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    Re: Pumping You Up

    In the grand scheme of things, I’m looking at this whole virus mess through optimistic eyes. From yesterday's quick dump of rain and a magnificent rainbow, I’m inspired to share these as words of encouragement amidst all the crap, rumors and false news going around. I’m amazed at how fast, “bullshit travels”, from one end of our small community to the other. But, that aside, I’m trying to stay positive while these emergency actions go forward. It’s my prayer that social distancing will meet its curve where life and business (as we know it) will return to its normal state. For 12-years, America’s way of life was disrupted by the Great Depression where the economy went into a proverbial tail-spin. Fueled by community panic and paranoia, the masses flooded banks and financial institutions only to bring the economy to a screeching halt. President Franklin Roosevelt pleaded with the American people that their fears was causing extreme damage overall, and said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” President Jefferson's speech didn't discuss the amassing of toilet paper of hoarding of sanitizers, but relayed a stron message of calm that needed to be heard. As a pragmamtic professional myself, I believe Jefferson's message helped to return calm and sanity to Americans in the light of adversity. While my immediate family is effected too, we’re simply taking time to love, care, and uplift each other. We’re finding ways to help our neighbors (where we can), and most importantly, we’re together in a survival mode where we’re not panicked. To all of you, just know that this, like any cold, flu, virus, or medical condition that’s come and gone before, optimistically, it will pass in its time. Do what you can that’s in your family’s best interests and yours. Stay positive and face each day with a sense of calm and readiness. I know that’s hard to accept because I’m not in your shoes, but, as Christian author, Tim Hansel, wrote, “Ya’ gotta’ keep dancin.” If ya’ need ta’ talk … “I’m here to pump you up.” Simply jot me an Email at rreschran@gmail.com or leave one here on TowForce. R.
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    Let me preface this saying that we don't have any dedicated truck for this task, if you are speaking about a truck with a crash attenuator or something of the sort. But we do equip all of our trucks for traffic control purposes and use them at scenes for the pure purpose of blocking/traffic control with no other duty assigned. All of our operators have national TIM training certificates. Billed as traffic control at $150 /hr. Yes, as the highway patrol and DOT resources are limited especially during inclement weather events, this allows them to leave the scene and respond to other calls while we provide our own traffic control. If requested. We have a large amount of traffic control devices, cones, signs, ect, available for other companies in the area if they desire. There will always be push back for any service provided. You just have to sell it to them as a safety item and stand your ground. Would you rather be paying for a funeral or a blocker truck?
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    Re: SDMO Court-Case Conversation

    I wanted to present these FYI comments that have to do with court-case conversation regarding slow-down move-over and the (acceptable) use of emergency lighting. In a recent deposition, attorneys bantered back and forth about what was considered an emergency when referring to highway shoulders versus slow-down move-over considerations? When asked for my opinion, I responded by clearly stating, "Anything stoppped, parked, or otherwide blocking the free and clear movement of vehicular traffic that's parked or displaced on a highway's shoulder, gore point, or center divider ... that's an emergency." I was then asked, "If a car was out of gas, did that present any kind of emergency?" It was easy for me to repeat what I had just said, BEFORE they started to confuse, reverse and mis-state my testimony. They spent the next 20-minutes trying to disect and destroy my statement. But, even with their bright lights, rubber hoses and anticipated trickery, I stood fast by my statements that they're called emergency shoulders for obvious reasons. I spoke to the importance that tow trucks must have a stationary presence of being parked with over-head emergency lighting activated and in-action. I was sure to include fatality statistics I've been recording as a means to show why any event on a highway is a dangerous event. So ... after three nearly wasted-hours, the deposition concluded. If you (as a tow professional) go to court for anything relating to SDMO, it's important to understand the reasoning and the letter of your state's SMDO law.
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    Safe here in the Swamps of Louisiana i have washed my hands more in the past two weeks than i have my whole life and it is almost impossible not to touch your face our state has 479 cases 10 deaths reported as of 9;30 this morning Stay Safe everyone
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    We are all safe and sound.
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    Family is safe. 1 driver may have Covid-19
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    Family is safe. Thanks for asking!
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    Year's back, one of our drivers took a loaded 4700 IH carrier and his the customer, and attempted to drive around a huge mud-puddle that was on a rural road liking two sprawling communities. The carrier didn't get far sinking to the axles. This was after a So. California El Nino storm. Antoehr driver went to help and he too got stuck. We ultimately couldn't pull it out with four other trucks plus a tripple shocked, 390 Ford, 4x4, with Monster Mudder tires. Many hours later, we gave up as our efforts were futile. After the driver spent a very cold overnight in the carrier, we found a D9 on a closeby construction site the next day and offered him a case of Pepsi to pull the truck out. You can be sure that the company's, "driving off pavement", policy was firmly revamped. R.
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    Only wrecker operators can appreciate this picture..
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    Tower Down 03.22.20 (FL)

