.
  4. Thanks Rob, I am sure many will be either thinking of their Mother or spending time with their Mothers on this day.
  5. Cam said Yes It Does https://www.facebook.com/groups/313214229108650/permalink/1249361975493866/?comment_id=1249397608823636&notif_id=1620511298312952&notif_t=group_comment&ref=notif
  6. This information was sent via a FB Group this topic was shared in.
  7. I cannot tel you why, but it screams Champion from the 80's. to me.
  8. Tow truck driver grazed in head by gunman after booting car in Queens A gunman opened fire at a tow truck driver booting a car in Queens early Thursday, grazing the victim in the head, officials said. The 42-year-old tow truck operator had just booted a 2007 Acura parked near Tioga Drive and Mexico St. in St. Albans and was sitting in his truck with a city marshal when shots rang out about 12:50 a.m., cops said. A bullet grazed the tow truck driver in the head but the marshal was not harmed. Medics took the bleeding tow truck operator to an area
  9. The truck was stolen in a residential neighborhood, report says. DARIEN, IL — People in a red tow truck were seen stealing a truck from a driveway in Darien last week, according to police. Valued at $3,500, the truck was stolen about 8:30 p.m. April 29 in the 7600 block of Brookhaven Avenue, a residential neighborhood. Asked about the incident, Police Chief Greg Thomas said there was no repossession order and that those doing repossessions are supposed to check in with the local police department beforehand. The owner has title to the truck, he said. "The detec
  10. SAM, Patsy's got a really high score from Dave who rarely gets in the 8's.
  11. A 44-year-old Clayton man was killed Friday night after being struck by a vehicle while a tow truck readied to aid his disabled vehicle near Kenton, state police said. Police said the man was waiting with his disabled vehicle on the shoulder of the north side of Arthursville Road for a tow truck to arrive around 10:15 p.m. Friday. As the truck arrived, the man got out of the car to signal to the driver, who pulled off on the opposite shoulder. While standing in the north lane, the man spoke to the two truck driver, who was standing behind the truck, police said. After a conversation
  12. NOTE: There was an error in the first round of notifications. A few members may have received an email regarding their member join month status that did not join in the month of April. Our apologies as I am still getting the hung of some new features found in this system. Thanks
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