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  1. Once you have responded to this Roll Call. Please do not add another reply as only one will be in the drawing. The list found at the top of this topic will continue in the drawings throughout the remainder of this year. Thanks
  2. Davidmar168 you have 48 hours to claim your T-Shirt in reply to this post. To Enter next weeks drawing you must add a reply in the Roll Call before July 1, 2020. Note: The sooner members reply in the current Roll Call the better the odds of your screen name being drawn. https://www.towforce.net/topic/9642-towforce-semi-annual-roll-call-may-15th-july-1st-2020/ Good Luck and don't dismiss the current TowForce Supporter Level Discount Code. Without you this is not possible! So please consider a contribution today also current supporters due for renewal can also use this discount code. This code is valid through the end of May. CODE: TF40OFF https://www.towforce.net/subscriptions/
  3. All Names to date have been Added to a Drawing which will take place later today. Check Back in a few hours to see if you Won a T-Shirt and if your name is not on the list. What Are You Waiting For?
  4. Tow411 was popular until the system failed and TowForce needed to be created intelligently. Your Support is needed to continue our success and fund the community expenses. Thanks Current Discount Code ends May 31st, 2020 and is good for both Patron & Sponsor Levels.
  5. About Jim Lehrke is President/CEO at Safety Connections, Inc. and Author of The Book "Choosing Success". Jim has over 40 years of experience in Speaking, Leadership, Security, Safety and Coaching including work as a Plant Manager/Corporate Safety Director for a fortune 200 company. He has been a keynote speaker, presenter and organizer of several safety and leadership symposiums. Currently, as President/CEO of Safety Connections, Inc., Jim designs and implements supervisor training programs and teaches team building. Behavioral Based Safety Training is the key to improving profitability while keeping your employees safe. Compliance is a must. Culture is an option. Once you create a culture of safety you will have a “World-Class” operation. The goal is simple - "Create the Want" that get results. Our mission is driven by our passion for people and results. We strive to cultivate and inspire people, companies, and employees to reach their full leadership potentials and creating cultures of safety at work, home and play. Safety Connections Guarantees Results
  6. Hard to believe Dave left this world 4 years ago today. Tow First was his project and it went all but dark with his passing. For those who have a memory of Dave Lambert, take a moment to reply here. Then go down to the link provided if you believe Tow First should be revived. We have new members representing Motor Clubs joining regularly now that the activity level has increased dramatically. The Tow First mission Dave started deserves to continue in his memory. Let's make it happen and possibly save the life of a tow operator or road service tech. Together we can effectively change the numbers as traffic increases. We continue to keep the dream alive on TowForce. The Tow First Graphic is continues to be featured in the side bar. And a topic by Dave Lambert naming those who signed onto the Tow First Pledge which was recreated from Tow411. Please take a moment to review the list of names and if yours appears in the list let us know. Also, if you believe this list should be revived add your name and company in reply to the topic found at https://www.towforce.net/topic/7554-pledged-to-tow-first/
  7. There were 38 Replies to the Roll Call in the first 24 hours. Our Goal is 400 Replies in the First 30 Days, which at 4600 members should be attainable. Though that would be a record for any Roll Call held on the message board, I know our members can make it a realistic goal. So, take a moment to add a reply and push these daily number up! The more activity the more prizes I can dig up. Also, there has been a new supporter discount code created for 40% Off any supporter level. This is good for renewals as well. The Code is: TF40OFF You Make this Possible!
  8. If so which Tow Show to you anticipate attending, that is if all the shows in September, October and November are permitted to take place. At this time TowForce is starting with the last show of the year and working backwards. A different tactic not to be disappointed. Add your list in reply...
  9. Artem ride on Toy Tow Truck for children and towing Police car
  10. Thanks Rob, I am unsure what is going on. It seems that every time a request goes out for New Patrons & Sponsors our current supporters reply or call to ask how they can help and what support I need. I say I am grateful for their support and I am always grateful for those who provide funding to cover the costs. Yeah, there are costs to running the board and there are things we want to do that we just have not had the funding to accomplish. So, to those who can the 50% OFF CODE is: TF50OFF Use it in the store before Midnight Friday May 15th, 2020 - https://www.towforce.net/subscriptions/
  11. Our 2020 Membership count goal is 6000 members. If your lurking take a moment to sign up and login. It's very easy, just do it....
