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  1. Local tow truck business does drive-by parades for the community Accurate Towing & Recovery, based out of Sycamore, has been providing free traveling parades of tow trucks around northern DeKalb County. "We started on Wednesday, reaching out to a group on Facebook, and it's taken off like wildfire," said Adam Benn, an owner of the tow truck company. "We started at noon Wednesday and didn't end until 9 p.m. We've visited subdivisions and homes in DeKalb, Sycamore, Cortland and Kirkland. How often do parades go down the streets of your neighborhood? We can bring the parade right to your house." Benn said that the parade of six tow trucks has been met with cheers and signs by onlookers. Some parade viewers stay indoors and watch from windows, while others watch from their front porch, driveway or street's curb. Benn said the idea started because the tow truck industry has taken a hit during the stay-at-home order. "Business is slow because everyone is at home and not driving," he said. "When I mentioned the idea of a traveling parade, every one of my employees was on board." RESOURCE LINK with video
  2. Business owner cries foul after city tows van filled with food donations He couldn’t believe it. Conor Joerin, owner of Bloor West eatery Sugo, was loading his van with food and groceries Monday afternoon when the unthinkable happened. Carrying his final load, he returned to find his van on the back of a city-contracted tow truck. “I was like… come on guys,” he said in an interview with the Toronto Sun on Tuesday. Joerin, like many business owners, is doing what he can to ride out COVID-19. Opting to close-up shop, he’s donating Sugo’s remaining food stocks rather than letting it rot in his walk-in coolers. “We’ve been dropping off groceries to single mothers in the neighborhood, families with kids who need supplies,” he said. That’s how he spent Monday afternoon, his van left curbside next to his restaurant. Joerin heard the city was relaxing parking rules, so leaving his van a few extra minutes past 4 p.m. wasn’t a worry. “I got caught up inside locking up,” he recalled. “They have rush hour parking between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m., but what rush hour? They just told the entire country to stay home. “There is no rush hour.” RESOURCE LINK A Source States: An Investigation has been opened into the towing incident during an ordered shut down.
  3. El PASO, Texas — The New Mexico State Police responded to a crash late this afternoon in between Deming and Las Cruces. Police say it was a car versus a tow truck crash around 4:40 pm. One female was injured, but police did not say how bad her injuries were. We will update this article when more information is released. RESOURCE LINK
  4. Tow truck driver tossed from truck, killed after hitting car TAMPA, Fla. — (AP) — A tow truck driver was thrown from his vehicle and killed after crashing into a disabled car Sunday night on Interstate 75 near Tampa, the Florida Highway Patrol said. Jason Lee Everitt was driving near the U.S. 301 overpass when he he hit a car on the highway's outside shoulder and struck a guardrail. The truck overturned down an embankment and Everitt was thrown from the vehicle, troopers said in an accident report. Everitt died at the scene, authorities said. He was a driver for Sunstate Wrecker Services, according to the report. RESOURCE LINK Tow truck driver killed after crashing into disabled car on I-75 in Tampa, troopers say TAMPA — A 36-year-old tow truck driver died Sunday after crashing into a disabled car on Interstate 75, authorities said. Jason Lee Everitt of Thonotosassa was driving a 2017 International tow truck south on I-75 near the U.S. 301 overpass about 11 p.m. when he struck a 2006 Chevy Cobalt parked on the outside shoulder, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. After hitting the Chevy, the tow truck struck the guardrail and overturned down an embankment. Everitt, who was not wearing a seatbelt, was thrown from the tow truck, troopers said. The truck came to rest on the grassy shoulder of U.S. 301. Everitt died at the scene. The driver and passenger in the Chevy, 19-year-old Kiel Williams of North Port and 21-year-old Jacqueline Beech of Tampa, were not injured. Everitt was a driver for Sunstate Wrecker Services and was on the way to help another motorist when the crash happened, said Sgt. Steve Gaskins, a spokesman for the Highway Patrol. RESOURCE LINK
  5. A message to our customers from Jonathan Randall (Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing at Mack Trucks)
  6. Reliable Towing Services would like to welcome Maple Ridge Towing to their group of companies. Maple Ridge Towing has provided the communities of Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge with first class service since 1981. Under the leadership of Randy Sorley, the company has built an amazing reputation for being reliable, honest and community orientated. Randy’s work within the Towing and Automotive industries landed him in the Towing Hall of Fame in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We want to wish Randy and his family the best in their future. His daughter Dena Parke and all the other staff you have become accustomed to see at Maple Ridge Towing will be staying on to provide the same amazing service. Our goal is to serve each of our customers and communities with the best possible service they can get. Having Maple Ridge Towing a part of our team will make this goal achievable.
