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  1. This was my Rotator 25 years ago.
  2. I know all the light towers will comment but please. His tow truck is across 2 lanes of traffic won't fly here. Because some of us bought the Right equipment..I'm not knocking anyone out there but times change. If you don't change you get left behind.
  3. Mike and myself were out getting it done on a Sunday..
  4. I know there are at least a couple of members, non members attending the class. I understand if you do not desire to respond at this time. But, watch for a follow up as the class nears closer.
  5. 09.10.19 - We responded to this Armored Car Rollover: Equipment use was our Century 1150R, Int. Hazmat Truck, a JCB TilaSkid Steer, Casadia Freightliner with NRC 4040TB. Once we rolled the unit over we cleaned up the scene. transported to our garage for state police inspection. A Big Thank You to thank you Mass Hwy and Mass State Police for the traffic control for our crew. We are very lucky we have the Best here In Massachusetts.
  6. Eric Fouquette

    Tow Truck Parade

  7. Well what I have seen and heard about the NH Tow show it looked amazing. Wish I could have attended but there is always next year. Hat off to everyone that makes it happen great job. Our industry really appreciates it 47 years of commitment.. Add Your Review Here...
  8. Thank you Tow Professional Magazine for doing a story about my family business. My family really appreciates you and all the companies that have attended our seminar..
  9. I'm wondering is there anything out there we can put behind our Aluminum rim's to keep the Metal from the Disc brakes off..its wrecking our Wheels.
  10. Let's see who is coming to Vegas there a few spot left in our seminar. I can't wait wait to meet all of the professional Towing and Recovery companies. Thank you again for Attending our seminar you will be Blown away with the amount of information. BE SAFE GUYS AND GIRLS See you soon.
  11. Thank You Jerr-Dan for building me such a beautiful truck.. Thank you I Also want to Thank all the other Manufacturers that build our trucks ..also
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