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  2. Found these on Ebay... Before After
  3. Well what I have seen and heard about the NH Tow show it looked amazing. Wish I could have attended but there is always next year. Hat off to everyone that makes it happen great job. Our industry really appreciates it 47 years of commitment.. Add Your Review Here...
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  5. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in March of 2014: These pics are of our old 79 KW that Dad built new in 79. It was a glider kit with a 350 Detroit and 13speed. Hubbard put the bed on new in Farmland, In. The truck payed for itself in the 1st 2 years of operation. It was a monster in it's time and still is. A competitor has the wrecker on a newer Freightliner. It is still a sling truck. Hot Rod Motorsports said: I run 2 now. 77 Peterbilt 359 with a "30 Ton" more like 40 with a Z-30 Zacklift, and a 94 Freightliner Classic with an "upsized 30 ton" that I would call a 50. The boom is longer and "sleeved, as well as having beefed up legs and crossbar. Nothing winches like an old Hubbard. Pulled out a loaded fuel semi the other night. Buried 16" deep in the median. 1 double line. No fuss. Per Wreckmaster data, it would have been around a 100K pull.
  6. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in February of 2014: Here is my 77 Pete, all updated and on the road. This is a true survivor with no rust! This truck started life in Texas as a road tractor hauling pipe, bought in April 0f 80 by Allied Gardens Towing out of San Diego, back thru St. Louis, two stops in Mississippi, now I have it in Indiana. It had the Hubbard installed in Farmland, In. in 1980. I grew up with Hubbard wreckers and when I found it in August of 2013 I knew it was meant to be. The truck and wrecker were in remarkably good condition, We updated with a new Z-30 Zacklift, new hoses, pumps, some seal repairs, paint, interior, and misc.chrome and goodies. It has a 350 Cummins with 13 speed on air ride. The truck has had very good maint. over the years as well as mechanical updates. Drives and rides excellent and The Hubbard is still in a class of it's own for winching and recovery. We have had it out 12 times. 1st call was a loaded grain semi around 100k in the ditch nearly on it's side. The leg and teeth dug some grooves in the road, but the semi yielded to the pull. Scott Graham, Graham's Wrecker Service, Franklin, In. since 1929. Sirknucklehead said: Beautiful truck, I love seeing the older iron still going strong. Awesome restoration, thanks for sharing. wreckerman05 said: man-thats a thing of beauty---good work and looks like a truck that gets-r-done---Id be proud of this one ,sure you are--- michael212 said: I normally don't care for "modern" colors on tow trucks. But I have to say this one looks really nice! Good job on getting it back in service! Michael Myers 253.588.1757 ext 150 Hot Rod Motorsports said: Thanks! I tried to strike a balance and keep it retro, with lighting, trim, etc. I also have a 1988 square body Chevy little wrecker that is the same scheme. Steve Bischop from Allied Gardens told me it was silver with blue and teal stripes with Gold Leaf lettering in 1980 when they built it.. I did in fact find those colors. It was changed to Red in the mid to late 80's and was that way till last year. My fleet is all painted this way. I have a hot rod background and my Great Grand Dads trucks were orange. So........ Ben said: Beautiful truck thanks for sharing the pictures.Those Hubbards were beasts whatever you hooked on to was coming with you. Sirknucklehead said: I want to see some more pictures of the old chevy? truck that's on the rollback in the parade picture. Hot Rod Motorsports said: It is back in the shed. When we get it out, I will post some. It is a "clone" of the truck my Dad rode in with my Great Grand Dad Olen Graham. I have an old Graham car he used to pull in parades. It does work. Has a 250 6cyl. with a 4bbl. Holley and header. It sounds cool. We used to do the whole "How many tow trucks can a tow truck tow" deal in parades.My wife can recite the book! Longest train was 300'. Problem is you can't seem to keep the kids feet out of the street along the curbs, so we scaled back to 2 hauling one. We usually throw out t-shirts or bags. We have 3 or 4 parades a year in Franklin. Sirknucklehead said: Sounds good, can't wait to see some pics of it, my favorite old truck is that style
  7. More Images: Danny Cassello said: wow, some parts look like a Holmes but yet I do not believe it is. I would guess possibly a Stringfellow wrecker unit. michael212 said: Nice! I'm not sure what it is. It could be a early Ashton or Canfield unit? It appears to mostly be all there which is a good sign. Are there any riveted on data plates that are still on the unit? maybe post some photos of the winch and boom winch. That might give a idea depending on the design. Michael Myers 253.588.1757 ext 150 kynick said: Possibly No-Mar Nick Schade Original Post Creator Added: This is the only identifying marking I could find "Tennessee USA" stamped on the inside of one of the mast pillars. Main winch Looking over the main winch at one of the boom winches. Spanky over on stovebolt said he thought it looked to be assembled from different units, maybe an Ashton mast, Stringfellow Booms, and a Hubbard service body. I've been looking at a lot of images, and the booms with the center boom is most like a Canfield than any I've ever seen. But I've only seen one image of a Canfield and it wasn't very detailed. But to me it looks like a Canfield is a better fit than a Holmes. I've not seen any Holmes with this boom configuration. I haven't been able to see any definitive images of an Ashton or Hubbard wrecker, or a Stringfellow for that matter. I wasn't able to locate any images of a No-Mar or Nomar that looks like this. The Nomar double booms that I was able to find hooked into the very bottom of the masts. This setup is near the center of the masts. The masts of the Nomars I was able to see were also much thicker, square and heavier duty than this mast. If you could find some pictures to compare that would be helpful. shelbart said: it looks like rube goldberg had something to do with it. mm212 said: looks like it used to be a holmes, but someone took the winches out.
