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    Rolls Royce Phantom

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    1st Of Two New Rollbacks Coming...

    Our new International just got "Dressed" & ready for service... Air ride, Air cab, Air brake, Cummins / Allison package with a 22', 102" Jerr-Dan aluminum body.
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    Baltimore Tow Show Roll Call 2018

    Columbia, Maryland November 16, 2018 / 9AM – 4PM Leading the industry since 1978, our technicians look forward to showing you how we do it! Live product demonstrations will be held throughout the day along with factory tours, destructive testing demonstrations, good food, good people and plenty of fun! Shuttle transportation is provided to and from the American Towman Exposition at the Baltimore Convention Center. Look for the B/A pickup point on Pratt Street. All are welcome!
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    Brother, I was not meaning anything derogatory, but we as an industry need to push back and start demanding a safe workplace, and charge accordingly. If people started feeling the heat from their lack of maintenance hit their ass pocket, maybe they would pay more attention to the condition of their vehicle. Most people will run to the repair shop if their phone screen is cracked, but will not bother to change their oil, or address their brakes when they make a grinding noise. The big issue is industry leadership. If motor clubs want service they need to improve the standards of their expectations. That AAA tire change probably paid pennies on the dollar, but what are they going to do for that provider now? They are not going to assist in getting a new service truck. They would not have assisted in paying for the operators funeral services if things had gone terribly south.
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    Just because you receive a call does not mean it is safe, and it puts you under no obligation to put the lives of your staff as well as your equipment at risk of harm. I personally have walked away from a Texas Department of Public Safety trooper more than once when they refused to give me a lane to work a scene. My life is worth more than your set of tires and is worth more than any vehicle on the road. You should have policies and procedures in place, and trust the judgment of your staff to make the call in the field. If something is not in a calculated, safe, controlled environment, refuse the call until it is controlled in better favor of your survival. This scene was a failure in judgment, policy, and procedure.
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    Baltimore Tow Show Roll Call 2018

    There is a bunch of Towman coming from the UK and I understand the Claytons are coming from Australia.... Looking forward to meeting up with old friends and making new acquaintances .... Ron ....Is there a meet and greet for Towforce / 411 members ? John.
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    I've had a few ins. co's do that as well, and I got paid in full for all of them doing nothing but digging my heels in and waiting them out. One lady was on the phone arguing with me over storage when IAA pulled in with a check a for MORE than my bill already printed lol.
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    I agree with you wholeheartedly. My point wasn't that they should do the call, my point was AAA will expect them to do the call. AAA wants contractors to have battery trucks and complains if you don't. They also complain if you turn down calls and it looks bad on their end for your company. My point is AAA needs to start thinking about member and contractor safety and institute the tow first policy. Unfortunately they haven't done so as of yet.
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    Why are we changing tires on the side of the highway? There is absolutely no valid reason to put your staff members life in peril on the side of the road. NONE. My life is worth more than a new tire. Any tire. A law is not going to, "get traction" enough to protect your employees. No law will protect against people who are so absorbed in their own world that they do not consider the consequences their actions will have on others. It is policy, education, training, and compliance that keeps people safe. When OSHA gets a firm grip on this industry, then there will be some positive changes towards safety. The leadership of this industry has failed to put into practice policies and standards that will save lives. Electricians do not work in the rain around hot systems. The industry leaders have recognized that it is their number one priority to ensure that policies are in place to allow their employees to survive the day and go home safe to their families and loved ones. When will the leadership of this industry step up and do the same?
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    Glad everyone is alive, had to be very scary for the wrecker guy!
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    Definitely Outside The Box!

    So we were asked to help the Veterans Association & VFW by transporting a 1967 Bell Helicopter to a Veterans appreciation event at a park. The unit was actively used in Vietnam from 67-74 as a Gun Ship... It was bigger then it looks and had a wicked overhang... My grandson Vincent is a "War Buff" and had a great time! Just something a little out of the ordinary!
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    Nice work. I really like to recover big stuff with a small truck...it's a great feel of accomplishment! Sometimes in this situation I like to hook into the pockets of the trailer. It would allow the tractor to turn/pivot once it comes out of the hole. just another option.
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    Some Old Photos

    Topic Originally Posted on Tow411 in May of 2009: My great uncle had several pictures that I want to share. This is how he got started in the taxi business. Here are a few of his old trucks.
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    ford 550 with a jd 1210d

