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  1. Hello, thought I'd share some of the work my old topkick has gone through in the last 6 months, the floors were rusted out, all the compromised material cut out and new material welded in,completely new brake lines from the master cylinders to the calipers, new axle seals front and back, the sleeper bunk isolators replaced, some engine isolators, front shocks, the cross bar for the deck slide ram on the deck itself was destroyed, had a new one fabbed , installed and reinforced, new rear 1/2 round fenders installed and new rear mudflaps/hangars too. On the interior, the rubber floor only went as far as the front of the seat, so now has carpet from the rubber back under the seats and up the back wall of the cab, really detailed the interior and had my daughter help polish up the wheels Probably more I'm forgetting, but here are a few pics.
  2. The way I would do this with a carrier, after an official power representative gave the all clear of no electrical hazzards, and based on your pics, is with my truck pointed opposite direction of the GMC, I'd side pull off the end of my deck,still in the locks the rear of the truck into the street slightly, and away from the Durango gently, once on the ground, load Durango onto the deck, then reposition with the wheel lift to grab the rear of the truck, sling the rear, tie off the steering wheel and good to go.
  3. Hello again, what a year this has turned out to be, with covid 19 around and some health issues and surgery I'm just starting to get back around. My truck has basically been stationary since March, and now needs some minor love for inspection, but I'm getting better and at the same time my truck is getting better too. Anyway just thought I'd check in again and say hello, hoping by The end of August to be back in the seat again doing what I love to do for a living.
  4. Hard to tell from the angle, but this car is past the pole by about half the driver door, smashed into a tree on an exit ramp on the highway just after supper. Recovered with a F650 and 22' NRC carrier. Winched him back, then straight sideways to the road way and then reposition the deck truck for loading. Sorry The second pic is blurry but im standing at the pole looking back down the highway. That's where I pulled from to pull the car back.
  5. Wasn't too bad, my wheellift has flip over spades that will bite, left deck in the locks, this truck is equipped with a removable roller I can pin onto the end of the deck, ran a strap under the front corner of the ranger From the low side suspension, and slid the truck towards the roadway slightly giving it room to roll back onto its wheels towards the trees, chained strap to my truck, then ran the line to a snatch block in the trees and back to the high side frame of the ranger, pulled it over towards the trees, strap kept it tight on the low side so it didn't just slide, once on its wheels, slight reposition of my truck and put all my equipment back, winched the ranger up onto the deck, sorry no in progress pictures, I can't bring myself to stop mid way for a pic of the rigging although I always wish I had after, Time line was about 15-20 min from on scene to strapping it down. We see alot of recoverys like this and use our carriers unless the wrecker is closer to it.
  6. I like Forums much better than the face book. Topics and threads don't get lost as easily, and are separated . Where the face book is just a jumbled mess. Iv been reading here every chance I get. Long live the Fourm and message boards
  7. Had this call for a ranger in the ditch, extraction was done with a f650 with 22' NRC deck. Came out easily and no further damages To the casualty.
  8. Thanks, I'm guessing it's been quiet here?
  9. Yes very similar truck to your father's, V8 cat powered, 5 speed main and electric 2 speed rear. This truck is Juice brakes, disc on all 4 corners with a drum driveline park brake.
  10. Hello Everyone, I'm new the the forum, have been Light duty towing professionally for the last 5 years with both wreckers and flatbeds in Nova Scotia Canada, and before that, some tow experience from friends and family. Iv pulled wrenches in the automotive trade, and grew up in a family owned lumber mill , and worked on land based Drilling Rigs for a decade, so equipment, and mechanics and rigging are a nature to me. Iv always loved tow trucks, My uncle built up a 75 Chevy 1ton wrecker in the 80's, I thought it was the coolest thing in the world, with that 80's flash, graphics, Lots of Chrome and lights, lots of lights . Fast forward to now, iv had a hard go at getting my own tow truck, iv had 3, the first was a f350 flatbed with an aluminum Kilar deck, that was overweight if you sat on it, the second was a beautiful 1988 F-Superduty with a challenger twinline wrecker that the burnt down, and now I have a 1984 GMC Topkick equipped with a Jerr-Dan aluminium Deck and wheellift. Anyway my intentions are to start small on my own on the side and go from there, the truck is older , won't win any races, but is in good shape and reliable. So that is my intro, I also have a Beautiful wife and 2 Girls 10 and 6 , and they suport me through good and bad and are excited about this adventure. Looking forward to exchanging info, ideas and questions and learning with the great wealth Of knowledge and resources available in this forum.
  11. Welcome to TowForce.net By Tow411. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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