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  1. Well this is our new little service truck all Electric, will be wrapped in about a week.
  2. Its home Thank you Jimmy Modzelewski and crew for my awesome truck.. can't forget Tom From Thirty two signs.. \
  3. This Boat suffered damage to the hull during a storm and sank.
  4. I'm looking for companies to reach out to me that Bob Watson has gone to there police department. When he went to the police did they take any action against your business.. Please get right back to me ASAP.. Share this to your friends, I need this information As Soon As Possible.. THX BROTHERS & SISTERS
  5. So the wheel lift is Maxed out just winch it up...
  6. Space is already filling up for our March 28 class in Massachusetts. Call now to sign up! 508-763-5474 and Ask About Vegas in May.
  7. POSTPONED TO SEPTEMBER 2020 - WATCH FOR DETAILS See you in Vegas! Let's go, over 1,200 companies can't be wrong.
  8. Thank You Woody. More Yellow Going On!
  9. Starting the New Year off with a Rotator job over a large stone wall into a huge Pricker patch . Thanks Chuck Bull for clearing the way.
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