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  2. 2018 Ford F550 Crew Cab 4x4 with a Jerr-Dan MPL 40 Wrecker. Description: 18,000 LB. GVWR, Ford Triton 6.8L 325 HP Gas Engine, 6-Speed Automatic, Aluminum Body, (2) 8,000 LB. Winches, 4,000 LB. Wheellift, In-Cab Wired Remote, Federal Signal LED Lightbar, Flashers Mounted on Grille and Rear, Power Windows and Locks, Heated Power Mirrors, AM/FM/CD/SXM with SYNC. Located in Illinois, call us at 815.725.4400 for more information. I-NTTJEB24483-411
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    Hello All, currently operating out of Atlanta, GA.
  5. I am so sorry to hear about another Tower killed on the job. Sending prayers that our towers get home save and for God to watch over you.
  6. Over the last year I have called the Colorado State Patrol reporting distracted drivers and drivers not slowing down and moving over that I have observed while out on calls. Some of my calls were to report drivers not slowing and moving over for law enforcement including one last week for a State Trooper who was pulled of the highway with strobes on. All these reports I have made have the same thing in common. Not one call back or follow up. Two weeks ago I pulled in behind a fellow tower who was just beginning his recovery and was asked to leave by the State Trooper on scene who was positioned at the very front of the scene. He informed me the three triangles placed by the tower were sufficient and I was just complicating things????? I'm not sure what the right answer is anymore other than you better realize your on your own out there and you need to trust yourself and your gut. I too have started refusing calls where the vehicle is in dangerous situations. Yes, there will always be a tower out there who will take that call after you turn it down and that is their decision to do so. All this talk of additional resources to make these calls safer sounds great and maybe there is something there? We all know that motor clubs, if required by their insurance contracts have to start asking providers like us to use things like flares we either will not get paid a fare rate for them or even be allowed to invoice them at all just like providing compressed air. I don't know if I even call a law enforcement agency for assistance at this point they would show up. I know I have arrived on numerous breakdown scenes where a law enforcement is already present to watch them immediately drive off upon seeing me pull up. It's just like pricing your services. If enough of us stick to our guns we can make a change. It's like anything else, the change has to start taking place on the local level. Start talking to your fellow towers, law enforcement, family, friends, and anybody that will listen. Don't be afraid to turn a job down if it's too dangerous in your mind. Slow down and take your time as well and wait for those brakes in traffic. I do.
  7. A driver pulled into where he was loading up and had noticed his truck started to chug a lot as of it was going to die so he decided to check under the hood to ...
  8. That is what it will take to assist in keeping more people alive. If it is not safe, do not do it. If pd will not assist you and block a lane, then let them work a mva, and fill out the paperwork. NO piece4 of pig iron and plastic is worth your life.
  9. A driver was picking up three trucks from an auction and he need to piggy back them to transport them where they needed to go so the driver had called us out to ...
  10. A driver was pulled into the scales and was told he was over weight by 1500 on his drives so he needed to call out a rotator to lift and place his load further to the ...
