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  1. Hey Mike aka Qtrmiler, do you remember this one? for those that follow links in this topic please come back and add a reply. Thanks
  2. Hdtowing aka John Hessman member since August of 2002. His father "Jack Hessman" known as "JACKSTOWING" is what can be considered one of our Tow411 founding members Jack left us in August of 2005 as the result of a tragic motorcycle accident. I continue to miss Jack along with many others who were very enthusiastic about communicating with other towers. It is unknown how many Jack touched in our early days. It's hard to fight back the tears, but the stories must be told. The list below of the Top Ten WreckMasters in 2005 includes John Hessman. Honored just a few months following his fathers passing. I am positive I am just one of few that miss Jack and we are proud that John has become the man his father would be proud of... And look forward to his passing on the knowledge to our younger members. Thank you for being there John aka Hdtowing. A List of 2005 Top Ten WreckMasters: Interstate Towing Matt Farrell 91212 Ace Towing & Recovery Barry Derbyshire 97645 Automotive Support Services John Hessman III 971205 Engel Towing Sean Koonz 001772 Buehler Automotive Ken Buehler 020110 Gene's Towing & Transportation Michael Myers 020905 Country Repair Michael Rutherford 030160 Bussanmas Towing & Recovery Jeff Bussanmas 030968 Tony's Wrecker Service Inc. Nick Schade 040123 US Tow Service Michael Meade 98780 And the WreckMaster of the Year for 2005 is "John Weaver" from Mauldin Body Shop in Canton, GA From the list above you will recognize at least half of the Towman as members of Tow411 now TowForce. Together everyone of our members are a strong Force in the Towing & Recovery Industry. I know I am missing some member stories along the way, so if other could help me along I would appreciate it. This is more than a roll call, since we have changed systems this is more like a reunion. Thank you!
  3. Drag racer “Big Daddy” Don Garlits has set more than a few records throughout his decades-long racing career. The 87-year-old hopes that he can capture one more next week. Garlits will be looking to break the 200 mph barrier in a battery-powered dragster on July 20 at Palm Beach International Raceway on its quarter-mile drag strip. He had previously made it to 200 mph in a Top Fuel dragster. This won’t be the first time he’s gone for a record since retiring. Garlits, who is widely considered to be one of the most important pioneers and innovators of drag racing, set a world record with a 7.25-second pass at 185.6 mph in an electric dragster in 2014. He was 82 at the time. The Florida resident has been a major figure in drag racing for decades, having captured 17 World Championship titles and coming away with victories in 144 national events. He was the first dragster ever to top a number of different speeds, including 270 mph. His Swamp Rat 30 dragster is enshrined at the Smithsonian Museum of American History. He will attempt to set the record during the IHRA Summit SuperSeries bracket racing on July 20. He will make several attempts. Tickets to attend are $10 and free for kids 12 and under. RESOURCE LINK In 2014: In 2019
  4. Wildwood Jack, I am sincerely sorry for your loss. I remember Mike used to check the message board nearly daily. He had quite few posts, though I am unsure he logged in after the board moved. Looking back I believe I met him at the Florida Show in 2004. In 2005 he donated a couple of 1:50 scale die cast peterbilt rotators to one of the Tow411 Holiday Raffle drawings we held. He was proud of your Dads Dies Cast Collection. In 2007 Mike posted a picture of the first tow with a new 07 KW 475 cummins 18 speed with century 5130. Image added in memory of WIldwood Mike Sorry, to intervene in the roll call. I honor each and everyone of our members no longer with us. Though I do believe and I know they are watching over us. Tow411 was a Family and it was much like any Family we had are up's and down's. Today, TowForce is on track to be a Force in the Towing & Recovery Industry. Remembering Members Gone but not Forgotten... Stuart Wagner, I found your info and set your post count to include the previous screen name. I also set your supporter status as well as signature banner, though I may need to work on it. May the Force be with you. @WildwoodJack @Stuart Wagner
  5. Wow, glad to read the Road Ranger Driver was just bumped and bruised. Sadly, we read that the Driver of vehicle that struck the service truck died and the passenger is in critical condition. The Road Ranger was changing a tire and his truck had an active arrow board including cones sat out. It just never ends, in fact the number of incidents seems to be increasing. Or we are just seeing more and more stories then ever before. Because more is being reported. There are also numerous officers vehicles which have been struck as of late. Might need to start copying those over from Officer . com
  6. Savannah is Home.. Mother and Daughter are reunited, yes I was waiting at the airport. I took the picture, no one wants to see me. LOL
  7. Brian, I have a master log I refer to when in doubt. If I recall you changed screen names at some point.
  8. I so want the names of these company vehicles in violation of Slow Down Move Over. I want to send their companies a copy of this video. In hopes they have a safety director that could review the danger with their drivers. It's bad enough that a 4 wheeler does not respect the emergency vehicle. But when a commercial driver does it, that uncalled for and call needs to be made to there company. How can we as an industry get this word out to trucking companies so they are fully aware of our dangers and their drivers are a contributing factor?
  9. Friday was the last day at camp and this camper did not want Savannah to leave.
  10. Sounds great, the challenge is for recoveries. Save some really good general hook ups and later this year will do something with loading roll calls, carriers and tilt trays.
  11. Interesting, I placed this is the list as a light duty entry. However, I need a truck hooked up to the bike in the images to qualify. it seems that isn't stated in the rules. We wanted few rules.
  12. Sorry, I'll take my business someplace else if the business has obviously chosen not to display the American Flag they once flew proudly. There are enough Patriotic Americans that it could be felt. Sadly not enough solidarity and with that said, flag burning will be the common place before long.
  13. Does your company fly the American Flag? In an time when many businesses have chosen to take down the American Flag, those businesses that proudly Fly the Flag stand out. Noticing that several flags were missing from businesses on a busy roadway. I asked a manager at convenience store about the missing flag from their pole. He said that corporate had the flag taken down as it may be offensive to some customers. Asked if it would be up for the Fourth of July and he could not answer that, even though he was standing by red white and blue packaged fireworks for sale. Has your company chosen to take down the the American Flag? I have hope it is still Flying High, post a picture of your flag for the Fourth of July! Celebrate Proudly... The Red White & Blue!
  14. For those new to TowForce, Savannah has been a part of Tow411 since she was born in 2004. Born at 26 weeks she spent 91 days in the NICU. The members of Tow411 continually sent thoughts and prayers. We lined a wall with all those in the first few days when it was touch and go. We were told she would not survive and then she would never be able to well anything from know our names to be able to take care of herself. Crediting the power of collective thought, great doctors and nurses she over came every obstacle in front of her. So regardless of your believes, Savannah is a testimonial and her faith is strong. She is encouragement to any parent going through such a life event. Whatever life puts in front of you never lose the Faith.. Savannah hasn't and her Faith has grown stronger. I credit the members who sent those Thoughts and Prayers for her sucess. Note: In 2004 Social Media was still in the early stages. So, lining a wall with all the print outs was amazing and not fully understood by many who saw these words of encouragement from all over the world.
  15. Likely one of the bots found your post associated with the name and/or email in your account. If you want to opt out of that, then I can turn it off on your account. It's an app we're using and just one of the new features credited to the New Force in the Towing Industry. Just something we're trying out. You'll find this kind of thing all over the board along with feeds from websites, blogs, youtube, etc. @ChuckTWT
  16. Current Count 41 of 3532 Registered Members. Yep, seems about right for the first day. Now let's break into the 2% response today. GO
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