    Well everyone will know what I will say....this truck is one of the baddest in the land & will outperform many that are even bigger. It's been in many different publications & magazines and the common denominator is that it always gets it done! This is one of the highest profit vehicles I have ever owned and never lets me down. Can't go wrong with this combination.
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    Rigged a semi for a reverse roll .... using 1 medium duty wrecker one winch triple rigged to lift and one winch single line to restrain Nick Ovenden preparing to operate the 30 ton / metre knuckleboom crane the latest 3 axle accident unit based on a Mercedes chassis 8 ton payload on the platform note the PPE Preparing the Century Rotator for a spreader bar lift .....
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    The 2018 Tow Show showcased the very latest products available from the UK and Europe manufacturers.. .. below are just a few shots of a 9 foot wide Faymonville extendable recovery trailer on 5 axles, all steer axles, twin winches, payload Up to 90 tons manufactured in Holland
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    A few pictures of the recovery demonstrations ... Demonstrating the winching capabilities of this 4x4 Unimog very popular for severe off road work electricity line work ...rough terrain forestry .....mountain rescue etc fitted with 2 boom winches .....a centre drag winch....and front mounted winch ....the rear hydraulic spades can penetrate deep into the ground...we were pulling a 5 ton truck sideways effortlessly ....we had the wheels chocked front and rear and the spades chocked so as not to damage the tarmac surface of the car park we were on we used a light duty snatcher fitted with the top boom and twin winches to upright a large box van .... We rigged one winch down low through a snatch block directly to the axle .....the other through 3 snatch blocks effecting a two strop pull over the top of the box An easy upright ...
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    These are a couple of clever devices to move disabled or locked up vehicles in underground or multistorey car parks .....they can either be motorised or electric driven The tracked one can also be used on uneven ground or shingle driveways where it is impossible to use wheel skates they are Very manouverable This is a small part of the range of towing attachments available for the latest range of European cabover trucks and low ground clearance bus and coaches This is a very simple and useful device which bolts on the wheel studs for side pulling especially when there is no substantial frameworkto catch hold of Two long established captains of the industry Roger Dyson (left) Mike Cowan
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    A covered transporter ......specifically designed to discreetly move high value sports cars .....infact this one was built for McLaren sports cars . The one piece low approach ramp hinges up hydraulically and becomes the rear door ....the sliding side doors giving easy access to get in and out of the car and also strap down the wheels... the suspension on the truck is all on air giving a very smooth ride and adjustable ride height
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    A few light duty and roll backs A neat detachable motorcycle attachment A super low approach angle ...5 degrees 30 foot long platform ideal for limos ...boat trailers ... RV 's ...caravans two car loading payload Up to 8 tons . This was the lightest rollback in the show .....all aluminium platform and has a one button remote control operating system maximum payload of 1.4 tons
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    A selection of medium duty wreckers ^.
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    A few examples of heavy wrecker from Boniface engineering and Dave bland engineering
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    Jerry Riggs

    I am back

    I am retired now, not by choice. February 2017 I was at home, haveing breathing problems and hurting in my chest. Wife took me to the ER, they kept me, ran a stint in me, transferred me to Chattanooga for a heart bypass, they came back and said I had cancer in the wind pipe, 12 months of Chemo and Radiation. I had a CatScan on September 12th this year, Doctor came back and said the Cancer was just a scar now, Thank God. Drawing SS and VA now and doing great. Yes we have seen many changes in 17 years some good some bad. One cannot say I did not try to do my part for the Industry. Formed the TTTA along with Mike McGovern, formed the Tennessee show along with TTTA Members and help from the Museum. Helped set up the Museum, help with the Wall and the Fund. Think I helped get a lot done in 17 years.
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    Hello? No you got to call Rocco he is on vacation call back next week..... 1 week later.... hello? You looking for Rocco? He just steeped out for the weekend call back Tuesday. Tuesday.... Hello? You looking for Rocco? I'm sorry you just missed him he went hunting for the week up north. Catch him at 7am Monday. (Shop opens at 8) Monday..... Hello? Yeah you want Rocco? We had to fire him, he was taking to many days off. How may I help you? Oh you want to talk to Maria about that. She is on the other line.... (put on hold and leave them there)
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