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  1. I purchased this 99-older Century 411 bed for parts last night. My question is, What is the purpose of the extended length, adjustable pulley?
  2. 1) I have to disagree. Selling tow trucks is just like selling Explorers. Not all Explorers are built the same or sold the same. Different options, different dealer incentives different dealer margins to name a few. 2) This is going to happen to everything that gets sold. Wreckers, regular vehicles, parts, washer machines etc. 3) If a local dealer wants to sell me a truck, they are going to have to be right on the price... period. My money is green and backed by the US government and it spends everywhere. They (the dealer) is not the only people in the world that have a wrecker for sale, new or used. I would consider me not able to buy a truck outside my area like price fixing... $10 says I walk into any good dealer in the country with cash, I'll be able to drive a truck home. 4) In my opinion, the only thing a dealer needs to know is if I have a way to pay for the purchase I want to make, nothing more. Everything else is a 110% totally waste of my time. In closing, if there was anything in your argument that was remotely valid, it would be the same way buying parts... and it's not.
  3. It is! Every time I call a dealer, they want to play 20 questions and waste 15 minutes my time before giving me a price... If it was as hard to buy parts at the dealership as buying trucks, mine would all broke in the driveway! That is why all 6 of truck purchases have come from private sellers. Sent from my Pixel 2 using TowForce mobile app
  4. As I am watching Rescue 401, season 1 in Netflix, what is the bed brand that is on the GMC ton truck that Steve's Towing owner drives?
  5. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/07/11/suspected-drunk-crane-driver-causes-path-destruction-on-new-yorks-long-island-expressway-police-say.html
  6. I'm happy to see 4wd is going to be available... But disappointed with no GMC offering, but I had heard that from the get go a year or so ago.
  7. From someone that recently bought a newer rollback... Go Dodge! It seems that a lot of the Fords that I looked at had a new engine installed at 100K. This was for gas or diesel. After about the 50th one i looked at that a new engine, I decided Dodge was the way to go. My only complaint with my 15/5500 is the tiny fuel tank. 22 gallons bone dry fill ups. If Dodge would fix that, they would have one heck of a truck.
  8. http://www.off-road.com/blog/2018/02/02/all-new-chevy-hd-pickup-spotted-testing-in-the-snow/ At least to me the dually pictured seems to have a large bolt pattern wheel on the front. Looks like a pickup 4500/5500 is being tested too.
  9. I'm a little rusty on mine, but I believe that it is probably not the cluster. Most likely its a wiring issue or second its a sending unit problem. If it was a 3500/2500 or 1500 id say cluster 1st and sending unit second. However since its a 5500, its a wiring problem my guess.
  10. Ok... My first thread on the new board and I wanted to make it something memorable. So I decided I wanted an (un?) official watch party on GM's return to the medium duty market with what insiders are saying will be the Silverado 4500/5500 line. Currently it looks like at least 2 trucks have been built, one regular cab and one crew cab. I personally hope GM does something about the grille. On a side note: I'll add pictures when I get that figured out...
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