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  1. BlackAutoload

    emergency lights on for no reason!!

    Bet its a case of Monkey see Monkey Do.
  2. Tie between a flashlight and a 10mm flex gearwrench.
  3. BlackAutoload

    Tire Chains- Its that time of year again

    I have used chains twice in 2 days. The first for deep snow and ice up in the mountains and the second time for clay like mud. Chains have a very good ROI. I need to order another set of dual rails for the wrecker.... the problem with mountain roads with deep ruts are the inner duals ride high in the rut leaving the outer chained up dual in the air basically doing nothing. Your price is kind of skinny for a 4x4 chained up performing a task to me.
  4. BlackAutoload

    EagleClaw info needed

    You need to order a spring kit asap.... pita to use a claw with bad springs! Those crossbar centering springs are not factory by any means / not the correct springs at all. You should keep a spare center spring in stock. They always get mangled. The hose protector on top of the underlift looks way high. Might impact a bumper with that thing. You don't need the slip on flat tire spacer since your lift already has the angle piece in the claw section. The claw extenders are not needed. The snatch block that mounts in the center acts like an extendable boom for high pulls, and it can get sketchy real quick using it if you are pulling off angle. The eagle claw is an under appreciated unit for how simple of a design it is. Great for a yard truck stacking cars in tight.
  5. BlackAutoload

    We have the power to stop motor clubs.

    The main reason is to get ALL the work in their city, which chokes out the start ups.
  6. BlackAutoload

    "Let's talk Flashlights"

    Streamlight Strion HPL is my go to light. Streamlight Ultrastinger is the backup. Petzl headlamp is 3rd up if other two die flashlight but eats batteries like crazy.
  7. BlackAutoload

    Would you use this hook on rollback?

    I would use it, thinking about switching back to the old school swivel. The yellow self closing one I have keeps freezing shut. ...you have to wait for a free shipping deal to order cables. haha
  8. BlackAutoload

    3 Car hauler

    yugo ? Scrap in my area is worse than in the toilet.
  9. BlackAutoload

    What are you using for toolbox lighting??

    Just wire them so they are on with the running lights.
  10. BlackAutoload

    What are you using for toolbox lighting??

    I currently use a light switch looking battery light, and it sucks... just takes once to forget to shut it off. Just do the work up front and wire some in.
  11. BlackAutoload

    how to convince the boss

    I am with your boss. Snatch block has the best ROI. For me to buy a sidepuller, I need an extendable boom like the Trebron unit has.
  12. Heck, I gotta go start a cab company now.
  13. BlackAutoload

    Steve Flanagans Auto & Truck of New Jersey Tristate

    Awesome to see the next generation(s) didn't slack off.
  14. Sounds like you got it. Cab to axle and cab to end of frame are the main dimensions to look at. Are you looking to build more of a hook dumpster truck but with a flat deck to hook onto?