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  1. Tow Truck Driver Killed in Hit-and-Run While Trying to Help Stranded Motorist A 51-year-old tow truck driver was fatally struck while trying to help a stranded driver Tuesday morning in Fort Worth. Officers responded about 12:20 a.m. to southbound Interstate 35W near Sycamore School Road, police said. The tow truck was there to help a stranded vehicle on the shoulder, police said. The deceased driver was identified as Charles McGough of Arlington. No arrests have been made. RESOURCE LINK with video
  2. Bambarger tow truck operator receives medal for heroism after rescuing baby from burning car. André Harris gave God all of the credit when he rescued a baby from a burning car back in July, it was Harris who was recognized on the national stage this weekend for his incredible act of heroism. When he was awarded the American Towman Medal in a ceremony at the Baltimore Tow Show. Bambarger noted that the prestigious medal honors “some of the most amazing acts in the annals of human rescue.” The company’s post added, “Indiana Jones and Superman have nothing on the American Towman. The Medal Ceremony has evolved over the years into the March of the Heroes.” From André Harris Sr. FB page: Thanx to everyone who sent nice words and well wishes. It really means a lot to me to have complete strangers say such kind words to me for an act that God put me in place for. That's why GOD gets all of the glory. It's also a blessing to have a beautifully crafted, God-fearing, loving and praying wife, Rachael M. Harris, to remind me on a daily basis to make my best better. I also want to thank Heath Bambarger, Adam Bambarger, Lori Cunningham Miles for giving me the opportunity to be in a wrecker, for it's truly a rewarding feeling to know that you've helped someone get to safety with almost every call. Thanks to everyone at Bambarger Wrecker Services because I've learned so much from you all and I continue to learn from you guys on a daily basis. A special thanks goes out to Billy Green for the support with his many skills and knowledge of the tech world and much more. And the biggest thank you goes to my parents, Abe Harris & Loretta Harris for always teaching my siblings and I to always work hard and pray even harder, always help when u see that you can and sometimes even when you don't think you can and have faith knowing that God's plan is bigger than you know. To my sisters, brothers and my bro-cuz THANKS for keeping me on my toes and for always being there for me! To God be the glory.
  3. Police were looking for the driver of a black sedan that struck and killed a tow truck driver working a roadside rescue along Interstate 35 in Kansas City, North, late Sunday. The tow truck driver was identified as John “Johnny” Stewart, according to the Facebook page for GT Tow Service of Smithville. The crash occurred about 10:45 p.m. Sunday along northbound I-35 near North Brighton Avenue. Stewart, who was helping a stranded motorist, was hit while he was securing a silver Toyota on his truck. He was standing at the controls near the left side of his truck, according to a preliminary crash report from Kansas City police. Stewart was pronounced dead at the scene. The vehicle that struck him fled the scene without stopping. Family members pleaded on Facebook for anyone who sees a black sedan with “lots of front end damage and broken headlight” to call authorities immediately. The owner of GT Tow Service has been an advocate for “move over” laws, which require drivers to give wide berth to emergency vehicles stopped on the roadside, after the owner’s 18-year-old son Blake Gresham was killed working a roadside rescue. Gresham was killed on Aug. 27, 2012, when he was struck by a box truck while getting ready to tow a stranded vehicle on I-35 near the Christopher S. Bond Bridge . Gresham’s family has started a nonprofit organization, Move Over for Blake, to raise public safety awareness for tow truck workers and other emergency personnel on the roadways. RESOURCE LINK KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- For the second time in six years, a Smithville, Mo., tow company has lost a driver, killed on the highway Sunday night while helping a stranded motorist. Police say they have located a hit-and-run driver and their vehicle, that man is in custody awaiting charges in Clay County. The crash happened about 11 p.m. near Interstate 35 and North Brighton Avenue. The operator had just loaded a woman's broken down car onto his truck. As Johnny Stewart came around the back of his tow truck to get back in the cab, his employer says another car traveling down the highway hit and killed him. GT Towing employed Stewart for the last four or five years. He was known as hard working and customer friendly, often earning tips from drivers for going above and beyond to help them. Stewart's boss, Amy