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  1. Thought's and Prayer's, have not seen as many details as released in other Tower Down reports.
  2. Is there an update on the Tow Operator who was not injured?
  3. ARIZONA, What is your take on the 2020 Election Audit? Anyone else want to see the Political forum back in the forum line up? YouTube is creating numerous content creators... This is a New one on me and while he discusses other states, AZ is at the start of the video.
  4. Sounds like something more state association should be doing on the same day.
  5. That's some serious damage as well as distance between vehicles.
  6. Unintentional Hero! Yeah, let's leave it at that... Insurance does not feel the same as the public does about it. In this case they would need to prove intent over possible confusion.
  7. Welcome to the Best Place to Talk Tow Trucks and Towing! I know I feel the New Force every time I get in here and hope you do too!
  8. Good to hear the tow truck driver was not injured. Could have been much worse had there been a passenger and the vehicles were not properly secured. Just one of the many reasons we do our best to discourage riders. Bad enough when one of us is injured even worse when it is someone else. This is not the old days anymore, got raise the bar....
  9. I can see how it became INTENSE.... VOTE THE WHOLE LOT OF THEM OUT OF OFFICE! Also, I;m not sure the tow company did anything wrong. I just think it's either a corrupt system or a seriously mismanaged system. I know there used to be at least a couple of those towers in that room who were on Tow411. Is anyone here that was there?
  10. Imagine that in California.... Wonder how many tow trucks have been or are being used like this by smugglers.
  11. Yep, I think there is still a bed out in the lot behind the trailer. We worked that truck till it couldn't work anymore. The Rust got both the cab and chassis, not to mention the Aatac Wrecker which we patched up continuously. I have to say for what we paid for it and the negative comments some left. The truck more than paid for itself and then some on tough back road recoveries where we didn't care if it got scratched or damaged. I'd be interested if anyone still has an Aatac in use?
  12. I need to check this off my list this year. Did I see where I could bring my office manager with me? Also, where the the RBU Testimonial topic I saw awhile back?
  13. Welcome Haley, TowForce has certainly come to life this year. I even check in more often to catch up. Thanks Ron and Chris for making this place great again.
  14. Many of us have benefited for these Service Patrol Units where available. Granted we don't find ourselves in that area much. However, when we are they always seem to already be there or find us... They say they are dispatched to stranded motorists using the cameras along the roadways.
  15. I like looking at these older posts, keep digging them up the screen names bring back memories.
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