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  2. dan turpin

    2010 Hino 258 w/ Century 21' Stl LCG Carrier

    mileage and price please
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  5. We were called one of our customers to pick up a limo that was on it's way out of Atlantic City when it overheated. I towed it back to a shop that deals exclusively with limos, a nice 45 mile ride. As it turns out, one of the passengers was a guy I know who's a state police dispatcher and also tows for a company about 20 miles away from us. I guess it really is a small world. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-T337A using Tapatalk
  6. someotherplace

    Replacement switches for in-cab controls?

    Any wrecker parts supplier should be able to get you the correct switch. Depending on which controls you have for the Vulcan, it's just the regular switch used in a million different in-cab controls... or there are a few years with the black control handle that has a circuit board inside, I think those are a solder-in style switch? Richard
  7. Stock# S50424 2010 Hino 258-White w/ Black Chassis Fenders 220 HP Automatic Air Ride Air Brakes W/ Century 21' Steel LCG Carrier L-Arm Wheelift Removable Rails **Sold As Is No Warranty** Contact us today: Chevron Commercial, Inc. 3545 George Street Highland, IL 62249 Phone: 800-443-5778 Online: www.chevroncommercial.com Email: sales@chevroncommercial.com
  8. Worldwide Equipment Sales

    2016 Ram 4500 with a Jerr-Dan MPL 40 Wrecker ***SOLD!!!***

  9. Central Towing

    Replacement switches for in-cab controls?

    I'm having a hard time finding replacement switches for the pistol grip in-cab hand controls for Vulcan 810. I'm sure they're the same brand for all in cab wreckers but can't seem to find them.
  10. Towing company owner makes safety his mission after another driver hit on side of the road (WXYZ) - Dennis Brewer has been in the towing business for more than a half century. He has made it his mission to make sure drivers working on the side of the road are safe. He worked with the legislature on the Move Over Law. Drivers must move over a lane when first responders are on the shoulder. Brewer made sure tow truck drivers were part of that. It is a $500 fine. His driver, Eric Downs, was hit at 3 am Sunday on State Road. The impact was so hard, Downs went over the top of a car and landed behind it, but survived. It was a hit and run. The only description he could give is an older sedan, possibly coming from Saline. In May, Nader Chedhadi was killed while working on a school bus on the side of I-94 in Pittsfield Township. Michael Johnson was another driver killed ten years ago, also along I-94 - almost exactly on the opposite side of the freeway. Brewer says distracted drivers and those who don’t move over need to learn this is serious business. He just got back from Tennessee and a special ceremony for tow truck drivers killed within the last year. That number this year was 21. Two were from Michigan. Their names go onto a permanent memorial. RESOURCE LINK With Video
  11. For more information please contact East Coast Truck & Trailer Sales Inc. at 1-888-231-4316 or email at iSales@ECTTS.com and reference STK 9103N in the subject line. $125,000.00 plus fees 2017 Ford F 750 Powerstroke 6.7L V8 330 HP TorqShift 6 speed transmission Air brake Air ride 22.5 Aluminum rims 275/80R 22.5 Tires 40/20/40 bench seat cloth Power windows Power door locks Power heated mirrors 50 gal fuel tank driver’s side SYNC Media System Remote Keyless Entry w/2 Key Fobs Air Horn 110 A/C Outlet – in Lower Center Finish Panel 5.57 Rear Axle Ratio 12,000 lbs Front Axle 21,000 lbs Rear Axle Jerr-Dan 28’ Long x 96″ Wide Alum Main Deck w/Alum Upper Deck Main Deck – Dual 8K Worm Gear Winches Upper Deck – Single 8K Worm Gear Winch 3,000 lb. IRL Wheel Lift w/Steel Tubular L-Arms Standard 3-Car Emergency Light Package: Pair of Work Lights on Top Deck Pair of Work Lights on Rear Support Pair of Work Lights at Rear of Sub-frame Wireless Winch Remote Control (3 – Operations) Toolbox – 48″ Long x 18″ High x 18″ Deep with Side Mounts DISCLAIMER: Please note that all information, photos, mileage, & prices are subject to change or correction without notice. Units listed for sale may already be sold or otherwise unavailable. Information on units listed is believed to be accurate, although errors can & do occur.
  12. For more information please contact us at 1-888-231-4316 or email at iSales@ECTTS.com and reference STK 9101N in the subject line. $89,400.00 plus fees 2016 Freightliner M2 106 Color: Red Standard Cab Cummins ISB 6.7L 250 HP Engine Transmission: Allison 2200 RDS Rear Ratio: 4.3 Wheelbase: 216″ CA: 150″ FA: 8,000 lb. RA: 17,500 lb. GVWR 25,500 lb. Aluminum Wheels Air Brakes Spring Suspension Electric Horn Air Ride Driver’s Seat 2 Person Bench Seat A/C Drivers & Passenger Side 40 Gallon Fuel Tank AM/FM CD Bluetooth Radio Power Steering Power Windows Tires: 245/70R19.5 Jerr-Dan 22×102 NGAF6T-LPW Aluminum Fixed Rail Rollback Deck Length: 22’ Deck Width: 102” Standard LED Marker Lights (5 Pair Evenly Spaced along Outside Rub rail) Standard Key Slots (1 Pair @ Front, 3 Pair Along Rub Rail, 4 Key Slots Across Rear) Winch Capacity: 8,000 lbs Wireless Remote for Winch LED Worklights Abreast Winch Dual Manual Free Spool for 8K Winch Painted Sub-frame with Outboard Tilt Cylinders (Standard) Headboard – Jerr-Dan Gloss Black (Standard) 3,000 lb. IRL Wheel Lift with Steel Tubular L-Arms LED Pylon Worklights Rubber Work Lights at Rear of Sub-frame (Pair) Electric Over Air Shift PTO 11 Gallon-Per-Minute Hydraulic Pump (2) 48” Steel Toolboxes with Stainless Steel Door Federal Signal 22 Head Amber LED Lightbar DISCLAIMER: Please note that all information, photos, mileage, & prices are subject to change or correction without notice. Units listed for sale may already be sold or otherwise unavailable. Information on units listed is believed to be accurate, although errors can & do occur.
  13. Mt Tow

