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  1. Njsss


    & it was dry, sunny, warm. Get a break once in awhile
  2. Njsss

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  3. Njsss

    "Let's talk Flashlights"

    Light is great, super bright & durable. Always carry it
  4. Both cables are steel core 7/16”. The hook on new cable is considerably smaller. Expected same quality as original. The original cable held up extremely well, but was only 50’ I needed a 75’. Any body know where Jerr Dan sources there cables?
  5. Njsss

    Bucket Truck

    Definitely knew it was there. Long ride from Queens NY to New York State. Kenworth handled it well
  6. Concern I have is once cotter pin rusts & breaks, castle nut will easily walk off. Not impressed with new hook compared to original
  7. Njsss

    A Long Dolly Job..

    Those cars have multiple driveshafts, we remove 1 driveshaft between carrier bearings.