Gresham, says the death is all too similar to what happened to her son, Blake. In 2012, a driver struck and killed 19-year-old Blake Gresham as he helped a stranded car owner on the Bond Bridge. "We just need these people to realize when these guys are out here working they need to slow down and move over," Amy Gresham said. "They have to have room to work. I mean we’re going to have cars, we’re going to have to have tow trucks. These guys are there to help you. These guys are there to make sure you’re not getting hurt. You’re not the one getting hit, you know what I’m saying. There's so many people who take it for granted." Gresham founded "Move Over For Blake" a non-profit group that helped expand a Missouri law requiring drivers to move over when emergency vehicles are alongside the roadway. Gresham says Stewart's death is the latest example of why she believes there needs to be stricter enforcement of the law, because she says many drivers still seem unwilling to move over. Stewart's family gave this comment on Monday: "We are devastated by the death of Johnny. He was a good man that was killed while doing what he loved to do. We respectfully request that you allow us our privacy at this difficult time." RESOURCE LINK
  4. When the Camp Fire raged through the town of Paradise, residents started fleeing from their vehicles desperately trying to get away from the flames. Many were able to make it out alive, but hundreds of cars were left behind. Towing companies like Skyway Towing and Sinclair's Automotive have been partnering with the California Highway Patrol to clear some of the vehicles that were left behind to give crews easier access to the burned areas. Many of the tow truck operators and the owner of Skyway Towing, Joy Luther, lost their homes and their workplace as a result of the Camp Fire but haven't stopped working. They say right now it is important for them to be helping their community in Paradise so that they can eventually rebuild. "We used to always complain about doing a burned car because you get dirty, everything is dirty, it's a huge mess but its kind of the normal for right now," said Matt Presson, a tow truck operator with Skyway Towing who lost everything in the fire. "The hardest thing for me is explaining everything to my daughter. She is seven years old so trying to explain to her why she doesn't have all of her things is difficult." Presson isn't the only one. Luther, the owner of Skyway Towing lost her home and the business in the Camp Fire. The crew continues to operate and help out officials despite all the setbacks. "I'm just doing my part to try and get things back to normal and being in the truck right now, it's the one normal thing I got to keep my mind off of it," Presson said. Several other towing companies are working alongside the California Highway Patrol as well working to clear both charred vehicles and ones that survived during the Camp Fire. Their top priority is moving them out of the roadways and getting them in a safer locations so that crews can get around them to do their jobs more efficiently. Once a vehicle is retrieved, the towing company has the California Highway Patrol identify the vehicle and then they upload it into their database. To find out if a specific vehicle has been towed, visit the California Highway Patrol's Camp Fire Recovered Vehicles List here. The vehicles that are in good condition are being returned to residents in Chico. The charred vehicles are brought over to the Skyway Towing yard in Paradise. The tow truck operators are confident they will overcome this roadblock in their lives, and rebuild from the ashes with the town of Paradise. RESOURCE LINK with Video
  5. Michigan drivers who do not move over and slow down when passing emergency, maintenance and utility vehicles will now face a $400 fine under a new law signed by Gov. Rick Snyder Thursday. “This legislation will better protect those responding to emergencies as well as workers on busy roadways,” Snyder said in a statement. “My hope by signing this bill is that more Michiganders will slow down and give a lane.” The new law requires drivers to not only move over a lane, if possible, but to also slow to 10 mph below the posted speed limit. That requirement is for when passing police, emergency vehicles, tow trucks, garbage trucks, maintenance and utility vehicles that have amber flashing lights. The law will go into effect in mid-February. It replaces the current law that requires drivers to move over when passing a stopped emergency vehicle — police, fire or tow truck — or to proceed with caution when moving over is impossible. That law levied a $150 fine. Local officials urged motorists to pay attention to the Move Over law following the death of Preferred Towing's Jason Schultz on Jan. 15 2016. Schultz, 28, of Clyde Township died after being hit by a vehicle while working to tow a vehicle