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  1. Definitely can be done on your own & save $. FMSCA website. No cost for DOT & $300 for MC along with # of requirements(depending on vehicle classification, interstate, intrastate,etc) & alot of reading or you can hire any compliance company(google) Not sure where your from, but in my area maybe 25% of tow companies are operating ‘correctly’-just doesn’t seem to be enforced, yet.
  2. Good idea. But. Highly unlikely any manufacturer will entertain this Reason 1- COST 2- Certainly not a positive selling point, would appear a break down & tow is expected with the new vehicle you purchased how often do European manufacturers ever admit to ANY poor engineering ?
  3. This was a return trip. Initially towed to our shop due to cracked water pump, we installed new engine & pump asm, filled witth 500g water & returned early AM Light attached to steel support bracket - misplaced the ‘fiberglass magnets’
  4. 6’4”. Mislabeled heights not unusual.
  5. Interesting. Any more pictures of truck
  6. How has the Dual-Tech on your old truck been? Haven’t seen many, just curious What make wrecker is on new?
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