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  2. In 2000, I was recovering a cavalier that had run over a spare tire that fell out from under a ford pickup, got hung up on it and slid down a hill off the shoulder. My truck, lights on was on the shoulder, I had about 30' of line out and attached to the car and there was a trooper, lights on parked about 5-6 car lengths behind my work area.I had winched the car about 10' to a point where there was a rut that allowed room to remove the tire from under the car. I stopped winching and walked down to the casualty, got down on my knees and grabbed the tire. Just as I did that a buick lesabre crossed the center line, slammed into my truck head on shoving it back and spinning it 180' into the front end of the troopers car. the whiplash effect pulled the cavalier into and over me and mashed me down into the soft, muddy rut. I suffered 2 broken ribs, a punctured lung, a fractured vertabre, numerous cuts and gashes and both my wrists were broken. turns out the driver of the buick was a 72 year old woman who had a medical emergency while driving. There were no skidding tires, no odd sounds of any sort till impact. The buick driver had her cruise set at 50 m.p.h. so she ran into my truck at 50 m.p.h. Luckily she survived the crash and the stroke she suffered that caused the wreck. This wreck is in the back of my mind everyday and i am thankful I survived. My truck (was my first one i owned outright on my own) was totalled For years ive tried to think of what I could have done differently to protect myself better and all these years later i have decided that this was one of those freak accidents that you really just cant prepare for.
  3. Hello, I am having issues with the valve on my Danco body. Danco seems to not know what it was built with to help me out.. Wondering if anyone here knows what brand this is so I can order new parts for it.
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  5. You're welcome Ron. Joanne is up to her ears with her position with TRAA, running her business, is a board member of CTTA's TROC Committee and all the travel that goes with it. I have the most confidence in her proved leadership over the years and believe that she has her finger on the pulse of the industry. R.
  6. Police seek driver who crashed stolen tow truck into multiple cars in Tacony, 1 injured PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Philadelphia police said one person was injured and several cars were damaged when the driver of a stolen tow truck crashed into a van and then several parked cars on a Tacony street late Sunday. It happened around 11:30 p.m. on the 4100 block of Princeton Avenue. The driver first smashed into a van and then lost control, crashing into four parked cars, sending one vehicle up onto the front lawn of a house. Police said the driver continued to drive the tow truck for another block following the crash, before abandoning it in the roadway and running from the scene The driver of the van was taken to the hospital in stable condition. Philadelphia police are investigating the incident. RESOURCE LINK with Video
  7. PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Police are searching for a driver after a tow truck crashed into three parked cars in Philadelphia’s Mayfair section. The front-end of the tow truck is smashed in and a mess was left behind. The crash happened just before 11 p.m. Sunday on the 4100 block of Princeton Avenue. One person was taken to the hospital, but their condition is unclear at this time. Police say the tow truck driver fled the scene. RESOURCE LINK with video
  8. Thank you Randall for your continued efforts to get these association leaders involved. Joanne has been a long time member of the Towing Information Network and her account was transferred to TowForce however it does not appear she has logged in. I will need to send her a reminder. @speedracer where are you?
  9. I had a wonderful at length-discussion with Joanne Blyton, president of TRAA. She is fully aware of the current state of affairs regarding industry standardization and professionalism. To that Joanne told me, "TRAA is fully aware and are looking towards a solution, but reminds us that these things take time and industry support." Thank you Joanne for calling and lending me an ear to further discuss what I feel is an important and renewed excitement on the topic. While I can't speak for Joanne as that's not my position, I invited her to chime-in where it's appropriate to discuss the programs that they're currently are working on. I provided her a copy of this thread and its link-page so she can view what's being discussed herein. While the activity in these posts can't possibly represent the total of the industry's population, I'll at least say, "Thank you all", for jumping-in with your comments. Judging by the number of visits to the initial post ... your participation clearly identifies standardization and professionalism as one of the industry's hottest on-going topics. R.
