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  2. Jeff J

    Tow411/TowForce Login & Member Roll Call

    Hear and present WM 6/7
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  4. A Post on FB stated: This is the result of not obeying the move over law. Save a life MOVE OVER OR SLOWDOWN FOR TOW TRUCKS WORKING ON THE ROADWAYS WITH THEIR EMERGENCY LIGHTS ACTIVATED. IT'S THE LAW! Thank God the driver and customer are fine. Our driver got the customer out of the way then himself. know your escape route, it may save your life!
  5. Stuart Wagner

    Little Tator Doing It's Thing

    Eric, what's up with every couple years you guys go from Jerr Dan to Miller to NRC? You just want to keep the manufacturers on their toes? A company piss you off?
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  7. How is the Hino price compared to all the other trucks out there or didn't you compare and just knew you wanted a Hino?
  8. For the Age and Miles, Truck 3 looks pretty good.
  9. Wreckerpartsgod

    New Parts Shipment has Arrived at Peak Wrecker

    In our continued efforts to keep the parts in stock that you need we have started to order large quantities of parts and accessories. That barrel has 150 lasso straps in it and there is also 100 ratchets on the pallet as well that just arrived from BA Products. If you need anything don't hesitate to text at 972-589-4032. Thanks Curtis
  10. I guess if you cant disconnect the battery when it gets to the yard, can you turn the headlights on to drain the battery or will that not help.
  11. ***THIS UNIT IS SOLD*** - SHOP OUR INVENTORY AT: https://ectts.com/wreckers-tow-trucks-repo-recovery-trucks-for-sale/
  12. ***THIS UNIT IS SOLD*** - SHOP OUR INVENTORY AT: https://ectts.com/wreckers-tow-trucks-repo-recovery-trucks-for-sale/
  13. ***THIS UNIT IS SOLD*** - SHOP OUR INVENTORY AT: https://ectts.com/wreckers-tow-trucks-repo-recovery-trucks-for-sale/
  14. This unit is available at: https://ectts.com/listings/2019-hino-258lp-b-truck-with-jerr-dan-22x102-22srr6t-w-lp-steel-rollback-stock9324n/
  15. ***THIS UNIT IS SOLD*** - SHOP OUR INVENTORY AT: https://ectts.com/wreckers-tow-trucks-repo-recovery-trucks-for-sale/
  16. ***This Listing is available at: https://ectts.com/listings/jerr-dan-mpl-40-wrecker/
  17. ***THIS UNIT IS SOLD*** - SHOP OUR INVENTORY AT: https://ectts.com/wreckers-tow-trucks-repo-recovery-trucks-for-sale/
  18. ***THIS UNIT IS SOLD*** - SHOP OUR INVENTORY AT: https://ectts.com/wreckers-tow-trucks-repo-recovery-trucks-for-sale/
  19. A few months ago we ordered another new truck from Alan at Nussbaum Equipment. We ordered the truck with almost every option available. After patiently waiting a few months, our 2019 Hino was picked up from Nussbaum Equipment in Columbia Pa on Monday and it headed straight up 222 north to Leesport to its first job. Paul Jr towed a Dodge pickup back to a repair shop in Elverson. On Tuesday, Dan Nunemaker from DN Designs took care of the paintwork and lettering. This morning most of the chains, straps and equipment was added. We have some additional toolboxes coming in for the truck as well in the next few weeks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Bill proposed in California State Assembly would eliminate tow-practices that harm low-income people SACRAMENTO -- Assemblymember David Chiu introduced a bill Monday that seeks to end towing practices that harm low-income people. Assembly Bill 516 would eliminate towing conducted as a debt collection tool. The Bay Area is known for high costs including steep towing fees. The average fee to retrieve a car from a tow yard is $500. "When you add daily storage, parking tickets, additional standard fees and fines the cost to retrieve a car could often skyrocket to $1,500," said Chiu, who represents District 17. Chiu says it is having a devastating impact on low and middle class residents. On Monday, he introduced a bill to eliminate poverty related tows if the owner has 5 or more unpaid parking tickets, if the car registration is more than six months out of date or when a car has been legally parked for more than 72 hours; information law enforcement and meter maids have access to when calling a tow truck company. Mary Lovelace says she was working as an interior home improvement specialist when things got rough. "I was unable to continually look for work once they put the boot on my car," said Lovelace. Lovelace says some of the parking tickets she received were for being parked in places she wasn't. She's not alone. "I went to try to register my car last year and was shocked to discover that I had over $1,600-worth of unpaid parking ticket fines on my vehicle," said Diane Tober. If the bill passes, two dozen statutory grounds for towing cars will remain in-tact. "Towing should be used for traffic flow and public safety reasons, not to push poor people further into poverty," said Chiu. Chiu says enforcement mechanisms will remain to ensure Californians who are able to afford to pay parking tickets and registration fees still do. AB 516 is expected to be heard in policy committee in April. RESOURCE LINK
  21. A man was critically injured and traffic was diverted for hours after a crash early Tuesday morning in Allen Park. The incident occurred at about 5 a.m. while the motorist, driving a Chevrolet pickup truck, was traveling east on the I-94 Freeway, at the Southfield ramp. According to Fire Chief Douglas LaFond, a flatbed tow truck had just loaded a disabled vehicle when the motorist struck the tow truck at a high rate of speed. The tow truck driver and the woman who was driving the disabled minivan were not injured. “He ran into the truck and a concrete embankment,” LaFond said. “He was still alive, but was in pretty rough shape.” LaFond said it took firefighters close to 45 minutes to extricate the victim from the crumpled truck, using the Jaws of Life. The truck had to be cut apart in order to make it possible for rescuers to get him out. He was taken to a nearby hospital as a “Priority 1,” the most serious category of injured victims. LaFond said the victim is a male in his 20s. The ramp was closed for approximately three hours during the morning rush hour, until the crash scene could be cleared. RESOURCE LINK
  22. Stilltowin

    Busy night!!!!

    Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in October of 2012. Got the call, a tanker had rolled into a ditch after hitting 2 cows. I just got there and got out of my truck to look it over and what do you know another truck rolls into a ditch after it tries to take a shortcut. Recovered 2nd truck and coil while the tanker was being pumped out! Latta said: OMG, you lost your under reach LOL. Nice jobs, and a good looking truck! It's awesome being able to low pull off your outriggers. wrecker phil said: Two in one night in the same place, and you got both jobs!! Some one is looking down on you!! Maybe you should do the lotto??
  23. Topic Created on Tow411 in April of 2017: Used a series 30 LCG career. Forgot to get a pick of it loaded. But it was a success got it out with out any damage to trees/building and fence. Thanks for looking Sent from my iPhone using the Tow411 mobile app deprone said: You ain't kidding about a tight spot. Good job getting that out of there.
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