    Hi Ginger ... year's ago, (me) as a young San Diego police officer, rolled-up on a VW bug that hit a 4x4 Toyota pickup head-on at 65-mph in one of those shitty, socked-in, foggy nights. Three college girls in the VW were unrestrained. At the moment of impact, the very large girl riding in the back seat unrestrained, was forced bodily-forward into the front seat girls, crushing them both into the dash and windshield. The bug overturned and I happened upon the wreck seconds after impact. I remember screaming, "cover now", while lying stomach down in-traffic lanes and reaching through the drivers-side window hoping to keep the young woman's airway clear. I watched her gasp for air and bleeding extensively from her face for what seemed to be an eternity as fire and paramedics were approaching. Unfortunately, she took her last gasp with me holding her head in full traction. I'll NEVER ... EVER forget the feeling of helplessness at the moment she passed away. The two other girls were already gone. My memories of that double DUI, triple fatal comes to haunt me every time I read about seatbelt incidents. You and I agree that they don't save all lives all the time and not in all instances, yet, you and I understand enough to know their value of their added safety, especially in the line-of-work we do. Please note that my post wasn't to find fault, but, to help send a heartfelt message to other towers that not wearing seatbelts is very much like working the white-line on the highway ... a conscious decision. And, to that I'll add, as many as 27x other tow operators have been killed in similar crashes where they were ejected because seatbelts weren't worn. And yes, there are several operator fatalities where they reportedly had seatbelts on, but, lost their lives ... call it a, "Game of Odds". God Bless you Ginger for your kind, loving soul and helping to support Jason's Family and his company. The world needs more people like you and I'm proud to call you my friend and fellow tower. R.
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    Tower Down 03.22.20 (FL)

    Randall, I do agree with wearing a seatbelt 100%, I do advocate it as well, because more often than not, the usage does save lives and it is the law. AND YES I WEAR MY ALL THE TIME. BUT I was thinking about a tow operator friend of mine who was hit by a rock hauler while in his tow truck, about 35 years ago and had he had his seatbelt on he would not have survived the impact. Instead he was thrown over to the passenger side and yes hit his head severely and was in a coma (i don't remember if it was doctor induced or not) but by the grace of God the swelling of his brain reduced and he made a full recovery ! 6 weeks later he was back in a tow truck and now he has moved into the locksmith end of the auto industry. I typed my thoughts out loud, not a wise move. In this accident from what i am aware of the seatbelt sadly would of not helped. Your kind heartfelt condolences I will pass on. Thank you. I spent some time on the phone talking to Jason's family tonight and in addition to the procession I am working on a few other things to help. I too am hoping for a substantial turn-out in Jason's honor, there are a lot of phone calls & decisions to make. And of course keeping in mind the health and safety of everyone, due to the C-virus, the procession date is not yet decided. Your's and Christine's spirit will be definitely felt--- thank you so much. It is always my gift to the family and to the company of our fallen brother that i lovingly arrange these processions. I am humbled to do this for them and my brotherhood. take care & be safe, g
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    Tower Down 03.22.20 (FL)

    My heartfelt condolences to Jason and his family, friends, Sunstate/B & D Towing and coworkers. I am working on the details for a Tow Truck Funeral Procession and should have some more info hopefully by Wednesday. Please everyone be safe, try to remember to wear your seatbelt (sometimes they don't help BUT..) and if you have any questions call me at 727-444-3911 or text to 727-410-4911. Ginger @ Nationwide Towing Palm Harbor, Fl
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    As much as I would prefer to avoid this topic, I feel the need to inquire about our members safety. I have heard from some members it is business as usual on the HD Towing side of the business and down on the LD side. Add a Reply Here to Mark Your Family SAFE. Also, while TRAFFIC is DOWN on the roadways and HIGH on TowForce. It is time List Equipment and it is time for TowForce to offer FREE Equipment Listings. This is how this FREE Equipment Period Works. Contact the admin (Text or Inox Me). I will set you up to create and unlimited number of New & Used Listings over the next 48 hours. After this initial period passes all members will be offered one equipment listing each till the end of March. These listing will remain active for a period of 90 days. This is open to all regular members and dealer members. Text Me if you have any questions. Ron at 502 376 3071
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    Identify your biggest threat

