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  1. If you live in that area, please explain how this happens? So Sad, another tow op is not going home tonight.
  2. They just don't give us room to work, nearly been hit myself numerous times. Has anyone got any answers before we lose another tow op?
  3. So, the question was asked on FB what the attendees of the show thoughts were this year. Without using names or knowing if these individuals actually attending the show. I assume they did... 1) confusion 2) No flow, tight 3) Poor treatment from hotel staff, no room for any breathing room, in general just a poor location and service over all 4) The flow outside wasn't great. I liked it I found everything I was looking for. Plus I got to spend 4 days in the warm weather 5) Just when I thought they couldn’t make it any worse than it’s been for the last decade.. Seriously, had a lot of stuff I would’ve bought but wasn’t about to buy and make that long ass hike to the Hilton’s parking .. I think the show was totally unfair to the vendors as well they literally had no room and were packed like sardines... 6) I left with a pocket full of cash because I couldn't buy half the items I wanted too. Because I couldn't fit them in an uber Several vendors told me they were even charged by pound for items they brought in to sell. I will stick with the small orange beach show 7) The best Venue was when it was on the South side of I4 next to Charlie's Steak house for many years. Corondo was good after the 2nd year. If you missed the original venue those were some of the best Times. The one year they had half of the show in Tampa which was nuts, but it was the perfect venue Room for days. 😎To far to carry purchases. Why even have shuttled parking when the parking costs $22?? Not that the $22 breaks the bank for me but I went on Thursday to check out the demos in the evening. I wasnt about to pay $22 to park for an hour or two and then come back in the morning and pay again just for the convenience of having a shuttle. And Dynamic should probably just start selling Cheeseburgers. I bought two Cheeseburgers and two bottles of water at the “Dynamic Cafe” and it cost $30. If it was a good burger maybe. But nope. I wonder if the Motor club reps ate there??? 9) I have always enjoyed and looked forward to going to the Florida Tow Show until this year I even said something to one of the promoters about the parking and long walks and all he had to say was that $22.00 was the cheapest parking in the USA for a tow show , well I beg to differ and I'm sure I want be back next year and I bet some of the vendor's will be elsewhere as well I really hope the Orange Beach show builds up fast as I can see this show going down in the future if not some changes made . Vendor's need to be able to sell product as well as show it and attendee's want to buy product without having to carry it a mile 10) the orange beach show is like what this Florida one used to be years ago when it was in Kissimmee. Much better value. Especially if you have a family and have to buy lunch for 8. 8 burgers and 8 waters $120 at the Florida show. 11) Parking sucked trucks were all on top of each other. Thursday night parked at other Hilton and walked because shuttle bus didn’t seem to be around. Paid $24 to get out of the parking lot. Friday and Saturday both parking lots full had to park at Disney Springs and walk long walk on a hot day. Arrived at show already hot. After walking around the show had to walk back in the heat. Not fun. The trucks were so close to each other couldn’t get a good look at the trucks. Only thing I bought a was truck didn’t feel like carrying shit all the way back to Disney springs. This is the only thing I bought. Show totally sucked probably won’t attend next year if it’s at the same place. The show has been the same year after year but this show was the worse. 12) It was awesome being able to see trucks out side but think we get more out of Baltimore show. But no Baltimore this year. 13) I don't know I couldn't get into place they told me they were full when allowing anybody else they didn't tell me they were having Disney with a shuttle they just told me I couldn't come in. 14) Well I won a hi-viz jacket? Other than that.. lol what hasn't been said? Outside the show could have been slimmed down, seemed like the dealers brought their entire inventories 15) As far as indoor vendors there was a ton of unused space in the pavilion tent. They could have spread them out for sure 16) Didn’t think to much of it. The trucks were stacked on top of each other. I asked a vendor to look at and operate a truck. He couldn’t allow anyone to operate the equipment because of how close the units were parked. We parked at one of the hotels and the sign said $22 but when we returned it was $30 however the sign said $22. We questioned the valet he stated that Disney owned the property and that they had called and raised the price for the weekend. We purchased some items for our trucks and the hotel Fed X rapped us on shipping. Overall not a good experience. 