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  1. It takes a few years to resolve issues when a manufacturer starts a new line. GM issues bulletins daily to dealers in regards to known problems Second problem is not all dealer ‘technicians’ have the diagnostic skills. They rely on a manufacturer tech lines most times A lemon law lawyer would give best advise regarding buy back. Good luck
  2. Depending on application. When mounted on manual transmissions, essentially, the PTO becomes part of transmission case. Gravity & centrifugal pressure. Mounted on a automatic requires a hose attached to pressurized port on trans & return is gravity Only required service is lubricating the PTO pump splines & NOT-leaving it on driving
  3. Thanks Its a 4wd plow truck. R/F wheel unable to roll! & was a 5 mile tow, back to our shop. Bed has 8.5t capacity with 5k wheel lift Drove like there wasn’t anything being towed. Recently purchased 3.5x3.5 fork holders for crossbar, definitely should help towing heavier trucks.
  4. With wheel chair lift? Any pictures? Being a f450, i would think front suspension would be overloaded.
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