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  1. Can you believe I actually had a Marketing Representative with a Major Chassis Manufacturer throw that line at me. I suppose I could have given this person the reality in my response. But, the silence was enough since I obviously was not going to change the mind of this person and more than you're going to change someones political views. They then said the Towing Industry is just Too Small to direct a significant advertising dollars towards. I guess that's why we don't currently see them in publications and never see them at shows. I should have said "Think About That The Next Time You're Stuck In Traffic & Waiting" But, next year there will be a different person or firm in that marketing position.
  2. It could have been any of us! Many of us have encountered this road hazard. No matter how many years and how many miles any of us have been on the road. Illinois state trooper dies after being hit by wrong-way driver near Libertyville LIBERTYVILLE, Ill. (WLS) -- An Illinois state trooper has died following a crash near Libertyville early Saturday morning. Trooper Gerald Ellis, 36, was on-duty in his squad car traveling home on I-94 westbound near milepost 16.75 in Green Oaks, when a wrong-way driver, who was traveling eastbound in the westbound lanes, struck him head on. Trooper Ellis was transported to a local area hospital with life threatening injuries. At approximately 4:04 a.m. Trooper Ellis succumbed to his injuries. The body of Trooper Ellis was escorted by law enforcement this morning to the Office of the Lake County Coroner in Waukegan. "While the men and women of the Illinois State Police are still grieving our recent loss, it is with profound heartache and unfathomable sadness that we inform you of the death of another fallen trooper, Trooper Gerald Ellis, said Illinois State Police Acting Director Brendan Kelly. "Trooper Ellis laid down his life while protecting the citizens of this state. We are asking the public to respectfully give consideration to the family of Trooper Ellis and the ISP while we continue to process and work through this tragedy." RESOURCE LINK with Video
  3. We found a Product at MATS this year and it caught our eye as a non lethal alternative. Taking a minute, we did a Video showing the weapon which comes in a Flashlight and a Gun configuration. This video is on our YouTube channel along with a couple of others from this years show. A discussion is encouraged as many are either now considering a weapon and may be interested in this type of product. Thanks for watching. This pistol-sized multi-munition launcher was designed to be comfortably worn on any law enforcement officer’s belt. It is a game-changer when it comes to versatility and economy of force. It can be used for multiple non-lethal requirements when fast action can often stop an incident from spiraling out of control.
  4. There was a Interesting Product at MATS this year which caught our eye and we decided to present to our membership. JIm Keegan was very helpful in explaining how these work and we even did a Facebook live for us. So if you have any questions please add them in reply as a company representative will be ago shortly. Thanks for watching. Approved and in use by The Ohio Department of Transportation! Pa.Department of Transportation Approved and in use by WMATA (Washington DC Transit Authority 1,500 buses) "Making America's Highways, Safer One Wheel at a Time!" You can find this video along with others on our YouTube Tow411 Channel.
  5. We found a New Product at MATS this year an it caught our eye. While it may not be something for the towing industry, it was interesting enough to present to our membership. The inventor was very helpful in explaining how the tool worked and we even did a Facebook live. That video is on our YouTube channel along with a couple of others for this years show. Travis the inventor of Magnastop has joined TowForce. So if you have any questions please add them in reply. Thanks for watching.
  6. Question: I am reviewing your Top Motor Club classifications. I want to know based on what criteria you base your rankings off of? Is it response time, customer service, number of providers, ect.? Thanks Answer: Using the same system for more than a decade. It is based on numerous factors gathered over the previous year. These are converted into numbers and combined with rankings submitted by members. Once those submissions have been added a list is presented to the membership for review. Should a number of members disagree, then the process is reviewed. We do not obtain a list of providers so that is not a factor. We do not factor in reviews from customers/members as those are not our focus. Our focus is how the providers rank the clubs. As for Customer Service that would be a ranking of Providers and the Clubs. This is not our focus of these rankings. Of course as with any poll or ranking there will be a margin of error. However, we have conducted this ranking of the Motor Clubs and have only changed the criteria of the rankings by adding different factors. Does this alter the outcome year to year. That is not conclusive, what is know is the industry participation in regards to the management and representatives of the club are a factor. The more expressible the two are effects the outcome. Volume, Method and Rate of Payments our major factors. These are not determined by the organizers of the rankings. These are submitted by the participating providers. Some of these providers currently provide service to the club and some do not. These are factors that are considered as well. In the end every effort is made to present a list which is accepted by the membership. Follow up questions: Will be answered within this topic.
  7. I just realized the Challenge Deadline passed at midnight and there were no new Patrons or even a Bronze Sponsor. I will try to send a check anyway within the next week. Patton's was once an active supporter and contributor to Tow411 topics. It would not be to support one of their drivers during a donation period. Wonder if he qualifies for the Ohio Injured Drivers Fund. Does anyone reading this know?