17) Not a bad show by no means. I felt the hotel staff was rude, dynamic needs to stick to selling wreckers and not hamburgers, I have never spent so much money on a outdoor venue grilled hamburger or hot dogs. $21 for a beer and 2 hot dogs. Either there was a lot more trucks brought to the show from dealers or the parking lot was so cramped. Couldn't hardly open doors on the trucks...... Also with the inside, wasn't sure if more people came to the show but inside was cramped like sardines. Never bumped so many shoulders or elbows with people before in my life, and I go to a lot of concerts. 18) Everything that’s been said are kind of my same points. I didn’t buy as much as I usually do, just because it was hard to find parking. Had to walk and my feet were tired already. I didn’t want my arms to be too. Lol. I love shows and getting to talk with everyone. I had a great time at some of the venues by TRAA, PWOF and SSTA. Other location was easier to get in and out to me. 19) It sucks the place is no good it's spread out too much and it's too expensive 20) As a vendor it was cramped and didn’t like how they put same types of vendors all next to each other Outside was packed like sardines. Couldn’t get good looks at all those great trucks 21) Vegas is always one of best.. if not the best one... see you there on May 8th 22) I only live 2 hours south of the show. I’ve been attending for over 20 years. Hands down my favorite has been Coronado springs. Huge resort for everyone in the industry to stay at. Plenty of room great times. Ever since these bafoons have decided to move it to the Hilton, I knew it was going to be the worst spot ever had to host a show. The lack of parking, the increased prices. I would also like to see demos not just from Miller who is the main power holder here, but NRC, and Jerr-dan. At the last minute I decided not to go. I saw enough pics, and there was nothing new for me to see. Hopefully when this contract runs out they move to a more suited location. I still will take this over the Baltimore show,which I still think is one of the worst I’ve been to. Most likely just because of the city. 23) Ive been the last 4 yrs to do nothing more then meet up with a few friends. We have a blast great restaurants, fun times and its a weekend away from Fl 24) I really want to check out this Vegas show. Something more on the west coast. 25) I have never been to Vegas but it feels to me as it would be more of the same. I did go to that Orange Beach show in Alabama. That one was enjoyable. There was parking available. Affordable food close by. Lots of things to do. A marina with boat rentals, cruises, and fishing charters right on the property. Everything around there is within the average towman’s price and class in my opinion. Coming from a towman that has been coming to Tow shows since 2001, I highly recommend the Alabama show. It’s a smaller show but I enjoyed it a whole lot more than any other show since the Florida show was in Kissimmee back in the early 2000’s. Especially if you are bringing multiple family and crew members along. 26) Idk but miller had a lot of space. Way more than normal 27) Worse hotel ever stayed at. Staff was very rude, very noisy to many trucks and vendors in small areas outside was too far away from the inside. All the vendors were great but was told by several vendors not happy some will not be back. Everything at the hotel was very expensive. We checked out a day early was paid up through Monday but checked out on Sunday was told would have to pay a early check out fee of $100 I told them no was not going to pay it they told me they were going to call and have me escorted off asked to see manager she said they were going to make an exception to the rule Lol as long as it is there will never be back. 28) This was our first time to attend this particular show. We felt the resort was nice overall. The staff at the Shades Resturant was beyond terrible. Escalator stayed broken or than it was working. The vendors were tight. 29) I have come down to the show since 91. This was the first time I did not go the second day. The trucks were jammed together, stacked 2 high. The inside venue was ok but spread out. Did not get to see many of the people I was looking for. The walk from Disney Springs sucked. Basically I made the comment to my wife that I might not go back to that show until it changes. I did hear a lot of complaints while walking around. 