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  1. That's Bad Ass. They said someone would call me back, now their closed. Does anyone else have these in stock?
  2. That's Scary, anymore info on the driver?
  3. Put me down for one of those prayer shirts. 3XL, don't care green or black is just fine. Paypal me for the shipping and handling.
  4. Been too busy to get in here. HERE, I'll try to get back in more often. Some good things here and the unread content link is Great. Keep Up the Good Work!
  5. How much has this helped your situation. We got few gaps in our fence, but then someone is here 24/7. Dad says what we got keeps da honest folks out. I wanna put some barbwire out there, but was told if someone get hurt trying to come in they can sue. So, no more dog and barbwire has to be 6 foot off the ground. What the Hell, Is this America or What? I'm almost afraid to shoot one of these idiots that might try to attack me on the lot anymore. Can't even carry a baseball bat out there no more for intimidation or for self defense if a person is on the lot without permission. It's threatening and they might sue, Let's see they're on our property after hours and they can sue cause I took the dog for a walk, was carrying a stick and some judge will side with them. The last one we caught was an illegal trying to steal a battery, heck I might have given him a used battery if he just asked. But, no he went to jail instead. Can anyone relate or is this not normal? Cause I'm told we're not normal......... REALLY
  6. Looks like your ready to tow on the moon. Did I miss it someplace, does the Transformer have a name?
  7. We were just an Automotive Garage in 2004, how many here started out that way and added a wrecker. Then later added rollback and another wrecker? Just Curious...
  8. See It All the Time in The BIG CITY. Has anyone not seen an empty roll back rollin' without a beacon on this week? We put a light on each dash to indicate when the Beacon is ON and they are only to be used when there is a HAZARD. I need to start a list of the situations the light should and should not be used. Anyone have one of those lists? The last New Driver we had never got it, he left on his own. The being On Call wasn't for him, he's a wanna be cop now working security.
  9. Great Read some Good Advise here, always like what goodmichael has to say!
  10. Honk is just annoying, So Glad I Do Not have to Answer the phone very often at night. Just When I Am Called Out! But here lately MC's have been calling my Cell # How the Heck did I get on their list? 9 out of 10 have been AGERO & ALLSTATE, I just tell them I don't tow and maybe they will stop calling cause I don't want their random fishing calls on my Cell. Or should I take them, think I got one from HONK the other night, guess no other companies answer their phones at night. Don't know if they called our dispatch, didn't ask.
  11. You Folks at In The Ditch have way too much Fun at these Lunches. Keep it real as a customer we like seeing the spirit and teamwork that goods into the products we BUY. CAN WAIT to see what the winning Team brings next time. FUN TIMES! Keep Up The Good Work.
  12. Is someone could post some detailed pics if the tie down it would be GREAT. Never uzed the attachment for MC's yet, still learning!
  13. No Heavies here yet, someday maybe if I can talk Dad into a Medium Duty first. Baby Steps... Anyone else taking their time, looking at starting WRECKMASTER within the NEXT YEAR and working up to the Bigger Training. Is there gonna be a Light Duty Recovery Topic, Post, Whatever anytime soon. I need to get a good Recovery SOON to document and Post. Any Tips?
  14. Would like to see other comment on what other streams of Revenue they have broken into. While not towing we purchased a Car Wash for the Land Behind it. The plan it to fence it and use it for impound vehicles. Haven't done many PPI's, to those who do them is that Good or Bad?
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