    Chevron Renegade

    Is that a factory wheel base on that truck in order to have x-cab and tunnel box?
  14. After some work, the truck is a beast.
  15. TowZone

    Brand New Jerr-Dan Pylons

  16. Check out our video on this 2017 Peterbilt 389 with a Jerr Dan 35 ton integrated heavy wrecker body. For more information please contact us at 1-888-231-4316 or email at iSales@ECTTS.com and reference STK 9123N in the subject line. $322,700.00 plus fees
  17. 2017 Ford F-650 Regular Cab XLT has a 6.7L Powerstroke V8 270HP Engine, TorqShift 6-speed automatic transmission, 4.88 rear ratio, 239″ Wheelbase, 150” cab to axle, power windows, power door locks, power telescoping folding heated mirrors, power steering, and AC, 40/20/40 grey cloth bench seat. Jerr Dan 6-Ton XLP 21RRSD6T-W-LP Dual-Angle Steel Carrier Features Load angles as low as 7.5° achieved with an air-ride chassis with air bags deflated Lowest maintenance carrier in the world including No- Lube™ technology for slide pads and pivot joints Technology On-board hydraulic pressure gauges assists with troubleshooting Single sheet decking on dual angle steel deck reduces weld joints & potential corrosion points Combination winch cable guide roller/tensioner plate Dual air-controlled winch-free spool Corrosion-resistant lightened dual control stations Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration DOT 393 compliant crash protection headboard Most advanced, high performance hose/wire cable-tracking system in the industry Highest standard DOT reflectivity and lighting levels in the industry 12 key slots standard Accessories Exclusive R.A.I.L™ System (Rear Awareness Indicator Lights) Industry’s strongest and most user-friendly SRS™ (Side Recovery System) LED emergency lighting (2) 48” toolboxes Automatic throttle-up on-demand Deck Length: 21’ Width: 102” Capacity: 12,000 lbs Dual angle 3/16” diamond steel decking Aluminum Removable blade side rails Winch 10,000 lb. Sliding Planetary Winch W/Air Free Spool w/ 7/16” x 56’ wire rope Wheel Lift Lift Capacity: 3,500 lbs Tow Capacity: 10,000 lbs Maximum Extended Reach: 68” Grounded Approach Angle: 3° SRS (Side Recovery System) Spec Sheet 10,000 lb. high speed planetary winch with winch cable tensioner w/ 7/16” x 75’ wire rope Air free spool winch controls on each side Independent hydraulic stabilizer legs Quick switch pivoting recovery boom (no assembly required) Recover from either side of the vehicle. A simple pin release allows the patented boom to swing from one side to the other Twelve tie-back locations 4 Ton Snatch block and galvanized shackle Independent hide-away flip down claw/spade with dual stabilizing feature Allows for greater strength and stability. Also alleviates need for wood blocks to prevent road damage or bolt-on attachments to break through ice. Wireless remote control system for all functions (with manual overrides) Custom Hydraulic Manifold for simpler and more efficient hydraulic hose routing Mechanical/hydraulic locking features on all functions Combination Remote with Deck Winch LED Worklights Can pull rated winch capacity in any direction, with recovery boom in either stowed location This truck can be yours for $109,900.00 by emailing East Coast Truck & Trailer Sales Inc at iSales@ECTTS.com and including your company name address phone number and saying in the subject line "I want to buy this truck STK 9232"
  18. Thanks for watching as always LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE the HECK out of this video! Enjoy this quick edit! Facebook followers saw it first!
  19. someotherplace

