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  1. I just responded in another post about our rule of not driving vehicles on or off the bed. Every Truck has a working winch use it... This may be an accident, but it was an avoidable accident as there was no reason to start the vehicle with a mechanical problem.
  2. Our officers when possible generally give the vehicle owner an option to call their own tow prior to calling dispatch for a tow themselves. Each situation is different as is the amount of time they will wait for a private tow. Most have learned to find out who the private tow is and then request an arrival time. This has eliminated the we didn't have an option responses, as they were given the option with a time limit on getting the vehicle towed. Since many of those result in excessive wait times the officer calls for a tow as soon as possible. No Wreck Chasing Here, No Waiting at the Scene for a tow opportunity. The officers don't allow it even though it does greatly reduce the amount to time they spend on scene. The problem is much deeper and I will not go into it here as most of you know well why these types of tow trucks do this.
  3. Great, now get the proper training! We have a rule not to drive vehicles on a off the bed. As well as limit walking on the bed. It sinks in after awhile, no one gets it the first day, when told it may be their last if they continue to disregard the rule. That sinks in! Still we see other companies doing these things every day.
  4. This happens way to often and if we can be reactive why can't we be more proactive? Our condolences to the family, each and every life lost is tragic and hits home when its a tow operator.
  5. Who pays the Haz-Pay and is $225 enough for Hazardous Duty. Don't Emergency Service have a Hazardous Duty Package. What Towing Company can afford that, keeping drivers from going to a higher paying job now is difficult. If we didn't offer a generous bonus program for those who actually put in the effort and work we would have a higher turn over. New guys often are not willing to work their way up, they want to be at the top the first day. That isn't how it works, not everyone get a trophy or a bonus here. Do you think that is unfair?
  6. Not doing alot a PPI's lately but we do are fair share since we don't go after them hard. Also, we'll never do patrol towing and we even told one apartment/condo community we were not being there nightly guard patrol. Hire a real guard and they can call us for a legal tow.
  7. Do you have any pics of the interior? What comes with it as far as tools? Got any pics of the tool boxes open? Thanks
  8. Done it a few times, but I really don't want our guys doing this on a regular basis. Just seems the driver isn't in control of the recovery. Then again like TowZone said, most of our are also on their roof and in a ditch at that...
  9. Those are the type of recoveries where I could use a larger truck. Takes at least an hour to get one out here where we are, in fact the locals will often pull them out with one of their massive tractors first. Not that they care to do it, they would rather not I am sure.
  10. That impound was not worth the tow truck drivers life. Yes, I know he was not injured this time. But, there will be another time and he might not be so lucky. Never ever turn your back on a subject and if you choose to run to what you feel is the safety of the cab of the truck. Be Prepared to Leave... I believe this was a serious lack of proper training. Our drivers are trained much better and this scenario would not have resulted in a confrontation. We will be going over this in our next safety meeting. Thanks TowForce for the great resource for safety meeting material. I just don't get this from Facebook, those guys just what to complain and bash one another anymore. No real dialog at all..
  11. Most folks I've seen want as much for a used set as they get for a new set. But, the used trucks we;ve bought came with like new dollies and didn't seem to add to the price over trucks without them. Inspect them regularly and you should get good life out of them. As TowZone said Bearing Buddies. Those are worth every penny...
  12. OK, so I don't get on here much and I try to devote time to catch up once ot twice a week. Fact is we're running at 110 percent this month even running 30 percent fewer motor clubs. Dad says as long as this keeps up we will be adding that 25 or 35 ton by fall. I suspect that will be late fall. My question is Are You Running Hard and Are You Near a 100% of norm or over like US? Gotta be more seeing this open up than just us. Travelers have added the additional 10% and our shop is benefiting from it. WE don't run AAA except back up, however our shop has a AAA sign from the 50's or 60's hanging outside. Since we're the only shop in town with the sign, we think folks tend to turn in here. Well, hope everyone is running hard, I got the night off, gotta hit it again tomorrow...
  13. We started putting a tarp over polices when traveling any distance as we have had things thrown at then. Things like water bottles, paint, eggs, etc. Luckily to this point they have aimed for the vehicle on the bed and not the trucks cab. Oddly, that we are aware of this has never happened while behind the tow truck. Have you experienced this?
  14. We sat him down and gave him an ultimatum. He actually said he'd have to think about if he wanted to work here. Then about the point Dad was going to said then there's the door, he asked if we would work with him and finally opened up to what was going on. So, we'll adjust his hours as he goes through this family issue. I know this isn't unique to our operation, I just wanted to know how others have dealt with this and how often it works out. I'll update in a week or two...
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