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  1. Garry Leach took time while in Chattanooga Tennessee to locate the burial plot of the FATHER OF TOWING! He visited the grave site with Jamie Davis & Alex Millar to pay their respects. Garry wrote on his FB page: Thank you MR. Ernest Holmes for everything you did in the development of what has become the most vital emergency road service vehicle to meet the needs of the Towing & Recovery industry. RIP He shared images from their visit:
  2. Plainfield IL Police Department Released Dash Cam Video as well as this statement 10.4.19 Folks, this is why we are always emphasizing the importance of drinking responsibly, not drinking and driving, and obeying Scott’s Law as well! On Saturday, August 31st around midnight, Plainfield Police Officers were handling a traffic crash in the vicinity of 119th Street and 248th Avenue, when a vehicle struck one of our police vehicles and a tow truck on scene. Luckily, emergency personnel were not harmed as a result of the driver’s actions. The driver of the vehicle was subsequently arrested for Driving Under the Influence. RESOURCE LINK: Plainfield IL Police Department FB Page
  3. How Philadelphia Stopped The Rogue Tow Truck Drivers Plaguing Chicago CHICAGO (CBS) – While the City of Chicago struggles with rogue tow truck drivers who rip off motorists for thousands of dollars in fees, the city of Philadelphia addressed that problem about 10 years ago. In Philly, the city requires tow truck companies to be on a city-approved list. The drivers work on a rotational basis. There are 30 companies on the list, and they are allowed to operate in up to four of six geographical areas. A company at the top of the list gets the assigned tow and then moves to the bottom. The city also requires the operators to respond to a call within 20 minutes. Philadelphia has operated under this system for 10 years. Illinois passed a law in 2008 that allows police to call a private company to tow a vehicle. But, because it’s a city of more than 1 million, Chicago is exempt and officials haven’t shown a willingness to allow it. As a result, accident-chasing tow drivers show up on a scene and take advantage of motorists, charging them thousands of dollars for tows and storage. “It has not stopped wreck-chasing entirely, but it has certainly helped the City tighten up the enforcement process against bad actors and enhanced the effectiveness of the rotational towing program,” said Philadelphia city spokeswoman Maita Soukup. The city imposes a standard fee for the tow and storage fees. The towing fees range from $215 to $400, depending on the weight of the vehicle. The daily storage fee ranges from $25 to $75. Tow truck operators face fines up to $1,000 for drivers who repeatedly violate the city’s ordinance. Philadelphia also requires tow truck drivers to have a smart phone with internet access and a photo ID. New York City has operated a similar program for more than 30 years. Towing fees there range from $125 to $140. Storage is $25 per day for three days, then increases to $27. The list of approved operators are called to an accident by police, who are responsible for maintaining the list of companies. The city acknowledges that illegal tows are still among the top complaints. New York’s Department of Consumer and Work Protection recently launched an investigation into tow truck insurance fraud.
  4. If the Towing & Recovery Industry does not address this Rogue Towing problem with Force in 2019. Then it is going to come down hard on every Legit Towing Company in 2020. The can has been kicked down the road long enough it must STOP ASAP!!! Every Towing Association needs to organize and speak up, these companies conducting business in this manner are "Not Your Members" Now What as an Association Leader, Member or just a Legit Company going to do about it. Don't say "It's Not My Problem" because "IT HAS BEEN" "IT IS" and "IT SOON WILL BE IN YOUR FACE" That $300 to $400 you legitimately charge will be cut in half. As for the ROUGE TOWERS well they'll just keep doing business as usual. It's kinda like regulating GUNS, that only effects the Law Abiding Gun Owners. Make Sense? Just Look at TDLR so approach this in a different manner as that backfired on Texas... We said when we first heard what they wanted to do, TDLR would only go after Legit Tow Companies. The Government will only go after Legit Gun Owners. Legit Towers will pay a price for inaction... https://chicago.cbslocal.com/rogue-tow-truck-drivers-hold-cars-hostage-run-up-bills-and-chicago-could-have-ended-it-all-years-ago/
  5. TowForce is continuing the efforts to de fragment the towing & recovery industry. Where Towing Related News hides TowForce will work to bring it all together in one place. If you see Towing Industry News please post it. If your State Association is holding an event please post it. Not everyone in fact very few are on all forms of Social Media. TowForce is working to be the center of the industry much like Tow411 was at one time. Forum Presentations: The Department of Revenue spent three Representatives: Stephanie Bailey, Randal Boone and Jay Erickson. Jay and Stephanie talked about Oversize Weight Permits. Bill Giorgis presenting on OSHA-Do’s and Don’ts After an Accident. Bill Giorgis, this time talking about Establishing a Safety Program and Towing and Photography Lt. Brad Hoffeditz of Indiana State Police legal counsel presenting on towing rotations ay Dotson from Fortress Preparedness Services is wrapping up our Owners’ Forum presenting on Active Shooter Awareness. The Phoenix is Reborn and it's name is TowForce. Write It Down & Remember it. May the TowForce be with you.
  6. Produced from 1970 to 1978, the Gremlin was effectively a Hornet with the rear end sliced off. While is could be considered a compact and direct competitor of the Ford Pinto or Chevrolet Vega, Gremlin came with a proved in-line 6-cyl engine while both the popular cars only had in-line 4's. Starting in 1973, you could even order a V8 in the Gremlin which made it get up and scoot. The X-package came out in 1971 and added a bit of color and style. Later on there was a Levi edition which featured an interior of simulated blue denim and genuine Levi Strauss buttons.
  7. NASCAR Driver Kyle Busch unhappy about getting hit early in the South Point 400 in Las Vegas and finishing in 19th place. He channels Marshawn Lynch (who was the Pace Car Driver) in this interview.
  8. KSFY NEWS REPORTED 09.12.19: Tow trucks are attempting to pull cars out of the water here in Mitchell (off South Main). A good reminder how deep water can get on the road and why you should not try driving through it.
  9. Vancouver YouTube sensation Brecky Breck teaches toddlers the joys of curiosity, community Breck and Kylan Johnson scoured YouTube for any programming as good for their four young children as “Sesame Street.” They didn’t want a hypnotic holding pattern for tiny tots. They sought something safe, educational and truly worth watching. YouTube programming for toddlers exists, but not the kind of quality the Johnsons wanted: something that parents with brains would enjoy and approve. “Most of what exists is just for the endorphin rush,” Kylan said. “We saw an opportunity to provide content that’s beneficial and valuable.” READ THE MORE ABOUT BRECKY BRECK: https://www.columbian.com/news/2019/sep/15/vancouveryoutube-sensation-brecky-breck-teaches-toddlers-the-joys-of-curiosity-community/ AND CHECK OUT HER YOUTUBE CHANNEL FOR EVEN MORE KID FRIENDLY VIDEOS:
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