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  1. Sometime chaining the axle up tight while its on the ground before you pic will give you a couple extra inches as well.
  2. It blows my mind that the fees are so low, most of those rates would have to be at about double to make things work in our area.
  3. How did the load handle going down the road? I did it years back with one of our Chevy 6500 beds towing an accord that was stuck in park with no keys.... The truck didnt like it one bit and felt all over the road. I never did it again. Our newer trucks are built much better, so im sure it wouldnt be as bad, just not something I want to do if I can avoid it.
  4. PSP in our area has a rotation... so it should go to the next up on rotation for abandon vehicles..... however they cant seem to keep track of the so called rotation on a good day... so anything is possible.
  5. Pretty sure we have all made that bad judgment call before.... I know I had to call dad to get me out before. Now I have learned from it, and I charge accordingly if I have to get muddy.
  6. I have had multiple stolen vehicle and fatal investigation tows for state and local police. Personally, I prefer to use wheel lift and dollies as I don't need to touch anything. In the past, I have had investigators insist on a flatbed, but normally it is due to them being uneducated on the way a wheel lift and dollies work. But, ultimately, the choice is theirs. Now many of our locals have no issue with wheel lift and dollies used as its usually a much better option. How many times have we all been asked to back a car into a tight police garage with no access for a flatbed, cars stuck in park with no keys and not being allowed to shift into neutral or move the steering. I saw the video of the Mustang being towed with a police escort and I think it was done in the same manor that I would go about it too.
  7. His process wasn't terrible.... but he left some room for improvement. If i did it his way, he could at least have a safety vest or some sort of reflective uniform on. I also don't like to leave the car down low and bend down to strap it.... I pick it up higher so i can have more viability of oncoming traffic as well as be in a position to run out of harms way quick. Taking all that time to strap both sides on a busy highway at night isn't for me. If it was me running my MPL40, typically I would have been putting my wheel lift down a heck of a lot faster in a more fluid motion as i was pulling in and backing up quick. I would have scooped it up without leaving the cab and slowly headed off the next exit ramp where I would have installed straps and Towmate light bar. I would take the risk to get off the highway with no straps on a front wheel drive car.
  8. I'm glad you made the jump! You will be happy. I can't say I am a Ford fan, mainly because of the way the local dealers have done us wrong in the past. But, That extended cab really will be nice. It will also be a good wheel base as a happy medium.... you can still get around tight areas ok, and still haul some weight.... not that you'll ever over load it i am sure. I really wouldnt want to be without my tunnel box, and would love it if Dodge would add an extended cab on my next one. Add some heavier springs on the rear and it will be perfect. Dont forget all of the added attachments they offer for the MPL40. They can set it up with an ice spade that can go on the boom. And we have the gooseneck, motorcycle and standard trailer adapters on ours as well. I just ran 145 miles to NY for this Diesel F350 crew cab work truck last week...... never would have wanted to do that trip with a shorter wheel base.
  9. They are crazy expensive for what they are. We have JerrDan wireless remotes in ours and they are super overpriced. (all of my newer trucks we now order with Lodar remotes) That wired remote for in the cab has held up well for use with no issues.
  10. I run a 2015 Dodge 5000 standard cab 4x4 84" CA with a tunnel tool box. The long wheel base is a must. I also have two leafs added to the rear springs. It has an MPL40 on the back. Its about as perfect of an all around truck as I can get. I have the sling, which is a pain and in the way of your view, but when you need it, you really need it, so I wouldnt be caught without it. I hate Ford... sorry guys... but I really wish Dodge would do like Ford and I would go with an extended cab with the 84" CA... I dont want 4 door.... just a little more wheelbase would be nice at times..... although I would just be overloading it anyway... so its prolly best I dont have it. Check out the Renegade that Eds built... its about as perfect of an all around truck that I could think of too. Here is a picture of my 2011 Dodge 5500 towing a 3500 Dodge. Both our 2011 and 2015 are still in service. My 2015 is the same spec.
  11. We have had a rash of the same.... junkers with no insurance or liability only... then the owners come in acting like we are the bad guy when we tell them they are responsible for covering the bill. People blow my mind. Luckily we had two nice full covered jobs last night.... makes it all not seem so bad.
  12. I am about 2 hours or so south... check with @EdsTowing He has helped me up that way with customers in the past.
  13. Hmmmm. That would be fine by me. Another tow to my shop, indoor storage, then come pick it up from me in your enclosed trailer is what I would tell them. It sure would make a lot of customers unhappy with Harley. We were lucky I guess. Had a harley dealer across the street. They got tired of dealing with picking up customer bikes in their trailer and referred all their customers to us for towing. Funny how guys have a $30,000 bike and get angry that we charge $125 hookup fee for a bike. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Pretty sure we have all been there a time or two. Years back I took a car to NY and brought the keys home with me!!... I wasnt driving back. Had to call and apologize like crazy. Paid to overnight the keys to the dealer. I felt bad, but it was an easy mistake. And over the years too many have locked keys in due to alarms or whatever that I usually take the key out, or at least roll the window down.
  15. Here is one I did a few years ago where I left the sling folded up. Had to go about 150 miles with this one. It was a recovered theft that was involved in a police chase. We ended up delivering it to Chambersburg. This was also before we upgraded rear springs so the rear end of my truck was sagging bad.
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