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  1. See you Tomorrow or Thursday... 73 deg. Thurs. - Sat. "howrah" 50's at night, hope the southern folks parked the jackets if they decide to go out. Oh, right nearly everyone goes out someplace at night.
  2. The Owners Den is a Supporter Based Access forum. Once a very popular forum, it is taking longer then originally expected to regenerate. Be patient since the old system did not migrate to the new system nearly everything is being done manually. If you are an owner as well as a patron or sponsor and do not have access we can correct that now. Owners seeking access can submit a request and join our supporter program. Thanks There is a Drivers Lounge that has been less active on both systems. Drivers and Dispatchers can request access with more than 4 posts. There is no supporter status required, though it is appreciated. Regardless of supporter status, you can request access to this forum. Note: Each member can only access one forum.
  3. Many of the Screen Names from the old system have been reserved. If your screen name is unavailable when registering this is likely because it is being held for you. Those who were a member of the old Tow411 system should contact TowForce support for details. Those joining for the first time have found it easier to register then anytime in the past. What are you waiting for?
  4. Related Story: http://www.knoxpages.com/history/mount-vernon-window-shopping-gone-wrong-in/article_45b33246-6db8-11e9-8d25-778362c7dc9f.html
  5. On October 19th, I would like to see the industry come together. Decide on a time where all tow truck operators can park there truck on the side of a major roadway nationwide and turn on their lights. From Coast to Coast I believe within just a few minutes the exposure this would receive could have more impact then anything the industry has done to this point. Broadcast this in advance to all news outlets, local and national. The duration could be 10 mins to 30 minutes, that would have to be worked out with other details. This will take months of effort, I feel it is worth looking into. Does anyone else agree?
  6. Thieves are watching your Heavy... No really there are plenty of thieves out there and one is watching your 250,000 plus Heavy. When they get the opportunity, they will be gone with it and likely headed south where they have connections in ports. Has anyone thought about hiding a second GPS tracking device in the truck. Thieves will disable your GPS Tracking immediately, however their are numerous devises available today at low cost. Is the added cost worth it to you?
  7. Heavies generally head to South America where they bring high dollar. Many are cut up, but I am sure a few are intact. There's at least one stolen rotator down there.
  8. Just 1 week remaining. are you going or not this year?
  9. I had hoped that we would have added 1000 new members in the first 45 days. Instead we have added 400 members, still a very strong showing though it is not going to help us reach our goal of 6000. I ask that if you are lurking the message board, take the time to join. Thanks
  10. I do not know how we can make this process easeier for you. But, I we ask Chris aka Kat to look into it if it would help. @Kat @thtdon
  11. This doesn't look like other Air Cushion Recoveries I have seen. While the recovery was successful, I would like to hear some opinions. Professional discussions have always been what sets the message board apart from other forms of social media. Let's hear it...
  12. It is too quiet in here, so while I am on this Roll Over Recovery search. I thought I would share this short clip.
  13. As seen on youtube: Heavy Duty Operator Rob Long recovering a truck that rolled onto its side.
  14. Personally, I have never used a J-Hook as such in a roll over procedure.
  15. Wow, just when you think you have seen everything on a car carrier. This comes along!
  16. There was approximately a 100 trucks there to show there respect today to support the family of Michael Buffington. The family was really appreciative of all the area services who brought equipment, there was a great turnout.
  17. Thought's and Prayer's to the Family, Friends and Co workers. I never knew so many regions have barriers on bridges and overpasses that were so dangerously low. Block motorist views and the odds of this as well as distracted drivers would decrease to odds of this occurring again.
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