  7. EFFINGHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - A man is in custody after a hit-and-run near Blue Jay and McCall Road in Effingham County. The Effingham County Sheriff’s Office, Georgia State Patrol, Springfield and Rincon Police all responded after the suspect fled the scene. According to the Effingham County Sheriff’s Office, the suspect’s car later blew a tire and crashed into a tow truck and an Effingham County deputy’s car. No serious injuries were reported. RESOURCE LINK
  8. Two people are dead and a third taken to hospital after an out-of-control tow truck hit an SUV near Langdon on Wednesday. A third person was taken to hospital in serious but stable condition. RCMP said a tow truck driver heading east on Glenmore Trail lost control, crashing into the SUV, killing both the driver and passenger. One individual was taken to Foothills Hospital by ambulance in serious but stable condition, according to EMS spokesperson Adam Loria. Police and paramedics were called to the scene on Highway 560 (Glenmore Trail) at around 9:15 a.m. RCMP said they were in the process of notifying the victims' family. At the time of the crash, the road was icy, according to police. The RCMP's Strathmore and collision analyst units were working together to investigate the crash. Traffic on Glenmore Trail west of Highway 791 was being rerouted to Range Road 283, which was expected to continue for several hours. RESOURCE LINK
  9. Houston man alleges wrecking company's unlicensed tow truck driver caused accident HOUSTON — A man is suing a wrecking company alleging its unlicensed tow truck driver caused more than $30,000 in property damages and medical costs. Gabriel Ajaegbu Court filed a pro se complaint March 2 in the Harris County District Court against Alpha Wrecker Services LLC doing business as Intown Wrecker Services alleging negligence. Court was in his car and stopped on South Drive in Houston while waiting for his friend to come out of his house. He alleges that Alpha Wrecker's tow truck driver who did not have a driver's license, struck his car causing him injury and property damages of $34,447.75 Court seeks monetary relief of $34,447.75, interest and all other just relief. Harris County District Court case number 2020-13908 RESOURCE LINK
  10. Tow Truck Operator Frees Woman Trapped by her Own Car: Crossville, TN. Susan Norris kissed the face of death. “I wouldn’t have given you a plug nickel for her chances,” Cumberland County Fire Department Chief Trevor Kerley said Monday. No one did. Friends say she defied the odds and medical understanding and today is recovering. Some are not shy about calling her a miracle. A smile on her face and thumbs-up gesture for a photo sent to her friends tells the story. Whether one says it wasn’t her time to leave her earthly home, or one subscribes to the belief in modern-day God-sent miracles, optimism is growing she will recover and return to being what acquaintances describe as “everyone’s momma.” The accident Early Friday afternoon Norris, 59, decided to stop by the county convenience center off Bean Pot Campground Rd. to drop off a bag of trash on her way to an appointment at Dr. Victor Shada’s office. As it turns out, she was suffering from a serious case of pneumonia, said her friend of nearly 40 years, Felicia Gunter. Slowed by knee surgery from over a year ago, Norris exited her pickup truck to toss the bag of trash into a dumpster. When she did, the vehicle either jumped into gear, or was left in gear, and started moving forward. “Susan can’t move fast because of her knee, but she tried to grab the door, which had shut. Her vehicle is one of those whose doors lock when it starts to move and she could not get the door open,” Gunter said she was told. Norris was knocked off balance and ended up pinned between the truck and the office building at the center. The center attendant tried to enter the pickup to back the pickup off Norris, but found the doors were locked. E-911 was called, and emergency responders rushed to the scene. Tow truck driver Darwin Scarlett was driving by the center when he was flagged down by a passerby. Norris, by this time, was turning blue, her pulse was extremely week and her shallow breathing appeared to have ceased. He sized up the situation, dropped down the bed of his roll-back wrecker and hooked up to Norris’ still-running vehicle. He pulled the vehicle away enough to free Norris, who by this time was not breathing and displayed a deep discoloration in her skin. Deputy K.C. Iles responded to the scene. He informed dispatchers of the dire emergency and immediately began CPR. He continued until the first of two responding ambulances arrived. Chief Kerley, who was not far away having lunch, sped to the scene and arrived just as Scarlett was unhooking the chains from the pickup truck and his wrecker. While life-saving measures were being taken, fire officials established a landing zone for a medical helicopter. Two ambulances were dispatched. Emergency