out of a ditch on North Road. Hundreds of tow trucks and emergency vehicles attended his funeral, with the procession to the cemetery covered miles. Trent Sheldon, now 20, pleaded guilty to operating while intoxicated causing death. He was sentenced to 3 to 15 years in prison in April 2016. Officials have said Sheldon used marijuana prior to driving the morning of the crash. In February, a Michigan State Police trooper was injured when his vehicle was struck by a pickup on the side of Interstate 94 near St. Clair Highway. St. Clair County Undersheriff Tom Buckley said they see drivers failing to move over, "unfortunately, extremely often." He said deputies are encouraged to ticket people for doing so. "I'd rather deal with a barricaded gunman then direct traffic on an open roadway ... It's really dangerous being on that roadway, especially when you talk about the freeway and high speeds, it only takes a second for someone to get hit and seriously, seriously injured, if not killed," Buckley said. He asked drivers be alert and give first responders and others a fighting chance. "There have been a lot of close calls, I think it's a lot of luck that we haven't had people hit and killed or seriously injured." RESOURCE LINK
  6. A tow truck, a car and a pickup were involved in a fiery wreck early Friday on Laguna Canyon Road in Laguna Beach. Occupants of the vehicles were pulled away from the flames and taken to a hospital, according to police. No other details of their condition was immediately available. First responders found the vehicles engulfed in flames along the side of the road at about 3:20 a.m. The fire also climbed to the top of a nearby electrical pole, said Laguna Beach police Sgt. Jim Cota. RESOURCE LINK
  7. WEST EARL TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A Virginia man who pleaded guilty to a DUI crash that killed a tow truck operator and a driver in Lancaster County last year was sentenced to six to 12 years in prison, a spokesman for the district attorney's office said. Anthony Caldwell was driving along Route 222 in West Earl Township when he struck and killed tow truck operator Ralph Watrous, 44, and 46-year-old Robert Buckwalter, who was receiving the tow, officials said. Police said they determined Caldwell, 31, had a blood-alcohol content of .088 percent shortly after the Sept. 10, 2017, crash. Caldwell pleaded guilty to the following charges: - Vehicular homicide while DUI (two counts) - Vehicular homicide (two counts) - DUI (two counts) - Accident involving death while not properly licensed (two counts) - Five summary traffic violations, for passing the tow truck in an immediately adjacent lane (two counts), driving while not properly licensed, reckless driving, and a lane violation RESOURCE LINK
  8. The Monroe County Sheriff's Office is blaming unreasonable speed for a crash on Interstate 390 Tuesday night that left a tow truck driver seriously injured. Clayton George is at Strong Hospital where he remains in guarded condition. George is a father of four children who has worked for Gates Towing for over a year. The owner of Gates Towing, Tony Ardillo, can't say enough positives things about George. "Great worker, the kind of worker you pray for," Ardillo said. "All he wants to do is work and support his family." On Tuesday night, George answered a call for a broken down vehicle near the Rush exit on 390 south. It was around 11:30 p.m. and the snow flakes had just started to come down quite heavily. Ardillo says George had finished the job and was putting away tools when a pickup truck slammed into the back of the tow truck and then hit him. Sheriff's deputies gave the driver a ticket for "speed not reasonable or prudent for slippery road conditions caused by falling snow or ice." "Doesn't matter if you're driving a four-wheel drive, a big truck, a small truck, a car...when it comes to ice it doesn't matter. It's like being on marbles. There's no way to slow down," said Ardillo. Kenneth Moore was a tow operator until eight years ago. He says a slower speed could have made a difference Tuesday night, even if the driver couldn't abide by the law and move over. He should know. In January of 2011, Moore had a similar experience. A car hit him while he was helping a driver on the side of the road. He lost his legs and had to give up his career. He now travels the highway helping other tow drivers whenever he sees them, and he has a simple message. "We're on the side the road. We're trying to do a job," he said. "If you just slow down when you see flashing lights... if you slow down you will have more control of your vehicle. Most importantly, you can avoid getting in an accident that could cause life-changing injuries." RESOURCE LINK with VIDEO
