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  1. Nobody that is employed by us. But we do ha e a few people we can call for Spanish translation if needed. There is also Google Translate that can be used to help with the language barrier. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Time to get serious about selling this one! I just got the call that its replacement should be here in early January. The truck now has 106,000 miles on it, still in use daily. For someone that is willing to do a bit of work to fix up the bed, it would make a great truck.
  3. I do have a PA concealed carry permit, I do not have insurance.
  4. Red, White and Blue- Our shop started out as a Mobil gas station with those colors and it stuck
  5. ESC

    Electric parking brakes

    We use dollies and add $50 to the fee. We have a lot of Audi, BMW, VW around here with a lot of electrical issues. I don't mess around, we just dolly them and charge accordingly.
  6. Here is my ideal traffic control truck. Something with enough size and weight to handle a possible impact. A large arrow board and a fold down style crash protector. We are lucky enough to have a neighboring business that manufactures these less than a half mile from us. I still can’t work it into our budget with the cost of an added operator on standby. We are busy, but I don’t get enough crashes that I could afford the added equipment and labor etc. For us to bill what it would take to make it work would make my pricing outrageous. But the added safety and all would be huge. The local company that builds them is called JTech if anyone wants to check them out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I know the PA Towing association did a great job working with PSP to keep AutoReturn out when they tried to take over the entire state for PSP. I was at the hearing, and AutoReturn was pretty scummy and they showed it plain as day at the hearing. As for Phila, I cant say how the association has worked with things. I havent heard much on that side of things. The city of Phila seemed to have a real mess on their hands with towing and rotations, etc. I do know the Association has continued to work with PSP to improve things, but now the city of Phila has apparently fallen through the cracks.
  8. I dont have a traffic control unit as of yet... i would like to... at some point. But I use quickbooks for invoicing. I write a description of the situation and what was done. I put in all important vehicle info. Then I itemize equipment and labor. 2 hours light duty wrect @$.... per hour, 2 hours labor @$.... per hour... If i ran a traffic unit i would add another line for traffic control unit @ $...... per hour just as I do any other equipment on scene. Right now most insurance companies dont complain too much. I get them complaining about this and that, like admin fees here and there. Sometimes on a messy job if our gear is damaged or ruined, I add a line item to replace it. Gloves, boots, etc. Insurance companies usually will complain that it is a cost of doing business. Then I show them pictures of the battery acid from their clients car that eats up my gloves, or something like that. They agree to pay and I move on. I think this needs to become a more common standard practice and it will help us all in getting paid. Another thought that came to mind on the billing for traffic control. Look to OSHA rules about providing a safe work environment for your employees. If an insurance company wants to say its safe to load a crash on the highway without traffic control, I bet they wont put it in writing for you. You have to provide that service to keep your operators safe, so you need to be paid to provide that service.
  9. I dont know much about what goes on in Phila, we are an hour west. Last I saw AutoReturn had something going on weaseling their way in. Prior to that Phila was a mess with wreck chasers. From what I understand the rotation rates are capped (and low at that), but I dont have anything other than local rumor to go on.
  10. Insurance companies will pay. They will complain about it, as they complain about everything else when it comes to them paying out. But if it does come down to it, they will pay. Where I see the issue is when it is a customer pay/out of pocket job- as customers already don't understand the cost of doing business and the recovery rates, etc. They complain now, so what happens when I add charges for a traffic control unit, etc. Then they go to police, or board of supervisors, etc and complain they are being charged unfairly. Those sorts of people are quick to say choose a different towing company, or that price is too much etc. I also dont agree with charging one price to an insurance company and then not charging a customer the same rates if it doesnt have insurance. I am all for a traffic control unit and would love to do it. But, I dont have the crash volume here to employ another traffic control operator to be on standby 24/7. Currently when called for a single vehicle crash, I send a wrecker and a bed... and I do charge for it when it is needed. Waynes Towing (a member here) has put together a very nice traffic control unit that they use and bill for. I love it, I just cant afford to make it work for us just yet. On another note- Last month we bought our entire crew new Work King jackets and snow bibs that are HiVis.... we are trying to do everything we can to keep them safe. That was a huge hit with the guys... and Zips had a nice sale along with the tow show discount.
  11. 19344 3XL WreckMaster 4/5
  12. WreckMaster 4/5 19344 3XL
  13. I wanted to thank BA Products for their help! We have been using their products for years. We recently had a 100’ 3/8” synthetic extension that had a knot in it. Apparently we missed the knot and used it on a recovery so it was pulled tight. One of our operators attended the BA factory tour on Friday before the tow show in Baltimore. Fritz took him around on a tour and when he heard about our problem with the extension he told us to ship it down for them to repair. Today we received our repaired extension back with a note that said no charge. I was half expecting them to call and tell us the rope would need replaced or something rather than fixing it. I was really happy with their service and wanted to let others know. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. It worked super easy that time... thanks!