  12. Winners have until Midnight May 14th, 2020 to claim a T-Shirt Nearly 2 days into this drawing and no one has claimed their T-Shirt from the drawing. That's very strange having drawn 20 names in this drawing. If your name appears on the list above reply to this topic to claim your prize. A New List will be formed starting May 15th when our semi annual roll call is posted. The Roll Call will continue through June 15, 2020 and from that list the next T-Shirt Tuesday Drawing will be posted on June 30, 2020. Thanks, may the TowForce be with you. UPDATED: NewsFlash TowForce reaches 4600 members. Our 2020 Membership count goal is 6000 members. If your lurking take a moment to sign up and login. It's very easy, just do it....
  13. There a 7 factors that go into the rankings, customer rankings would only be factored into the ranking as a sidebar if there were negative responses found on other social media venues. Because this message board is tow truck owners and operators we do not have those types of customer interactions. I can see where in regards to the HD Logistics polling commercial customers would add another aspect to the ranking which is being missed. In the early years of motor club rankings Automobile Motor Clubs and HD Logistic Organizations such as Coachnet (Pinnacle), INA, TTN, FleetNet were included. These organizations were separated a couple of years ago as many of the tow companies responding were Light Duty Only. The final list is based on an algorithm (numbers) which are compiled throughout the year from various sources of social media. Ideally with regards to HD Logistics those companies would assist us in researching customer testimonials. I can see where that would possibly change the results on those HD Logistic Organizations. INA has a network of towing companies that participated at a higher rate than did TTN. Not sure where ARI came from as they have not make the list in the past. Coachnet is now Pennicle and doesn't receive the Motor Coach input as years past. FleetNet held a huge advantage prior to James Williams retirement. Company Representatives can make a huge difference by their responses to topics on any social media venue. Many here can relate to Patrick with NSD, Kay with GEICO, Dennis with Honk, Gay with INA all TowForce Participating Members. So, to answer the question the list relies on participation. Ideally, we would have twice as many Tow Companies responding to the polling each year. Though, I am unsure how much the list would change since many of the numbers are gathered throughout the year. The past two years have proved more difficult as participation in the Motor Club & HD Logistics forums have not returned to the level they were on the old Tow411 message board. Unsure if fewer members are currently service providers with the companies or they are not having the issues we have seen in the past. I can say that nearly every motor club can look back over the previous year and cite reasons for the change. This list has been compiled each year for more than a decade now. Hope this fills in some of the criteria, while I do not disclose all details of the method used because some other source may attempt to use that which has taken years to develop. You are welcome to call anytime. Ron (TowForce Admin) 502 376 3071 Note: Now is Likely a Good Time to Ask for Testimonials from SERVICE PROVIDERS within the proper forums. We did not do this last year as the daily posts were far less then they are now. Low responses can alter one of the 7 factors. However, in the end when members are asked if they agree or disagree with the list in review and few contest the result they are finalized. This past year was also presented to non members on other social media venues. Hopes are branching out results in more input. This year other than Motor Clubs marketing on Linkedin and some FB with few responses there is little to go on. Normally headed into summer the call volume is up and motor clubs are active. With the current situation summer starting in just over 30 days is in question. Will motorist hit the road in lower or higher numbers, will trucking companies increase loads or run low on freight to transport. Are there any answers to these questions. Hey that might make a great topic on its own.
  14. OK, seems the information was not relayed properly. The names of the T-Shirt Winners are in the list above and also the sidebar on the main forums page. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused and request Drawing Winners reply within this topic to claim their T-Shirt. Thanks Note: A New Roll Call will begin Friday May 15th and those members will be placed in a new drawing which will run through November. All Winners "Listed Above" have until Midnight May 14th, 2020 to claim a T-Shirt The 50% Off both Patron and Sponsor Supporter Levels Also Ends Midnight this Friday December 15th, 2020 Enter Code: TF50OFF to get 50% Off any Patron or Sponsor Level https://www.towforce.net/subscriptions/
  15. Update to Mrs. Burrows' Memorial: Uodate posted just a short time ago. We understand that everyone may not be able to attend the memorial procession planned for Sunday at 2pm. There will be another opportunity to pay your respects, and to place a rock at Mrs. Burrows' memorial later in the week when arrangements have been finalized. If you have any questions contact Junior Ellis or Nick Schade Thank you @Kynick Sent from my SM-G950U using TowForce mobile app
  16. Doesn't Always End Well for the Preying Mantis
  17. I made several phone calls yesterday in an attempt to verify the tow operator struck and the company involved. The information I have is this was a Santa Clara Tow Company and it was likely a CHP ordered tow he was on. If anyone has more details please add them. Thank you
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