  9. An Interstate 95 exit ramp that has been the scene of frequent, and sometimes deadly, crashes has been named for a tow truck driver who lost his life there. Richard Jason Randolph, 69, of West Boca, fell to his death April 12, 2017, while working to right an overturned tractor-trailer on the I-95 overpass in Boca Raton. That crash happened about 5:30 a.m. when truck driver Adrian Figueredo, 38, of Miami, left southbound I-95 at the Congress Avenue exit and failed to make a sharp right turn. The truck barreled through a median and hung over the overpass wall, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. Randolph was working to remove the truck from the bridge wall when he slipped and fell to his death on I-95. His wife of 35 years, Judy Randolph, said her husband had been towing vehicles for about 30 years and was planning to retire a few months later on his 70th birthday. “I’m thrilled about the sign,” she said. “Everything is a constant reminder [of] Rich, but life goes on and I know he’s watching over us and guiding us. He was quite a guy.” One of two 5-foot-long, 3-foot-wide signs bearing her husband’s name was unveiled at a ceremony Tuesday at the Boca Raton Fire Station auditorium. The signs are being displayed on the east and west sides of the overpass. Daughter Kathy Miller said the family hopes the signs will serve as a reminder to motorists to drive more carefully. “We can all make a difference,” she said. “If we’re all paying attention when we’re on the road we might be saving lives and don’t even know it.” The exit ramp has been the scene of more than three dozen crashes since 2011 and at least seven crash-related deaths since 2007, according to state records. Since Randolph’s death, the Florida Department of Transportation installed more speed limit signs, traffic signal-ahead signs, reflective markers, yellow paint on the curb below the markers, a right turn arrow sign at the intersection, and the words “exit only” painted on the right lane pavement approaching the Congress Avenue exit. The speed limit was lowered to 30 mph on the exit ramp and to 5 mph at the top of the ramp for a sharp right turn through the T-shaped intersection. But vehicles coming off I-95 going at least 65 mph have about a quarter mile to slow down. “We’re hoping every little bit helps.” Miller said. Randolph’s employer, Emerald Towing in Pompano Beach, launched the effort to have the state legislature name the overpass for Randolph. “He was just an everyday guy doing an important job,” Judy Randolph said. “Never had an ego about it. He just loved his work and helped a lot of people.” RESOURCE LINK
  10. RALEIGH, N.C. — The Highway Patrol is investigating after they say a man used an SUV to ram into the back of a tow truck traling his own car Thursday morning. According to troopers with the State Highway Patrol, a 27-year-old man used his roommate's White Ford Explorer to ram the back of a tow truck on its trip from Garner to Raleigh. Officials said the man's car had just been repossessed, and when a tow truck showed up at his Garner home to tow it early Thursday, he took matters into his own hands. According to officials, the man rammed the tow truck several times on its front, back and side. Both Raleigh police and deputies stopped the man at Dawson and Hillsborough streets. He faces charged of careless and reckless driving. RESOURCE LINK
  11. MILWAUKEE -- A 4-year-old girl survived a frigid night in a Milwaukee tow lot. The child was found crying and upset after eight hours alone. FOX6 News spoke with the tow truck driver, who unknowingly dropped the minivan off with a young passenger inside. "I felt really bad," said Curtis Wykle, tow truck driver. Cars constantly move in and out of the city tow lot. Early Tuesday morning, Nov. 13 one came in on a flatbed with a 4-year-old girl tucked inside. Wykle was assigned to tow the minivan after the driver was arrested for operating while intoxicated near 39th and Forest Home. "I just put it on the wheel lift and took it on down," Wykle said. Wykle works the night shift. It was his colleagues who informed him of the find. "They explained to me that the vehicle I towed from an OWI arrest had a child in it," said Wykle. Earlier, officers removed the driver of the van and the woman's 10-month-old baby, but somehow missed her 4-year-old girl. Wykle believes the van could have been better searched before he picked it up. "Our protocol is, we can't go through the vehicle, so there is no need for me to look," said Wykle. DPW officials said Tuesday when a vehicle comes to the city's tow lot, it is usually on a flatbed truck and vehicle information is taken and a walk-around with a flashlight is done. Family members said the child was sleeping in the back seat the whole time. Officials said obviously this should not have happened -- and they want to make sure it never happens again. They will be doing a review of their processes. Wykle is a father himself. He struggled to imagine what the child endured in the freezing van. "I was just