    A Long Dolly Job..

    Pretty easy to believe! Just grab and go...don't mind that tug as you feel the transfer case kicking in. I realize a good number of modern AWD vehicles that are also available in FWD, they are biased towards the front wheels. They will often roll easily when loaded from the front. I've taken advantage of this to get them out of a tight spot in order to set dollies. Very short distance, very low speed. Literally feet or yards, maximum. Then they get the dollies! Richard
  20. someotherplace

    Smile, really you're on candid camera!

    Looks like minor damage to me, I'd have showed up with a wheel lift, picked it up from the back, strapped and lit it and been gone in less than 3 minutes tops. Some people make easy jobs hard. Richard
  21. someotherplace

    Three Wheel Action Challenger

    Ed, great advice and constructive criticism always welcome! I think that's what we're all here for, to share and learn. The only catch with it is we don't have a shop. We're strictly PPI which explains the limited tools on the truck for dealing with jobs like this. We're not even remotely hooked up with any body shops as our exposure to crashes are usually limited to hauling worthless abandoned cars off properties where the management is sick of looking at them. So, in this case where the owner wants it dropped at their home (daddy's home actually!) because he has hookups in the business, then that's where I drop it...for better or worse. Honestly at the end of a very long weekend shift I was happy to be rid of it! Richard
  22. Worldwide Equipment Sales

    2015 Ford F450 XL 4x4 Jerr-Dan MPL-NG ***$49,000***

    Available and priced right
  23. Worldwide Equipment Sales

    2017 Ford F550 XLT Jerr-Dan MPL 40

    Very much available.
  24. If I were the homeowner, I do not think I would want that home. That caused some major damage,
  25. thtdon

    Another Week- Another Disaster

    I know where Wenham is. Right next to Hamilton, I believe. Thank you for your service. Today they were turning on gas service to houses that were not damaged and are inhabitable. There are a lot of people who won't have gas for a while. So today, I renewed my driver's license. It is one of those Federal approved Real IDs, which will allow me to fly on a plane, if I ever have the need to again. So after that, I went searching for lunch. Every place I tried, like Boston Market and Taco Bell, were closed. They had power, but no gas. There are three grocery stores in that area; 2 Stop & Shop stores and a Market Basket. If any of those stores had generators, I'll bet they were idle. Most generators today are powered by natural gas. And there was no gas. If they powered them with propane, then they'd be okay. I hate to think about all of the meat, frozen food, milk, and ice cream that ended up in a dumpster.
  26. Tow truck driver injured in hit-and-run; Pittsfield Twp. police looking for suspect PITTSFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. - A tow truck driver was injured in a hit-and-run Sunday morning after assisting a disabled vehicle in Pittsfield Township, police said. The 37-year-old male, a Pittsfield Township resident, was returning to his tow truck after assisting the vehicle on northbound State Road when he was struck and fell to the ground, according to investigators. The worker was wearing a reflective safety vest and the tow truck's emergency lights were activated when he was hit, police said. The disabled vehicle had already left the scene. An uninvolved motorist came upon the tow truck driver and called 911, according to investigators. The man was transported to a local hospital where he was treated for serious, but non-life-threatening injuries. The vehicle that struck the worker was described as an older sedan with possible damage to the front end, passengers side and windshield. Investigators said it may have been from the Saline area. Anyone who witnessed the crash or may have information on the suspect is asked to contact Pittsfield Police at 734-822-4911. An investigation is ongoing. RESOURCE LINK
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  28. I know we have at minimal a few members regularly using Spill Tackle. Surely we can get some testimonials.
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