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  1. At this time, I have been unable to add details of this tragic accident to the Tower Down Topic.


    It seems from some research Scott Pimental was 49 years of age and possibly lived in Howell, NJ and other cities/towns in Tennessee. However none of this is confirmed and requests for information have not been returned.


    A Driver from Starlight Wrecker Service, Cookesville, TN has lost their life.


    There are few details at this time. Tower Down notification pending confirmation.



    A Statement released on the companies FB page says:


    Please everyone keep Scott s family in your prayers. You will be missed dearly even though I only knew you short time. I'll carry your chains for now on ol friend.

    Scott was our last new hire and I'd have to say one quick learner. Please excuse our absence next few days as we all try wrap our head around this accident. Thank you! Tex


    No News Report has been found and no details of the accident have been provided at this time.



    Scott Pimental


  3. This story happened to a wrongfully accused Police Officer. However, it could just as easily happen to a Tow Truck Operator. Is you company are you prepared for the possibility of such an accusation?


    Do you have a camera in the cab of the truck that can face the passenger or better yet capture nearly the entire interior of the trucks cab?



  4. May 7, 2019: A Florida Gators starting running back Lamical Perine was accused of battery after grabbing a tow truck driver by the arm in an argument. No charges were filed. The tow truck driver asked for an apology.



    A video has surfaced from the incident involving Florida running back Lamical Perine and a tow truck driver that resulted in a call to the Gainesville Police Department.


    The Gainesville Sun this week released grainy footage received from the cell phone of a witness who watched Perine get mildly physical with a man who was towing his mother's car at an apartment complex.


    As you can see from the video, Perine is not happy and words are exchanged in a heated manner.


    Florida Towing Statute:
    Anyone towing a vehicle in Florida without the consent of the owner must comply with the requirements of Florida Statutes Section 715.07. ... If you returned to your vehicle and it was in the process of being towed, the tow truck driver must agree to lower the vehicle and charge you only half of the locally-allowable rate. Mar 21, 2019
    Florida Statutes Section 715.07:
    3. A person in the process of towing or removing a vehicle or vessel from the premises or parking lot in which the vehicle or vessel is not lawfully parked must stop when a person seeks the return of the vehicle or vessel. The vehicle or vessel must be returned upon the payment of a reasonable service fee of not more than one-half of the posted rate for the towing or removal service as provided in subparagraph 6. The vehicle or vessel may be towed or removed if, after a reasonable opportunity, the owner or legally authorized person in control of the vehicle or vessel is unable to pay the service fee. If the vehicle or vessel is redeemed, a detailed signed receipt must be given to the person redeeming the vehicle or vessel.

  5. Sorry, I can't catch up with Savannah today and the video we did is MIA.


    However we do have a Winner. Drum Roll... The WINNER is


    Dan Turpin

    You have until Friday to pm me your size and mailing address.




    Every Member that responds to this topic prior to the end of this day and includes their state in that reply will be placed into the next drawing.


    * enter as many times as you can during this drawing which will run though the end of 2019. However, you can only win once, if your name is drawn then it will be discarded and another member we be drawn. This assures as many as possible receive a t-shirt. Thanks

  6. Thank you, as an update to the reply I added nearly a year ago. While companies such as Fleetnet and TTN seem to be doing much better in regards to industry relations. The INA Network took the lead a complete of years ago and didn't look back. It will take some work for other companies to catch INA.


    Thanks for the Testimonial.

  7. Dave Lambert preached this with his "Tow First to Save Lives" program. However, since Dave has passed the progress he was making has all but diminished. I see more road service vehicles and tow trucks changing tires in Hazardous Locations then ever before. What's it going to take for companies to change their service policies. What's it going to take for Motor Clubs to incentivize them to do the right thing. Insurance Companies may get involved at some point, but the more I research this the more disgusted I become.



  8. When seconds count every minute the service provider is on scene increases the risk. Not only is Risk Management and Traffic Safety lacking in the Towing Industry you may find that it is lacking in some law enforcement agencies as well. Generally you'll find that the State Department of Transportation Agencies do a much better job in these areas. That can be related to this recent news story.



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