cold throughout half the night -- just being out there trying to do my job," said Wykle. To give you an idea of how cold it was overnight, the National Weather Service reported temperatures at Mitchell International Airport were around 25 degrees around midnight -- with a wind chill of 14 degrees. The temperature dropped to as low as 19 degrees with a wind chill of five degrees around 7 a.m. When the girl was found, the temperature had edged up to 22 degrees with a wind chill of nine degrees. He said he's grateful she survived. "Somebody was watching over her at that time," Wykle said. For a man who makes multiple runs each night, this one will forever stand out. "It'll probably stay with me for a long time. Probably forever," Wykle said. The Milwaukee Police Department plans to provide more information in the upcoming days in regard to the investigation. The child's mother remains in jail. Online court records show a traffic forfeiture for Blair Springfield, 28, for refusing to take a test for intoxication after an arrest. She's due in intake court on Dec. 19. RESOURCE LINK with VIDEO/IMAGES
  12. RILEY TWP, MI - The man killed in a St. Clair County crash while waiting for a tow truck has been identified. Lawrence McDaid, 70, of Port Huron, was killed after he crashed his vehicle in slippery conditions on Tuesday on Interstate 69 near Stapleton Road in Riley Township. Deputies with the St. Clair County Sheriff's Office responded shortly before 8:30 a.m. Nov. 13 for a rollover crash on westbound I-69. McDaid was driving a truck that was hauling a trailer, lost control on the slick road, slid into the ditch on the north side of the highway and rolled the trailer, police said. McDaid got out of the vehicle and stood near the truck with his passenger Gary McDaid, 67, of Port Huron. David Heyer, a friend who was following McDaid, pulled over to help and got out of his vehicle, the statement said. They were waiting for a tow truck to arrive when a Nissan Altima approached, police said. The Altima, driven by MacKenzie Pearce of Komoka, Ontario, lost control in the same area, slid into the ditch and hit Lawrence and Gary McDaid and Heyer. Lawrence McDaid was pinned between the trailer and the car and later died at the scene, police said. Heyer and Gary McDaid were taken to McLaren-Port Huron. Police did not say what condition they were in. RESOURCE LINK
  13. RALEIGH (WTVD) -- A tow truck driver told police someone repeatedly rammed his truck as he drove in Wake County on Thursday morning.Officers told ABC11 they aren't sure where the collisions began. However, they caught up with the tow truck driver near the intersection of Hillsborough Street and South Dawson Street.The tow truck driver stopped when officers arrived, but the driver of the vehicle that repeatedly rammed into the tow truck drove off.Raleigh Police Department said officers later caught up with the driver accused of ramming the tow truck.Neither driver was injured in the case, according to police.ABC11 contacted Wake County Sheriff's Office, Raleigh Police Department, and State Highway Patrol but none of the agencies have yet commented on a motive behind what happened or what criminal charges will be filed in the case. RESOURCE LINK
  14. A longtime Dover tow truck driver died Wednesday night after suffering a medical event while hauling two cars, and veering across Route 46 before he came to a stop, police said. Police responded to the scene at 10:08 p.m., near West Blackwell Street, where they found the driver, Dimitrios “Jim” Paliatsas, 71, owner of Jim’s Mobile Garage, unconscious inside his truck, Public Safety Director Daniel DeGroot said. The truck was traveling west when it veered across the roadway. No other vehicles or persons were involved. Paliatsas was administered emergency medical care and transported to St. Clare’s Hospital in Dover, where the Dover resident was later pronounced dead. DeGroot said the police investigation indicates Paliatsas suffered a medical event that rendered him unconscious just before the crash. A family member said obituary information for the longtime Dover business owner will be released Friday. According to its Facebook page, Jim's Mobile Garage started in the 1970s and specializes in auto repairs, oil changes, engine rebuilds, towing, authorized police towing and car sales. RESOURCE LINK
