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  • Feb 10

    FRANKLIN George A. 02.10.82

    FRANKLIN George A. Born : July 3, 1925 Entered into rest : February 10, 1982 56 years old While trying to remove a disabled vehicle from the grass, a tractor-trailer lost control on the icy road and hit Mr. Franklin. He was pronounced dead at the hospital a short time later.

  • Feb 16

    COLBERT Joseph D. 02.16.99

    COLBERT Joseph D. Born : August 12, 1954 Entered into rest : February 16, 1999 44 years old Mr. Colbert was hit by a 18 wheeler while helping a motorist. No other details are available.

  • Feb 20

    Washington's Birthday (Regional Holiday)

    The original version of the holiday was in commemoration of George Washington's birthday. 3rd Monday in February Information provided by www.officeholidays.com

    • USA
  • Feb 20

    PINEIRO Jerry W. 02.20.98

    PINEIRO Jerry W. Born : August 23, 1970 Entered into rest : February 20, 1998 27 years old Jerry was struck and killed while he was helping a disabled vehicle off I-10 near Cabazon. Stagecoach Towing

  • Feb 20

    OOLEY "Daddy" Jerry W. 02.15.01

    OOLEY "Daddy" Jerry W. Born : February 20, 1957 Entered into rest : February 15, 2001 43 years old A tractor-trailer driver reaching for a cup of coffee swerved off Interstate 95 and crushed Ooley against his flatbed tow truck, who was trying to help a disabled motorist at 7:35 a.m. Tony's Towing

  • Feb 26

    DAVIS Richard Lamar 02.26.01

    DAVIS Richard Lamar Born : December 27, 1947 Entered into rest : February 26, 2001 53 years old Richard Lamar Davis was killed during rush hour traffic helping a stranded friend on Interstate 20. Davis was standing outside his truck when a 1999 Ford Escort veered into the emergency lane and hit him. Lance Wrecker Service

  • Feb 28

    Stanley Smallwood Jr, 22, Windsor, NC, 02.28.05

    TOW TRUCK OPERATOR KILLED IN ONE VEHICLE ACCIDENT A Williamston man was killed after driving a wrecker into several trees on NC Highway 99 near Plymouth monday morning. Stanley Smallwood Jr., 22, was operating a wrecker belonging to Roy's Service Center in Windsor where he worked part-time while attending college at night. Smallwood died at the scene. He leaves behind a wife and small child.

  • Feb 01

    PURRINGTON Dana R. 03.--.89

    PURRINGTON Dana R. Born : May 10, 1951 Entered into rest : March 1989 37 years old Dana, the owner of Flattop Towing of Wakefield, was killed instantly when a truck veered into him as he was strapping the wheels of a vehicle, preparing a simple tow. Dana was mourned by many and a crowd of members with tow trucks attended the services.

  • Feb 02

    MOBLEY George 02.02.01

    MOBLEY George Born : September 9, 1954 Entered into rest : February 2, 2001 46  years old George was killed on Interstate 4 while loading a vehicle onto his truck. A car hit another car, hit his tow truck and then hit him. Prestige Towing

  • Feb 07

    MERE Jr. Wilfred 02.07.84

    MERE Jr. Wilfred Born : September 21, 1958 Entered into rest : February 7, 1984 25 years old While underneath a disabled vehicle releasing the air brakes so he could tow it, a van struck it and killed him.

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