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  1. It could be a Driver, a Dispatcher, A Mechanic etc. How long do you attempt to work on them in hopes of turning them around? At what point has it been too long and is there a dollar on productivity, damages or both that make the decision to send them on their way progress. Is it always dealt with in the same manner and do you consider that manner to be professional or just "You're Fired". Sometimes, we have found that it's just the drama and mental stress. The employee is actually a very good in all other regards. They just can't seem to leave the drama at home and even that they can't control. We have that, gave this guy a chance and the drama at home is effecting others at the shop. He's out on his own and the work is great. I fear the home issue is going to escalate as we have had to work with him. Again, when is enough, enough?
  2. Scott, Click on your Screen Name then Click on Edit Profile. This new message board is far better then the old one. However, with any change there is a learning curve. We changed our software provider last year and think mom is still trying to figure it out. Our dispatcher caught on right away. Now, I think that many are finding business is returning faster then they had anticipated as the weather warms and Americans just want to get on with life. Even, if they must except the consequences that can and will result. We need to protect those at high risk and get on with life. Myself, I did that today and along with some close friends took the boat out on the lake. Haven't taken a day off in ever so long, just checked in and the phone hasn't stopped ringing all day. More than half were from Motor Clubs such as Road America and Allstate. Our Dispatcher told them CC Only and they hung up only to call back 20 30 minutes later still CC and still they hung up. She finally stopped answering the Florida Numbers. Wonder if the members are still waiting, can anyone else relate?
  3. Yep, got mine in early. Don't know the reason others do not participate more. Keep up the good work Ron, I can see the activity is up, but then I don't get in here enough. Have a great weekend....
  4. Yep, never please when their ride has to be towed in... Spare Shop Loaners or Pool Cars Aren't the BEST....
  5. Congrats now let's shoot from 5000. isn't that a milestone?
  6. Dad says we'll be adding this to our trucks this summer when we get the next new truck in. Anyone, have anymore designs to show what you have on your truck. Would you display this the same on all trucks or mix it up. I think mix it up would be best.., but I may get out voted God Bless!
  7. Always like seeing the positive parts of the industry. Keep em comin'
  8. Our Condolences for your loss so close to Mothers Day. Wish we were closer, I'd drop off a small boulder in memory of your Mom. God Bless !
  9. Did you ever hear back on this one, never saw anything about it on FB.
  10. I see quite a few Patron Bars, but I understand it's not enough. Hoping others step up and support this great resource. I know I can drop in every few days and catch up. Just never enough time in the day. Normally the family takes Mom out for Lunch, we just did nothing this year. Gonna have to make it up somehow. Thanks for keep this place running, it's looking better all the time.
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