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  1. I did not post this, write it or tow it. Don’t understand how this happened??
  2. Most of my days are filled with moving run of the mill modern cars, and a lot of pick-up trucks, and certainly my share of POS'. Today I got to move this gem! 1972 Boat tail Riviera, 99% original un-restored. Exhaust and tires are the only things not original to the car. Original paint, original brown interior is excellent condition. Even the hitch was dealer installed. Hair over 60k original miles, still technically a one owner car. Dad recently passed after fighting cancer for 3 years, his son who I met today has not transferred the title yet. Dad purchased new in 1972 at a dealership I go to often. Purchased from the dealerships owner who I know well. After sitting for approximately 10 years, they put a new battery in and the old girl started right up. His dad was able to drive the car around some before he passed. Even the A/C still works fine and still has R12. I always find these interesting when you have some history and context to go with an old stunner like this one, maybe its just me ...
  3. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in April of 2017:
  4. If your looking for reliabilty & serviceability, definitely Ram. Ford is a better driving truck & nicer interior only positives i can think of Personally, empty single axle pickup would be the heaviest vehicle. Empty weight(depending how it is equipped) around 10-11k, leaves about 9k
  5. Got it done without a rotator... 👍
  6. See it done all the time in NJ & NY. Not sure if it is legal. I assume a doubles cdl endorsement would be requiired
  7. Additional straps used when required, box height etc. Never had an issue with drawers opening on quality tool boxes. Snap-on & Mac locking design works
  8. Only picture i found, different truck same concept
  9. Can’t find any close up pictures. Truck bar is against hitch plate under reese hitch receiver. Chains wrapped over & around frame to bar F550 & 450’s front tows always fork frame at 1st body mount ( some have trans lines routed on inside R/S of frame, simply remove plastic retaining clip). Straps ran over frame directly behind bumper & in front of body mount to wheel lift
  10. Look closely, 4 pt chains on wheels & additional front & rear straps. Been moving these tool boxes for years, damage free & 100% customer satisfaction If a customer is that particular they wouldn’t call for a rollback. A better suited choice would be enclosed with moving blankets etc etc
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