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  1. Glad to here a Tow Op Has Survived an Horrific Crash. Thankfully nothing was broken and he just needs time to heal from being sore.
  2. She can ROT IN THERE... The punishment should fit the degree of injury. A more liberal state however may have already released her.
  3. Are they many Fords In Hungry?
  4. Welcome Back Nate, now that the board is attracting past Tow411 members maybe it'll be more active.
  5. I've just tuned out, main stream media puts this guy on a pedestal. He must have already had in dropped in his head. Remind me how many covid patients he actually sent into NY nursing homes to infect others. What was the death rate in New York, did they say 34,000+ and 24,000+ in New York City alone. That's like 10% of the entire country, just in NYC and this guy gets an award.... REALLY now we know how the election went the way it did.
  6. Welcome back this new towforce continues to grow more and more every time I get to log in. Gonna have to make it back in daily. ENJOY
  7. Seems I am a day late on the T-Shirts, what can I say we're busy getting ready to be busy. List Top 10 Clubs 1. GEICO 2. TESLA 3. NSD 4. AAA 5. HONK 6. ALLSTATE 7. AGERO 8. QUEST 9. SWOOP 10. ALLIED
  8. Randy, I just said that in reply to a Hino chassis forum video Micko starred in. Seems few really are really chasing a desire to fully retire these days. Of course some of us actually can't afford to totally retire.
  9. Where do you get one of those. My daughter can do it but she chose a different path away from towing. Although she's been helping her momma the past couple of months since see's been off due to the covid. Starts back to work Monday, we'll just see about that.....
  10. Admitted Dog Lover Here! That is as long as the tail is wagging and I don't see teeth. That changes things and the dog can ride in the car. But, most often I'd prefer the dog with me and the customer ride in the car. The reasons vary and know I don't actually make the customer ride in the car. Although no one is riding with me these days. Except maybe my own dog, but not that often.
  11. Hey, Mick is looking good. Wondered what he was doing these days. Figured he might have retired someplace. Seems salesmen just keep on working these days. A friend just went part time at age 72 figures he'll do that another 7 or 8 years. Says he ain't got nothing else to do and if he stops now he might not live long. That's a kinda devotion.
  12. Those were good, first time I have seen them. It seems John is really getting into doing these.
  13. Thanks for sharing the video Ron, I had to pull to the side of the road to watch it. Really touching to see such a turnout and likely the most I've see on a live by the end I think it reached 1.3K I can only guess the lives on Monday will draw even more. Please no more fallen tow operators this year. Actually, I continue to pray never another lose their life. But, that prayer has yet to be answered.
  14. Such a tragic accident, leaves one to wonder the cause. Thoughts and Prayers to the Family, Friends and others involved.
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