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  1. R. Sorry for the ConFussioN --- My name is RoB the screen name yoBdaBenO is OneBadBoy in Reverse. LAW ENFORCEMENT HERE Will Not Authorize Any Felon. However, if this is an old felony or misdemeanor they will assist our employee in having that conviction expunged. OUR mechanic will be working on that in time. I know a driver that has a felony record and continues to drag his feet on having the conviction expunged. He was 19 years old, spent a few months in work release, did community service and is now in his 30's. Are there any other members here that can relate? Drivers are getting harder to find --- Strike That I MEAN QUALIFIED DRIVERS!
  2. 3 TIMES, worked out 1 TIME. But, he's a mechanic that rarely goes out on Tow Truck runs. Does that Count????
  3. Thanks for sharing and keep the videos with Tow Trucks coming.
  4. Got a Pacer in the back and an Javelin in the barn.
  5. Hard to believe members with young children have not commented on this one. Would be interesting to hear if they sit through it like I did. Well Done Brecky and Dan!
  6. None of OUR Drivers would ever get permission to take OUR Equipment into water above 3/4 the rims. If they did, they know what OUR Word would be /\/\/\/\/\/\
  7. Michael, the casualty is in the grass to the left of the roll back, just off the road way. The officer is at the top of the ramp, possibly thinking the he would stage to block the ramp as that would have been the logical direction to remove the vehicle. It is debatable if the roll back caused a hazard due to where it was parked. Would cones have helped maybe, however we do not have the information as to why traffic slowed. As it was reported by the operator who appears in the blue shirt and without any ansi gear. This was the only vehicle involved and it was able to be driven out. In my view 98% of this is on the distracted motorist, 1% on law enforcement and 1% on the tow operator. In the end everyone involved learned a lesson and no one was injured. It could have been much was!
  8. I get that speed was involved, I want to know more about safety procedures the scene.
  9. Wow, that was close... We Are All Just Inches from the end of the line. Thank the Lord it wasn't this drivers time.
  10. Do you still have that Ford One Ton and have you Towed the Jag again since the presumed restoration?
  11. It's growing! Just like there will always be haters, there will always be lurkers. At least most forums here are open for all to see. It seems more and more Towing Facebook groups for some reason have changed to closed or secret.
  12. Thanks for sharing, some very interesting equipment on that side of the pond. Hope to make that jump some day to experience one of the UK Shows.
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