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  1. I always like these as we generally know a local tow truck that we tow like this..... Dad says they are "Flyin By The Seat Of Their Pants" one day they're going to lose their shirt.
  2. Looks Like And Ugly Duckling... Heck, I might have drug something like that home. Wonder what he did with it....
  3. We get one of them All Wheel Drive pieces of CRAP from time to time. And we make everyone sign a Damage Waiver, cause everyone has some kinda damage from Transmission to Rust.
  4. This is why you must always secure your load. We insist on using a 4 point tie down, don't use it.. Look for another job, one driver paid for a head board repair and was given another chance. He's Special or a Special Kinda Stupid some days. Yeah, I did that in my early days. Burn Out on wet bed, chains on the rear were not as secure as I thought. First Stop and bang or was it boom. I just know I got that sinking feeling. Replaced it with a much heavier grade diamond plate. Then we did the other roll back like that and I rarely drive a roll back cause the other drivers want them. Fine With Me.
  5. Passenger Side Controls cause that set up for TikTok could have gone really bad.....
  6. Really? That look I give someone that did that would make them drop those keys and run.....
  7. Has anyone found one and kept her? If So..... How do you get one and How do you keep her? This goes out to All the Single Ladies in the Biz as well..... Are you Looking for a Country Boy or A City Slicker? Or... are you just Happy On Your Own?
  8. No Party this year, everyone got a Ham and some Fixins' instead...
  9. I can remember one being on the wall, but it's been gone so long now. I recall a phone that looked sort like a blow fish that took quarters. Either someone stole it or it broke and got tossed. Did anyone else have one of those? the pay phone on the wall was not ours, the one on the counter was.
  10. Got one in the summer and another for Christmas. Cause I'm special and Mom doesn't ever want to get that call. Don't Tell I don't want to hear her Yell so Yes if you happen to catch me on Cam along side the road the light is always on. Well 90% of the time!!!
  11. This has to be a setup for a TikTok, if we caught a driver making sure a TikTok they wouldn't be our driver.
  12. Well, seems I am late to the party. Been Busy and had to discuss this with Mom and her assistant. I don't work in the office much to know what's getting paid. That is unless the number paid varies from the invoiced amount. I guess maybe I am in the office more than I thought. Anyway this is our 2020 List. 1. GEICO - easiest to deal with. 2. AAA - their contractors won't go out at night. 3. TESLA - might have done 3 this year but they're good. 4 NSD - calls when no one else answers. 5. HONK - pick and chose the ones we want. 6. Road America - Low Call Volum
  13. I'm HERE, though not as often as I'd like to be as we're staying busy. Got another weekend off, but plans keeps changing, Merry Christmas!
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