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    Busy Beaver....

    Been running my butt off the last week....Here's some of the Heavy work.... Swap to NY... Had to get this guy from Philadelphia... Pete to the dealer for a De-rate issue... Loaded Garbage Packer for a De-rate issue back to our shop for repairs... Mack had the Centrifuge Oil Filter blow off the engine...Made a pretty big mess... I need some rest....
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    Charles Duke from American Towman and Tow Industry Week is right here with all of you!!!
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    I am here ….Loud and clear Congratulations Ron and Chris for Towforce Tow 411..... a rebirth of Tow 411... and reaching 3000 members …..roll on 4000 !! Without doubt this is the finest towing forum there is. Keep up the good work guys... It is a constant source of information, knowledge, ideas and showcase of other operators vehicles and equipment big and small, Long may it continue.... it would be really good to see some more archives of the old 411 if possible... Been in the Recovery and Towing industry in the UK for over 57 years.... Received Light recovery, Heavy recovery, Advanced Heavy recovery and Air cushion, Rotator, Slewing crane, Tracked Plant, lorry loader Crane, Major incident management, Training and Certification from the Institute of Vehicle Recovery, Road Transport Industry Training Board, ITTSAAR Training bodies, Nick Ovenden, Ron Grice, etc ……………..Oh....and the school of hard knocks. John.
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    Tow411/TowForce Login & Member Roll Call

    Tow411 has conducted these member roll calls numerous times over the years. Generally in the Early Spring and the Fall months. How it work is every member is encouraged to login and add a reply within this topic. There are often questions accompanying the reply. In the past we have asked for a members state and number of years in the industry. For this TowForce Member Roll Call we will be seeking any training or certifications. Such as WreckMaster and/or TRAA Numbers & Level. Other training such as Recovery Billing Unlimited, Wes Wilburn, the Late Dave Lambert, STO (Southwest Tow Operators), CTTA (California Tow Truck Association) etc. Community support is also needed to fund activities such as attending industry events, donations to such worthly causes as the International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame & Museum, rebuild an emergency fund and I cannot recall the last time the Towing Information Network was able to make a Donation to the Survivor Fund. If you are not already a community supporter here would you consider joining at a Patron or Sponsor Level. Enough supporters and we do not need to continue to request financial assistance from our valued members. Thank you and don't forget to add a reply before you click the supporter link below. https://www.towforce.net/subscriptions/ I have been advised that the supporter link above is not working properly at the Sponsor Levels. If you have any problems please let us know. The old supporter info page is still up, however it is out of date. https://www.tow411.net/sponsor.html
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    Tow411/TowForce Login & Member Roll Call

    Keep up the good work !! Jim in Florida
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    Hey guys. The site is looking great! Hope to catch up in Florida.
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    jeff myer

    Tow411/TowForce Login & Member Roll Call

    still here in sunny Florida
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    Doreen Aragona - been a member since 2007 - I support many activities and will continue to do so.
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    CTTA light duty level 1. Also much experience as a young guy towing in Northern British Columbia Canada
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    Hi my name is John from Rochester area been in the towing industry for around 30 yrs. Glad to be on board with towers like you guys stay safe out there.
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    Tow411/TowForce Login & Member Roll Call

    Towem here from Victoria in Australia. I first started towing in my early 20’s now aged 60 + so that’s over 40 years in the industry. Not many courses on offer in Australia however both my self and my middle son did attend the first miller course held at truck works in South Australia. The instructor was Tom lacaro with help from Brandon from miller ind I enjoy the forum and check in most days .
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    Tow411/TowForce Login & Member Roll Call

    Nation Safe Drivers here, checking in.
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    Tow411/TowForce Login & Member Roll Call

    5 years, several classes with Wes, he is great. So is this site. Marshall
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    Rick Ruback here. WreckMaster, Allstate Paul Stevens classes, 35 + years as an owner operator of 6 to 9 wreckers from heavy 850 XP to 1 ton wheel lift trucks & in the early days sling trucks. Safety / Texas TDLR CE instructor for South West Tow Operators 9 years. Enjoy your web site. Keep up the good work & continue to grow.
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    Always good to have a honey hole nearby.
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    You missed a Great Deal on a used MDTU-20 that will be heading to the Quebec Side of Canada 🇨🇦
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    Couple Plow Trucks...

    One of our customers had 2 trucks go down in the same storm... This one for a running/starting problem... This one went in to De-rate because of DEF tank issues...
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    Thanks for watching as always LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE the HECK out of this video! ▻Support my channel-paypal.me/plazatowing (copy ...
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    This is not going to stop until this industry looks at safety from a new perspective. You can not pass a law that will cause people to do the right thing such as pay attention. You can pass industry standards that require the most safe working environment possible. This is done by utilizing blocker vehicles when on the side of the road where the posted speed limit is anything over thirty miles an hour, refusing to change tires on the side of a highway, and requiring that a lane be surrendered temporarily when incident management is initiated on any roadway where the posted limit is above thirty miles per hour, or if a lane is not available for surrender, the temporary closure of all same directional flow of traffic towards the scene. People just do not care if their behavior hurts, maims, or kills another human being. It will only stop if you demand the same protections that are to be afforded to a professional as they do their job. People are just not pissed off and angry enough to demand changes at this time. We keep our head in the sand, shake our fist when upset and angry, and hope that the next fatality will not hit close to home. When fifty more people are dead, the same old song and dance are not going to dull the pain that the families, friends, and loved ones will be burdened with as they pick up the pieces. Do not just say that something has to be done, DO something about it. If you point out a problem, have a solution at hand as well. Demand that changes be implemented industry wide.
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    Guy buys this Jeep 2 weeks prior...700 mi on it...then drives 60 mph+ in a 25 mph community zone. Fails to negotiate the curve and tumbles through 4 different properties.... Cops found the guy 1/2 mile away drunk sitting in the middle of the road in his underwear.... Now THAT"S a party... LoL Made junk of his new truck... It was @ 2am in the rain so Eddie grabbed the Jeep and we went back on a Sunday am to do a complete clean up. 2 of the home owners that we talked to were very pleased that we came back and cleaned up all the parts, trees & landscaping.
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    GRUMPS The Towman

    Cold snowy and ice

    Nice work. It's been in the 50's here since that last - degree cold snap. Mud and slop everywhere. Now today it supposed to drop back to the teens with 30-40 mph. winds today..Crazy weather..
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    Orcas Tow

    Steel core versus super swagged cable

    I run swaged on all my light duty wreckers & flatbed & would not use anything else. With that said I ran it on my 14 ton with 12 Warn winches, small winch drums, the stiff 1/2" swaged rope didnt like the small drum, fought with it until I sold it for a Holmes 750
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    We go through the same thing. Earlier today we quoted 150hr/2hr min for a MD job and didn't get the job....some people look appalled because they obviously have no clue. It's a little better now with the newer trucks having roadside assist. Typically they call us and we bill Uhaul for these. Sometimes we get the call through Allstate or the Ford club as a cash call and we get a CC for the job. Those are pretty hefty bills because by the time they call us, they are looking for anybody. Sometimes I have told the Repair shop that they should just pay it to save their truck. These people think nothing of destroying the tires or wasting the transmission in a truck to save the expense.
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    I have used chains twice in 2 days. The first for deep snow and ice up in the mountains and the second time for clay like mud. Chains have a very good ROI. I need to order another set of dual rails for the wrecker.... the problem with mountain roads with deep ruts are the inner duals ride high in the rut leaving the outer chained up dual in the air basically doing nothing. Your price is kind of skinny for a 4x4 chained up performing a task to me.
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