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  1. This is fantastic!! The more companies that get on board with this sort of thing, the easier it becomes. We have been working at it the last few years and have had great luck. So many customers are amazed at how far we go to clean things up that most would just leave for the insurance company to deal weeks or months later. We struggle with manpower and time to do some of the cleanups being a small company. I sure wish our workload and volume with bigger clean up jobs was higher.
  2. After reading this I did some google searching and found this: https://images.app.goo.gl/YupKpY8KxJkBKCGg8 Something along those lines looks like the way to do it. Now its just a matter of finding someone that has one nearby.
  3. That is a great idea on removal for the nut and puller. The guys that do our work deal in hydraulics and this sort of thing all the time. They just had the rear tilt cylinder out to replace some leaky lines and hoses. If the pins would have come out, it would have been a couple hour job, instead it turned into two days. Something as simple as a grease fitting would have saved me a ton of money in repairs. I guess for guys that don't maintain their trucks and never grease them, this was Jerrdans idea to help in that aspect... but it is hurting us for sure. It is to the point that I will be looking at some other options when it comes time to build another one.
  4. I am very happy with our Jerrdan units. We have 2 MPL40s and 3 Jerrdan flatbeds. They all work well for us and we are happy with Alan and Nussbaum Service. We also have a local shop that does all of our repair and they are great too. These greaseless pin systems have been terrible. Any time a pin needs removed it is a nightmare and turns into a huge labor job. When we used to run Vulcan they were all grease-able and we take care of lubing things so pins would always come right out. Our current issue is on a ten year old MPL40. We are getting some scoring on our boom lift cylinders. Something inside is coming apart and it’s going to need new cylinders. You can’t get to the back side of the pins on these. It’s going to be a huge nightmare knowing they haven’t been out since it was new. Our trucks are low mileage and well maintained. The downside is we always have them outside as we don’t have anywhere local that we can store them indoors. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. The worst part is we don’t use the truck much. We are a light duty company and I do a lot of our wrecker work with our two Dodge 5500 MPL40s. We got this truck about 6-7 years ago for a fair price. We use it here and there as needed. It’s an animal but it’s old and slow. She’s paid for herself over and over so we keep it around for those cases where we need a little more muscle. Time to reinvest a bit into it in hopes that we get some work with it soon. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Here is a new “gold plated” tilt cylinder from miller. With two new pins and shipping it was $2100. Took about a week to get. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Ha, I thought exactly the same thing! It is crazy overvalued, but the truck is a paperweight without it, so you know the deal. We had to pull the trigger and get it coming. Typically we have them rebuilt, but this one had some damage on the inside that our builder recommended not rebuilding this one. I sort of figured 800-1000, but was really shocked when i found out it was over double that. Our local dealer helped us out as much as they could on it, which I am grateful for. I had hoped that someone here might have a new old stock one laying around or something, but what can you do. Thanks for your effort!
  8. Much appreciated. I ended up ordering one through a local dealer. $2100 with new pins shipped to me. It should be here this week. For such a little cylinder it sure carries a salty price tag. I appreciate the effort though. And yes, the 896 is the 12 ton and uses the same piston as the 897. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. This is the cylinder that I am looking for. Supposed to be part # 896670000
  10. I am in need of a Vulcan 896/897 wheel lift tilt cylinder and pins. Our cylinder is damaged and not able to be rebuilt. I am in the market for new, or remanufactured. Possibly open to used that I can have rebuilt locally. My local Miller dealer is getting me prices now, but I know retail price. Just hoping someone might have some old stock out there for a more affordable price.
  11. I charge hourly as well. I would get to the call and take a look. Give them an idea on time frame and also let them know about an additional hour to clean the truck. I would charge my normal recovery rates plus an hour labor to wash the truck. We are $110/hour on a laborer to clean up.
  12. In our area in Southeastern PA we have seen a huge decline in the last few years with police impounds. Most officers around us leave the vehicle parked in a parking lot, or driveway where the vehicle is pulled over. Typically the next day, the property owner is calling us to remove an abandon car, etc. I wish the police would just tow them in the first place, it would be alot easier. Even in many cases we see them park a DUI car in a parking lot. It blows my mind. In my opinion, one of these days one of those parked cars will be damaged, or stolen and the police will have to pay for it and they will go back to the old way of impounding them.
  13. Typically, I go to control arms, and i like to use endless loops in a lot of cases. If there is sharp edges, or anything weird or heavy, I would use chain. I have gone to a wheel here and there if it made sense. The resistance is so little on a light duty job, that I would not be as concerned. I wouldn't go to a wheel that had obvious damage either.
  14. We regularly supply cars for local fire companies at no charge. I do constantly ask them to give us notice, but as you said, they tend to call a day or two ahead and expect we can magically appear with 3 cars for them. Sometimes it just doesn't work out in time. When we deliver cars to them, I have my guys take a good picture and I make a good facebook post on our shop page. I tag the fire co in it as well. I always include a line about if people want to donate a car, that we will pick it up for free, etc. I just ask for the title. Then once the fire company is done with it, we take it to the scrap yard, or sell it to a scrap buyer that we work with. I would think there is a way to get a donation letter from the fire company as well that we could use toward our taxes, but I have never bothered with it. We do it as a courtesy for the fire companies that we work with regularly. Not to mention that I want them well trained. You never know when they could be cutting me out of a crashed car if i were to ever be in an accident.
  15. I also took the time to listen. I thought it was good and worth the time. Its nice to see a club be active and get information out there. I like the idea of Honk and where they are going with things. I am just annoyed with them overall using "set your own rates" in the beginning to get us all working hard for them. It gave them enough good results to land some better deals and now they pulled the prices that we had set and now give us a take it or leave it set rate that is much lower than we had set. The way they went about it just bothered me, and now in my mind, they are just like the rest of the clubs. We turned the app off after they pulled that one.
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