    For the next thirty days especially, please be hypervigilant as you work the side of the road. Many people are out of work. Here in San Antonio everything is shutting down. Movie theatres, shopping malls, bars and restaurants have been ordered to close. That saying that, "Idle time is the devil's workshop" rings true. There is a tremendous increase in dwi/dui operators on the road. When there is nothing to do, many turn to alcohol and illegal drugs. You are more likely to be struck by an impaired operator in the next 90 days than you are to be afflicted with COVID19. Be safe. Always hug the ones you love, and never hesitate to tell the ones you love how special they are to you!
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    We are safe as well, but the virus has caused us to be a "No Riders" company. LD seems to be up some, but I think the lower fuel price, and kids being out of school makes people get on the road headed for Grandma's house.
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    All is well, shelves a a little bare. Seems to be plenty of Vegan Food and Pickles. The Cereal Isle looks well stocked as well. Business is slow but there all calls for assistance we are responding too. As well the volunteer fire department we respond with when we can are making more runs then usual. Seems we are finding kids alone at home quite often. Not small kids but preteens for sure. That's what's up hear, sure want to hear from others no one is dropping in....
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    GRUMPS The Towman

    A Friend Called Today!

    If your competitor fired this man for those reasons then they did him a favor. Your new operator did not need to be working for a company like that. The way I see it If he is a good operator then you scored on their stupidity. I dont have any employee issues being just my partner and I but I certainly applaud you and any other reputable companies that are willing to work with your employees schedules to ease their burdens at home. Your operators are your lifeblood. Without them your business is nothing more than a yard full of expensive trucks and equipment. Take good care of your men and they will return the favor.
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    Truck Struck - 03.14.20 (TN)

    As far as the headache rack goes I'm thinking it is from the side rails it chewed up and threw, the pto.was still engaged and tension was on the bridle when truck was hit , as trailer went down the side of truck and hit car bridle did come off and I'm guessing the back lash caused this to bird nest , I as the operator just stepped back in the truck when I was hit, so moral of the story is im not really concerned about why this and why that but I am very grateful to the lord above that he had Angel's working overtime to protect me and my customers from having any major injuries!
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    Press Release from Pantusa Towing & Recovery (San Antonio, Texas): We are so excited to introduce our new heavy duty driver, Michelle Ramirez. Michelle started off as a light duty operator and quickly moved into medium duty towing. She took every opportunity to learn the heavy duty side and we couldn’t be more proud to have her move into our 2020 Peterbilt 389. She is one of few female HD towing operators in the country.
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    Low Profile Vehicles

