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  1. Capptow said: looks good to me. Some times those jobs are harder than large trucks. ryan jhook5230 said: George....you're a pretty good forker...lol...about the clearance problem....do you have taller forks or is that the only set the vulcan came with? mooresbp said: That is the only set I have. I thought about having a friend of mine at the welding shop make some extentions but didn't know about the liability of it.GeorgeMoore's BP We'll see you on down the road Jerrys Road Service said: Looks ok ya i would look at getting taller forks and Defintly some spring forks they are a short reach under lifts friend. Scott Burrows said: My suggestion is to purchase them one pair at a time, getting only the one's you forsee a need for. Life's too short to have one of the vehicle's you're towing pass you! Wreckerman05 said: i love those reese hitches-it s easy hook-up--they seem to just tow better also when hook-up this way-- Stapleytowing said: I like the reese hitch hook up, And the van looks OK, just wondering what holds the Van back, if you jam on the brakes? would it not slide ahead. I can see the crossmember holds it from sliding back. Am I wrong just curious Schu said: I have done those 1-ton vans the same way ..... I have a set of 7" stands ( I think zips has them for about 300.00 a set ) they help get the vehicle up a bit higher. joefromjd said: George talk to Bert at Trebron. he can build you anything you need. hes in coralville just to the north of you. mooresbp said: Bryce That is why I chained the way I did. I put the chain from the crossbar then to the back side of the fork then over the frame to the other side and around the frame and by the fork again. Like I said this was my first one and wasn't 100 percent sure but I thought that would keep it from moving back on the fork. Joe Thanks for the idea, I had forgotten they are there, they are still in the same place, they didn't get moved on that project in Coralville? Brian Can't honestly answer that question. It belongs to a Baptist church here, don't know if that means anything or not. They are real good customers. They have a fleet of about 20 school (church) buses and two or three of these big vans. I have towed the other red van a couple of times in the last few months. I tow buses for them too. They go all over (up to 75 miles) to pick up kids for Sunday school. The preacher also has about 6 or 7 vehicles that break down periodicly. (sp). They are going to retire this van I towed it to the shop that does all there work and they are going to part it out.GeorgeMoore's BP We'll see you on down the road
  2. Submitted by Thomas Simpson Who was searching the truck his uncle drove it in the 80's. Anyone remember seeing it? hpgtowing said: That Cracker box looks like Sunny's wrecker of Florida? They had Cracker box Tri axle with an 850 on it and if my memory serves me it was also a twin steer .... It was a real monster in it's day.. I would like to know where it is also.... Ok ... I'd like to have it also.... You know to add to the collection.... lol.... Stay well... Steve Thomas Simpson replied: Yes the truck did belong to sunny's then dave jones in orlando bought it and the last my uncle said it was sold to someone in new jersey. Kim02 said; I remember seeing that truck at a tow show at the Daytona Speedway in 1979 or 80. It was yellow & orange. Have pics somewhere. Hpgtowing said: Danny...I know the truck... The 850 Cracker Box.... It was sold from e-bay the year before last... I had trouble hitting hot spots (Internet Service) at Fort Wilderness as I was on vacation when the sale went off..... I know it went to Ct..... Whats he asking for it now???? And Yes... Oh Boy Richard..How right you are about that Red/White.... I can almost imagine it as I type..... I have pictures of the Cracker box of Sunny's from the 70's.... yellow & orange.... And it's in Jersey??? Oh boy... Where?? Who?? I'll take it!! Steve Rotator60 said: Yes the truck originally belonged to George Monsour of Sunny's..The Dave Jones of Fern Park owned it..I lost track of it after that..It was unique to say the least. Thomas..who is your uncle?..Dave,,Jamie..and Helen have been close friends of mine for years..I knew all the drivers back in the 80's..Guy Wood,,Chris,,Cajun Larry..All good people.. Thomas Simpson said: His name is barry simpson he work for them in the mid 80's and in the 90's Rotator60 said: Yes..I knew Barry..If I'm not mistaken he mostly drove one of the lowboy trailers.. gentlyrotate said: If I'm not mistaken, that bumper was filled with concrete and that truck was powered by a 671 too.... Unknown Member said: I HAVE THE TRUCK YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IN NEW JERSEY. CALL ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS, JOHN 908-705-1035
  3. We'll be adding some random vintage images to this topic. These images are from either broken or fragmented posts made on Tow411 over the years. When possible we will note the member submitting the images. submitting member unknown Submitted by Lincoln Auto submitting member unknown submitting member John Fenshaw webbs wrecker service has an awd holmes 750 that is still in use today in his fleet. it is awsome shape. webbs is in lakeland about 45 miles west of orlando off I4. also ryans wrecker service has some holmes he still uses every day. ryans is located on hw1792 haines city. i am going to try and post a pic of webbs awd 750 i believe he had it repainted since this pic.
