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  1. Yes!! We will be here all weekend. Would love to meet you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I know in the past I have made it to the Tow411 meet n greet at baltimore. Havent seen anything yet for AC.... is anything planned ??
  3. Here is a picture from a few years ago on one of my trucks. We were getting prepared for what turned out to be a major ice storm. Alot of down trees and limbs, so we were carrying a chainsaw so we could cut and winch trees out of the way as needed. Anyway, many years ago I managed to get one of our 4x4 wreckers stuck bad in a deep snow on the way to a police call. That day I came back to the shop and ordered chains. I tried them all... The cheap ones worked, but they would get torn up in a hurry. After a while i found Pewag square link chains... about $300 a pair for the singles. I now have 2 full sets for each of our truck, front and rear. I just use singles on the outer rear wheels typically, but when its real bad or icy, i have a pair for the front. I usually stick a bungee cord or two on to keep them snug. I carry heavy duty zip ties in case a link breaks so i can make a temporary repair, etc. They are great. I wouldnt be without them. I have a bunch of them in our shed ready to go for winter as needed. When I have chains on, my minimum call out fee is $175, typically far more for accidents, etc. I have two wreckers that have plows to help keep our lot open, and on occasion we plow an accident scene, or have to open a roadway to get there.
  4. Thanks for all of the info. Funny enough, Frank Dibella Vans is less than 10 miles away from us.... So that might be a very good resource. For now, I have started the title process so I can get a title in PA. Once I have that, Ill see if we can get her fired up and moving. Im at the point that if i get $1,000 or so and it goes to a good home, ill be a very happy guy.
  5. I personally would have a very hard time seeing how anything inside the vehicle would move around more than while driving down the road under normal conditions. Typically that sort of item is already securely stored or mounted in limos. But, as we all know, once we have possession of the vehicle, we are going to get the blame for everything.
  6. Chester Springs PA. It is a 5 speed manual with a 2 speed rear. Engine, unknown so far. It does have a 2 barrel carb on it. But from what I have found it can have 2 different engines based on the model. I just havent had a chance to dig into it.
  7. Well, that makes me feel good about it, cause you and I are in the same ball park. Id be a happy guy for 1,000 the way it sits. Once I get a title on it, I may take a bit of time and put a set of plugs and clean up the points and try to fire it up. Id love to find it a good home.
  8. Thanks! But, we are a licensed PA Salvor, so we have already started the title process which shouldn't be any problem. Just takes a little bit of time. I am mainly looking to see if anyone has any knowledge about these trucks and the value of it. I don't want to see it go for scrap if someone may have interest in it.
  9. It drives me nuts getting home from work and its already dark, but what can you do. In recent weeks we finished a small project here and installed new Maxxima LED lighting strips inside all of our toolboxes. The lights are hardwired into our running lights. It made a huge improvement that im sure we will really notice as it gets dark earlier.
  10. We always used to have scanners in our trucks, but it was mainly to give us a little advanced warning before we would be called by the police. And many times when the police would call we would already have trucks on the way to the call. Scanners were always good for knowing more information about the job before we arrived to the scene as well. Over the last few years our area has mainly gone digital. I do have a scanner app on my iphone that I use here and there. The biggest help to me is an app called PulsePoint. I can sent it to give me notifications on accidents in our county. Its great to give us a heads up of whats coming. We have designated police departments that we tow for so if a crash happens in that township, we know the call is coming.
  11. We just got our renewal for this year, and its up 17% above last year... still not easy to have to take that hit every year, especially with no claims
  12. Yesterday we towed in a 1969 International Loadstar. It has been sitting for 20 years since it was parked in supposedly running condition. Long story short but we are looking to sell it once we get a title. I am not sure if we should go the salvage title route or if it is worth putting the time and money into getting a clean title. This truck seems to be in pretty solid shape considering. It looks like it could make a good start to a restoration project. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. We rarely are told much upon dispatch. Just that PD is calling us to an address for one vehicle after a crash... or something along those lines. If we get more info than that we are lucky, and if we do its usually inaccurate or not reliable. For a typical crash we roll a wrecker and a bed. Sometimes we show up for one vehicle and come home with multiple as the officers don't realize that others involved weren't driveable, etc. And plenty of times, we only need one truck, but I prefer to have the extra set of eyes on scene watching our backs. I bill for what was needed to complete the jobs, so there is plenty of times that we roll two trucks but only bill for one. If any sort of recovery work is needed, we handle it with a wrecker typically.
  14. ESC

    F550 springs/air bags

    Im not a fan of airbags. Too many hassles in my opinion. I just had my 2015 Dodge 5500/ MPL40 at a local spring shop called Spring Service Station in Reading PA. I picked it up friday. For under $900 they added two leafs to the main pack of springs and got things working great! My truck had been weak from day 1 and with use it has become worse and worse. Now it rides a lot better empty, and tows alot better. Much safer all around. A few years ago my 2011 Dodge had two leafs added to the main pack and an additional helper spring added and that truck is great. Cost about $1400. I am so happy with the work they do, that I would never go any other direction with it.
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