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  1. Do very many from the towing industry attend this show? What is there for tow company owners? Is it mainly manufacturers and and large fleets?
  2. Watch that thing track, it's all good till some idiot driving in that lane doesn't move over. No way to see them coming and without tow lights no way to signal you're changing lanes. I've done it a short distance late at night, but this one is insane.
  3. Congrats, always like reading your articles. Keep it up and your part of the few keeping me coming back to these forums. I hardly look at FB anymore, it has just lost it's appeal and become a waste of my time. I log in here a couple of times a week and when I get an email. Please Lord no more Tower Downs....
  4. Nice, we'll be looking for a heavy medium in a couple of months. But, hope to work up to something like this one day. Good Luck with the sale, might add some interior images.
  5. That's likely didn't happen the day before and started out much smaller.
  6. Well, that was both entertaining and interesting, thanks for sharing....
  7. Copart said $75 a car within a 50 mile radius of their storage lot. Does not matter of it's 5 miles or 50 miles it's the same rate. One of the owner operator one truck haulers said if he hauls 2 or 3 in one load within that 50 miles and he does that a couple of times a day or 6 cars it's $450. That's a lot of work for a little pay after expenses. He averages about $2500 a week, we didn't get into his expenses. There's some Fuzzy Math there someplace.
  8. We did that with a few select cars a year that ran. Got to where the charities were ungrateful so we stopped. Still donate some to the fire department, but it si getting to where they want cars in better condition. So, sadly that will end as well as they have gotten to where they call the day before they want a car. Our agreement was to give us at least a week. Does anyone else have these issues?
  9. Too many tow truck drivers don't clear the debris if it isn't in the roadway. Many times fire just throws the parts aside as they do their thing. We tell our guys we do the best we can to make the scene look better when we leave then the other companies do. It's Called Pride, few have it anymore!
  10. Yep, here as often as I can be checking for unread topics.....
  11. My Worse Fear as nearly every week someone tempts fate and walks across the street in front of me. It's like trying to beat a train!
  12. I want to know more of the facts! Details which lead up to this tragic event. I am working on adding this to our training program. Is there something the tow operator could have done that would not have lead to this end result. I have at least a dozen unanswered questions, is anyone else following this or are you just doing business as usual and hoping it does not happen to you?
  13. Agree with the List... Would like to know more about GERBER who are they? Also, what does Tesla Require?
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