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  1. Are you or have you done business with MatJack in the past few years. If so what was your experience? Are you currently using MatJack Air Cushions along with other bags. Show us any images and tell us what you have and how you transport them. Also, have you attended one of the Factory Classes? Please add your reply... Thanks MatJack in another one of our many valued Sponsors will will be highlighting during the month of August. https://www.matjack.com/index.html
  2. Seeking Additional INA Testimonials during our August Sponsor Appreciation
  3. We're Booked and Ready... Do You have your room for Las Vegas Show Place? Looks Like we'll be there for the entire week, it's how the flights worked out.
  4. As much as we tried this show didn't work out for us. Sometimes work gets in the way, but I do expect a good turnout for what looks to be a great venue. If you have not checked the place out, you really should. Now who is going to be there? Please add pictures here for the rest of us. Uploading Images is easier then ever, Chris has worked hard to get the tech stuff up to speed on this new TowForce Message Board. Firing on All Cylinders and this is once again the place to be, see some of you in Vegas and Check out the other industry Roll Calls. If you don't find Baltimore in the Lis
  5. Can not make this Texas Expo this year. Would have liked to have seen a few members who have said they were going. Maybe next year, this year we are looking ahead to Los Vegas Show Place. Which is another American Towman Production.
  6. DITTO: Mount the dolly's on top of deck. Collins makes self loading dolly brackets.
  7. This was copied from a duplicate post originally created on July 14th, 2020: Randall, thank you for your effort and devotion to searching out both the numbers and details. I just could never find that devotion though it was not that I didn't want to put in the time. It came down to I work those roadways nightly only taking a few days a year off. I am often in the danger zone be it on the interstates, Highways, Byways or even the City Streets. I took off this weekend just to gather my thoughts and spend some time here on the message board. I've been looking out at the Ocean and refl
  8. From the Facebook Page of Nacho Betancourt This sight to heaven is asking Jehovah to help us to do justice, this pain is very strong, a devastated mother with a trauma for all her life and a frustrated and hurt grandfather knowing that a woman who killed our son is free and without facing justice. # justiceforcarlosbetancourt.
  9. Man Accused of Fatally Shooting Tow Truck Driver Reenters Not Guilty Plea A convicted felon accused of gunning down a tow truck driver who was preparing to take away his vehicle near downtown Riverside re-entered a not guilty plea Tuesday to a murder charge for which he was ordered to stand trial. Javier Nieto Martinez, 35, of Riverside was arrested in 2019 on suspicion of killing 27-year-old Jesus Eligio Martinez Acosta of Colton. Following a preliminary hearing on April 6, a judge found there was sufficient evidence to warrant a murder trial and scheduled
  10. If you like seeing these older posts brought back, please consider joining our Supporter Program, If you are not currently a supporter, we seriously need your assistance to build back our funding. Admittedly there has been a debt accrued as a result of the rebuild, nothing we cannot handle. It is just going to take time and your continued support makes it possible to get back on track. Click Here for Levels starting at $12.95/yr. https://www.towforce.net/subscriptions/ Thank You.
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