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  1. Search You Tube- ‘Tow Sling Demo’ by Florida Wrecker TV
  2. Picked up in NJ, dropped off in Staten Island, NY. This is our first sling tow with this truck, truck handled tow better than could be expected. Night and day difference when using wheel lift. Normally keep extension arms short, but the JerrDan arms have limited length options(thinking about drilling couple extra holes) the van was extremely low & arms needed length or a double pick. After short test ride & even with all the horrible roads etc-really didn’t even know it was there, absolutely no steering or brake issues. Definitely will sling whenever possible
  3. Some areas in NJ are far worse.
  4. No double pick necessary. Used Miller short forks & adapters used in low position
  5. Been through same issue. You have to order 1 size larger Omega
  6. Looks good With a light load, strapping wheels to dolly cross bar & not dolly wheel frame may allow crossbars from popping out of frame on poor road conditions.
  7. Thanks The Peterbilt has a Paccar 8.9L 300hp PX-9 & 8LL/10speed transmission. 21k rear w/23k air leaf suspension & 12k front axle The Paccar is a rebadged Cummins L9
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