  15. Topic Originally Create December 19, 2017. A tow truck driver who was on an Interstate 80 shoulder hitching up a disabled semitrailer truck was critically injured Monday when he was hit by a pickup that drifted onto the shoulder, Omaha police said. Larry L. Miller, 70, of Omaha suffered a leg injury and was in critical but stable condition Monday evening at Creighton University Medical Center-Bergan Mercy, said Sgt. Doug Klein, an accident investigator. Miller was struck about 1:45 p.m. along eastbound I-80 at Q Street. Miller of Neff Towing Service had been hooking up the semi to tow it and was in between the tow truck and semi, Klein said. A 2011 Ford F-150 — driven by Peter N. Lahti, 73, of Omaha — was traveling in the far right lane of the Interstate and drifted onto the shoulder, colliding with the semitrailer, the sergeant said. The pickup continued scraping alongside the semitrailer and tractor before striking Miller and scraping alongside the tow truck, Klein said. Miller was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Lahti was not reported as injured. Alcohol use was not a factor in the crash, Klein said. Sgt. Jason Menning, another accident investigator, took to Twitter after the collision to remind drivers of the need to use greater care: “I cannot emphasize this enough,” Menning tweeted. “Please move over or slow down when approaching an emergency vehicle or tow truck.” RESOURCE LINK Follow ups from company FB Page Added: 12.19.17 - Just posting an update on my Dad. Surgery went well yesterday to stabilize his right leg and ankle. As of now only thing keeping his foot and ankle attached is one main artery in his foot. We are still in the save mode as of now. He has a long road to go!!! Thanks for all of the calls and prayers. 12.21.17 - Update,Dad is back in surgery to repair femur. Will know after surgery our options for foot. Thanks for all the prayers. 12.22.17 - Friday morning update on Dad. Surgery went well to repair Femur. Will find out hopefully today to see when amputation will take place.He would like to thank the Omaha Fire and Rescue for the quick response. Also he enjoyed the comment of them saying they were bringing a patient in with leg trauma age of 45-48.He said I wish I was that young. He said I wonder what they thought when they found out that MM Doe was 70 aka Larry Miller. Thanks for everything. 12.23.17 - Good morning, Saturday's update for this morning. Dad is doing fine. Surgery to remove lower leg and foot is set for Tuesday. Do not have a time yet. Thanks for all the cards,flowers, prayers,and thoughts. Evening update on Dad. He's now on oxygen level was down to 79. He's now running fever of 100.6°.We are in process of moving him into different bed so he can pull himself up in bed. He's resting very well now so if he don't answer his phone that is why. Please keep praying. Thanks 12.24.17 - Good Morning everyone,the latest update on Dad is he's resting well again today. They are talking about doing surgery tomorrow now. That way they don't have to be rushed during the procedure. His oxygen levels are low again so back on oxygen. Nurse just came in and said She's 95% sure surgery will be Tuesday unless it becomes an emergency. 12.26.17 - The update on Dad today is he had great day up and visiting. He was his normal self.He's having surgery to amputate his right leg tomorrow. Tentative time is 1:30. He's going to receive two bags of blood tonight to prepare for surgery. Will keep you posted with updates. 12.27.17 - Update on Dad today. Surgeon just come in the room and told us he's on the schedule for 1:00 today for amputation. They are very concerned about infection in the lower foot area by skin flap.Just wanted us to know the concerns they're having. He told Dad that he's making the right decision.Will post update after surgery. They just took Dad back to operating room for amputation.They said it should take two hours. Dad just finished up with his surgery. Procedure was 5 hours. He will now be in recovery for an hour. Had a lot of extensive bleeding.They we're very impressed with how strong he is. 12.28.17 - Good Morning everyone,We have been up all night tonight. Dad has fever and is in a lot of pain. No medicine they have tried has worked to tame the pain!!! Evening update on Dad. I got him to eat supper this evening. He has a temperature of 100.9. He told me to shut his phone off so if he don't answer that's why. He's back resting now. I'm going to go home and rest. Have been up for 48 hours. Starting to catch up with me. But it's all about Dad healing and getting back up to moving. 12.29.17 - Update on Dad today. We are in process of moving Dad to Madonna Rehab Center in West Omaha. Amputation went well. He's moving well with walker. We made transfer to Madonna without any issues. Dad said it wore him out.He said I'm ready for nap. Nurse told him This is your last day of rest. Days here are very busy. They start at 7:00 and end at 7:00.He's in Room 140. They wanted us to communicate if have a runny nose ,sore throat or cough please don't come. They are giving him flu and pneumonia shot today. Best way to get in here is to come in South entrance and come through doors turn left and then another left and when get to nurses station turn right and come to room. He's across from next nurses station that you will come to. Visiting hours end at 8:00 because they said he's going to be exhausted after therapy. 