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  1. Are CDL endorsements required when towimg a Hazmat/Tanker in PA? Sounds like you could of had a pre 4th of July fireworks show
  2. Thanks My customer has it for sale. If interested...
  3. This is a common problem we deal with often, w or w/o grease fittings We either cut both sides of pin directly next to piston with sawzall or use a oxylance torch. Definitely labor intensive
  4. Thanks about the car: only 11 miles & #66 of 3300 produced
  5. Only reason we decided to use the single line 4500 was because we were dispatched @ midnight, after NYC curfew & had to drive through part of city where there were issues occurring. Truck had been stuck halfway into the road for over 5 hours Truck was fully loaded with furniture. With some jacking & timber, the Ram got it done
  6. Thanks. No, ramps were included with a drive on 4 post lift.
  7. According to the FMSCA.gov “the average cost of all large truck crashes is about $91,000 per crash” without any fatalities Average non consensual/accident truck tow + ‘add-ons’ on the low end is $15k to well over $150k. When the majority of tow invoices are the highest percentage of the total accident cost, you actually believe they ‘don’t have their own line on a insurance companies balance sheet’ ? Statistics in regards to lighr duty are to varied Obviously there are a number of factors that affect premiums, but, don't kid yourself if you believe all the way overinflated invoices from litagation, medical & yes towing, aren’t one of the contributing factors
  8. 1 nice KW. Obviously, a capable wrecker with a experienced operator. Good job
  9. Good job Grumps, you forgot the heavy equipment, onsite safety management team & maybe a rolloff dumpster Then wonder why the tow industry insurance premiums are what they are
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