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  1. Have you done a google search for "Fuel Tank Repair Tennessee". I saw Roppels Radiator has a place down there. They are based out of Louisville Ky and one of the oldest cleaning and repair shops I know is The Barbee Company on Breckenridge street in Louisville, Ky. They do not work on vehicles, they only dip radiator & other tanks. I remember 30 or so years ago when they were getting all the new equipment. It was a big deal back then.
  2. Welcome to TowForce.net By Tow411. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  3. Welcome to TowForce.net By Tow411. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  4. Yeah, I hear... However once I begin to use a new system I quickly forget what the old system did that cuased me to want to hold out. It's sorta like the old guys in towing industry that held on to the mechanical wreckers when the popularity on hydraulics was growing. I recall companies putting those guys in a hydraulic when their truck was down. A couple of runs without pulling the bumpers and they didn't look back. Oh yeah, they complained it just didn't pull like the mechanical wrecker. In the end it was just different and as they aged they were able to keep working longer. Sadly at the end more than half had already beaten their bodies up to the point they couldn't work past 65 or 70 years of age. LOL and newbies want to retire at 55 knowing all along it ain't gonna happen. If you need assistance with those images just send them to me.
  5. sweetk30 have you uploaded the images to Tow.Photos already? Currently only Supporters can upload images directly the the topics. We're working on funding more storage to increase the number of images members can upload.
  6. That was common practice 20 or so years ago when a persons word meant more than it does today. Most towing companies having been burnt too many time dropped are hour without a guaranteed payment, no long conduct business in this manner. If the customer does not pay for such services rendered at the time of service, the company may offer to store the vehicle overnight and deliver the next day for an additional charge. This often results in payment and sometimes they agree. If in fact they go this route stating the repair shop with pay the charges the next day. Then store the vehicle and deliver the next day. Do not unload the vehicle until payment is made in full. Should the repair shop refuse payment then they are refusing delivery of the vehicle and the customer must be contacted for payment. If the customer cannot be contacted then the vehicle is returned to impound. The key is to not let the vehicle out of your possession until payment is made. I learned this over 3 decades ago, sorry you got burned. Consider this one a learning lesson, it's now the fish that got away. You can chase it down in small claims. the time involved will cost more than the non payment. Yes, I realize at this point likely being the first time you have encounter this situation. You are saying to yourself "It's The Principle" I'll let others who have been down this road add their input as it has been years since I dealt with several such situations. Yeah, there were numerous...
  7. "how the driver knew that the owner wanted it in that hole" The vehicle owner was there and shot the video seen in the news report. So, he watched and made a video as the driver was unloading the vehicle into the fence. It is likely that being late the driver was listening the the cars owner and did not check for or see the fence. That is no excuse, but it does put the vehicles owner at fault for not being involved in the vehicles placement. The fix is easy and the car is totaled, it will likely sit there for quite sometime as I am going to assume he did not had proper coverage to repair it or total it. Posting this to Social Media was likely his claim to a couple of minutes national attention. TikTok YouTube etc. generates plenty of this, must have been a slow news cycle for the workingforyou series. Otherwise this was a nothing burger, the tow company owner dealt with it in a professional manner. Literally decimating the story and reducing it to impactful...
  8. Simple Question, then I will add to the "Tower Down Count" which is sorta like a "Lost Time Injury Count" that many manufacturing facilities have used. Does anyone copy these articles where tow operators are killed or injured an post them in a common place for other operators to read?
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