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  2. Glad to here a Tow Op Has Survived an Horrific Crash. Thankfully nothing was broken and he just needs time to heal from being sore.
  3. She can ROT IN THERE... The punishment should fit the degree of injury. A more liberal state however may have already released her.
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  5. If it is not equipped with a front suction or discharge pipe, you should be able to frame fork it with ease. Not to jinx you, But I have had 50/50 results with fire apparatus through the years. Some are as simple as any other rig and others have caused some serious grief for me.. As far as airing it up, I cant for the life of me remember what brand of apparatus it was but there may be an access panel inside the drivers door step that has both air connections on valved glad hands behind it. Might of been the old Mack cf series.. I cant remember,,, sucks getting old... LOL Good luck with it, Hoping it turns out to be a drama and B.S. free deal for you.
  6. Are they many Fords In Hungry?
  7. Welcome Back Nate, now that the board is attracting past Tow411 members maybe it'll be more active.
  8. I've just tuned out, main stream media puts this guy on a pedestal. He must have already had in dropped in his head. Remind me how many covid patients he actually sent into NY nursing homes to infect others. What was the death rate in New York, did they say 34,000+ and 24,000+ in New York City alone. That's like 10% of the entire country, just in NYC and this guy gets an award.... REALLY now we know how the election went the way it did.
  9. Welcome back this new towforce continues to grow more and more every time I get to log in. Gonna have to make it back in daily. ENJOY
  10. Seems I am a day late on the T-Shirts, what can I say we're busy getting ready to be busy. List Top 10 Clubs 1. GEICO 2. TESLA 3. NSD 4. AAA 5. HONK 6. ALLSTATE 7. AGERO 8. QUEST 9. SWOOP 10. ALLIED
  11. Grumps, that's about what my last set looked like! A good friend and former co-worker gifted me a brand new set a couple years back (I think simply as gratitude for showing him the true usefulness of skates when doing PPI's) so I gave my old set to another co-worker who was just starting out. They came in handy shortly afterwards when he had a brand new Escalade parked on moon rock sealed asphalt, steering cut and locked so that it would immediately roll into the vehicle parked next to it. He called me and said, "What do I do?" Told him, "Lift it from the back, strap the tires, and get those skates! Pull it straight out and keep going until you have room to flip around and grab it from the front, then throw your dollies on the rear." It came out of the spot like magic. : ) The only downside I see to the design is once they get chewed up, it becomes difficult to snap them together for a wide skate. The way I use them is just on 2 tires at a time, so I try to keep them snapped together as 2 wide ones all the time. Every now and then I'll break them apart for various reasons like cribbing up slammed cars in conjunction with go-jaks, to make clearance for getting the dolly bars under. Richard
  12. From Geri Roskopf's Blog My husband and I recently lost what I call the cornerstones of the family – my husband’s mom and dad, who I also consider my mom and dad. It’s been less than three months since mom passed, and while dad had heart health issues, we truly believe he passed away from a broken heart. Like most family owned and run businesses, my in-laws had two important relationships, one being their marriage and the other as business partners. They lived their faith in all aspects of their lives, and family was everything to them. They ran their RV business with integrity and were respected and trusted in the community. We were so blessed to have them both as mentors when we started our own towing business. How lucky we were to be able to just make a phone call to ask for advice. As I took a rose from the spray of flowers on my father-in-law’s casket, it hit me as to what that rose symbolized. Life is full of thorns, but filled with immense beauty. A quote from Kahlil Gibran seems to sum up an important lesson learned from my in-laws: “The optimist sees the rose and not its thorns – the pessimist stares at the thorns, oblivious to the rose.” With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I encourage you to let your parents know you love and appreciate them, and please, take time to smell the roses. View the full article and more on TowTimes.com
  13. It does not run, bought recently locally & broke down where it sits. I hope to be able to run air & pull shaft on scene without drama, forking from the front sounds like the way to go if the rails are not covered with fire dept doodads:)
  14. I'm working with a 1985 Challenger Model No. H6800T, 25 Ton wrecker and am seeking a copy of its Owner's Manual. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  15. It will probably be air braked and a auto trans being that vintage so caging will definitley be needed unless it is aired up or you can start it of course. There isnt really all too much to grab ahold of in the rear due to the step, water tank and booster reel in the back so you will probably be better off getting her from the front. Now depending on how far you have to tow it to the ferry at what speed would determine if I pull the shaft or not. inside 5 miles at less than 30 mph I would grab n go then maybe pop it out during the ferry ride. Anymore than that I would pull it right away. I will say this is the first time I have heard of a fire truck being impounded. Lol
  16. Looks like I am sending 4 T-Shirts out this week. Each of you that have responded to this topic will receive a T-Shirt in the mail within the next week. Inbox me your size and mailing address. Thanks for being among the first to participate. Each week we will choose at least one responder to receive a T-Shirt.
  17. The "Motor Vehicle Code" states that it is my responsibility to clean up all of the debris, fluids & injurious substances....that's what I do. Sometimes they bicker but in reality they need to cover it. Usually the resistance comes from an adjuster that has "all the answers" but we typically try to deal with the claims department directly. We don't give these invoices to salvage pools or body shops.
  18. I cant imagine the driver didn't know it was there. Then again, they now issue Automatic Only CDL's.
  19. Very Professional. Does the insurance give you a hard time if they did not request this service?
  20. I used to drive trucks out in the city, don't miss that a bit. Be Safe
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