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  1. Another Tragic Accident that should have never happened. Thoughts are with his family.
  2. Oh No, it's either spreading or we're hearing about these more!
  3. Any Update on the Tow Truck Drivers condition. I am assuming they were one the the injured.
  4. I wanna look that spry at 92 - - - Not sure I'll make it to 92 - - -
  5. You did good Grasshopper, write it off as training. LOL
  6. Hope to see the build pics, I know I've seen Kevin Goodyear is on Facebook. But, I decided to take a break from there as it takes way too much of my time. I check in here every few days to catch up, just don't want tower down emails.
  7. It gets ugly really fast... I'm sure the van driver had to check himself as he just barely got out of the way.
  8. I hope you find more association leaders, I just haven't seen many posting in awhile.
  9. I'm not passing judgement as I've had those days when it's really cold and you just want to get the hell out of there. But, you soon realize this is what happens when you rush and do not use proper skills.
  10. Looks Good and Priced Right. Got One similar to it and wish I had reason for another one. Business has dropped off, need the weather to decide what it is going to do.
  11. He Got er Done. But that's not how I would have Done It.... Now what, he's going to approach what got potentially be an unstable vehicle to reposition the chains. Far too many options to have Done It this way..!
  12. Matt, Thank you for doing your part to raise awareness. If every state were to make sure this in your face style reporting continues. Just maybe we can prevent a tow operators death. I say that knowing that it is much more difficult to reach those that are killing us.
  13. That's a true industry leader to come out at night to lend guidance and experience to a recovery. Daniel your growth over the past decade has been so enlightening and should serve as a beacon to those questioning their limits. Keep your limits in check and you'll be the one offering an expanded knowledge soon enough.
  14. How do you like it so far Mike? Where is DragNTow?
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