  4. Topic Created by mwill666 on Tow411 in January of 2016: Do Repossession's Company's Buy or Lease Their Tow Trucks? wyomingtowpro said: If you have a decent down payment i'd suggest finance out right, leases have a tax deduction available, but you pay out the nose on the monthly. read ur fine print on leases, some penalitys if you terminate early ect.... Chris Chitwood said: Check with your accountant, there are so many different reasons to look at both. Only a professional who knows your financial situation can give you a correct answer! unknown member said: I started with a beater I did some trading to get and worked it to death then pulled the money and bought my new truck outright. if i had to choose though i think leasing is a great option but as stated it all depends on u and your needs/finances towexprt said: agreeded gotta be the right lease,,,or outright "buy" LEASE,,less money up front,,,most times,,you can write off entire payment. OUTRIGHT FINANCE,,,depreciation of truck,,,usually a certain percentage. phillyrepoman said: the company i work for own their trucks there older and beat but they get the job done. atowingservice said: last few trucks we leased with $1 buy out. But realistically if you buy a new truck and it needs to go to the shop they will have it for a few days and will find a way for you to owe them money. I really am starting to think a used truck that has been taken care of is the best way to go. Plus if your a one truck operation can you afford to be without your truck for a day or two if not longer? Joe's Classic Towing 317-240-2999 Indianapolis/ Mooresville, IN "We're Out To Make A Living Not A Killing" unknown member said: I have done and tried a few things and this is what I found. The lease program with a $1 do at the end was nice and worked fairly ok for tax purposes. I bought trucks for cash new and wrote off the depreciation then did the mileage thing. I just bought a repossession company and will convert it in to a towing company mostly but will use the trucks that are paid off. I have now come to realize buying or building used trucks as a better value for the smaller companies. If your larger and have more than 5 trucks, new trucks might work better for you. I love using the Southwest Airlines model idea. THey have bought used aircraft and maintained them well and have the least break downs and one of the best safety records in the airline industry. It's all about the $$$$$. Like it was said above, get with a real good accountant and work the best plan for you!
  5. Originally Posted on November 13, 2016: OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) - - A 47-year-old man was killed early Sunday morning from a fall from his tow truck, according to witnesses speaking to the Omaha Police. Officers were called to the Impound Lot at 7809 F St at 4:10am. They transported Jeffrey Johnson from the scene to Creighton Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. More details will be released as they become available. RESOURCE LINK 5towman said: Very sad. Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends. Doreen ur Finance Lady said: Prayers for Jeffery and his family. Lemar said: Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends rreschran said: That's an odd occurance ... our prayers and support are with his family and his tow company. The address posted is a City of Omaha Impound lot. Unconfirmed reports indicate that tower Jeffrey Johnson may have slipped and fallen from a tow truck (type unknown). Medics transported him to a local hospital where he passed away from his injuries. R. mooresbp said: How sad Jef said: Sounds like a very strange accident. My condolences to his family and friends. TowmanBlue said: Condolences to family and friends. Accidents don't make appointments, they just happen anywhere any time. Be safe everywhere. We had a logger killed Monday while trimming a tree when it rolled and pined him against another log. His first day on the job.
