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  2. 5towman

    Tow Truck Driver Killed along I-35W (TX)

    Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.
  3. Doreen ur Finance Lady

    Tow Truck Driver Killed along I-35W (TX)

    Prayers going out to his family, friends and co-workers. This is so sad.
  4. mooresbp

    Tow Truck Driver Killed along I-35W (TX)

    This is bad, really bad. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the towing family. Please every one BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!!!!!!!!!
  5. Today
  6. Johnny was one of the men who brought the spirit casket to our place last summer. Nice guy
  7. Worldwide Equipment Sales

    2018 Freightliner M2 Extended Cab with a Jerr-Dan 22’ Steel Wide Lo-Profile Carrier.

  8. Worldwide Equipment Sales

    2018 Freightliner M2 with a Jerr-Dan 22’ Steel Wide Lo-Profile Carrier.

  9. TowZone

    2014 Mitsubishi Rollback

    Listing Status?
  10. TowZone

    2017 Ford F550 XLT Extended Cab, Jerr-Dan MPL 40 Wrecker

    Listing Status?
  11. TowZone

    2017 Ford F550 XLT Jerr-Dan MPL 40 with Tunnel Box

    Listing Status?
  12. TowZone

    2019 Hino 258ALP, 260 HP, Century 21.5 Steel Carrier

    Listing Status?
  13. TowZone

    2018 Peterbilt 567 Black with Century 5130

    Listing Status?
  14. TowZone

    2018 Dodge 5500 with Century 19.5ft. Steel Carrier

    Listing Status?
  15. Tow Truck Driver Killed in Hit-and-Run While Trying to Help Stranded Motorist A 51-year-old tow truck driver was fatally struck while trying to help a stranded driver Tuesday morning in Fort Worth. Officers responded about 12:20 a.m. to southbound Interstate 35W near Sycamore School Road, police said. The tow truck was there to help a stranded vehicle on the shoulder, police said. The deceased driver was identified as Charles McGough of Arlington. No arrests have been made. RESOURCE LINK with video
  16. For a municipality, you have to understand that DWI/DUI arrests are a business, just as crime is a business or industry The fines and fees that are generated by DWI/DUI arrests are in the hundreds of millions of dollars nationwide. You are not going to find a solution to the carnage that occurs on our roads due to impaired drivers by locking people up. DWI/DUI is a socially acceptable crime in this country. If a subject is arrested for DWI they are virtually given a slap on the wrist, fined heavily and released under minimum supervision. If that same person is involved in a fatal crash, they are demonized. Laws will not protect those whose job requires them to be working on the side of the road. The move over laws, while do offer some relief, do little to protect one who is self absorbed, selfish, and addicted to social media. A certain population of people will continue to text and drive, drive after drinking a few beers, drive after taking illegal drugs, and or drive after taking prescribed medications. No law is going to stop them. There are also the population of people who drink socially, and have the belief that they will not get caught. Their mantra is, "I'll make it. I'll be fine." Reflectively, this "I'll make it. I'll be fine." is the attitude many operators take when they respond to that one call that is a perfect storm, that collision course, with the impaired driver who will have a devastating impact on their life, the lives of their family and loved ones, as well as those of their co workers. This industry perpetuates an unsafe working environment not based fundamentally on the nature of the work involved, but due to the attitudes of the ownership of many companies that it will not happen to those in my fold, the operators, who have the, "I'll make it. I'll be fine. It won't happen to me attitude." As well as the industry leadership who do not work to make situational awareness and driver autonomy in judgement calls to promote safety a priority. This industry is unwilling to implement safe operator practices as a standard, but instead allows for everyone to just hope that, "I'll make it. I'll be fine. It won't happen to me." How many people have been impacted this year when it did happen to them. Not just the fatalities, but the serious impairments, and the impact that these incidents have had on families and loved ones.
  17. He is given a measly 6-12 years for killing 2 people. Had he used a gun they would probably have given him life in prison. What’s the difference?? He still made the choice to kill two people. No excuses. Our justice system stinks.
  18. Hero’s, every one. No recognition, just doing their jobs. I salute them and say well done. If I could, I’d be there helping them rebuild their homes and businesses.
  19. No drivers license; admitted to drinking and driving; need I say more. He chose to take another persons life by his actions. No excuses. No mercy.
  20. Very sad. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. There is no excuse for this to keep happening. We’ve lost too many good people already.
  21. My new truck is ready and this one has to go. Make an offer!
  22. MTTA: Wednesday Nov 21, 2018 we will be having a candlelight vigil to honor Johnny Stewart. We will be meeting at Harmony Vineyard Church 600 NE 46th st Kansas City, MOto start @7PM. Our prayers are with the family and GT
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