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  2. This data was obtained from NASCAR.com LEADERBOARD Team Crew Chief 1 Martin Truex Jr 19 | Joe Gibbs Racing James Small 2 Denny Hamlin 11 | Joe Gibbs Racing Christopher Gabehart 3 William Byron 24 | H
  3. Video Pending: https://www.fox13news.com/video/933540 Tow truck operators across the Bay area are coming together to honor the lives of colleagues killed on the job. The memorial ride is meant to raise awareness about the 'Move Over' law. FOX 13's Jordan Bowen has the story.
  4. Built a chain rack today for the front box today. Made the mounts as hooks to hold my tie down chains... I cut out a thick pad to protect the wall from getting marred up & keep the noise down...
  5. Starting up with Bikes now...finally getting warm enough to ride... Dropped this one at the local Harley Dealer.
  6. Yea I originally was looking at a sleeper truck which would have given me 2 tanks but it sold before I could get the numbers. My old truck had one 85 gal tank...lived with that for 21 years. This has a 100 gal on the driver side. I don't do distance work anymore so it will be fine. We have our own fuel & gas storage at the shop so the guys will keep it topped off.
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  8. nice heavy, mine has a pair of 100 gallon fuel tanks, not sure i would like less then that. Kind of a pain to always run and get fuel.
  9. I was fortunate enough to watch him LIVE at a TRAA Conference about 12 or so years ago. I have the DVD someplace in storage.
  10. How many have taken the time to watch or have even heard of this "HATS incident Management Video" by the I-95 Corridor Coalition - Quick Clearance Project.
  11. Topic Originally Created by Wes Wilburn on Tow411 in December of 2009: To Quote Linda: "As Towing operators we have all been beat up by the public so bad that we forget to come together for each other… But when a tower is being put six feet under, we can all join together… it is time for that to stop.. why can't we support each other while we are alive?" Please consider this with an open heart and an open mind... Be well, Wes Graciesdad said: If we want to consider ourselves first responders.....which we are....the brotherhood should be just as strong
  12. Wow, I guess I need to put myself in this roll call. Kat says he's ready to get back to the shows as well. This will be our first show in more than a year.
  13. 2guys from Frank’s Flatbed Service Van Nuys California
  14. Quick swap unit SOLD. Tractor is available for sale. Still set up with wet kit.
  15. Checked with the Office (Mom) and they never heard of Saferide before. Guess that's why they were not on mentioned in the rankings. That or they are not a Top Ten Club. Would like to know more about them, we tow motorcycles and small RV's.
  16. That's how I would have done it... Was the driver of the jeep on the phone and failed to stop? Could have just as easily been a tow truck siting there which got struck. Distracted driving is everywhere, I see people on their phones....
  17. Nice job Matthew Will, very awesome piece of equipment you put together!!
  18. Sometimes I forget we used to tow everything before there was any carriers,,, lol.
  19. Something about those new 7 inch bull haulers,,,lol. Should be back from sign shop tomorrow,,,
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