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  1. This needs to be the setting all across the country on the same night. We need are own march for roadside safety and remembrance of those murdered by careless drivers.
  2. Welcome to the most informative place on the net for those in towing. There are 100's no 1000's of combined years of experience here. There are no dumb questions only questions not answered.
  3. I don't blame them, just look at what has occurred to Truck Drivers as Lawlessness seems to continue across our nation. Would you want to have to make a choice to run someone over or be attacked. That's a much harder choice then anyone watching the videos of those tragic events realizes. It's often a split second decision. Are you prepared to make that decision, has your company talked about this with the ones in harms way?
  4. We get them all the time and that's a bad one. Thankfully no one was hurt as many would have lost control and wrecked. Did they say if they saw it coming?
  5. Good to see you back in a truck Jason, just shows how hard it is to break the addiction...
  6. Did any Tow Companies get caught up in or delayed on the Gold Gate Bridge? Where you called for service? I cannot understand why such delays are being permitted. Interstate Commerce has been such a concern for many years and a blocked roadway can cost a towing company money. Yet, this is Fine?
  7. That's Not Many, Seems There are more members scared to add a reply. Come on in I don't bite! Though, I might Kick Ya if you don't reply... I Know you are reading this!!! and by the way are you a TowForce Supporter? "CAUSE I AM"
  8. We Use Straps! You don't know where that female receptor has been. Has it been damage in a previous encounter "A WRECK". Has it had a Male that Didn't Fit inserted. You just don't know and there in lies a huge liability and Yes we did go by the training and use them at first until the concerns where raised and we found we would be liable for those preexisting damages. I'll take the chances doing it old school...
  9. That's a hard hit, drivers got to be feeling that for a week or so.
  10. Been Keeping a Light On All Weekend for All Tow Ops which are in an Unusual Sorta Harms Way...
  11. That's really nice, will you transport it back when finished?
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