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  1. This is the cylinder that I am looking for. Supposed to be part # 896670000
  2. I am in need of a Vulcan 896/897 wheel lift tilt cylinder and pins. Our cylinder is damaged and not able to be rebuilt. I am in the market for new, or remanufactured. Possibly open to used that I can have rebuilt locally. My local Miller dealer is getting me prices now, but I know retail price. Just hoping someone might have some old stock out there for a more affordable price.
  3. Just wanted to bump this topic back up. We spent some time out running this truck today and going through things to make sure she is ready to go to work. She is ready for a new home!! Lots of calls and messages about it from all over, but it seems as usual, no one serious enough to put money on the table. I hate to see such a good truck just sitting. Lets get her back to work!!
  4. I charge hourly as well. I would get to the call and take a look. Give them an idea on time frame and also let them know about an additional hour to clean the truck. I would charge my normal recovery rates plus an hour labor to wash the truck. We are $110/hour on a laborer to clean up.
  5. In our area in Southeastern PA we have seen a huge decline in the last few years with police impounds. Most officers around us leave the vehicle parked in a parking lot, or driveway where the vehicle is pulled over. Typically the next day, the property owner is calling us to remove an abandon car, etc. I wish the police would just tow them in the first place, it would be alot easier. Even in many cases we see them park a DUI car in a parking lot. It blows my mind. In my opinion, one of these days one of those parked cars will be damaged, or stolen and the police will have to pay for it and they will go back to the old way of impounding them.
  6. Typically, I go to control arms, and i like to use endless loops in a lot of cases. If there is sharp edges, or anything weird or heavy, I would use chain. I have gone to a wheel here and there if it made sense. The resistance is so little on a light duty job, that I would not be as concerned. I wouldn't go to a wheel that had obvious damage either.
  7. We regularly supply cars for local fire companies at no charge. I do constantly ask them to give us notice, but as you said, they tend to call a day or two ahead and expect we can magically appear with 3 cars for them. Sometimes it just doesn't work out in time. When we deliver cars to them, I have my guys take a good picture and I make a good facebook post on our shop page. I tag the fire co in it as well. I always include a line about if people want to donate a car, that we will pick it up for free, etc. I just ask for the title. Then once the fire company is done with it, we take it to the scrap yard, or sell it to a scrap buyer that we work with. I would think there is a way to get a donation letter from the fire company as well that we could use toward our taxes, but I have never bothered with it. We do it as a courtesy for the fire companies that we work with regularly. Not to mention that I want them well trained. You never know when they could be cutting me out of a crashed car if i were to ever be in an accident.
  8. I also took the time to listen. I thought it was good and worth the time. Its nice to see a club be active and get information out there. I like the idea of Honk and where they are going with things. I am just annoyed with them overall using "set your own rates" in the beginning to get us all working hard for them. It gave them enough good results to land some better deals and now they pulled the prices that we had set and now give us a take it or leave it set rate that is much lower than we had set. The way they went about it just bothered me, and now in my mind, they are just like the rest of the clubs. We turned the app off after they pulled that one.
  9. Lucky for us, our area is not regulated. However we do bill very consistently across the board. We follow our recovery/emergency rates for accidents and all. Our secondary tows get billed out at our standard non emergency tow rates. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Thanks one that I have seen before too. Wrecks at our yard get looked at by a geico appraiser. The. They cut us a check for recovery and storage and the tow out to a body shop. The adjusters know that going through their inside guys is too much hassle. Years ago we applied for Geico and were told “they have sufficient coverage in our area”. Since then they have added on a few bottom feeders. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I had talked with Copart a few years ago and found their rates were ridiculously low. They are 32 miles from me, and the rate to haul one from my shop to them was $55 per car. Pretty scary that their are people running for those rates.
  12. Gerber used to be known as Netcost. They were pretty scummy to work with in my opinion. Had a box truck tow for them in the snow an hour away going an hour north. They paid us credit card up front, and we got there within our eta. Found out they double dispatched and another company was on scene hooking. We called in to change things up and they refused to cover our time at all. They wanted a full refund. I wanted paid for our two hours. In the end they did a charge back to the card and we never got a dime. I cut them off completely and will never work for them again. Tesla is great. They contacted us based on local recommendations. We only do a handful of jobs for them, but they agreed to my rates... they expect top notch white glove sort of service. Going as far as taking a cold drink to a stranded customer during the summer. They pay accordingly, so if Tesla calls, we jump and get it done.
  13. I spend way too much time on social media and all. I have apps that report direct to my cell phone for our Facebook Page, Google Business, Nextdoor, and Yelp. New reviews show up as a notification on my phone and I try to reply as fast as possible to both good and bad reviews. I work to turn any negative review into a positive. As you guys know, in the towing business youll never make everyone happy. I figure that most any customer that is being towed by us is having a bad day in one form or another. Sometimes they take it out on us. I currently have plenty of great reviews and a few negative ones. In a few of those cases, we made mistakes and deserved the bad mark, even though I hate to admit it. But I did everything that I could to make them right. Some of the bad reviews that I have I personally think are false reviews. But I always post a public apology and try to make it known that I want to get more info and attempt to correct the situation. I find that my replys go a long way with the next customer to read that bad review and our response to an issue tells more about our company and how we do things. And since we are talking about it.... I get alot of customers from Yelp and Google both, as well as our Facebook page.
  14. Very good point! We work with others regularly. A couple years ago we had a panicked call from a mother about her daughter being stranded on I80 near the northeast extension in PA. They wanted us to rush right up to tow the kid home (over 3 hours away). Instead we called EdsTowing through this board and they had someone out to the car within 30 minutes, towed it to their shop and got the car fixed. Im sure the repair bill was less than I would have charged to tow that customer home. In the end I was happy as I didnt have to take a 6 hour drive, and the kid was off the road and safe within 30 minutes, the mom could stop worrying and Eds took care of the customer. It was a win for everyone. @EdsTowing
  15. In my 2011 Dodge and 2015 Dodge both 5500 4x4 we have the tunnel box and standard cab so its 84" CA. The rear springs were light. We use a company called Spring Service Station in Reading PA. They added two leafs to the main pack for me. $900-1000. The truck handles weight much better and the trucks have a much safer feel driving them now when loaded. Before just towing a minivan with them would cause them to feel overloaded. My 2015 really seemed to sag in the rear end before we added the extra springs.
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