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  1. When I googled the address it’s a virtual office address you can rent for $50 a month with a one time setup fee of $150... Ha!
  2. What make and model dash cam are you using ?
  3. Really curious to know the math on this one. How much weight was the truck picking?
  4. This looks very difficult actually with a typical carrier
  5. Is there even a single State that allows this ?
  6. Great advertisement for In The Ditch Dollies
  7. What type of truck are you using ? Sounds like the deck angle sucks.
  8. Thoughts: WLL of the chain around the stump Curious if a high pull would have made the extraction easier vs all the lines being straight.
  9. Last one I saw like that was used at a junkyard for pulling motors.
  10. Yes, you said you were the cop on scene.
  11. First off, you suck. You need to understand that a vehicle is longer than it is wide and we need an extra lane to clean up this mess quickly and get traffic flowing again. Too many variables to perform a single lane rollover with 2 lanes of traffic still whizzing by for me. I would load it on its top, if you were still in your power trip mood.
  12. Happened 10 min away from my shop... too close for comfort. I am not a fan of using upper work lights on carriers unless you really really need them.
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