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  1. Njsss

    A Long Dolly Job..

    Those cars have multiple driveshafts, we remove 1 driveshaft between carrier bearings.
  2. Njsss

    2000 C6500 512LMD

    Still for sale
  3. Njsss

    Perfect Fit

    Diesel. 200 gallon full fuel tank in bed, tools in boxes. Peterbilt is 33 GVW with air ride, didn’t even know it was there. Height was no issue Went from NJ to NY.
  4. Njsss

    Rollback Tow

    No. Forked the frame directly below body mount.
  5. Njsss

    Bucket Truck

  6. Njsss

    Easy Tow

    Motor club provider towed SUV & left trailer. We picked up trailer in NJ & towed 70 miles to a KOA campground in NY. MPL hitch adapter worked great
  7. Can attachment limit be reset?
  8. Only able to attach pic up to 1.38mp? That # seems to keep lowering. Cannot attach pictures from i phone now?