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  7. Driver charged in deadly Northland hit-and-run had revoked license, admitted to drinking before crash KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City police arrested a man who is now charged in Sunday's deadly hit-and-run crash that killed a tow truck driver at Interstate 35 and North Brighton. Frankie Lee Jones, a 44-year-old Kansas City man, is charged with leaving the scene of an accident that resulted in death, a class D felony. A probable cause statement says that Jones' license had been revoked, and he told investigators that he had six or seven Coronas before the crash. During his interview, he admitted to driving the Chevrolet Equinox police had been looking for and said he struck a vehicle on the highway Sunday night, leaving the scene without stopping. He gave consent for a blood draw, toxicology results are pending. Tow truck driver Johnny Stewart was hit and killed at about 11 p.m. FOX4's John Pepitone reported earlier on Monday that he had loaded a woman's broken down car onto his truck, and was hit when he went around the back of it to get into his cab. Stewart worked for GT Towing for at least the last four years, and was known as a hard-working man who treated his customers well, often earning tips for going the extra mile to help them out. His family released this statement on Monday. "We are devastated by the death of Johnny. He was a good man that was killed while doing what he loved to do. We respectfully request that you allow us our privacy at this difficult time." It's the second time in six years that GT Towing has lost a driver who was killed while working. In 2012, a driver struck and killed 19-year-old Blake Gresham as he helped a stranded car owner on the Bond Bridge. Stewart's boss, Amy Gresham, says the death is all too similar to what happened to her son, Blake. "We just need these people to realize when these guys are out here working they need to slow down and move over," Amy Gresham said. "They have to have room to work. I mean we’re going to have cars, we’re going to have to have tow trucks. These guys are there to help you. These guys are there to make sure you’re not getting hurt. You’re not the one getting hit, you know what I’m saying. There's so many people who take it for granted." Gresham founded "Move Over For Blake" a non-profit group that helped expand a Missouri law requiring drivers to move over when emergency vehicles are alongside the roadway. Gresham says Stewart's death is the latest example of why she believes there needs to be stricter enforcement of the law, because she says many drivers still seem unwilling to move over. Court records show Jones' bond has been set at $50,000, but he doesn't have an attorney listed nor a court date at present.
  8. A correction should be noted to the Tower Down Email which was sent out on 11.19.17. The date on the Tower Down should have been Sunday 11.18.18 and not 11.17.18. My apologies for the error.
  9. Thanks, matching funds were suppose to end November 15. But the Supporter has extended to offer an additional week. I think we may just make goal by the end of November. Have not had time to get the broken mac on a monitor yet. After Baltimore I will get on that task. Hope to see several of you there.
  10. Pickles is a Great Local Pub and Worldwide Equipment Sales does it right every year.
  11. Back then you felt safe because there were fewer vehicles, fewer distractions, fewer impaired drivers. Well, the fewer impaired drivers had more to do with fewer vehicles and fewer narcotics. If you recall when the strobe lights came out they were great in the urban areas and not so great in the rural areas. Drivers can determine easier where the light is coming from with a mechanical beacon. But they look crappy on a modern truck, Bubble Gum Lights belong on vintage tow trucks. For many years we have had the option of installing strobe type beacons. Now they are becoming common with integrated traffic advisor lights. Most companies are now adding more lower lights with a separate switch to turn off the upper lights which blind traffic and distract from the beacon. Even having strobes on the sides of the bed is possible now though most companies do not invest in the safety these additional lights provide. Even worse companies with road service vehicles often have the least lighting. These type vehicles with one small or half beacon should NEVER be working on the interstate though we see it all the time. Are Road Service Personnel less valued then the Tow Truck Operator. It does not make sense to save money sending out a road service unit (small pickup, van, even a car) and put a budget low cost light on it. Those lights should never be allowed to service other vehicles on roadways above 45 mph. Sorry to once again I strayed from the original topic, but these are my concerns and rants.
  12. Thanks, most of the limited number of shirts I have are the same as last year. Those who reserve a shirt will be given first preference at the show on Friday. Any remaining shirts wil be available at the show on Saturday. Call Me if I miss you.