30) The changes this year at the Florida tow show we're horrible to consumers, vendors, etc. On a good note, I got a lot of exercise walking and I came home with a lot more money that I intended to spend. Until they make changes, I will just stay home and work. 31) I in joyed it was nice just need to get the parking in place so don’t have to pay 23 dollars a night . But all and all it was a good show. 32) this is the problem. Nothing in that area should be even remotely close considered for a tow show. Either go back to the larger resorts like Coronado,or rent out part of the convention center where there is room for outdoor and indoor activities, plus easy access to hotels,and demos. Personally I would like it in the same resort as I like to walk around at night and look and shit I can’t afford lol 33) Get it away from these congested areas. Get back to a place where there is adequate parking within walking distance. Affordable food for a family. Who can afford $15 for a burger and a bottle of water x 5?? A crew of 8? I know it’s almost $10 a piece for a decent lunch for the crew. $80 for a decent lunch for 8 people is fine with me. Even the $120 if it’s a filling meal. But $120 for 8 burgers and 8 bottles of water??? Nothing else??? Get the heck outta here!!! 34) well here’s your problem with Disney. It’s not catering to Florida residents anymore, so now just picture, if it can’t take care of it’s own residents, how is it gonna treat outside tourists. I feel horrible for families trying to come on vacation,and financially plan for food, drinks, parks, etc. When your from down here you learn to go eat off the premises for cheaper deals, and affordable family outings. The problem is they know people will pay for it, because they know it’s easier then trying to leave, and come back. It’s all a scam,and Miller should know better. They all are in each other’s pockets, and if you don’t think that’s the case meaning to anyone who doubts it. Go back to when it used to be at twin towers, and had such a family fun feel. I for one don’t like being felt like cattle shoved in between tow truck fences, but no ones gonna listen to the people who make sense. I had my truck filled up ready to roll Saturday. It’s only a two hour drive for me. Read comments, and chose the boat instead. 35) Honestly the hotel was confusing as hell like u were on the 1st floor whether u were on the 3rd or 1st floor cause they both led to solid ground outside little too spaced out where the vendors were it was cramped it seemed to be continued:
  4. Read the Article, this is actually relative to the Towing Industry in regards to Motor Clubs. The writer seems to think that Lyft and Uber will run out of drivers at some point. Tow Company owners have long thought that Motor Clubs would run out of tow companies at some point. Legend has it that in 1929, businessman Joseph Kennedy, the father of the future president, realized it was time to get out of the stock market when the shoeshine boy started offering him trading tips. I had my own such moment a couple of years back when I started hearing people say they were selling their cars because “it’s cheaper to take Uber everywhere!” It wasn’t that I doubted them, mind you. I just started to wonder about the math. Uber and Lyft are functionally taxicabs — better dispatched and more convenient but, still, taxicabs, pretty much. There’s a reason that, before the Uber/Lyft revolution, almost no one said, “I’m going to sell my car and take taxis everywhere!” Unless you are a hermit or live in a dense urban core, a month of taking cabs costs more than a month of Corolla ownership. Boosters of the ride-share revolution like to point out that most of the nation’s cars spend most of their time parked; there ought to be money in liberating all that unused capital. True enough — except that someone has to drive the car, including the time spent circling as they wait for rides. In 2014, journalist Timothy B. Lee spent a week driving for Lyft. He drove for 50 hours but spent only 14 of those hours actually ferrying passengers. All that circling wears out the car and burns both gas and the driver’s valuable time. Lee might have gotten better at optimizing his rides if he’d driven for longer, but still, those costs remain considerable. So how can Uber and Lyft, both of which are planning initial public offerings this year, be price-competitive with car ownership outside of places such as Manhattan? Answer: heavy subsidies, from both the companies and the drivers themselves. Uber and Lyft have long used investor money to subsidize operations. Lyft’s IPO documents, filed last week, indicate that in 2018 the company booked $8.1 billion in