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  1. Good news! Today the commercial truck & equipment adjuster came out from Progressive. He was awesome to deal with. He didn't have any issues with our invoice. I showed him our pictures and he asked to forward a few of them over to him as well as the invoice. The entire recovery and all on one invoice. The only thing he asked that I change was to move the storage for the two "cargo" to separate invoices. He is supposed to be having a check mailed to us for the truck, trailer and entire recovery. He said the auto claims side of progressive will contact us about paying the storage on the two cars. He also approved our quote, without any hesitation, to deliver the white dodge 3500 to Vineland NJ for repair. Maybe I quoted too low... haha.
  2. Haha... I'd be laying dead on the side of the road after a heart attack after the first few shovels full if I attempted to do it by hand. Very nice clean up!!
  3. Looks great! Personally I don’t worry about pulling them forward either. Once secured properly on the condor. Then safety straps to the deck, it’s not going anywhere. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. That smell of a burn job is terrible.... but getting a few cars out of the job sure made deal I. With the smell a little easier. [emoji385][emoji383][emoji385] As with my last job, I’m curious to hear how you guys are billing something like this. One bill or three separate? My plan is to put them all on one in hope that the at fault insurance will deal with all three at the same time under liability/property damage. We had a scene supervisor, our cleanup trailer, and three flatbeds. Three hours from the time of call until we were back home and cleaned up. Used a power broom, Spill tackle, 2 disposal drums full of waste. My total is around 3 G’s for the job. The best part is, we know at least two of the vehicles will be covered under liability without any problem. I’ll go into more detail in my description when I have more time. _____________________________________ Today just after 4 pm we were called to the parking lot of the Lionville Giant for three vehicles after a fire. We were advised that one vehicle had caught fire while parked, also catching two others on fire. No one was injured. We were able to get the parking lot cleaned up using our power broom. Each vehicle was loaded into a flatbed truck. All of the loose debris was swept and placed into disposal drums. Our crew worked together to scrape all of the melted plastic and aluminum from the area. Spill Tackle was used to absorb any hazardous fluids from the area. All three vehicles were transported to our storage lot. All remaining debris was washed from our flatbeds. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Thanks to everyone for all of the info! I got a call this morning from Progressive. They were pretty easy going so far, but they hadn't seen the bill at that time.. They asked for a total with storage through 9/11, so I emailed over the recovery invoice updated through tomorrow. They asked if we could split up the bill for each vehicle, and I told them to take a look at what I send over and we could go from there. I am planning to just tell them to split it up however they would like on their end. Ill keep everyone updated.
  6. I have to give a little credit to the hauler. He had a nice new truck, and nice setup with the trailer. But, I agree, it appears that the hitch appears too light for what they were doing. They had everything else right. DOT info, medical card, the straps were all in good shape and installed correctly. Nice to see from a car hauler for a change, as most that we run across are a mess.
  7. Thank you everyone for the input!! I started thinking about the billing and talking with our others at the shop and we all had some different opinions on this job, and I had a gut feeling that it was a bit of a different situation with a transport trailer and all. So far my plan is to wait and talk to Progressive a bit and feel them out. I am hoping they call and want to handle it all in one shot. I am working up a rough draft on the invoice now, but its been a busy morning here after the holiday weekend. Ed, you and I are on the same page numbers wise.... i came in around your figure before we add admin fees, crash wrap, spill tackle and storage. Brian, what about the PA Towing and Storage Act- as far as not releasing anything before charges are paid. My understanding is that protects towers from having to release vehicles and contents until charges are paid. Now, this situation may be different than what we normally deal with with the cargo situation. Also, one of the comments has me wondering. So if we cannot hold "cargo", being the two vehicles on the trailer- if the insurance co wants to pick them up who do we talk to? Typically with any impound or crash, we require the vehicle owner to show proof of ownership and release the vehicle to whoever- typically copart or ins co, etc. In this case, being "cargo"... would you go off the transport company word? I prefer to deal direct with the vehicle owner in that case, but dont want to run into any legal issues over "cargo". Here is a few pictures of the aftermath in the daylight. