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  1. We are located in a rather high end area with alot of BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Tesla, etc. We have seen issues with lower and lower cars over the years. In 2013 we ordered a Hino 258ALP with the Jerrdan XLP deck and added the dovetail feature as well. The truck has air suspension, so with the bags dumped and the low bed angle we don't usually have any issues. I recently had a low Audi with 4 flat tires that I drove right up the bed without a worry. We don't typically charge any extra. But its all figured into our towing rates. We are not the cheap guy in town. But a good set of ramps, or nicely cut boards and a winch remote will make things super fast an easy for you.
  2. "Professionally relocating" the vehicle was a term that I learned in my first WreckMaster class from instructor Will Cain. Its also a billable service that sounds a lot better than "dragging"
  3. We have all been there Im sure! I know years ago I rolled up on a cavalier on its roof at 2 am in the rain. I remember thinking that it looked like an easy one. It ended upfighting me like crazy. Things go wrong. But, In this case, Id personally have had another truck respond to the crash with us for extra hands and to help protect the scene a bit better. Things would have gone much faster with an extra set of hands in this case.
  4. That is a good idea. I asked the guy that cut the tree to do so, but he apparently forgot. Usually the chain slips around, but in this case it actually stayed put. I had it a little lower than I would have liked, expecting it to slide up some.
  5. Thanks. We run the Michelin XZE on the front of our Hino flatbeds they are on the road daily and have great luck with them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Americus AP2000. 245/70R19.5. Load Range H 16 Ply up front and Hankook DH101 on the rear. They came highly recommended from our supplier as a budget friendly tire. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Thanks. She's been a good truck over the years. It was actually the first truck that we ever purchased new. We built our company with her. We now have 6 trucks on the road. But since the others are much newer, this one just never gets run much any more. The CAT is a nice motor. Its never the quickest truck, but it runs down the highway nice... just slow and steady to get up to speed.
  8. I voted! I like the idea of the waze notifications. I know I regularly use waze for travel notifications and updates. I leave my phone in the cup holder and listen to the voice prompts. Sometimes its tire debris, a pothole, or police... instantly I pay that much more attention when I know there may be a hazard coming, so I can only hope it would help even a little for others.
  9. For Sale $15,000 We have the clear title in hand. 1998 Chevrolet 6500 21’ Vulcan Flatbed 3126 CAT engine, 6 Speed Manual Transmission 248,000 miles We bought this truck new in 1998. Located in Chester Springs Pa just off the Pa turnpike exit 312 We have all service records since new. This truck is fully operational and ready to go to work today. It has been a backup truck for us roughly for the past 2-3 years. We got two new trucks this year so now its time for this one to go. Two years ago we made the decision to invest some money into the truck to keep it as a backup, the truck has had the following replaced within the last 1,000 miles/two years 6 tires Pitman Arm Steering box Steering shaft King pins Front brake pads, rotors, calipers hoses and brake lines. Clutch (OEM), pressure plate (flywheel was resurfaced) The truck has a MicoLock electric parking brake system installed as the factory parking brake never worked. With the flip of a switch, the MicoLock applied brakes to front and rear wheels. This truck sits still no matter what you do with it. Years ago the rear springs were upgraded by a local spring shop. I would have to dig back through some records for details, but the rear end is sprung very heavy. This truck will handle a heavy load and rides like a Cadillac while loaded, however its about as smooth as a brick when its empty. The toolboxes are all getting to be in rough shape. They will need some patching up, or replacement asap. The drivers side fuel tank has a rust spot from behind a metal warning tag that will need attention. The wheel lift has a hydraulic leak that we did not look into since we only use this as a backup. I expect the cylinder needs resealed. About 10 years ago, the bed was completely overhauled with new cross members, etc. There is some rust developing on the drivers side above the rear tires. On the passenger side one of the cross members has a rot hole and another is rusting pretty good. A/C does not hold a charge as of last year- we think it may be a bad evaporator core but never looked much into as we hardly use the truck. With a little work this truck still has a long life left in it. Any questions, let me know and ill do the best I can to help. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Mom had a cherry tree cut down last week and wanted me to remove the stump. I made my first attempt with the rigging shown below. The stump started to move just a bit but I couldn’t keep my truck sitting still. I called for one of our other wreckers to come and give me a hand. With a little more anchor we made it happen quick and easy. We used two Dodge 5500 4x4 wreckers with an MPL40. Weight of each truck is 13,000 lbs. 8000 lbs winches. The wire rope WLL is 4,150. We used one winch from each truck. 6 snatch blocks total. Below is the way I had things rigged up. What could I have done better or safer? Would love to see some calculations on the setup and all. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Youll need to check with your county/township on that one. We ran into that before with an employee... the police chief himself called us and informed us that there had been complaints of the truck in a development at night. He knew that was our on call driver that would respond to crashes for his department. He wasn't happy that he had to tell us that driver couldnt take a truck home anymore. Especially since it meant that driver would have to pass thru his township to get to our shop to get a truck only to go back .... but he couldnt get us around the laws.
