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  1. Our thoughts are with them... what a great testament that the tow truck may be beat up, it appears repairable and no one was injured in the companies building. If we were closer, we would surely send anything they require to get back to servicing their customers. I'm sure many were also effected glad we rarely see a tornado.
  2. WE bought from Chris at a show a few years back. I think he has just start Prime, he never came on the Tow411 or TowForce so we went back to our old supplier. I'll ask if we have an order and let you know. As a side note we bought from Best when they became a sponsor. I see they are no longer a sponsor in the side bar. I think I know why!!! Hope you can do better at getting orders out.
  3. Hey, Jess glad to see you back in the house. This place is even better than Tow411 and even though I have not had time to login. I find that is is as busy as ever. Hoping more of the old group take the time to login. Yeah, I lurked a few times. But, I like to log in when I get time and click on unread content to catchup...
  4. Welcome to TowForce, the only message board in the industry.
  5. This was framed and has been hanging in the dispatch office hallway for several years.
  6. Can't fault a driver for trying to better themselves. If we have a driver that is getting burnt out, I want that driver to know they an talk it over. If they leave on good terms, then sure we'll welcome them back. Only one thing their going to start at the bottom and work themselves out. We once had a Heavy Duty Operator that left and wanted to come back a year later and jump back in a Heavy. We didn't have a truck available. When towed he would have to accept a medium duty and run a heavy when needed till something changed. He got mad and left, only to learn two months later we added another
  7. It takes motivation, that's what build the industry. How many Wrecker Drivers back in the early days were High School Grads. We require only because we find those that will work to get their GED have a desire those that will not go for it do not have. But, we give anyone that made it past the 10th grade a opportunity. Everyone quit is the senior year. They have one year to get their GED. Those that decide not to leave within a few months.Hope when this young man gets going he finishes his education with a GED. In time you understand what it means "PRIDE of Accomplishment". We still hear from t
  8. Ed, I'd say you're getting to use that plow this week.
  9. Welcome, it's a long cold night so I got some time to catch up around here. TowForce is a great resource to the industry.
  10. We don't talk to George anymore and he doesn't show up as much. It all started with an old van we impounded. It was full of tools and when we scraped the van we kept the tools. Some of the tools come up missing only to be found either in the shop or out in the yard where the van sat for over a year. We began placing those tools in their own box and wrote George on the Lid. Sure wish he would do some work around here.
  11. That smell hangs around far too long... Clean every thing and change clothes and people still ask if the truck is on fire hours later.
  12. Sorry for your loss sir, everyone seems to have really liked you dad. I want to talk to mine some days, but he has been passed several years now. I check on mom everyday, she's going strong and staying in during covid. Luckily it is winter or she would want out and we couldn't stop her. Rest In Peace Dominick you've done your time well.
  13. Welcome.. enjoy there is generations of knowledge here.
  14. Keys Stay in the car and I have begun taking pictures of them as well as the vehicle.
  15. NICE... Thanks for the excellent Narrative. We used to see this regularly on TowForce. Most on Facebook just post pictures and no description. I stopped paying any attention to those as the replies are soulless for the most part. I prefer the professional replies here. Keep them coming, as I notice others joining in. I'll try to get some images of our next recovery, lately with covid it has been just shop tows and fender benders. If this keeps up I'm down to one or two trucks.
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