rides, collected $2.2 billion in revenue — and lost more than $900 million after expenses. Uber is also losing money, although perhaps not quite as much. This despite the fact that many drivers seem to be underpricing their services. Whenever a driver arrives to pick you up in a massive truck or a luxury automobile, you’re either looking at a driver who took up driving as a form of charity work or one who doesn’t understand that ride-sharing income should be calculated after deducting gas and vehicle depreciation. Not every driver makes quite such a blatant error, but there’s considerable evidence that earnings are low after accounting for expenses, and drivers don’t necessarily realize that. Thus, the ride-sharing market offers a real-life illustration of the old economist’s joke: “We’re losing money on every unit, but we’ll make it up in volume!” Unfortunately for us riders, there’s only so much cheap investment money, and only so many inexperienced drivers, out there. Once Uber and Lyft have burned through those, they’re going to have to charge us what the rides are actually worth. Customers will be in for a rude shock. Nor are theirs the only customers due to relearn that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. After 13 years, the music-streaming service Spotify finally (barely) turned a profit last quarter on its nearly 100 million subscribers, only to forecast substantial losses for the coming year. Netflix is burning through borrowed cash as it races to build out its content library. In the journalism business, a host of digital start-ups are running out of investment funds without ever having run into a viable business model. That’s not to say that all the subsidized businesses are headed for the same kind of trouble that has beset BuzzFeed or the Huffington Post. There’s obviously a market for ride sharing, for streaming and, yes, even for digital journalism. And in some of those businesses, notably streaming, the massive economies of scale really might deliver Facebook-style windfalls to early investors. But Lyft and Uber are a different story. They’re not selling a song or a movie that can be endlessly replicated for little incremental cost; they’re selling a physical service that’s pretty expensive to deliver. At some point, we’re going to have to pay for it. Heavy users of ride sharing should start getting used to the idea that the cost will soon go up, and plan their lives accordingly. And investors should prepare for demand to drop when customers and drivers discover the true price of the service. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/uber-and-lyft-are-losing-money-at-some-point-well-pay-for-it/2019/03/05/addd607c-3f95-11e9-a0d3-1210e58a94cf_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.1c9a2d5209d3 In other words, as a modern-day Joseph Kennedy might say: Don’t buy frothy stocks unless you’re willing to lose a bundle. And don’t sell your car unless you’re ready to walk.
  5. It's been a few weeks and we have been really busy. I made it in before the end of the month. You have my support and I will try to get in here more. Everyone should support this great industry resource, good to see it becoming active again. Sorry it broke before and this is much better
  6. Does anyone know what happened to all the training videos that were available on David Lamberts Website following his death. The website is gone now and the link is bad... Really would like to access those again. If anyone knows please reply as soon as possible. It would be tragic if they were lost forever.
  7. There are cameras literally everywhere these days. My advise is practice in the yard before doing in public. I have no idea what is happening this video. I am not here to second guess this drivers approach to loading this SUV. Had it been me I would have had a plan of attack. I would not have attacked the cameras. I likely would have ignored them since they area on public property. Had I been waiting for the recovery, I may have asked can you get this on video. That ruins the fun to some degree, as you become human. Anyway, I'd like to hear your thoughts. I guess, I could have put this in Training... However, there really isn't enough to go on as the SUV only moved a couple of feet in 6 minutes.
  8. First, I'd A Probably Done That... No Fear... But, I gotta Ask Was It Gas or Diesel and What was in the boxes and in the bed. Also, looks like your taking off. Could be just the angle of the photo. I can see myself doing it but only for a short distance. If it was a Diesel then No Way real difference just winching those on the Bed. How much higher were the posts for th lift gate? No Fear - No BAshing - Just Asking Questions, best part of being here and learning!
