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  1. Why does it seem this happens in some states such as California more often then other states? Does it have something to do with the population and types of roadways or something else? Thought's are with the Family, Friends and Coworkers. Sad to see yet another Tower Down.
  2. NICE and Seems Well Equipped. If I wasn't focused on a 20 or 25 ton I would certainly consider this unit.
  3. NO Customers near the roadway period. Everyone here knows that upon arrival not only is their safety a priority, but the customers as well. It's almost like you have to be a parent and direct the children. The customers are not always making good decisions as they are focused on their vehicle. If both driver and customer are focused on the vehicle and not aware of their surroundings bad things can happen quickly.
  4. dad has a shed full of old steel. It's just kinda piled in there and he dares anyone to go in there. Says he is afraid they might get hurt if the large pieces were to shift. He'll work on them when he retires, I don't know that he will retire. At least not anytime soon. Are there any second or third gen towers that can relate? If your dad has retired does he have a project? Dad hasn't had a large project in several years. Just a bunch of old vehicles in all stages of disrepair at the rear of the yard. Nothing is for sale and he'll tell you as much.
  5. We have the room to turn that around. Just not that much need for a 4 door as we have cut back if not out on passengers. We advise them of this in route and do not get much push back. Even out here you can get an ride share fairly quickly. One lady runs her suv all day and will come out at night from premium. She does ride share and delivers food groceries, we towed her to our shop for free one day this summer when her alternator went out. She's now a customer, we'll tow her for free when needed since she responds when we need her. If it's not her then the others supplement their income this way. I don't know how they factor the additional miles they put on their vehicles. Some need to money and some just like doing it.
  6. Yeah, I should probably just stay out of this one. It depends on the temps, our drivers and customers comfort is important to us. So, if the A/C or heat goes out we get the truck in the shop asap. Driver fatigue is an issue when the temps near 100. One of our drivers came from a company that once let a trucks heater core leak into the cab for several days till it got so bad he was adding more than a gallon a day.
  7. I have moved a cow and a mule, not a horse yet but I'm sure that call will come in someday. Why did I move them, cause the roadway had to be cleared and the farmers couldn't get tractor out there fast enough. Both paid without any issues.
  8. I'm good thru May of 2021, but I just want to encourage every member to support this site. Even at the lowest supporter level, I am sure it helps and it's worth it to me to be able to visit every few days. Otherwise I just don't have the time to keep up with what is going on it the industry. Thanks Ron
  9. Hey happy birthday month Ron, keep up the good work.
  10. Ron, you set the bar mighty high, do you honestly believe there will be another 1000+ members in less than 6 months from now. Good Luck you might think about makin' it a competition or something to get more members registered. I know tow that lurk, I'll work on gettin' them to register this week.
  11. Because I can miss a few days are even a week. Sit here for a bit and catch up on unread topics. I just can't do that on Facebook, so I spend more time on YouTube then I do Facebook. Thanks to everyone that makes this Great. Everyone in towing should be here...
  12. Can't say what I would have done had he blocked me. Probably given him a slight nudge as the cops approached. It would have been good...
  13. I'm sure a Euro member will be along shortly...
  14. That's a money makin' carrier there. Hope it paid well, always like when the others say they can't. I say give me time I'll get it.
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