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  1. Eric Fouquette

    A Thank You Message from RBU

    Let's have a Roll Call - Are you one of the companies that have taken a Recovery Billing Unlimited seminar over the past several years? Will you be one the companies that will take the Recovery Billing Unlimited seminar in 2019?
  2. Eric Fouquette

    Thank You Jerr-Dan

    Thank You Jerr-Dan for building me such a beautiful truck.. Thank you I Also want to Thank all the other Manufacturers that build our trucks ..also
  3. Eric Fouquette

    Relax and Go Fishing

    Just to see what you can catch Source:
  4. Eric Fouquette

    It's Finally Here!

  5. Eric Fouquette

    It's Finally Here!

    @Big Wheel Recovery @JERR-DAN
  6. I'm still mad but as long as they take care of my Winch problem we will get along..
  7. Putting the big ride to work on a Sunday morning
  8. Same spot as the other night...