  6. Hello my name is Dan. I have been following this board for about a month and thought it was time to introduce myself. I really like all the good information on here so keep up the good work. I co-own Carlson's Body Shop with my father in Beresford, SD we have 3 tow trucks and 2 servive trucks. I don't get out as much as i would like either get stuck in the office are shop.
  7. Two Bellevue police officers were assaulted Sunday morning during a confrontation over a vehicle being towed. Officers were called to an apartment building near Dundee and Dover courts around 9:30 a.m. to calm a dispute over ownership of the vehicle. When the vehicle in question was about to be towed away, several family members confronted the officers, who suffered minor injuries. One officer was taken to the Bellevue Medical Center, treated and released, while the other officer was treated at the scene. Two police cars had their windows kicked out. One man and three women were taken into custody on a variety of charges. Forty-nine-year-old Pablo Ochoa was arrested for obstruction and criminal mischief, 45-year-old Silvia Ochoa for obstruction and resisting arrest, 25-year-old Silvia Petermann for obstruction, assault on an officer, resisting arrest, criminal mischief and disturbing the peace and 21-year-old Maria Rosales-Ochoa for obstruction, disturbing the peace and resisting arrest. RESOURCE LINK In Memory of National Autow who said: I will never understand why someone would physically harm someone else over property. Get mad - sure Raise your voice - Ok Pull out a can of whoop ass? - Are you crazy? - obviously you are and should be committed after your arrest and conviction. If you are just going to start a fight about it, why do we even need the laws that protect RIGHTFUL people and actions? Let's just do away with the law altogether. You look nasty at me for taking your car? I just go ahead and blow you away because i thought you might hurt me. No consequences for either one of us, well, except you are dead, but hey, that ain't my problem. After all, you looked like trouble! Wait, I take all that back. I wouldn't tow your pos behind my good truck. Rant over - back on my meds
  8. Originally Created on May 29, 2014: OMAHA, Neb. —A tow truck driver said he was assaulted by the owner of a vehicle that he said was parked illegally. he driver of the tow truck said a black Impala was parked in a “no parking” zone at an apartment complex near 108th and Fort streets Tuesday night.The owner of the Impala saw the vehicle loaded on the tow truck and decided to follow the driver in a vehicle behind him. By the time the driver reached 63rd and Grover streets, the incident turned violent. "He called him names, told him, 'No, you can't take it. It's my vehicle.' He started to push my driver, started to threaten my driver," said Kim Hobscheidt, Auto 1 Towing account manager. “I told him to get away from my truck. Then he kind of came at me and pushed me against the truck and grabbed the controls on my truck. Then he tried to jump in my truck with it running, so I grabbed the keys. Then he jumped in the truck and shut the door,” said Paul Murphy, assaulted tow truck driver. When police intervened, Murphy said the man expressed himself with vulgar vocabulary and walked away. Murphy drove away and brought the car to Auto 1 Towing. "Within three minutes of me pulling up and stopping, the guy and his buddy pulled up in an SUV. He jumped out of the car and started taking it off my truck again. I wasn't going to go up to him again. It wasn't worth it," Murphy said. The owner of the Impala even tried to jump in the cab and release the car. Eventually, the man tried to drive the car off with part of it still suspended in the air. “You got to remember, it’s up on dollies as well as up in the air by my boom. He got in with the keys and drove it off my tow truck,” Hobscheidt said. Murphy said he was a little shaken up, but he is OK. "I usually have a run-in with an angry car owner once or twice a week but usually can talk them out of it,” Murphy said. “I get people screaming at me all the time, but they've never come at me, never touched anything. They realize that not a great idea. I never had anybody go that far.” Omaha police can't confirm if they've arrested anyone in connection with the assault. RESOURCE LINK
