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    Hello everyone. I'm Jay Grant I was in tow411 before the upgrade. I work for Shiver's Towing in Oxford ms
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    Hello, All I am a new member here. I am with All American Towing Inc. Louisville, KY. I am a lifer in the towing industry.
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    Wonder if the tow truck business had driven him to drinking????
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    Welcome to #TeamRenegade best autoloader on the market!
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    In 9 months we have passed the 2000 Member Mark and met our goal for this point. The next Goal is 4000 members within the first 3 months of next year. Then 6000 Members by this time next year and 8000 by 2020. All verified members! Now if 1 in 5 of our Guests would join we could accelerate that pace! Please Join TowForce Today! The New Force in the Towing Industry by the Towing Information Network. Thanks
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    This recovery turned in to quite a nice job for us....a real adventure! The equipment sat at our place for a while till they determined what they were going to do. The truck was picked up by Copart & taken 35 mi away to their salvage pool. The trailer sat for 5 or 6 weeks in our storage until they totaled it. It was 2 weeks old & $73,000! We don't allow companies to work on our property & this wasn't just a hook and go so...Copart unhappily had to pay our rates to deliver it to their facility... As said, we were paid for the recovery & truck storage when it was picked up but the insurance company had it re appraised. They came to the mid $30's and couldn't total it since it was a $63,000 truck! So they contacted us & requested if we would be interested in repairing it. We just started our body shop a few weeks before this and my original intention was for doing commercial work...not insurance so much. But after seeing the estimate we decided to jump in! The truck was written for a complete frame swap and everything OEM so I figured lets do it... About 30 min in while we cleaned out the bed and found our 1st supplement...the bed floor was buckled due to the hitch... So that added another $5 grand to the already high estimate. We put the truck in our mechanic shop while the body shop worked on painting components. Lifted the cab/front clip off the chassis and then removed the engine/transmission/transfer case as 1 piece with a wrecker... Palletized the drivetrain & set out of the way. This made the swap work much easier... Picking up the frame @ the dealer... The customer requested if we could paint his chassis because GM puts a wax based tar paint on them that comes off easy & rusts even easier... So we stripped the whole frame and primed/refinished it... My guys had it swapped in record time and then back to the body shop to get it's new suite... Hood had a little damage from the incident but they also got caught in a hail storm in Nebraska on their trip which hammered the heck out of it... In the end it came out like new or better... Just thought guys might like to see the rest of the story.... It was a big task but in the end a profitable job from start to finish!
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    More than a f#50, you need wheelbase. Longest truck wins for towing. Crew Cab or Extended cab, with a tunnel box 450/550 4500/5500 matches well with the hpl. I love my hpl / 1210d combo.
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    While there are thousands of successful flat tire changes as well as towed vehicles that occur every day in this country, every week there is also a fatality incident. This industry has a desire to be viewed as a profession. A profession does not allow or tolerate those who work amongst the ranks to be subject to serious injury or death as a part of the daily routine without taking methodical, logical, though out steps to control or eliminate the risk involved. This industry has failed miserably in taking the required steps to protect via education, advocacy. and policy to protect those who attempt to get the job done. This includes those who insure the industry, motor clubs, vehicle manufacturers, government agencies, company owners, and the employees themselves. Under NO circumstance should a vehicle undergo a tire change on the side of a highway, or be loaded for towing without a blocker vehicle in place to divert traffic. Yes, this is expensive, but what are the lives worth of those who have been needlessly slaughtered on the side of the road. I continue to observe more and more police departments in my area utilize fire/rescue to block a lane to shield their staff from distracted/impaired/HUA drivers (head up ass). When will the appropriate leadership representatives of this industry step up, demand, and implement change rather than eulogizing the victims?
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    All you need to do is adjust the magnetic stops on the boom and underlift. Below are instructions on how to make this happen.
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    Wonder if he was running the moonshine in cars being towed.
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    Are you ready? What's your Color?
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    Unloading our new Metro flatbeds getting ready to ship out to Michigan on Friday. This is a 22.5 ft Metro Tow Trucks FB-10 equipped with a 25,000 lb side puller. These beds are rated for a 20,000 lb payload. For more information on these beds and any of the Metro Tow Trucks Product line call me at 613-862-1625! Thanks Al Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
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    A few new things have gotten checked off my long list. We now have a SSL cert's on towforce.net, tow411.net, and tow.photos. So that " Not Secure" message in Chrome, Firefox or any other bowser will not be popping up any more. It will be showing the address's with https://. 😸 Along with being able to sign in with your Facebook, Google, Linkedin, and Twitter logins. you are about to signin with your microsoft login also. Moving to SSL has made those alot more reliable. We now have more payment options along with PayPal, I have added a new payment processor to the site for cards. We also now support Apple Pay and Google Pay for those bowsers/phones that can handle it. ✔️ Few little fix's here and there and thats all to report right now..... back to the road.
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    Congrats and a BIG THANK YOU to Greg Embrey, Greg's Towing! My firend, your repeat business is appreciated more than you will ever know! Thank you again!
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    Update: The concert was this weekend. Friday, Sat, and Sunday. We ended up having 2 DUI tows friday night. And two jump starts at the event. Over the course of the weekend we had a few crashes and impounds in the area, but none directly related to the event. It was a long, boring weekend for our guys just sitting and waiting. The event sold about half the the tickets they planned. The traffic, parking, shuttles, etc all went really well for a first time event. I was really impressed with how it all worked out. The down side was very little business for us. Our guys got to spend alot of time with the local fire, police, and state police, so just us being there was good for publicity.
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    Yesterday, the Spirit Ride convoy took a small detour off the highway to do a drive-by down main street and in front of Stagecoach Towing in memory of Jon Israel. I was the last tow truck in our convoy with Mike and Ilce Corbin behind me. From the Spirit Ride memorial ceremony in Carlsbad, California, Spirit Ride officially heads due-east and plans to be in Baltimore in November for the Tow Show. Safe travel prayers are with Mike and Ilce. R.
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    A Great weekend in the books, Thank you Jeff Martin, Bruce Campbell, Eric Fouquette and the WreckMaster and Big Wheels Towing organizations. We are taking home some great tools with us!
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    No. Forked the frame directly below body mount.
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    "post's picture of iPhone" Looks very efficient!
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    Hello My name is louis. I was a member of the old board but could not log in so here I am
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    Hi ALL, Just ordered my first truck/roll back and starting new company withing week or two with AAA, hopefully I will be getting some help from this valuable forum and members. Thanks, Singh
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    Thanks, Ill get to work on that:)
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    Nice looking truck, I can't wait to see it hooked to a stuck dump truck with half a dozen snatch blocks.
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    I was told that Ariens bought AW 2 or 3 years ago from Grainger and Zips bought AW from Ariens. I do not know that to be factual. I called there Mon. to order some parts and phone was answered by an automated system. I waited quite a while for a person to pick up and that lady asked my name and phone number and had to transfer me to tech support. I was on hold for quite a while and got frustrated and hung up. I did receive a call back from them quite a while later from their parts dept. By this time I had ordered my part from a different supplier. They apologized for the problem. I think they are having some huge growing pains with this merger, and are trying to get things to run smoothly. We have been a customer there for a long time and I will give them a chance again in the future when we need something. It is nice to talk to someone in there parts dept. when you have a question, because they do have a staff with a lot of knowledge and you get the correct answer.
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