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    Hello everyone. I'm Jay Grant I was in tow411 before the upgrade. I work for Shiver's Towing in Oxford ms
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    Welcome to #TeamRenegade best autoloader on the market!
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    Are you ready? What's your Color?
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    In 9 months we have passed the 2000 Member Mark and met our goal for this point. The next Goal is 4000 members within the first 3 months of next year. Then 6000 Members by this time next year and 8000 by 2020. All verified members! Now if 1 in 5 of our Guests would join we could accelerate that pace! Please Join TowForce Today! The New Force in the Towing Industry by the Towing Information Network. Thanks
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    Update: The concert was this weekend. Friday, Sat, and Sunday. We ended up having 2 DUI tows friday night. And two jump starts at the event. Over the course of the weekend we had a few crashes and impounds in the area, but none directly related to the event. It was a long, boring weekend for our guys just sitting and waiting. The event sold about half the the tickets they planned. The traffic, parking, shuttles, etc all went really well for a first time event. I was really impressed with how it all worked out. The down side was very little business for us. Our guys got to spend alot of time with the local fire, police, and state police, so just us being there was good for publicity.
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    Yesterday, the Spirit Ride convoy took a small detour off the highway to do a drive-by down main street and in front of Stagecoach Towing in memory of Jon Israel. I was the last tow truck in our convoy with Mike and Ilce Corbin behind me. From the Spirit Ride memorial ceremony in Carlsbad, California, Spirit Ride officially heads due-east and plans to be in Baltimore in November for the Tow Show. Safe travel prayers are with Mike and Ilce. R.
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    A Great weekend in the books, Thank you Jeff Martin, Bruce Campbell, Eric Fouquette and the WreckMaster and Big Wheels Towing organizations. We are taking home some great tools with us!
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    No. Forked the frame directly below body mount.
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    Thanks for watching as always LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE the HECK out of this video! ▻Support my channel-paypal.me/plazatowing (copy ...
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    Thanks for watching as always LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE the HECK out of this video! ▻Support my channel-paypal.me/plazatowing (copy ...
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    Hello My name is louis. I was a member of the old board but could not log in so here I am
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    Hi ALL, Just ordered my first truck/roll back and starting new company withing week or two with AAA, hopefully I will be getting some help from this valuable forum and members. Thanks, Singh
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    Llc or S corp only way to go, an llc is considered a seperate entity which means if for any reason your company gets sued they can only go after your LLC, otherwise your personal property/self will be in jeopardy. Llc only cost $200 and very easy to start up. Good luck
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    We were a regular (C) Corporation and had a separate DBA Leasing Co. that owns the real estate, & equipment, but recently my CPA had us changed to a Sub Chapter (S) Corporation.
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    I'd suggest that you run your "business operations" under one LLC/S-Corp and then a separate LLC/S-Corp as a "Holdings Group" that has the ownership to your property, such as real estate, trucks, equipment, etc. This method works extremely well, as long as you don't "puncture the corporate veil" and that you keep things separate, such as making sure that your "operating entity" makes "rent/lease" payments to your "holdings group". I'm not currently an attorney, nor do I represent to be one, but this has been a successful method for me.
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    We turn trucks over every 3 yrs. here, finance some and lease some. Not a financial guru so not speaking with great financial wisdom but, seems both are very similar in their payment structure, both will have early termination penalties but can be waved if you finance new equipment with same financial institute usually. Lease payment will include your state sales tax calculated on a monthly bases rather than having to pay a lump sum at purchase which will save a few thousand dollars over the course of the loan if equipment is turned over every 3 yrs. Lease payments can be wrote off as expense, however a loan payment you can write off interest and depreciation, just have to be careful not to take too much depreciation too quickly if you plan on trading in before end of loan because you will have to then pay back to IRS when you sell it (which your accountant will know). There is also a difference on the balance sheet as far as assets and this is about where knowledge gets cloudy but you do not own a leased truck so it is not an asset of the company I believe, where as a purchased truck is. To me the benefit of leasing is if you have good enough credit you can get them to set back 10-20% of the purchase price meaning at the end of the 6 yr.? lease you still owe 10-20% on the equipment which you must pay off before you own it but, what that does is lets you buy more truck for the payment you can afford or buy the truck you want for a smaller monthly payment allowing you to keep more cash in the company every month. If you are buying a heavy or something with a high price tag you are able to run the payment out a couple more yrs. if you redo the lease near the end to include that 10-20%. For us, a 6 yr. lease with a 20% buyout works great because at the 3 yr. mark we buy new. Say for example we purchase a 100k truck with 20% back we actually only make payments and pay tax on 80k for 3 yrs., at the end of the 3 yrs. the truck is usually worth just about exactly what we owe and we trade it in on a new one. We don't ever have any equity in a truck but that does not matter to us, in the end we are here to make money not own trucks. Good luck.
