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  1. ESC

    HONK is annoying me!

    Things have changed a bit. I am still set at $95 hook, no free miles and $4 per mile. I have the app set on my phone and I take what jobs work for me and decline the ones that dont. They still call for updates at times even though I update things in the app. They pay with credit card within the hour. Still low volume, but for the rates, I make it work for me.
  2. We had to cut a section a while back and I had only a sawzall... it cut through the rail section like butter. I had been expecting it would tear up blades in a hurry but I didn't have anything else on scene.
  3. We ended up using Maxxima Led strips from our local lighting supplier. They were actually a few dollars per strip cheaper than we found online. They gave us a 5 year unconditional warranty as well. They were fast and easy to install. We installed them in my MPL40 and wired them direct to the marker light wiring that was already in the boxes. This way they come on when the running lights are on and turn off automatically. No more silly pin switches. Last night I was out around 11 pm in the pitch black and I took this picture to show how bright they are. We used an 18” strip. We just ordered more to install in all of our trucks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Very nice. We are 20 min east of Bresslers. We ordered some 18” led strips today from a local lighting supplier to try them out. They recommended them highly. Going to try out in one truck before ordering enough to do them all. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I am tired of my dim lights in my MPL40 toolboxes... when the switches work. Time to make some changes. We are going to remove the junk switches and wire toolbox lighting to the parking lights. I want to run LED and we are thinking of strips. Looking for something high quality and trouble free. Something that comes in a bulk roll would be nice too as I wouldn't mind being able to customize it and do all 7 of our trucks but I am open to suggestions.
  6. Ill snap some pictures next time I use mine, but it is very similar. The Condor has the part that flips over and helps secure the wheel where the Jerrdan does not. Its really tough to load a bike without an extra set of hands where the Condors that we have on our flatbed seem to be a bit easier. I think next time Ill order the Condor attachment for the MPL40 instead to have that extra bit of support.
  7. The truck needs to go from 37 Pottstown Pike, Chester Springs Pa to Preble Ave, Madison Maine. We may end up transporting it the entire way and needing a backhaul for the trip home. If you need a backhaul going north, let us know. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. We picked up an old truck for a good customer today and brought it to our yard in Chester Springs Pa (southeastern PA) for now. We have been given a limited budget to get it to Madison Maine in upcoming weeks. So far timing is rather flexible. We are looking into all options to get this truck moved safely. If anyway is headed north empty or maybe has something they need moved from ME coming south maybe we can make things work. Any help or sharing would be greatly appreciated!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Is that a Condor for the MPL? I have the Jerrdan Motorcycle kits for our MPL40s... they work well, but the condor would be a bit nicer I think. It always drives me nuts when guys see us pull up with a wrecker to tow their bikes and they give us a hard time. Just let us do our jobs!
  10. Call towmate. They sell a hard wired transmitter that will work great for you.
  11. A few of us sat through a basic training with Jack Sullivan years ago, but we have our full crew going to a class on June 3 at a local fire department hosted by Todd Leiss.... looking forward to having all of our guys certified and updated. Best of all, it is free... so there is no excuse not to attend.
  12. This morning I received an email from NSD. I think we have all noticed some changes lately in the quality of NSD dispatches. I thought it was nice for NSD to acknowledge the issue and hope that they make moves to correct things. Overall I have had good luck working with NSD. Fair rates and typically good jobs for the most part. We have seen a big jump in volume in our area lately with their addition of the Avis/Budget contract. I stay in regular contact with Patrick when anything comes up and he has been able to get things straight for us as needed. I hope the forward progress continues. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. This one is in the water..... assuming it at least has liability coverage on it, it would be a pretty easy one to get paid on. Personally, I would call in a friend with a rotator and have them set it on my bed. I would also make sure to have some absorbent pads and booms ready to absorb any fluids out of the water. Lots of pictures.
  14. We have been using Cintas for our uniforms. I am happy with them overall, but looking into options. Currently, we have uniforms for our whole crew, but we all choose to wash our own at home rather than use the Cintas service. So we are paying weekly for a service that we don't use. I am looking into buying uniforms outright for our guys. I really like the gray with vi his that Cintas uses. Their price to buy seems a bit high for the quality so I wanted to see what is working for you guys before I make any moves. Thanks
  15. LIVE: Philadelphia District Attorney announces insurance fraud charges against a local towing company. https://cbsloc.al/2GdH0ud PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The owners of a Philadelphia tow truck company have been charged with insurance fraud. Police say the owners of Hooked Inc., 47-year-old Joseph Moreno and 29-year-old Dwight Williams, both of Philadelphia, surrendered to police last month. Police say the insurance fraud occurred on the 2200 block of West Westmoreland Street on April 24, 2016. Both suspects were charged with racketeer influence and corrupt organization, theft by deception, deceptive practices and insurance fraud. During a press conference Wednesday, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner called the case “the largest of its kind.”
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