    Do yourself a huge favor fellas and download a camera app that puts the time and date stamp on the picture, and get all-around shots immediately when you reach the scene. Many of them have GPS stamping as well where you can select it to display the coordinates, or even better, the street address where the picture was taken. Another round of pictures when you drop off is also a wise move. Read reviews on the apps before you download to be sure you aren't getting some malicious crap posing as a legitimate app. It should be noted that most of this information is included in the EXIF data on each picture taken with a smartphone, but you need to download and use a specific camera app that will put this info IN the picture for everyone to see so there is no debate. Richard
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    Hi All ... I hope that you're social distancing has fallen into part of your general routine. Like many of you, I now have too much time on my hands and that's not always a good thing. So, I took to the internet to Google the topic of, "Is too much sanitizer a good thing", and came up with a ton of responses that, at the very least, I think are interesting reading. I like to be informed so to keep abreast of the current state of the virus, but not to be panicked or over-paranoid. While I understand the need to control germs, I've always thought that too much sanitizer has a potential to change ones immunse system. I also know that in all reality, sanitizers don't elimiate or kill all of the germs in a germ like setting. One of my daughters is a, "germaphobe", where her family of seven uses sanitizers, soaps and cleaners to the max. Could all of those chemicals and combinations be creating, "over-kill", to their systems? In their household of seven, someone is always sick and it passes around like rotation. I don't know if there's scientific proof that too much sanitizer is good or bad for one's system, I'm comfortable with maintaining good hygiene that includes regular hand-washing and the like. I won't get in the middle of this debate and every person should make their own choices based on what they are told and what they have experienced. From the CDC, here's a good link that provides believeable information. https://www.cdc.gov/handwashing/show-me-the-science-hand-sanitizer.html Like using too much sanitizer is the over-kill of too much toilet paper. So, when it comes to using toilet paper, can too much wiping be good or bad for one's backsides? Accordingly, when and if all that TP is put into action, there's the threat that it will clog every sweage treatment plant or landfill from here to China. We're on septic and take different measures to maintain the system. R.
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    I am looking forward to seeing many of you this year at the Texas tow show. This is in not in my back yard. It is on my fback porch. If anyone nedds any restaurant recommendations or other than towing things to do, please let me know. We have Natural bridge Caverns, Sea World, Fiesta Texas, as well as fishing on the gulf coast two hours from SA, in addition to the show if you have the d3sire to experience something different with the family. For restaurants do not leave the city before going to Capparelli's on Main, for genuine italian, Blanco Cafe on Blanco Rd just north of downtown, and Sea Island on Rector Street.
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    Grump, take care of yourself Pardner. My deceased was an invalid the last 10 years of our life before she passed away in 2010, so am well aware of your situation. Take care of that lady first and foremost Pardner. We are praying for Y'all ! 🙏🙏
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    We are safe so far. My wife is disabled and has a compromised Immune system so Trying to be super careful to keep her safe. I have already set up a cot and amenities in my shop so I can stay out there should I get sick. Business is way down. The city is almost like it is abandoned. I have had 6 calls in 5 days. Everyone take care of yourselves out there and good luck to all my fellow towers.
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    If that were mine I would give it a Vulcan 882 with a massive tunnel box. As was suggested, a magdrill saves a great deal of stress when drilling holes on a frame. I hate banks and love vintage iron. Take it slow and pay as you go. A paid off truck is worth its weight in toilet paper in today's economy.
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    I wonder if the pivot pin was frozen and this was a effort of hydraulic force that sheared this boom ,or what was on this unit a few jobs back ,and I have a few years of doing Miller warranty repairs that I was doing Holmes warranty when Bill bought Challenger ,so a few days have passed and quite a few issues have gone thru my business . Phil Kavanaugh Sr
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    A Friend Called Today!

    We as a nation are headed into uncharted waters on this situation. I applaud you for putting people first. Those being your team. This situation is going to devastate a vast amount of small business entities, I fear. I hope I am wrong. I pray that financial institutions do the right thing and work with small business by allowing forbearance through this crisis.
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    I was speaking to a person who is involved in federal law enforcement today who asked me who will benefit the most from the failure of the USA economy? As well as who, what nations, would benefit the most. He was adamant that this virus was genetically cultured in a lab, with the express purpose do exactly what we are doing. That being bring this country to an economic halt. At the current rate of the state of affairs, we will be $30,000,000,000,000.00 in debt as a nation by Labor Day. The debt service will be a trillion dollars a year to pay the interest alone! I am not a conspiracy theorist kook. I am a kook, but not a conspiracy theorist one. (I have not had a television for going on four years) But it makes sense. It really makes sense.
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    Hi All ... this information is specific to California tow operators and tow business owners struggling to make headway during this virus scare. R. From State Assemblymember Marie Waldron's office the following information is posted: Cancellations of events and work is causing unexpected economic hardships for employees and employers. Here is information that may help: Workers: - If you are unable to work due to having or being exposed to COVID-19 (certified by a medical professional), you can file a Disability Insurance (DI) claim - If you’re unable to work because you are caring for an ill or quarantined family member, you can file a Paid Family Leave (PFL) claim - If your employer has reduced your hours or shut down operations due to COVID-19, you can file an Unemployment Insurance (UI) claim Employers: - For information on protecting workers from COVID-19, refer to the Cal/OSHA Guidance on Coronavirus - Those experiencing a slowdown in their businesses or services may apply for the UI Work Sharing Program. This program allows employers to seek an alternative to layoffs — retaining their trained employees by reducing their hours and wages that can be partially offset with UI benefits - Those planning a closure or major layoffs can get help through the Rapid Response program. Rapid Response teams will meet with you to discuss your needs, help avert potential layoffs, and provide immediate on-site services to assist workers facing job losses. - Those experiencing a hardship may request up to a 60-day extension of time from the EDD to file their state payroll reports and/or deposit state payroll taxes without penalty or interest - EDD Taxpayer Assistance Center 888-745-3886 To learn more, please visit: California EDD
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    We have the Wisconsin Tow show Fathers day weekend!
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    I am not picking on this driver directly, well yes I am I guess. I have to ask, what were you thinking? That appears to be a major thoroughfare. If you need to drop at a dealership that has limited access go to a nearby lot to offload. This was 100% preventable. This is a vivid example of the "it will not happen to me/sucks to be you" attitude that is prevalent in this industry. SDMO is not a safety shield to protect you in the event of a crash. It is a tool. It is one tool. If you go to pull a driveline, to be successful at the task you need multiple tools. If you just have the socket you are not properly equipped to complete the task. You need a breaker bar, ratchet, and possibly an extension, possibly an impact. Relying solely SDMO is parallel to having only a socket. It is useless if you do not practice other safety mechanisms as well.
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    New to wrecker trucks