  8. This Quality unit belongs to none other than Quality Towing & Service Center. Let us Build one for you.
  9. Sorry it moved those last two picks out of order on me & won't allow me to edit it....I love technology.....
  10. The driver made his way through a very tight driveway to fill the propane tank of a customer...and incidentally found the homeowner's septic tank which is never good... You can see where the wrecker was sitting. One look at the driveway and I knew I would never fit back to where he was... If I had known, I would of taken the smaller truck... 70% on.... It didn't even look like a driveway! Not sure if the trees are supposed to be on the inside of the truck? Got back as far as I could and pulled rope from there... I needed 1 high line to minimize the resistance & another pulling the unit from the rear out of the hole. All that rigging for literally 20 seconds of recovery. Once I rocked the truck to the side, it popped right out of the hole like planned.... Other then the obvious fragrance of nature...no damage to the truck. The septic tank? Not so much... Overall, a tough situation. the driver had no way of knowing the tank was there with the customer's "Italian Yard".... It's a summer home and they probably don't deliver to it often. if it were me, I would back in to the site so it wouldn't happen but that's me...
  11. Eddie grabbed this one this morning.... Wrapped up in a few minutes...then a beauty shot...LoL
  12. Eddie had this one the other day. Using their "sling" attachment so it was manageable... looks heavy but actually a 4200 w/ a VT365 & it was empty....felt like a typical 1 ton pick up on the back....
  13. I don't know about you guys...But I hate towing buses... These actually aren't too bad but I guess I just like to hear myself bitch...LoL This was the second one this week for a coolant leak. I wish I could do them from the rear but they lean terribly... this is 1 I did a few weeks ago and I didn't have a choice (obviously). But their driveway entrance is tough and it's hard enough gowing from the front.
  14. Randall it's been all regular customers that we have done and nobody has said anything negative about it. I feel better...not invincible...LoL, but better when I'm working with it.
  15. Just bought the truck few months ago in Texas it’s a 2016 Freightliner M2 tractor package Cummins 6.7 Allison auto air break air ride 96k Miles chevron 512t integrated back has stiff legs new tires all around new rear drums and shoes has Cummins extended warranty up to 200k , has in cab controls wired remote also and in dash navigation and backup camera any questions call 917-415-5764 price is $98500
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  17. 2012 Peterbilt 388 - Color: Mocha / Galaxy Blue 2010 ISX2 500 HP - Eaton Fuller 18 Speed Transmission - Mileage: 253,652 mi Sliding 5th Wheel, 3 Position - Black Cloth Interior - A/C - Power Steering Air Ride Suspension - FA: 13,200 lbs - RA: 20,000 lbs - Aluminum Wheels - 53″ Sleeper Drive Tires: 255/70R 22.5″- Steer Tires: 295/60R 22.5″ 2012 Cottrell CX-7 - Color: Blue
  18. It was a beautiful day in Myrtle Beach at the Myrtle Beach Tow Show!
  19. This data was obtained from NASCAR.com Pos Fav Driver Manu Best Time Time Behind Best Speed 1 14 Clint Bowyer 118.794 LEADER 136.371 2 18 Kyle Busch 118.971 -0.177 136.168 3 4 Kevin Harvick 119.058 -0.264 136.068 4 3 Austin Dillon 119.314 -0.520 135.776 5 19 Martin Truex Jr. 120.334 -1.540 134.625 6 6 Ryan Newman 120.383 -1.589 134.570 7 20 Erik Jones 120.405 -1.611 134.546 8 48 Jimmie Johnson 120.660 -1.866 134.262 9 12 Ryan Blaney 120.892 -2.098 134.004 10 22 Joey Logano 121.584 -2.790 133.241 11 9 Chase Elliott 121.978 -3.184 132.811 12 11 Denny Hamlin 122.125 -3.331 132.651 13 10 Aric Almirola 123.814 -5.020 130.841 14 2 Brad Keselowski 124.059 -5.265 130.583 15 1 Kurt Busch 128.176 -9.382 126.389 This grid is crap. But I can't find a grid on Motorsport.com.
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