  11. I am saying sorry to hear of this loss all too often anymore. When are we going to band together as a brotherhood and just stop responding until our safety is protected? If we were highway maintenance workers we would have proper temporary traffic control measures most likely including a crash attenuator truck. Law enforcement presence is nice, although all too often I see officers that do not use their warning lights properly or exercise poor parking discipline. Ideally the officer providing traffic control should be upstream of your location quite a bit rather than just a few foot behind the disabled vehicle you are loading. Flares are an excellent device for notifying oncoming traffic, and they should be invoiced for on any call they are deployed. Studies show that motorists will not slow down unless they perceive a need to do so, and the move over law is not enough of a need for them to comply. Flares seem to convey a sense of urgency, as does police presence. Keep in mind, even with police presence and proper placement of blocker apparatus, fire/ems and law enforcement officers (combined) are still being struck-by vehicles at nearly the same rate towers are. There is no perfect solution, although a barrier vehicle and uniform lighting policy regarding usage and color will make a difference. I would like to see a traffic unit deployed to all highway calls regardless of source, meaning law enforcement, private customer or motor club would all get invoiced for not only the tow or service call but also the traffic management unit. A simple 1/2 ton van or pickup truck with a raised arrow/message board that is towing a crash attenuator trailer would be sufficient in most cases. Something like this;
  12. I am so sorry to hear another tow man has lost there life. This is happing all the time what is wrong with people that they just can’t give us the room we need are just slowdown. We all have families that want us home safe. My prayers to this mans family god speed sur
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  14. Another Brother lost.... Rest easy Operator... Your shift is over.. We MUST keep pushing the slow down move over campaign and there MUST be stricter enforcement of this law.... "a good talking to" is useless.... severe fines, suspension of licenses for repeat offenses and JAIL for multiple offenses.. people just simply dont care because its a slap on the wrist or a " good talking to" for violating the law... of course this is just my opinion of how i see the law enforced around where i am.... its a joke and im constantly pushing for better enforcement here.. please be safe out there brothers... we have to watch for ourselves because no one else is..
  15. Not good. I hope the tow operator is ok. There is no excuse for this. From the picture it appears he was doing everything right and still some idiot can’t pay attention long enough to avoid a collision.
  16. My heart goes out to his family and friends. Just had a close call 2 nights ago. Parked on the shoulder of the road with the front tire just over the white line; 2 NHP cruisers there with lights flashing. 18 wheeler had to lockup brakes and swerve to avoid hitting front of my truck. I would have been completely off of road, but road market prevented me. NHP went after trucker to “ give him a good talking to”. In my case I think NHPs super bright LED light bars actually blind on coming traffic to the hazard ahead.
  17. A driver was pulled into the scale to find out he was a bit over weight on his trailer tandems and needed a 25 thousand pound coil moved forward on his trailer to ...
  18. A driver passed up his drop off and attempted to turn around to get back to where he originally had to be and when he attempted the turn around he backed into ...
  19. so sad I didn't realize how many tow operators are hurt and killed doing their everyday job its a shame and sad to say I don't see it getting any better with the new generation and the use of cell phones and cars coming with touch screens computers in them. It doesn't matter how many light you have on the truck it seems that doesn't help. I was talking to a local tow guy and he told me he runs with his light off because if he has his lights on cars shoot out in front of him to be in front of him because they think he will be slow. so he says he noticed with his lights off he has less cars come out in front of him. I guess when I thought about what he said it made sense to me I never understood why trucks ran with there light on while towing a car.
  20. Thanks for watching as always LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE the HECK out of this video! ▻Support my channel-paypal.me/plazatowing (copy ...
  21. Flares are a great roadside safety item and should be a charge-able item to be written on the invoice. The issue with one tower not takng the highway call without the police ... another company will as there's no solidarity in towers coming together in this fight againt distracted drivers. We send our prayers. R.
  22. Wishful thinking that it will stop happening. Had a call a couple months ago vehicle 4x4 tierod broke and the truck was stopped on the bridge of I-75 on the white line with a barrier. long story short I refused to tow the vehicle do to my safety. Police wouldn’t not respond and it was a Friday night at 2300 hrs. Told the customer that he would have to wait or call someone else. Not worth it at all. I will say that road flares do seem to work well. And I use them all the time. They are costly to buy but damn well worth it. please be careful and pay attention to where and what type of conditions you are going to work in and follow your gut and senses! They are usually right.
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    Zips have a lot of that stuff on line
  24. Please be with the family....,please let this stop......
  25. ELKIN, N.C. — A tow truck operator was hit and killed on Saturday night, according to Surry County emergency officials. Surry County Emergency Medical Services director John Shelton said the operator was attempting to load a vehicle that had broken down. Shelton said he was hit and killed shortly before 7:30 p.m. by a driver traveling on Highway 268 Bypass West. Officials have not identified the operator. The circumstances surrounding the crash are still under investigation by the Elkin Police Department and Highway Patrol. RESOURCE LINK
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