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  1. Thanks for response ECTTS. What brand cable do you sell? Made in USA?
  2. Njsss

    Transmission damage

    All manual transmission damage is a reault of lack of maintenance, incorrect oil level, driver error(misshift, PTO left on, things they neglect to tell you, etc) just my opinion, what ive seen over last 35 yrs
  3. Njsss

    Transmission damage

    In neutral, the input shaft turns countershaft which turns main shaft gears under no load-freewheeling-essentially no wear Thrust bearing controls for/aft movevemt of crankshaft. Constant force forward (depressing clutch) will cause wear- especially in heavy traffic areas Along with throw out bearing, all clutch linkage will wear
  4. Njsss

    Transmission damage

    keeping clutch depressed forces engine crankshaft forward causing wear on internal engine bearings, clutch linkage, cross shaft, etc. running in neutral causes minimal internal transmission wear(as long as trans oil is serviced & at proper level).
  5. Njsss

    Brand New-No Starts

    Most new car dealers in our area have limited parking. Those 2 Jeeps were delivered to satellite storage facility 25 miles from dealership service. Jumpstarts failed, key fobs not recognized on both. Used skates to load Cherokee & Wrangler was manual. Neither had PDI This was 3rd one—same day
  6. Njsss

    2000 C6500 512LMD

    Still for sale. Complete service just done
  7. Njsss

    Maserati On Dollies

    Said it before. Straps & safety chains always used, pictures taken when convenient Perhaps angle of picture, more than enough rear tire clearance
  8. Njsss

    16 or 20 ton?

    Just my opinion—definitely 20, had same thoughts 3 yrs ago. We went with single axle 25 ton, extremely satisfied. Perfect size truck for our area. Can handle a pickup up to tractor trailer no problem Not impressed with integrated 16t
  9. Njsss

    NYC Parking Garage

    & wasn’t allowed on sections of freshly painted floor