    OK, Tony you have my attention. You went from 1 truck to 50 trucks in a period of 1 year. If you do not mind me asking, why can I not locate a DuraTow in the state of California?
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    Magnetic Arrow system

    I was at a RAM Press Event this past week and they were talking about the new features and those were some of them. Very innovative. Sent from my SM-G950U using TowForce mobile app
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    I'm glad this tower survived his injuries, but it sends another example of how working simple surroundings can turn deadly as stated by the tower's comment, "I've done this a million times." Although I wasn't there to know all of the facts, the video's commentary and over-head view of the location shows an industrial park and a wide, multi-laned roadway with a center turn-lane. Loading or unloading cars from a (two-way center-turn lane) location puts a tower immediately into harm's way and subject to vehicle strike from BOTH sides of the tow truck. From what I see, I think the location was an active turn-lane, not a solid yellow, painted center island. DUI waits for no-one and no tower is safe on or off the highway at 0200 hours or in the middle of the day. Although I understand the ease and convenience of loading or unloading in wide-open spaces, towers run the risk of being struck even under the best conditions. I'm not criticizing the towers actions as this is how vehicles are typically delivered, but there's a lesson learned that can be applied by loading or off-loading out of the main stream of traffic. Keep in mind that SDMO is not a requirement of inner-city driving so the risks are just as great. R.
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    Magnetic Arrow system

    Personally, I have not seen this as an effective deterrent as it exposes the driver to added risk setting up and taking down. Especially if it is a quick hook up or load, every extra second you spend in that hazardous situation increases to odds of something happening. No, more effective when on scene for longer periods of time is an actual crash truck or arrow board. This budget solution scares me.
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    I''d have to recommend him to my competitor, right after I fired him!!!
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    For every tow operator safety course I teach, there's a hands-on module specific to using and rigging snatch-blocks. Regardless as to ANY size snatch-block that's going to be used in a simple winch-out or perplexing recovery, they all have one thing in common that they need ... GREASE. Color me high-maintenance, but, I have this pet peeve where I hate seeing tower's having to hammer a snatch-block's turn-knob to get it released; only for the simple fact that the block hasn't seen grease since the Civil War. When a snatch-block spends much of its time exposed to wet and weather, it's bound to rust. Accordingly, every tow operator is responsible for ensuring that the snatch-block on their truck is inspected to ensure there is an operating and in-place safety clip, a swiviling head, turn-able tightening knob, a close-able side-plate, and a rolling sheave-wheel. Additionally, a shot of grease in the block's Zerk fitting will help ensure the rolling wheel keep's on rolling. Towers are reminded to not over-tighten the tightening knob by backing-off slightly to allow easy un-tightening when the block's use is completed. There's no reason, other than laziness and no maintenance, for towers to need a sledge or a J-Hook to have to beat-open a seized or stuck knob; even a shot of WD-40 will help keep things rolling and working, R.
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    I have run recovery straps, endless loops and such through a wheel in the past but my primary rigging point is control arms and such with chains. I personally have never been a fan of stringing a chain through a wheel even if the vehicle is a balled up mess. That vehicle is still going to go through a salvage auction ( if insured ) and someone might want those wheels. That is just the way I think about it. Our job is to recover and transport the vehicle without causing any further damage regardless of what condition it is in right? So, thats the credo I plan my rigging and recovery around.
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    I held a CHP Tow Operator Safety Course at Riverside's Statewide Towing this weekend and you can bet this was a topic of discussion. Enrique is still in bad shape, but I'm told he is stable, but his recovery will take a long time. The impact caused him breaks in both legs, a broken pelvis, and injuries to his head and neck. While the healing is the physical part of his journey, I'm praying for his mental healing as well. R.
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    You know that had to be some "wild cowboy driver" cause no owner that has to pay for his trucks with sweat & blood would do that !! 🤠
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    George, we have seen and experienced far more than the general public when it comes to criminal behavior. Well, at least us seasoned tow operators have been exposed and take precautions. Sadly, new Tow Operators are still subject to the School of Hard Knocks. I would have hoped over the nearly 20 years this message board has been online fewer rookie operators would not have to go through what we have. However, if you look at most companies they continue to make the same errors over and over.
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    February is Patron Recognition Month