  9. Owl Wrecker Added this Info June 9, 2013: In Memoriam of Daniel J. Newman "Website Tribute" It has been a hard week for us at Ole Olson's Towing in Minot, ND. Dan had been employed with us since around January of 2011. Before that, he had co-owned and operated a towing company in town here, by the name D&D Towing & Recovery. They later sold their business, and Dan worked at ABC Towing, before eventually working with us at Olson's. Danny was a member on here, by the username 408Stroker, which some may recognize from previous conversations. Anyone that did talk to him, would learn of his love for tow trucks and his upbeat admiration of the towing industry. His service was held yesterday and the outpouring of support from fellow towers was felt by the family and community. We have set up a page on our website that will service as a memorial for Danny, but the best memories will be of those spent around Dan. Thank you to all of those that were present yesterday for your support, and I ask everyone else to keep the family in your prayers. http://olsonstowing.com/daniel Towzone said: I just set the topic up, you guys did a nice respectful page for a fellow tower, your fellow employee and friend as well as our Tow411 member. The tribute deserves much more attention then just and addition to a news story that has not been followed up on. Thank you the tow truck precession was impressive. Ed Barker said: I am very sorry to hear of his passing,, I had no idea,,, I've talked to him many of times thru the years on here,, my thoughts and prayers to the family.
  10. Slimsanta Reported June 4, 2013: Highway 83 Fatal Rollover One person was killed in a single vehicle accident early this afternoon on Highway 83 south of Minot. A semi tow-truck that was hauling a pick-up was heading north on 83 and entered the median just after the noon hour. The vehicle then hit an approach and rolled, killing the driver - a 37-year-old Minot man. The name of the victim hasn't been released yet and the accident is under investigation by the Highway Patrol. The News Link is Broken as well as the Obit Details. Please add any details you may recall.
  11. Import Motors said: Hi everyone,I run a repair shop that specializes in imports, and just got a rollback. I plan on getting on rotation and building up the towing end of the business. I enjoyed the free feed so far on this site and I'm sure it will only get better!
  12. A Tow411 Topic which began in 2008: Sara Said: Hi Everyone I'm working on changing the law in Nebraska so that the tow and storage lien includes personal property in towed vehicles. Of course, we would release anything that is medically necessary, children's car seats, keys, purses, etc. From everyone that I have spoken to, the rate that vehicles are picked up has gone up dramatically once they hold personal property for payment of tow and storage fees. I would appreciate any info, from any state about how your laws work. Thanks unknown member said: California, We have no lien on personal property. Must release property to owner. We don't have to release anything installed or attached to the vehicle (ie.Stereo in dash, speakers, amps, etc.) Unless they are sitting in the car, not yet installed. Unknown member said: As far as I know, Michigan does not address it at a state level. Specific municipalities may, but none in my service area. In most cases, we do not allow anything to be removed, unless prescriptions. But, PD will take these things at time of impound, so we hardly ever cross that bridge. The most common thing they come after is tools. They do tend to bail their car out if there is anything of value that is worth more than the towing and storage charges. We will release some things if the value of the car is higher. Sometimes we don't want them to bail them out! LOL! Cotton said: Before it was required that we release personal items, there was a guy that was picked up for DUI. When he got out the next day, he went to the tow company and tried to retrieve his tools so that he could go to work. The towing company refused to release his tools. The guy ended up losing his job and sued the tow company. He won. Now we have to release anything that is not attached to the vehicle. The only thing they can take that is attached is the license plate. In memory of General Tow who said: Arkansas has a very good law covering this. Last session our Attorney General worked with our association to accomplish this. Our law gives us a first priority possessory lien against the vehicle, its contents, and also any trailer attached to the vehicle and the contents of the trailer including but not limited to other vehicles