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    Get the hell out of the DBA as soon as you can. WAY too many reasons too be an S corp or an LLC and very few advantages to being a DBA. The obvious is liability, I wont tell you cuz im sure you know, but its the little things you might not think of.....mine was a divorce....I was a DBA and when I got served it was the beginning of almost the end of my towing company. Talk to a lawyer, trust me. thank me later. It's always when it comes at you from a direction you WERENT expecting it to come from that will get you.
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    Thanks, Ill get to work on that:)
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    Nice looking truck, I can't wait to see it hooked to a stuck dump truck with half a dozen snatch blocks.
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    I was told that Ariens bought AW 2 or 3 years ago from Grainger and Zips bought AW from Ariens. I do not know that to be factual. I called there Mon. to order some parts and phone was answered by an automated system. I waited quite a while for a person to pick up and that lady asked my name and phone number and had to transfer me to tech support. I was on hold for quite a while and got frustrated and hung up. I did receive a call back from them quite a while later from their parts dept. By this time I had ordered my part from a different supplier. They apologized for the problem. I think they are having some huge growing pains with this merger, and are trying to get things to run smoothly. We have been a customer there for a long time and I will give them a chance again in the future when we need something. It is nice to talk to someone in there parts dept. when you have a question, because they do have a staff with a lot of knowledge and you get the correct answer.
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    CABAZON, Calif.- - A man is dead near Cabazon after being struck by a big rig truck on I-10 W west of Haugen Lehmann Way. The victim, a tow truck driver, was struck by the truck while standing on the shoulder outside of his work vehicle. The crash was reported at 9:09 a.m. 9 firefighters and 3 fire engines responded to the scene. It is unclear at this time what caused the crash. There is no information on additional injuries. The big rig truck that struck the pedestrian is on the scene. CHP is investigating the incident. RESOURCE LINK with images Tow truck driver struck, killed by big rig on I-10 near Cabazon A 50-year-old Cabazon man working for Stagecoach Towing was struck and killed by a big rig Tuesday morning as he was climbing back into his tow truck near Cabazon, according to the California Highway Patrol. The accident happened at 9 a.m., two miles east of Main Street near Cabazon. Marco Rodriguez, 52, from Riverside, was driving a big rig in the slow lane on westbound I-10. The tow truck driver had parked his flatbed tow truck on the north asphalt shoulder of I-10 westbound and got out of the driver's seat. There were no disabled vehicles in the area and it is unknown why the tow truck driver stopped on the shoulder of the freeway. The driver of the big rig allowed his vehicle to drift onto the north shoulder as he approached the tow truck. At that same time, the tow truck driver was climbing back into the driver's eat when the right side of the big rig collided with the opened tow truck door and driver. The tow truck driver was thrown from the side of the truck and into the slow lane of westbound Interstate 10. A passing motorist stopped and pulled the man from the traffic lanes. Cal Fire arrived on scene, but the tow truck driver, identified as Jon Israel, was deceased. The westbound No. 4 lane was closed for three hours during the investigation. Alcohol and drugs have been ruled out as a factor in the collision. No arrests or citations were made at the scene. The big rig is undergoing a mechanical inspection. RESOURCE LINK
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