01.02.18 - Good morning everyone, Dad's update for January 2nd 2018. He starts his first day of full rehab today. They came in this morning and unwrapped his leg and rewrapped it. Everything looks good. Therapy starts at 9 this morning and is spread out through the whole day till 4. It will be interesting to see how things go today. I will update everyone this evening. Good evening, therapy for Dad went well today. They cannot believe how strong he is for 70. If all goes well he is planning to be checked out of their January 16th which is two weeks from today. He has a ortho appointment on Thursday at 9:30 to check on his femur and how that is doing. But as of now all is good. 01.03.18 - Update for today.Dad had therapy today from 9:00-2:30. He said I was pooped.Therapist told him he's doing awesome. Got nice little nap in this afternoon. Had great group of friends stop by tonight. He said to me this sure is a bad way to get together but is enjoying the time.He has Doctor appointment tomorrow to check femur.Will give you update tomorrow. Thanks for all the cards and prayers. 01.04.18 - Good evening, Dad's update for the day. He had check up at Doctor's for his femur and his amputation at Bergan.They we're very happy with the progress. Therapy went great.He's doing very good.They took out 24 staples from his leg.Will give update tomorrow. 01.06.18 - Dad's update for the day.He had therapy with Londa and I for an hour this morning. Had a lot of friends and family come visit today. Dad had only one therapy session with PT today. Ended the day watching the Chiefs game and playing UNO with the family!!! 01.08.18 - Good morning everyone,Dad just got done getting fitted for his custom wheelchair. Sounds like he going to get the same color as his tow truck!!!. He has therapy all day till 2:30 today. Will give another update this evening. Had lots of friends and family up here yesterday. Londa and I would like to thank everyone for everything that you are doing for my Dad and us. 01.15.18 - We are at Doctor's appointment for Dad. He's checking his stub for infection. Everything thing is going great!! He will be leaving Madonna Rehab tomorrow at 10:00 in the morning. We talked about what if he would fall at home. They worked on that this morning in therapy and he did great getting off the floor and back into his chair. 01.16.18 - We made it home today with Dad.I would like to thank everyone that helped us get Dad home.I can't say enough about having great friends and family. Dad was shocked how everything was done when he got here. He couldn't believe how clean his house was when he came in.He took his first shower today at home and everything went well.Ramp works great and bathroom is working well. He said I got more grab bars in the bathroom than I have on my tow truck!!! 01.28.18 - Good morning everyone,Sorry I have updated for awhile. Dad's is home from Rehab. He's been there since the 16th. He's doing great. Has been staying alone at night for the last few days and things have been fine. He said sleeping in his own bed has been a dream. He wouldn't sleep in it while me and Londa were alternating nights. Told us we needed to sleep in his bed.Thanks again for all the prayers,phone calls,and cards. 01.30.18 - We took Dad to his Doctor appointments yesterday and he got ok to put weight on his right leg. As much as is tolerable. They took all the stitches out and he can now get wet in shower. We have another appointment on 2/12 for another checkup to be released from Surgeon. 02.07.18 - We started our outpatient therapy today at Madonna.Dad was very tired after therapy today. They had him standing and doing the handbike for three minutes at a time.He did tons of core work and leg workouts. We go twice a week for two hours a day until the end of April.He was up on his knees for the first time changing his weight from leg to leg. He said he could really feel the pain in his right leg before putting a foam pad under his knees.Of course he went above and beyond when asked to do exercises. When asked to do 15 reps he would do 30 reps. He kept telling the therapists all I want to do is get up and walk again. 04.10.18 - Crash zone survivor – Here's more on tow op Larry Miller, who lost a leg while working roadside when a big rig swiped his leg. "How he got my leg I don't know. But he got it." https://journalstar.com/news/local/911/crash-survivors-first-responders-urge-nebraska-drivers-to-move-over/article_52bf4dcd-1c75-5100-95fb-c978c203868e.html?fbclid=IwAR0BrJiBHZPYKYCK4en7qoRTeIpZur3bFFZWEQu4bON8JZN7z9Sgso_G2ZY 04.12.18 - Dad got his first run on his leg today 08.31.18 - Well Dad's first tow back in his truck was a winch out of a loaded boom truck. Did everything by himself. He's been back in his truck since 8/6/18. Doing a fine job!!! WELCOME BACK Neff Towing - While the name is different this is still the Towing Information Network