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  1. Such a tragic accident, leaves one to wonder the cause. Thoughts and Prayers to the Family, Friends and others involved.
  2. I have to say the video in the news story really got to me. I could see one of our drivers family going out to the scene. SAD, Four Loving Children and a Wife who deeply cared for her entire family are now without a father and husband. Does anyone know if they have apprehended the Hit & Run Driver?
  3. I congratulate Chuck on what he has built. However, I do not see this as being the right time to brag about your successes when most tow companies which are your customers are coming out of a down economy brought on by covid-19 and a political climate which has destroyed many small businesses. Many small tow businesses built ITD and recognition of that seems to be lacking in this video. Maybe I just need to go watching it again or I just need to sell out, buy a motor home and travel.
  4. Sadness runs deep with each tow operator that is struck and killed.
  5. I never allow the customer to stand or walk near the roadway. I always direct them away from traffic as soon as I arrive on scene and our drivers are taught to do the same for everyone's safety. There had to be a breakdown in standard precautions someplace. Obviously we do not have all the details and we may never have them. Everyone reading this should go over this with your drivers NOW. Do Not Wait...
  6. Everyone should be watching those they live and work with for the sign of depression. The change of seasons can make this much worse and you could be their life line. Don't know what to say, just talk. They'll tell you they are fine, but they often are not and it's a face they put on. They are really hurting inside... I don't like to talk about it but I lost an employee to suicide. Sadly he took his life in the rear of our stock room one day. Didn't leave a note, we didn't notice the signs until we reflected and the last couple of weeks. He was working long hours and his wife said he wasn't sleeping when he did come home. He thought he might be drinking again but there weren't any clues of alcohol and he never did drugs. We think it might have been PTSD as he had served in the military when he was much younger. His wife said his mom and close relatives said he just wasn't the same after he was honorably discharged. Have you known or do you currently know someone like this who might be suffering. Pick Up The Phone and Call Them! Even if you don't think they are at risk. It was too quiet and not much going on. We always think about, If only one of us in the office had stepped out in the shop that day!
  7. Anyone know what the turning radius is on one of these country limos?
  8. Why does it seem there is an increasing number of drivers being struck by hit & run drivers. I would suppose it is related to the increased number of DUI's we are towing more overdoses as of late then drunken drivers. Speedy Recovery to this lucky driver, I say lucky as in he will survive to tow another day following a recovery period.
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RON... Been a Busy week, keep up the good work, towforce is certainly growing. No better place for towing industry information on social media.
  10. Just missed to 50 Off code this year. I'll renew before the end of the month. This new venue is well worth supporting, I encourage others to fund it. NOTHING IS FREE even though seems a customer every day thinks we can tow for little to no profit. Gets me that a business owner thinks we're money alot of money. I explained to a local business owner the other day all the expenses related to my business. He had no idea the cost of towing was so high. He thought is was all labor and fuel. He didn't factor in all the other expenses and had no idea how much more our insurance is over his company trucks.
  11. That truck is looking good and the bed appears low enough to mount the dollies on the bed. Doing that would give is an even better look. You might look into either used mounts if anyone has them or investing in the new swing out dolly mounts. We really like ours as they have gotten the dollies out of the bunks which caused all kinds of issues. If I had a driver that could not handle the dollies, I would likely use enclosed dolly bunks instead of the open ones. Does anyone know how much water gets in them and do they freeze up. That was a major issue in the winter. As for the L Arms you can FAB your own mounts and I would add a method to lock them down. A mount for the tow bar should be even easier to make up. Looking Good Keep Us Updated on your Progress.......
  12. To all those in the path of this Hurricane, you will remain in our thought's. If you have not already, move you people a equipment to higher ground and seek shelter. You can't help anyone later if you lose your equipment and you're people are an even greater asset. God Bless!
  13. Very Good Company, but doesn't always return phone calls.
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