    Always here ...
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    Not the first and certainly not the last.
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    Starting up a tow business

    First I would ask yourself why you want to be in business for yourself. Being your own boss is great and there are immense rewards, but there is a heck of a lot of responsibility. The buck and final decisions start and end with you. Write your answers down on paper. Ask yourself who will be your target niche. Law enforcement rotation towing is robust, but you are going to have to be available 24/7/365/366 on leap year. Which is this year. Motorclubs provide a lot of work, but their rates do not even cover ones cost many times. I strongly suggest taking the RBU class as well as wreckmaster certification classes. RBU will open your eyes to the business end, while wreckmaster will teach you the skillset you will need to be successful in the trenches. START SMALL. Yes, I am yelling. When you go to the bank next time look at all the glass, marble, stainless steel, and opulence. That is your money being put into play. Banks are not your friend. They are not a great or even mediocre partner either. They are like a tick on a dog. No disrespect to ticks. Start small and keep your money in your wallet. That commercial that states, "What's in your wallet?" It is a parasite sucking the marrow from your soul.
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    Too many tow truck drivers don't clear the debris if it isn't in the roadway. Many times fire just throws the parts aside as they do their thing. We tell our guys we do the best we can to make the scene look better when we leave then the other companies do. It's Called Pride, few have it anymore!
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    Re: Hurrying is a Deadly Practice

    In last weekend's CHP Operator's Safety Class, as many as one-half of the attending tow operators were new with three to four months on the job. On Day-2 Skills, during various techniques and scenarios, several new towers were hustling to get things done. While in the process of moving the tow trucks or carrier's into position, there were four seperate instances where someone didn't set the tow truck's emergency brakes. Although I appreciate their eagerness and excitement to learn, not setting the Ebrake is a deadly practice (or driver behavior) that must be corrected. Each time I was certain to call out to the operator the importance of setting the tow truck's emergency brake as well as using chocks for the appropriate technique at hand. Once we returned to the classroom, we had focused discussion of what happens when towers hurry to get things done. I pointed out that there have been nearly 50x operators killed when they hurried to approach their tow situation to not set the Ebrake or shift the truck's transmission to park. Hurrying can cause the tower to trip and potentially fall into traffic lanes. I do understand that exiting or re-entering the tow truck requires faster movement, but running to get chain or equipment isn't necessary. Like everything else in the line-of-work, slow down and make each movement calculated at the moment of arrival to ensure the truck's transmission is in-park or neutral (stick) with the transmission Ebrake fully applied. And, once you've exited the tow truck, get use to setting a chock-block on the downhill side of the truck's rear dual. R.
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    February is Patron Recognition Month

    Yep, here as often as I can be checking for unread topics.....
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    Guess I wouldn't tow anything on the highway without law enforcement present.
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    Hi Guys I have a update ******** I found a few issues Thanks to your help. First was the suction hose from the tank to the pump collapsing due to a soft spot. I replaced the hose. Second thing was the pump being bi-directional. I had the hoses backwards. Once I corrected that the hydraulics are working perfectly now. Again, I want to Thank You all for helping me out. You Gents are Awesome [emoji1303] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Orcas Tow

    Re: Mico Brakes

    I run a simple Mico lock like picture above in the rear brake line tied in right below the cab on my 2001 F550, have since bought new, manual trans & factory parking brake don't make for a stable park brake scenario on a steep grade.
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