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  1. Grumps, hope you get back to the track soon. It's just keeps raining here.... We have not sponsored or raced a car in years. Nephew asked if I would help him put a car in the demo derby this year, he wanted to do it last year. Then Covid and no go... I got an old chevy wagon in the back I wanted to do something with. Problem it is has sat far to long and too much rot, think it'll work if we can get it running. Anyone run Demo Derby, it'll been years and I think the rules have change. Might call him in this weekend, we got till August to get it together or he has till August.
  2. "it is possible to think you are covered and not be." Going through a topic like this on Tow411 several years ago we checked with our agent. Actually had to have them actually go over it with us and we found that it needed a couple of changes which only added a few dollars. I would have thought these policies were standard or the agent would know what to look for when writing them. She said it's like having earth quake coverage on your home owner even if you are not in a region prone to them. I added that for a few dollars as well and so far no trembles. But, was told there is a fa
  3. Our thought's are with the both of them as they fight to recover from such a horrific accident.
  4. Good Lord!!! Is that guy still around?
  5. Great Looking Unit... You guys are certainly my go to next time we add a new unit. We are hoping that happens before the end of the year, as business is picking up
  6. Thanks for Sharing and Caring! I get material for our driver meeting from Towforce and I now have another source...
  7. Our Drivers know better then to drop on another property and not secure the keys properly. We've been down this road before, but I will bring it up in our next driver meeting.
  8. Happy Heavenly Birthday "DALE" Gone but not forgotten....
  9. As Long as the Pay the Tow Charges. Well, I would play along with there Video Prank... Going to show it to my guys in case this should become some trend, though I doubt it. I tell them the Customer is Always Right, just Agree and We'll Work It out Later...
  10. A Positive Tow Operator Story amongst a field to less than desirable tow companies. Actually there are more good companies out there. It's just that one bad one makes us all look bad. I've been following some of the tow truck Youtubes. Wow, where are these guys and did they just jump in a Tow Truck one day and start hookin cars with little to no training. We used to call them Rookies, I suppose we could call them Rooks for Life, since some are also Crooks... Leo Ritter, You're A Hero!!! At least you are to A Son and A Mother in Heaven. While this may not qualify as a Hero Award it
  11. I thought the Vid would be a Negative, seems more like a Neutral.
  12. Has it really gotten worse or are we just taking note of it more?
  13. Thoughts and Prayers, there simply are not enough of them in these topics anymore.
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