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  1. Any radiator shop should be able to boil it out and coat it with a sealer.
  2. I would have went and loaded up the car at the repair shop the next day. If the repair shop owner won’t let you, last car they will see from you. Pick your poison mr repair shop owner.
  3. Since these calls are rare, I would get an old eagle claw truck on a 1 ton just for this purpose. 5-10k and you would be in business. This makes a great yard truck as well. ...on a side note. You run Your company, not the third party you work for.
  4. Sold the sneeker 5+ years ago and moved 700 miles away... who knows where either is at right now.
  5. Topic Originally Created in July of 2012: 1958? if I remember right. Seemed like a cool old car that will get a second life. I got a 1 Day advanced notice( never happens for me...)
  6. Having the sidepuller might have saved the cab from being taken out all the way.
  7. Same, use the dash. I don't trust my expensive light to a suction cup. I don't trust it on a frozen over car either.
  8. Hard Hit indeed. Driver had to feel that. Hope you get more than scrap price out of the junker.
  9. Every club is our enemy, just accept it and move on. They promise service to someone and they don't even own a single truck! NSD wastes my time weekly. Keep calling for a prices on jobs and then never call back. The last few have been 200+mile rental car swaps in the middle of the night. It isn't going to be cheap folks! Can't say how they are for payment.
  10. Looks like the stout frame saved this wobbly box. Nice Work.
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