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Last night at 5:45 pm, just as everyone was about to leave for the holiday weekend we got a call for an overturned, loaded 3 car hauler. I was nearby in my personal car as I had left early to pickup my daughter from school. We went direct to the scene. From the look of things, the fifth wheel hitch may have broken causing the overturn but police are working to find the actual cause. I am a little curious to hear feedback on billing for this recovery. Do you out everything on one bill? Or each vin a different bill? We had two mpl40 wreckers, two flatbeds, our 896 and myself on scene. Time of call until we cleaned up the trucks and headed home was just shy of 4 hours total. After the police finished and gave us permission to get to work, the first thing we did was disconnect the dodge from the trailer. It was still held together by one safety chain. The front of the trailer was winched tight to the truck so we could take tension off the chain so it could be cut. Then the truck was winched onto our flatbed while a wrecker winched the back away from the trailer. Next we stabilized the trailer with two wreckers so our crew could disconnect the straps from the vehicles. Some of which had been compromised during the rollover. The trailer was uprighted using two wreckers. Our fifth wheel plate was used on an mpl40 and the trailer was moved out of the area. A wrecker uprighted the pickup and another hauled it away on dollies. The wrecker uprighted the suv which was hauled away on a flatbed. We swept the roadway and used spill tackle to cleanup and fluids. Each unit was transported to our storage facility. All broken windows were covered. We did find out the hauler has coverage from Progressive, so now we wait to find out about coverage limits and all. We are very familiar with recovery billing and have attended the Big Whee class. But it’s a first for me having multiple vehicles all on the same trailer so I’d love to get some feedback from others. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Haha... that always seems to be the case lately. At least its not just me! I swear the State Police in our area plot it out against us..... nice 5 car crash right up the road during daylight hours and they call someone from 10 miles away. A single 1989 caravan overturned, off the road, in the middle of the night 10 miles away during a rain storm with no insurance and they call us. We keep taking them all, one day our luck will turn around. Glad to see you have been busy up there!
  10. I am curious to see the end result of this. It seems that the towing/environmental co is on the right path for properly cleaning up a scene. These fixed rate police contracts are crazy. Seeing their rates of $285 on a heavy duty police tow and $125 on a light duty blows my mind. We have local police departments that have a similar fixed rate contract and we just cant make the numbers work. The higher ups don't seem to understand the costs. After checking out the environmental companies rates and all, things look reasonable and honestly on the cheap side.
  11. Very nice.... i couldn't be bothered to waste the time attempting to get that car on a flatbed. Using the auto loader and dollies is for sure the way to go. It always drives me nuts having a vehicle owner that says it MUST go on a flatbed.
  12. We have mostly stopped working with clubs all together. When we do it is credit card only, and we charge them a very high rate. Typically starting at $375 and up according to the situation. If they are calling me they are desperate... and if they want our good service, they will pay up. The last club job i took was for Quest a week ago. It was a secondary to tow an all wheel drive that was stuck in park from a tow yard 15 miles away. The payout was in the $1100 range, cash only. And it was being towed 4 miles. I charged $575 credit card, plus got the payout amount plus 5% to cover the fees. We had the job done within an hour. I charge such a high rate to make up for all of the headaches, hassles and issues that the clubs have caused us over the years. At those rates, yes I am very happy to tow for a club. Allstate and Agero are both blocked from my cell phone so they dont bother me after hours when the phones are forwarded to me. NSD is the only club that we still work with by PO, and they pay our standard retail rates....they rarely call us for anything nearby though.
  13. We have been working with Excel for years. Always great service. They did a fabulous job designing our shirts and all. The quality of the shirts is great too, they hold up well.
  14. We have been purchasing our JerrDan parts from Ernie at ECTTS. He has been great to work with, always fast and accurate getting my parts to me.
  15. I do things in a similar manner to you. I run an MPL40 wrecker typically and send a bed and we send a bed and a wrecker to most every crash. But if I had two beds working the crash pictured and nothing else available, I would back up toward the drivers side of the durango and winch the front of the durango away from the GMC. The GMC looks like it would slowly slide off the durango as it was winched away. Id load the Durango and move it out of the way and back the next bed up for the GMC. Typically though, Id lift the GMC with my wrecker and winch the durango onto a bed, set the gmc down, winch it from the pole to the road and then load it on a bed. Bill the Durango for a bed, and the GMC for a wrecker and a bed. Cleanup and go.
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