  8. How many are out there in service? Images from a Tow411 Topic back in 2009.
  9. This is a really shape looking Vulcan they just added to their fleet.
  10. This was the last topic DodgeTowGuy134 started on the old system. I am breaking back because I am curious to hear if he came to a conclusion. --------- start ---------- Is there anyone in the forum that is running the MICHELIN XZL 335/80R-20 tires on their trucks? We are looking to outfit one of our trucks with these "military" type of off-road mud/snow/sand tread tires for use on a custom recovery vehicle. We are curious if anyone else has any experience with these tires or a similar tire in the "military" radial tread design & size. Thanks! startow said: ive never used that size but i use michelins on all my trucks and they get about twice as many miles as any others goodmichael said: 2nd the motion on Michelin. I will NEVER, EVER, EVER, NEVER again buy a Goodyear tire. Michelin tires are the best. DodgeTowGuy134 said: Clarification: I'm not looking for brand recommendations, but instead about the specific tire type/size......It's an "off-road" military tire! I'm looking for feedback from those who already run this or similar tread tire on any of the tow trucks in their fleet. The tire is used in the off-road & "serious" go-anywhere RV camping communities. We are looking at putting these on a custom build tow truck that will be used for going on off-road recoveries, as well as the typical "on-road" everyday towing. We're curious of how they handle the daily driving on the roads for longevity and just how well they handle in the mud/snow/sand off-road environments. silverhawk said: But they were Goodyear C181. DOT approved for highway use but recommended for off road construction. Studded tire with excellent pulling in soft ground. No spin and no clogging of tread. Not available as C181 now. Had a speed rating of 60 mph though. 16 ply as I remember. Never got stuck with them, as I had flotation tires on the front of the LN9000 Ford truck. Bad noise problems. Couldn't hear good times radio at 60 mph. Kept from having to hand pull cables. Back up to stuck mixer, pull forward, then engage winch for winch-outs. DodgeTowGuy134 said: Yeah, i'm seeing that most of these radial tires of this tread type and size have a limited highway speed rating of up to 55 or 60 MPH
  11. Thank you Doreen & Integrated for you support. We are going to miss you in Florida this year. Scheduling around the Ky Derby Events just did not work out for the second year in a row.
  12. I'll be there on Friday for sure, maybe even Thursday. Do know, though I do know I stay away on Saturday as it is crowded. Call Me, maybe a few of us can get together like we have in past years.
  13. Nearing the end of the the month, is this all the members participating in this Roll Call?
  14. This is an informal Roll Call for the Mid America Truck Show in Louisville, Ky. https://www.truckingshow.com/
  15. So many reading and this new system only registers logged in member views. If you're a regular lurker registering has never been easier. Do It Now! Please Doing so will get TowForce closer to a A New Platinum Sponsor that will participate. However, if we cannot reach the 6000 members by June 11th, we prove them right. The Towing & Recovery Industry is just too small of a market for them to expand into. This potential new sponsor wants to get you to their website as they introduce new products. The have also agreed to post in the General Equipment forum with the goal of having a dedicated forum. The traffic is here, we just need to get the numbers up. That means both membership and topic participation. The message board had good traffic even after it broke. However, it became like "Read Only". Do not let this community go in that direction. Thanks, Now Reply to the Roll Call.
  16. Birmingham tow truck driver hit by car, seriously injured while helping stranded motorist BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — A tow truck operator is in the hospital with serious injuries after a crash on Highway 280 Thursday morning. The operator, who works for Weil Wrecker Service, was patrolling the roads for the state to help keep traffic flowing through the I-59/20 bridge project in downtown Birmingham when he stopped to help someone with a flat tire. Moments later, a vehicle plowed into him. The operator's boss, Steven Weil Sr., said his employee has already undergone one surgery and will need several more. "My drivers, myself, just like they want to go home, we all want to go home at the end of the day without being hurt," Weil said. "And too many people are hitting people working on the side of the road." Weil Wrecker Service shared this message for the public on social media: "This morning one of our drivers was struck by a vehicle on the side of the road while assisting a stranded motorist. It's a serious injury, and we ask you to join us in praying for him and his family. Pray for all our drivers today as they also deal with this accident and continue to face danger every time they work on the side of the road. "We take every opportunity to remind the public to slow down and move over. It's a state law, and today, failure to follow that law resulted in the injury of one of our own. The truth is it's always one of our own - no matter what company, state, or country - when a tow operator is struck by traffic just trying to do their job. Today's accident is close to home, and we're all struggling with the shock. "Help us keep our operators safe: Slow Down - Move Over. Be alert and free of distractions while you drive. We can train our drivers to be as safe as possible, but we can't protect them from accidents like this without your help." RESOURCE LINK with video
  17. Source: Alabama Towing & Recovery Association Facebook Page
  18. A couple of members have recently inquired about where the sponsorship funds go. Updating or replacing a desktop or laptop computer is part of those funds generated through the Patron/Sponsor Levels. As System Costs, Marketing, Promotions, Travel and what remains goes towards a salary for maintaining the message board. Yes, I have been compensated for my time. That compensation has been cut in the past couple of years, but like the towing industry we all keep moving forward because we cannot go back. The Tow411 message board was well know for it's time. But times change and as a New Generation enters the industry it is up to us industry veterans to not make way for that New Force. But, to offer them a TowForce of knowledge not found in such abundance any place else. Now I must apologize after months of searching I may have found a new laptop. I just need the funds to purchase it and return this borrowed Macbook. Check it out, I will be adding some reviews. But, as much as I like a Mac they are falling behind the technology. Review: The Huawei Matebook X Pro (2019) is the best laptop I’ve ever used… ever Huawei knocked this one out of the park https://thenextweb.com/plugged/2019/03/19/review-the-huawei-matebook-x-pro-2019-is-the-best-laptop-ive-ever-used-ever/
  19. What is your oldest complete wrecker unit? Note: Working or not working it must be mounted on a complete chassis with drive train to be counted. Complete means it hasn't been cannibalized, other then obviously sitting for some time it looks like it's ready to go. If your oldest is older than the 50's add reply telling us what it is, if it's newer we've probably heard about it. Don't fudge on this one!
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