  10. Linda is a personal friend of mine and I salute her and the story she tells about the loss of Bobby. My son is a firefighter paramedic and I just couldn't imagine experiencing the loss if something were to happen to him. Her's is a parent's worst nightmare, yet, she is a champion for this industry. Linda has turned the devastation of his loss into much good by lobbying the State of New Mexico into initiating, "Bobby's Law". God Bless you Linda for your courage and passion that drives you to bring continued awareness to the motoring public and for this industry that feels the pain of your message. R.
  11. This kind of crash happens more than you'd think, especially on highwa-speed roadways and highways. I remember two California Highway Patrol officers and an upstate Maine trooper who were killed by wayward tires. In 1989, I worked a CHP evidence fatal where a tire came off a truck and killed a young-mom when a tire bounded from the opposite side of traffic, over the K-Rail and landed right at the position of the driver's window ... she never had a chance. The impact was so hard that it peeled-back the roof to the point there was no need for the fire-department to cut a roof-flap to remove her body. So, the next time you change someone's tire, ask yourself, "What liability exists when tires aren't tightened to specs in the same manner a tower would remove a drive-shaft but not re-install it?" Here's a video link of an example of just how fast it happens with no time to react. R.
  12. Back in 1975, I had my leg broken by a car that lost control in the rain while I worked a CHP recovery. A car was driving too fast in heavy rain, hit the center K-rail and careened into the tow truck and the tow truck shoved into me. As I worked the non-traffic controls, I winched a small pickup truck up the embankment as the CHP officer and the vehicle's owner were seated in the CHP car. The impact swept sent me down the imbankment and the officer came to where I landed he asked, "Where'd ja' go?" Two year's later, a DUI driver driving an International Scout spun-out in the ran and I hit him head-on in a loaded carrier with a car topside and pulling a loaded two-axle trailer. The impact shoved the Scout down the embankment and it over-turned. The carrier was totalled and my resulting injury was a only a smallish hole in my face. To this day some 45-year's later, I'm still vividly aware of how lucky I was in both incidents. R.
  13. Welcome to TowForce.net By Tow411. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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      Thank you. I was a member of tow 411 for along time. 

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      Tow411 screen name "JOSEPH MCELHANNON"?

  14. Yes very similar truck to your father's, V8 cat powered, 5 speed main and electric 2 speed rear. This truck is Juice brakes, disc on all 4 corners with a drum driveline park brake.
  15. Huge thank you to Big Valley Towing, Debbie Collins and her team for a great 3 days of training....... We had Real Telsa cars or Friday, a loaded (74,000lbs ) concrete mixer upright on Saturday and a loaded tractor trailer on Sunday.... and they feed us like kings ... provided a shuttle for anyone who attended.. can't thank them enough......
  16. We're winding down to the absolute last few days and we have 99 responses. I'd like to see another 10 or 11 by January 31st. Last year we had 138 responses with just 1000 registered members on TowForce. In the past year we have added over 3000 more members and half were never on the old Tow411 message board. Yet, we have fewer participating in the Motor Club Rankings and our Semi-Annual Roll Call which is also wrapping up. I know you are reading, take a moment to login, if this is a computer only use use them don't log out, the system does not show you active after 30 minutes. If you're using the app there is absolutely no reason to log out. But, there is reason to log in and add replies, we need your input, we need your participation. As we are nearly back to the levels not seen since 2010. Just 2000 more members and we're back to the number of members in 2010. Thanks!
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  18. These are just a couple of the stories from AAA Drivers that have survived serious accidents that have nearly taken their lives. We think about those who have lost their lives, we honor them on the Wall of the Fallen. We recognize their families as survivors, yet the fear is we forget about those whose lives were impacted and are no longer about to work, that which is in our blood still runs through theirs. Let's not forget them, let's not make them just another story in the archives. If you're one of these drivers and your reading this topic. We want you to know you have not been forgotten! We want to hear of your progress, as your story could easily be one of ours! May The TowForce be with you in your recovery!
  19. Woman walks away uninjured after tire crashes into her windshield on I-45 S https://abc13.com/traffic/woman-uninjured-after-tire-crashes-into-her-windshield/5878757/?fbclid=IwAR1herstysl55r2wTa5IExfugi6uAI7McOIOsEYG99nCUsdPu_uciH0PIdU I would post the Youtube Video but it seems someone with the news channel who uploaded it to Youtube chose to cut out the Christian References to her faith. The News Story References a Christian Sticker on the rear window and and remarks about the rear view mirror that came off the windshield.
