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  1. Thanks 500+ lbs. won’t effect truck or bed but loading over axle is correct Actually believe the effects of towing a motorcycle(irregardless of placement)are greater than actually riding one? How about a self loader with motorcycle attachment?
  2. Due to liability & preventing damage- always follow manufacturers instructions on how to load & tow any vehicle, especially exotics A undamaged tow hook installed correctly should be used. Sitting in the car while winching with a wireless remote or have second person at controls would definitely prevent any issue In the event of a tow hook, winch or cable failure Assure you, unpreventive damage would of occurred using a soft strap on this lowered Porsche with its fragile & brittle air dam, even with the slightest amount of contact The example video is slightly misleading. Statistically speaking, how many actually fail when INSTALLED & USED CORRECTLY?
  3. Thanks The owner said his roadside was unable to find anybody to tow the car for more than 2 days (suppose gas station owner didn’t mind the attention). He may of been concerned at first, but was actually thankful. He also appreciated the amount of work involved & most importantly: ‘damage free’
  4. TowZone, the method used to install the front dolly crossbar was to separate bar completely & slide each section in between front of tire & lower portion of fender. Slight raise of wheel lift to install rear crossbar.
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