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  1. Looks like I am sending 4 T-Shirts out this week. Each of you that have responded to this topic will receive a T-Shirt in the mail within the next week. Inbox me your size and mailing address. Thanks for being among the first to participate. Each week we will choose at least one responder to receive a T-Shirt.
  2. Who is having Baltimore Tow Show Withdrawal's this weekend. Of all the shows through out the year this is the one I miss the most. How about you, which show did you mist the most in 2020? Which of this shows will you be attending in 2021? Florida Florida Tow Show 2021 dates: April 8-10 in Orlando, Florida www.floridatowshow.com Maryland American Towman Exposition 2021 dates: November 12-14 in Baltimore, MD www.atexposition.com Nebraska Nebraska Tow Show 2021 dates TBA; Kearney, Nebraska Nevada American Towman ShowPlace (& CTTA Annual Convention) 2021 dates: September 16-17 in Las Vegas, Nevada www.atshowplace.com New Hampshire New Hampshire Tow Show 2021 dates TBA; Hampton, New Hampshire www.nhtowingassociation.org New York Empire State Towing & Recovery Association 2021 dates: June 4-6 in Lake George Village, New York www.estratowshow.com North Carolina North Carolina Tow Truck & Trade Show 2021 dates: September 17-18 in Hickory, North Carolina www.nctowing.org Ohio The Towman Games 2021 dates: June 17-19 in Cleveland, Ohio www.towmangames.com Midwest Regional Tow Show 2021 dates: September 23-26 in Mason/Cincinnati, Ohio www.midwesttowshow.org South Carolina Tower’s Family Retreat & Myrtle Beach Tow Show 2021 dates: May 14-15 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Tennessee Tennessee Tow Show 2021 dates: October 7-10 in Chattanooga, Tennessee www.tennesseetowshow.com Texas American Towman TowExpo San Antonio 2021 dates: August 6-7 in San Antonio, Texas www.towexpointernational.com Towing & Recovery Management Summit August 2021 (No Dates Announced) www.towsummit.com Wisconsin Wisconsin Towing Association Tow Show & Convention 2021 Wisconsin Dells, WI. (No Dates Announced) https://towing.witruck.org/ This is the complete 2020 Tow Show Schedule and some shows may still be delayed of canceled. Please add updated here!
  3. I like it with the side boards on. But, I was sitting here thinking something is still missing then it hit me.
  4. I clearly understand "NO PARKING" that's all that matters and it's there clear as day.
  5. "This just strengthens our case for Fully licenced and certificated Towing companies and properly regulated and certificated Towtrucks in the UK ... " John, I would think this video which has gone viral is a very good catalyst towards moving those requirement along and giving law authorities more power deal with such rouge 3rd world country entities. I would think in the UK any vehicle as such caught once a law is in place would be confiscated and likely crushed. If it doesn't happen so it is likely the number of these incidents will grow rapidly there. Surprised we do not see more of it here, though it may be that we have a high number of Junk Tow Trucks on the market. I saw a junky old Medium Duty size rollback the other day that said $20 Tows on the door. That I understand is what he pays for junk cars, but it baits those looking for a tow in.
  6. You say you want some Fresh Air. I don't know, but that is the first time I have used the HaHa emoticon in this new system.
  7. Now you know how it works, these are mental health counselors that have been trained to counsel those under mental duress. They don't need guns or fancy lights on their vehicles. Most will even use their personal vehicles to go into a hazardous location. Because they have the skills the officer do not have to reduce tensions. Guns and Official Vehicles would make the subject uncomfortable and not achieve the same outcome as requested by those who seek to de-fund the police. Somehow in their minds they actually think the person which is out of control cares of has the capacity to care. Reason went out the down long before the police were called. Now, I want to offer my sympathies to those who have family members in the mental health field that have been trained in a liberal setting and simply want to help others. I honestly believe their intentions while misguided and without full knowledge of the variables which can occur when out in the public setting rather than a controlled environment. In my mind having been on the edge of enough of these situations that $15 to $18/hr these counselors make is not enough for the high risk of injury or death. If anyone thinks they will pay more than say $20/hr your misinformed. Otherwise they would hire more officers and train them. Why does part of me want to see this play out, I do not want to see or hear about the deaths that will without doubt occur. I feel it will be open season and numerous counselors will give there lives before the program comes to an end. Does anyone know what it's like for a medic to go into a active war zone with bullets flying? I can't relate as I've never been in that situation, nor have I really been in place were bullets were being shot closer than a block or two away. The more I think about it the dumber this idea becomes and the more I want to see it implemented. That's Wrong... This Is Wrong! Fund Mental Health Care Professionals in Mental Hospitals, Commit these violent offenders with Mental Issues and watch the problem decrease. Things only started going bad when Judges being influenced by liberals who would be scared or have never been in such situations decided it was inhumane to lock up those with mental health issues. This increased to homeless population. And I am not talking about those who are working to bring themselves back to society as their are 1000's living in their vehicles. These persons go to work nearly every day and while they could undoubtedly benefit from counseling they are not the concern. However, they will without a doubt suffer being the easier target. If the Left really wanted to see change, do you think California would not look as it does? No, this is a campaign talking point to gain votes and it works. Ask your school age children, you'll be amazed at what there being taught. It may even make you angry.
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