  9. HERE!!! GREAT INDUSTRY RESOURCE - Worth Supporting, *Add us to your list of Supporters*
  10. Perth Cops nick men on motorised picnic table in the Swan Valley https://www.perthnow.com.au/news/wa/cops-nick-men-on-motorised-picnic-table-in-the-swan-valley-ng-b88926434z
  11. From a Post found on FB: Got an Agero call for a 2018 F150, never mentioned it being a Raptor or having such wide tires. Being the rookie I am ,when I pulled up I thought nothing of it. So I took this picture and sent it to my boss and coworkers asking if it was safe. They all gave me a hell no and I had to drop it. I listen to the man who signs my check 10000% this is his company and equipment. But would I have been able to pull this off? 13 mile highway trip. Top of Form Not 100% sure but I think Raptors are awd anyway. I've never got one but wouldn't want to put it on the wheel lift anyways Here a few of the replies he has gotten: 1. They are awd thus the raptor. His boss correct leave it and flatbed it 2. Strap it and roll on 3. Sling it? 4. I had stuff just like that, strap it chain it take it slow you’ll be fine 5. I think don’t quote me on this but I think my husband who say strap or chain it and roll. Do whatever it takes to get it done as safe as possible. 6. Wouldn’t happen. I’d call for the flatbed 7. Would I tow it like that, yep. If the boss says no then you listen to the boss. Strap it, chain it, roll out... 8. They Are awd trucks you would eithir dolly the truck or put it on a flatbed. An how wife those wheels are your taking a chance of the wheels jumping out the pans 9. Strap it and Dollie. Then roll on 10. Havent messed with one, frame fork it w/axle straps dollies 11. Never heard of frame fork.. mind letting me in on that 12. something your truck can’t do. It basically like what heavys do 13. Would you guys really dolly this truck for 13 miles on a highway? Not a sarcastic question, just a rookie one 14. Yea why not? 15. No i would rather put it on a flatbed more safe 16. I’d give that a “no”. However with my truck I’d find a way to fork it and hope the dollies are wide enough to use. 17. The weight is still within the limits of the wheel lift. The only issue is the overhang. Strap it ,chain it. And move on. 18. But the boss is the boss. 19. Dollies are not wide enough on a raptor. I’ve got the bigger ones and they still don’t fit. 20. Strap the rear end and roll 21. Dollies do nothing for you here. It doesn’t change the fact that u need to grab the tires that are wider than ur wheel lift. Strap chain and go 21.5 To much stress on the jaw arms a few hard bounces and u start snapping welds .... from experience! ? 22. Finally someone making sense of the bigger problem in the picture 23. That’s all it comes down to is equipment wear and liability. 24. I've only hauled 2 raptors in 6 years and they were 4x4 in 2hi so I chained,strapped, and rolled 25. Not with an auto loader! 26. What’s wrong with the damn thing in the first place? 27. It got into a small fender bender and the owner was afraid to drive it.. 28. People are weirdos 29. Down the street sure not 13 plus miles 30. Drop it and center up those claws would of gotten it 31. It's an angled picture but that's dead center 32. I think you would of been ok 33. FLAT BED 34. Or sling r go 35. Rollback 36. This is a quote from one of the managers of the FB page this is posted on. Strap it chain it pop it into neutral and off you go. If one of my guys ever sent me a picture and asked me if I thought they should do it could be fired as soon as I got back to the shop 37. Original Poster; Lmao you're a fucking clown. I wouldn't work for a person like you. If asking a question to prevent damage to your equipment or to a customer’s vehicle will get me fired I would kart wheel my ass out of your shop happily 38. I agree. 39. I’ve hauled my buddy truck many times. He has 2 raptors. Never a problem 40. Strap down and roll on. Have done many with an auto loader 41. Yes you could have pulled it 42. On this one I wasn’t even to the middle of each tire. Strap and chain and roll on 43. You would damage your equipment if you tried. Your wheel lift is designed to support the weight to the center of your claw arms. When it's on the tips like that your arms will get damaged, weeks will pop, the arms will get misaligned. 70 shower run isn't worth a1000 dollar repair. 44. I can’t see the wheelbase affecting the load distribution. If the tires were 3 inches closer the weight will still be sitting exactly the same on the arms, no? 45. The weight is almost dead center on the tips of the claws/arms 46. Strap it down tight hook your safety chains and get er done. 47. Leave it be, it's better to walk away than risk a bad situation. Clearly your truck doesn't have the equipment to tow this vehicle and if anything happens you can't explain why you knowingly continued on with an unsafe load. 48. Just don’t launch it. Pull it. 49. will say it’s heeluva lot Safer with a Century with a sliding L Arms. 50. The best thing in all things is to be safe... yeah you could if but, if something happen.... Man.. you did the right thing... 