  12. In our 30 years in business, we have had someone show up for the auction a handful of times. Typically guys in the car business that know what they are looking for. We don't ever get many with any real value, as you said, the valuable cars get picked up. Once in a while we get lucky and hit a home run. I'd say maybe we have had 5-6 "valuable" cars over time that ended up left here.... and typically it was because the lien holder didn't want to pay the storage, etc. And Police making the judgement on the value of a car is a horrible decision.... As you said, many of them have no knowledge at all to what a car is worth.
  13. I think being able to submit and track status updates online would be a great step going forward. The changes made last year helped out for sure. I know last year things seemed to move along fast, now we are back to slow response times and the whole process taking longer. The faster I can process and move these junkers along the better. So finding a way to get things rolling faster would be great. Having to wait 3-4 week just for the initial paperwork back, just to start the 30 days seems silly. Also having to pay for an advertisement in the local print paper these days seems silly. When we hold an auction, the fees for the paper make it an added hassle. Ive never once had someone see that small print add way in the back of the paper and show up to claim their car. Those ads cost us over $50 each time.
  14. This year I have held off with a response on this topic, mainly because we have mostly quit working with all road clubs. We have been in business going on 31 years. We have done it all in the light duty sector. We have done AAA years ago, and all of the other clubs at some point or another. They have all turned out to be horrible in one way or another. Honestly, I don't feel that any of them deserve a good rating at this point. Even if I do list them, I feel my list would actually up their ratings and skew the results. We have been putting less miles and wear and tear on our equipment as well as keeping our fuel bills much lower. Our response times have been much faster for our good paying cash calls and shops that we take care of. The retail work has been enough to keep us busy. I am short handed and could use another guy, but good help is hard to find. We added two new flatbeds this year and now have 7 trucks in our fleet. We have done more towing business in the last year than the year before... so as far as I am concerned, getting rid of the clubs all together has been the best thing that we could have ever done. None of the clubs are looking out for anything other than their bottom line. In years past, NSD has always been great. The last year, they have really fallen off. Patrick still helps out when I have to call him, but I shouldn't have to get him involved in every job we do for them. Their new contract with Avis/Budget worked out well for us for a short time. We got a lot of added volume from it, at a fair rate, plus I am very familiar with how it works as we used to do alot of it for Allstate years back. The problem is, they always call with wrong delivery or pickup addresses for the broken vehicles. Or having us deliver a broken car to the rental co at the airport where they will refuse them and then we have to sit on hold, etc. I tried to offer advise to Patrick and our rep to help make the system better, but it never went anywhere. Now I refuse those calls. NSD hardly calls us anymore, and when they do its not for anything good so I turn the work down. Honk- Surprisingly Honk would have had a #1 rating from me as of 2 weeks ago. They are low volume, but they allowed me to set my rates (which i had set high) and it was quick and easy dispatch as well as very fast payment with a credit card that was always accurate. They always said from day one, set your own rates and take only the jobs you want. It worked! A week or so ago we were notified that they did away with the set your own rates and they set a "fair" rate.... well, it was only fair to them.... as you can read more about in the Honk Section.... but that bs move that they made took them to the bottom of the list with the others. Allstate/Signature- our rates are still the same as were setup with them over 15 years ago, and we all know costs have gone way up. I cant make it work... not to mention all of the wrong info, and dispatchers that dont speak much english. I take some calls here and there when it makes sense for us during the day, but they are blocked on my cell phone when I transfer the phones at night. They pay dearly with a credit card up front for their high end customers when they cant get a cheap guy. My rates typically start at $375 up front to do anything for them. Agero- Again, low rates. The volume is not there for us as they have gone to local guys working from home at a low budget. They constantly call us after the cheap guy didnt show up, or couldnt do the job, etc. It happens daily, but again we refuse the calls unless it is something that really makes sense for us. Again, they are blocked on my cell so they cant bother me at night. They regularly call asking us to go 30 plus miles away for peanuts. I will only service a 3-4 mile radius from our shop for them. My rates typically start at $375 up front to do anything for them. Allied- They call me all the time, but they always refuse to pay with a credit card up front, so we never do any work for them. Quest- Horrible rates, they rarely want to pay our credit card rates, havent done more than a job or two in the past year for them.
  15. Congratulations!!! We were there too.... Eagle Service Center
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