  20. cws - Patron III Level Renewal ESC - Patron III Level Renewal Mr Pink1 - Patron I Renewed Austin Jacob - Supporter Level Moose - New Patron I Level Paulie417 - Patron II Level Renewal Robsertow - Bronze Sponsor Renewal GRUMPS the Towman - New Patron I Level Chad Yarbrough - New Patron II Level Surrytower - Renewed Paton II Level 01.01.20 - BOLTZ -Renewed Paton II Level 01.07.20 - Towman2 - Patron III Level Renewal 01.25.20 - Chuckud - Patron III Level Renewal 01.25.20 - Orcas Tow - Patron III Level Renewal $1500 Goal - $843 from Supporters = $657 remaining to meet Goal. We are counting down to the final days. The next payment is due on the 29th of this month. However, we will be ending this Mission Fund Drive on July 31st. Thanks to all who have contributed and if any member has a teen doing a similar trip please do not hesitate to submit the information to the TowForce Staff we will review it and work on making a donation from our funds or another fund raiser.
  21. Mark64 & Towwife64 thank you for responding. We get misinformation far more than anyone knows, other than contacting the tow operator involved directly. The best we can do is go on what the media reports and we do our best to confirm the information. These reports of Tow Operators Struck or Only the Equipment being struck are only posted upon confirmation such as a news report. Looking back some of the images came from various sources. One was said to be the drivers Facebook page, however there is no reference as to who the driver was and it seems to have been shared numerous times and possibly by others involved leading to the confusion. We are certainly glad that you are here to comment in this topic. However, we are saddened to here you did sustain injuries which have sidelined you for now. Hopefully, you have a speedy recovery and please keep us advised. Too often these stories come out and they do not relate that this was a Tow Operator involved. The story is read and fades away, but one of our brothers in towing is still in recovery. His life was impacted by a careless driver. Thankfully yours is not another name we will be placing on the Wall of the Fallen. May the TowForce be with you in your recovery. God Bless!
  22. Welcome to the forum. That is a beast of a truck you have there. Very good looking rig. What does it have for an engine/drive train? Back in the day, my father had one similar to yours (minus the sleeper) that was Cat powered and a 2-speed rear if memory serves right.
  23. Welcome to TowForce.net By Tow411. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  24. Welcome to TowForce.net By Tow411. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  25. Hello Everyone, I'm new the the forum, have been Light duty towing professionally for the last 5 years with both wreckers and flatbeds in Nova Scotia Canada, and before that, some tow experience from friends and family. Iv pulled wrenches in the automotive trade, and grew up in a family owned lumber mill , and worked on land based Drilling Rigs for a decade, so equipment, and mechanics and rigging are a nature to me. Iv always loved tow trucks, My uncle built up a 75 Chevy 1ton wrecker in the 80's, I thought it was the coolest thing in the world, with that 80's flash, graphics, Lots of Chrome and lights, lots of lights . Fast forward to now, iv had a hard go at getting my own tow truck, iv had 3, the first was a f350 flatbed with an aluminum Kilar deck, that was overweight if you sat on it, the second was a beautiful 1988 F-Superduty with a challenger twinline wrecker that the burnt down, and now I have a 1984 GMC Topkick equipped with a Jerr-Dan aluminium Deck and wheellift. Anyway my intentions are to start small on my own on the side and go from there, the truck is older , won't win any races, but is in good shape and reliable. So that is my intro, I also have a Beautiful wife and 2 Girls 10 and 6 , and they suport me through good and bad and are excited about this adventure. Looking forward to exchanging info, ideas and questions and learning with the great wealth Of knowledge and resources available in this forum.
  26. Welcome to TowForce.net By Tow411. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  27. I am the wife of the injured tow operator. Winchester14470 thank you for commenting on this thread to update everyone. But, please do not take offense to people having the wrong information.
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