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  1. OK, folks I spoke to the reps with several of these clubs in Vegas last week. Some were aware of the list and some were not. Generally most are like what seems to be the majority of the towing industry and not that involved in social media. Meaning unless they specifically follow certain groups they may not have seen the list this year. So, I found that NSD and GEICO continue to rank high, while Road America and Quest are on the mend. I didn't get to speak with anyone from Agero and Swoop which shared the same booth. I suppose next year I will combine them if they ranked consecutively next year. That would have moved Road America back into the Top 10. Good News for those who remember Bonnie is back in one of her previous positions. Hoping we see her participation again, as she was very popular and always had answers leading to results. Also, spoke with Tesla and Honk. The only top ten I did not find was Pinnacle and I guess I am baffled as how they finished in the Top Ten since we never hear about them. Maybe that's why... If you were at the show did you meet your rep? Link for 2019 Motor Club Rankings Reference https://www.towforce.net/topic/4325-2018-motor-club-ranking-official-list/
  2. goodmichael you are correct. "If in doubt I will release the car. I found it once, I will find it again." There is always another day, this repo agent is without a doubt facing serious charges. If asked was it worth it what would he say. I know I would rather deal with the confrontation then take a chance. I don't care what age the debtor is... I have dealt with them all at one time or another.
  3. Sorry, I have fallen behind as I did not keep up with the list while at the Vegas Show. I will work on it as I get a chance, but obviously this number will be a tall hill too climb at this point. We will do our best to bring new members in and meet the original goal of 6000 verified members by the end of 2019 and 8000 verified members by this time next year. Thanks for your participation and if you're still lurking join now.
  4. TowForce Admin Edited the Original Topic and Noted: We are saddened by the tragic loss of life in any industry be it Towing, Roadside Repair, Law Enforcement, DOT workers, etc. While this company was not part of the Towing Industry we all feel their pain and send our condolences.
  5. Sorry Bob, I was near you a couple of times. But for a smaller venue than Baltimore it was still difficult to get to everyone. We are going to look it to a Meet and Greet next year, visited a good location on Saturday. If it comes together it should be very successful. It was good seeing you though, would have liked to have followed up. The were certainly quite a few I would have liked to have seen more than once. Caught up to a couple of those at the airport late Sunday. Their flight were delayed, guess we got lucky in that aspect. Guess I'll have to wait till Tennessee in October to see many of you.
  6. OK, finally made it back to a Western States Tow Show by American Towman along with CTTA. While it is not an East Coast Show like Baltimore it is the place to meet Towers on the west coast. However, there were plenty of towers from the Midwest and surprising many from the east that normally attend the Baltimore Show. I know I missed quite a few members, just never crossed paths with them for some reason. I would list every member I met but I would surely leave a few out. So, instead I am asking that you respond within this topic with your thoughts on the show. I understand the venue is changing next year and we will be posting that information as it becomes available. Also, I am giving much thought to a Thursday Night Meet & Greet at a Great Venue nearby. I want to know if there is interest in say an 8:30pm to 10:30pm Social. Again, yes this will be close to a popular nightspot so you can walk there easily. We have a few months to plan so please chime in with your thoughts on this year as well as next. At the End of the year we rate the 2019 Tow Shows something we have neglected during the change to TowForce.
  7. Introducing the Autocar DC-64R conventional truck. Introducing the Autocar DC-64R conventional truck. We reached deep into our roots to bring back the DC to be everything a modern Autocar truck should be. The strongest frame, the best power/weight engine (Cummins X12 up to 500 HP/1,700 Lb-Ft), an all-new Autocar US-built steel cab with a steel & aluminum dash. Autocar will be sharing more details about this amazing truck over the next few weeks. They say you'll be as proud of it. What'd the interest level within the Towing Industry?
  8. See you Tomorrow or Thursday... 73 deg. Thurs. - Sat. "howrah" 50's at night, hope the southern folks parked the jackets if they decide to go out. Oh, right nearly everyone goes out someplace at night.
  9. The Owners Den is a Supporter Based Access forum. Once a very popular forum, it is taking longer then originally expected to regenerate. Be patient since the old system did not migrate to the new system nearly everything is being done manually. If you are an owner as well as a patron or sponsor and do not have access we can correct that now. Owners seeking access can submit a request and join our supporter program. Thanks There is a Drivers Lounge that has been less active on both systems. Drivers and Dispatchers can request access with more than 4 posts. There is no supporter status required, though it is appreciated. Regardless of supporter status, you can request access to this forum. Note: Each member can only access one forum.
  10. Many of the Screen Names from the old system have been reserved. If your screen name is unavailable when registering this is likely because it is being held for you. Those who were a member of the old Tow411 system should contact TowForce support for details. Those joining for the first time have found it easier to register then anytime in the past. What are you waiting for?
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