60. Ill do it. Ive put 36-40 inch tires on my wrecker. All u gotta do is take it easy and strap down really good with safety chains 61. The boss is always right! 62. When you are owner operator you can do whatever you want with your truck when you are only driver the boss is always right if nothing happen you are the hero things goes wrong coming out of your paycheck kappish. 63. You made the right calls first you asked them you listened that’s how you stay safe and not damage the vehicles you tow. Frame fork the hitch and go. 64. Rookies that do things like this save lives and become pros. 65. The golden rule in this game is that if it doesn’t look right it probably isn’t. 66. What you did is 100000% right man and any boss should give you a pat on the back. You’ll go far in this game being switched on ?? 67. When in doubt ask and even if they say yes ask yourself do you feel comfortable that you can do it safely if there is any hesitation then don't do it 68. Good way to bend the arms 69. I would say yes. You can short chain with those lifts if you know how to. Still tricky but it can be done. 70. Original Poster: Never heard of short chaining .. can you elaborate 71. Short chaining is when you use a j-hook chain to attach the vehicle to the lift of the wrecker by attaching the j-hook side to a secure point in the vehicle like the rear axle in a pickup. Put the lift as close the rear tires and then pull the 72. Fuck ya strap the fucker from the wheels to the stinger or d ring strap the diff to the stinger 73. you are are unsure..check with the boss.. follow his direction.. in Most cases he has been there and made that mistake before.. man you did the right thing.. I'd employ you 74. Manager of the FB Group: I think u can disconnect the linkage and pop in neutral 75. Strap the axles to the lift, your good to go 76. I would of sling that shit 77. No , that's why I make sure I'm following the rules just in case I don't want to hear I told you so. I already made the mistake my first week, Towing a rwd BMW 6 series without tying the steering wheel and it climbed a curb on my first turn. Kept my job but making payment installments on $3,400 worth of damage they pinned on me 78. What set up are you running? My Chevron wheel lift is plenty wide for off-road trucks. 79. Looks like an older Vulcan 810, looks like someone might cut of a few inches each side tho 80. strap the axle if you cant get arpund the tires I've wheellifted a truck w 40s w my mpl40 81. trap the wheel from the inside I have a JerrDan MPL and the wheel straps can be put on backwards 82. Keep your frame of mind and your sixth sense and you will go far. Great job brother. 83. That people usually do is add 8 inches of angle on both side and extend the jaws 8 inches 84. I wonder if they make fork extensions for these situations? What people usually do is add 8 inches of angle on both side and extend the jaws 8 inches 85. I would of grabbed it, but then again all my Dynamics have 701 heads on them, I grab duellies without an issue ... lol 86. Manager of FB Group: looks like you sent to El Cheapo wheel lift out of date 87. Original Poster What are you trying to say ? 88. Manager of FB Group: Up date that all 89. Your boss has the final say but you could of axle strapped it to the head and it would of been fine 90. run that shit all day lol 91. Throw wheel straps on it. And assuming hydraulics are in working order shouldn't of had a problem in the world. 92. Just call a rollback no question it was a 4 wheel drive truck. 93. 4wd don't need a roll back AWD do. And even then you can use dollies instead. 94. Only little girls play with dollies 95. Couple of chain extensions for your l bars , we do dually s all day long 96. always just strap inner wheel of a dually 97. I've just did a wrangler with wider. I just wheel strapped the fuck out of it. And made sure the top of wheel strap was in holes on the arms essentially closing them more . 98. Do you have a sling option or is the truck just the wheel lift 99. Towed one of those... had 1/4in of over hang on both ends. Straped it tight and towed it surface streets for 12 miles. 100. Being a $60k truck ida told my guy to drop an call the rollback 101. 2 straps.. 2 safety chains and take your time..but then again it’s agero never mind 102. J hook it smh 103. Drop it leave it in the grid hook chains to the grid and a safe point on the truck and pick up. Chain tightens. Truck won’t move off of grid 104. Run your strap looped over the L arm so it can’t open. It’d be fine. 105. What's the issue went down the road no problems 106. It's improper use of equipment. Can you do it, yes, should you do it, no. Once something goes wrong you can't explain it away. 107. Well idk who taught u to tow but theres nothing wrong with this at all 108. We would frame fork the trailer hitch 109. Do they make forks for auto loaders? 110. Nobody pull shafts? In closing: the topic is continuing, However, out of the 110 replies. I thought only about 15 where at a Pro Value Level. If these responses were on the Old Tow411 these responses would have been met with serious concern. Do You Agree?
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