and boats. The only items required to be released are personal or legal documents, medications, child restraints, wallets or purses, prescription eyeglasses, prosthetics, cell phones, photographs and books. If this will help I can fax you a copy of the complete law. It is very specific and protects the towing company very well. This also covers heavy trucks and their trailers and cargo which is a big plus for the heavy operators. Steve wreckerman05 said: in north carolina you cant hold personal property items--anything not related to vehicle-dont have to release stereos,radios,etc---also some towers have had the problem with cargo releases in big accidents, had to release cargo-i know of one who would not release cargo until bill paid-well ncshp got involved and he was taken off rotation for not releasing when they called to advise him he could not hold cargo--this has been several years and he still doesnt do shp work--everyone knows if no insurance involved and a junker we usually get stuck with the junk and bill unpaid--have to go thru the dmv process to get rid if junk Jerrys Garage said: Here in Tennessee we loose, they can get everything except what is attached to the vehicle. I am working on a Bill much like what Steve has over in the Ozarks. I have been told that it was a waste of time trying to get a Bill like this passed. But guess what I already have some pretty fair support to git-r-dun. Jerry DennisMHDT said: We have no authority to hold personal property in the great state of new york. It is also part of rotation and franchise contracts that we must release any personal property not connected to the car. i can not even force a person to leave the key to their vehicle. Which basically means that any car older then a 1999, especially on rotation calls from Brooklyn, once they come and clean out their belongings, we have a new flower pot. Michael McGovern said: I'm confused. You say you are trying to change the law in Nebraska, but your profile says you are from Knoxville, Tennessee. Anyway, e-mail me at [url=mailto:michael@themcgovernlawfirm.com]michael@themcgovernlawfirm.com[/url] and I will send you some information on the topic. Michael McGovern The McGovern Law Firm Knoxville, Tennessee Representing towing companies for over 30 years danielswt said: kansas statute # 8-1103 is what we have working for us. http://www.kslegislature.org/li/b2019_20/statute/ here is a link to the website, type in the statute number and there you go. Update: 2018 statute http://www.kslegislature.org/li/b2019_20/statute/008_000_0000_chapter/008_011_0000_article/008_011_0003_section/008_011_0003_k/ and also i just found yesterday the statute that shows that we are not responsible for towing off abandoned vehicles ( on public road's and such ) like we are being told to do by law enforcement. so now, if it's an abandoned car and the law enforcement calls to tow it off. " where would you like me to tow it to and please sign here "
  13. This 1962 Ford Tow Truck has been parked for about 25 years after serving as a primary tow truck for a wrecking yard. This truck has a lot of potential but will need work. $1,000 FIRM https://lasvegas.craigslist.org/cto/d/las-vegas-1962-ford-tow-truck/6899665442.html
  14. This topic will serve as both an appreciation of continued support recognition and a current roll call of Active Patron I supporters. Those on the list are asked to add a reply to this topic. Those missing from this current list please advise as some members status did not transfer to the new message board. Thanks 3500HD A100GEORGE Ahider Alan407 al luna anybody beitowing BigBlonde Bigiron Bill Thomlinson Brian Bell Bryandotexe Builder 2 Central Towing Chevy2 Cioffi's Towing Curtsharp Cuuho116 Devon Landon Diana-ABL Texas doingitall Dperone DodgeTowGuy134 Dragstang Elete Tow eskypuller Extendo Reach fulltilttowing goodmichael Griffin Towing Griffin & Griffin Towing JacksonTowing jeff myer Jerryc44 jferg792 Jimmyk Greenfox Insleys222 Jerry A Plus Tow JDB JRTowing judgeauto kacook Kentowman KAT Transport Kelly Neal Kjband13oc KY Nick Lake Side Tow LightSpeedTowing MA Rob METALMAN Midnightautoct Mike Stahnten MrBill Mr Pink1 MoeT. Myersbrotherstow NJTOW outlaw Towing pearltsi Pearce1 purple92tsi Recovery Mike Reliable Roadside RWT Rudi618 sars auto wreckers shtowing6807 spanky South Side Salvage SSTowingInc swr Taj Topnotch Towing Towman1 TowTegrity Truck1946 Vbarker west county auto inc yoBdaBenO
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