personnel crews from both units took over the non-stop life saving efforts to save Norris’ life. A faint pulse was found, and Norris was flown directly to the trauma center at The University of Tennessee Medical Center. The dire prognosis From all accounts, it did not look good for Norris’ recovery. She was taken to the intensive care unit at UTMC where her prognosis was grim. Gunter and other friends rushed to the hospital in support of the person they love. Norris was suffering from a deep bruising of the wall around the heart, ten broken ribs and was suffering from pneumonia. One lung was nearly full of water, Gunter continued. Norris was placed on a ventilator and friends kept vigil. “The doctor called and asked that her living will be brought to the hospital,” Gunter said. “I went over to her house, found it and faxed it to the hospital.” There was little left to do but wait.” Gunter said the doctor estimated that Norris was without blood flow and oxygen to the brain for around 20 minutes. “The doctor looked over the living will and told us he was going to do everything that she wanted.” Gunter remembered. This included removing the vent and, if the time came, to harvest her organs for donations to others. But, the doctor said he was going to leave Norris on the vent for 12 more hours before carrying out her last wishes. The situation was so grim that four friends — including Gunter — were allowed to spend time in ICU with Norris Saturday evening. “By them bending the rules for us, I knew it just wasn’t good,” Gunter said. That night it happened. Norris raised up, whispered and cried. It was a normal reaction from someone who had undergone severe trauma and extended unconsciousness. “We were to meet with the doctor at 11 a.m. our time Sunday and while we were hoping for the best, we were fearing the worst,” Gunter recalled. “Well, 11 came and no meeting … 12, and finally, at 1 p.m. the doctor called us in. You know, we were fearing the worst.” Instead, the doctor told the friends what had transpired over night. They were allowed to take turns briefly visiting her. Gunter said Norris was still groggy from the trauma, the medication and treatment and being unconscious for an extended period of time. Monday she was removed from the ventilator and while a UTMC spokesperson would not comment about Norris, it was reported that she is now listed in “stable condition.” RESOURCE LINK
  11. Local first responders, tow truck companies make PSA for ‘Move Over/Slow Down’ law RESOURCE LINK
  12. This declaration is the first time FMCSA has issued nation-wide relief and follows President Trump issuing of a national emergency declaration in response to the virus. Fleet Owner Staff Mar 14, 2020 The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issued a national emergency declaration to provide hours-of-service regulatory relief to commercial vehicle drivers transporting emergency relief in response to the nationwide coronavirus, known as COVID-19, outbreak. This declaration is the first time FMCSA has issued nation-wide relief and follows President Trump issuing of a national emergency declaration in response to the virus. “Because of the decisive leadership of President Trump and Secretary Chao, this declaration will help America’s commercial drivers get these critical goods to impacted areas faster and more efficiently,” said FMCSA Acting Administrator Jim Mullen. “FMCSA is continuing to closely monitor the coronavirus outbreak and stands ready to use its authority to protect the health and safety of the American people.” FMCSA’s declaration provides for regulatory relief for commercial motor vehicle operations providing direct assistance supporting emergency relief efforts intended to meet immediate needs for: Medical supplies and equipment related to the testing, diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19; Supplies and equipment, including masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, soap and disinfectants, necessary for health care worker, patient and community safety, sanitation, and prevention of COVID-19 spread in communities; Food for emergency restocking of stores; Equipment, supplies and persons necessary for establishment and management of temporary housing and quarantine facilities related to COVID-19; Persons designated by federal, state or local authorities for transport for medical, isolation or quarantine purposes. Personnel to provide medical or other emergency services. To ensure continued safety on the nation’s roadways, the emergency declaration stipulates that once a driver has completed his or her delivery, the driver must receive a minimum of 10 hours off duty if transporting property, and eight hours if transporting passengers. RESOURCE LINK
  13. Rush Towing Cookeville Tn. had a Rollback Struck on I-40 mm 284 by a tractor trailer who failed to slow down or move over. The tow truck operator and his passengers are reported to be OK!
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