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  1. HAHAHA... we were just talking about those cars here a few weeks ago. We used to do a ton of work on them.... then scrapped a ton of them years ago. Havent seen one in a long time.
  2. We are in that same boat, however I am very cautious about always getting a title one way or another before we do anything to dispose of the car. Just to keep a paper trail to protect us if nothing else. I have seen too many horror stories about tow yards scrapping a car without going through the proper channels to get a title first and it comes back to bite them hard. I keep titles and copies of everything before it leaves our yard, even if it is a total junker. Rumor has it a towing company near us sold a junker without a title to a scrap guy a while back that turned into lo
  3. We stopped letting them slide with no fees a few years ago. I obviously have chosen to help some of those clearly in need sort of thing... but for the most part, I try to at least charge an hour and get the title. We are $175/hour usually. Sometimes they complain, but I try to talk them through it and explain the costs and all and the fact that they chose to gamble and have low or no insurance coverage. Also low scrap values have made it so I needed to charge to cover the expense if nothing else. We are a licensed salvor, so getting a title is doable with alot of paperwork and time, so
  4. I dont know how to score this, as we have really changed our business model in the recent years. We really don't work with clubs on PO. The one that stands out as a great "club" although not really a club would be Tesla. I love them. We set our rates according to the high level of service they expect for their customers and they pay us on time after 30 days with no hassles. Usually they are well informed and great to work with, although low volume. NSD used to be great, and they still arent terrible, but they have really fallen off in volume, and when we do here fro
  5. I think I would just rent a tracked skid loader with forks and be done. We just had a tracked Kubota SV75 the other day and it cost $250 to rent for the day. I have bent an L-arm on my MPL40 once before while making a silly mistake and if i recall it was over $300 for a new one.
  6. Thanks to whoever fixed my pictures. We ended up speaking to Progressive on Friday and found full coverage and a great adjuster to work with. I explained the situation and she cut right to the chase and asked for a total. Before giving the price, i offered to send over a few pictures which she said would not be necessary. I gave here a total and she had IAA pickup first thing this morning with no BS. Wish they all could go this smooth. We had 4 hours total in this job for each of our guys from start to finish. We were paid in full for everything we did and we have received mu
  7. We caught a Honda Pilot: We received a call from the Pennsylvania State Police on 12/3/20 to respond to an accident in the area of 220 Bollinger Road, Elverson PA. We were advised of a Honda SUV 2-3 feet from the road stuck in water. We immediately dispatched one of our wreckers to the scene. Upon arrival we found the vehicle had struck a bridge causing a large amount of property damage. The vehicle ended up partially submerged in a creek below the bridge. Water was above the hood and partially flooded the interior.
  8. Add up all of your expenses for the year and divide by the mileage. Payroll, insurance, fuel, oil changes, tires, any repairs. Roughly I figure it costs me around $1 per mile to run my light duty trucks plus paying a driver.
  9. Everyone of our guys got an extra nickle that week. We had been dealing with a real slow period and that week we ended up with a couple of great jobs. It was a good way to show appreciation for those of our guys that stayed late on a Friday night and got things handled. Without them, we would have had to call in another company for the job, or lost the job all together. Wish I could get some more work like it. Its been terribly slow around here.
  10. I guess I forgot to post a final follow up. But those checks all came from Progressive. Everything ended up being picked up and one point or another by Copart. We delivered the white dodge to NJ. After the recovery, cleanup, towing, storage (a few of the units sat here for a few weeks) and the tow out the total job came in just a little shy of 10k. It made for a great job all around and we were able to take care of our crew a little extra special. Thanks for all of the comments and phone calls on this one. I learned a few new things about dealing with haulers and commerci
  11. I got them back this morning. My buddy powder coated them at his house. Had some sort of little glitch in the finish. But it’s going to get beat up in my toolbox so I wasn’t worried. These are going to work perfect for what we need. Keep in mind I don’t plan to tow much weight with them. Mainly just for empty trailers or to move something off the roadway in an emergency sort of thing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Nice!!! I like it! Ours should be back from powder coating today. I don't know why I didn't do this long ago, but now I wont get any more pintle trailers for a long time since I am prepared.
  13. We have two MPL40 wreckers that we had the factory trailer ball mounts for. Last week I got to a trailer impound for the police and found it was a pintle hitch. I had to call out one of our flatbeds with a pintle to tow it. Today we bought the 2” receiver and had them welded on. They are getting sand blasted and powder coated next. I also got a receiver for a pintle and a tri ball so we can tow anything now. Something else we did long ago was have our local trailer shop make up a plug in wiring harness. It plugs into the 4 pin round on be truck and on the other end has the large tr
  14. In the case that there is no insurance, we hold the vehicle in hope that a family member will reach out. At that time, we request they provide us the title so we can easily dispose of the vehicle. In most cases, we never hear from anyone and go through the abandon vehicle process to get a salvage title. We do not go after any family or estate on fatals. A couple years back, we had a family member of a fatality bring us a title, and he offered to pay us. We did not charge him. We take the good with the bad, and sometimes the fatals are fully covered and the insurance company pays for t
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