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  1. In loving memory of Rimal Shalvin Sharma and Roselyn Sharma who are forever in our hearts. We request you to bring thoughts, prayers, fondest memories and join us for family memorial service on April 18th from 2pm to 4pm at Sacramento Memorial Lawn , 6100 Stockton Blvd, CA 95824. Thanks for all your support !! — with Roselyn Sharma and Shalvin Sharma. RESOURCE: Justin's Towing Service FB Page
  2. I will keep this Roll Call Open until a day arrives that there are no responses. Thanks
  3. Alright, with Florida a recent memory for some. Let's get this started for those going to Vegas Baby! Be sure to visit these valued TowForce sponsors at the show. If you need to set up a dedicated time post it here and as an appreciation once the sponsor has confirmed we will reserve a Tow411 T-shirt in your name. A PM will be sent prior to the show. All requests must be made two weeks prior to the show. There is a Limit of One T-Shirt per member and the Sponsor must confirm the dedicated meeting time. Watch for other ways to receive a Free or reduced cost T-Shirt. Beacon Funding, Crash Film, Dynamic, East Coast Truck & Trailer, Excel Sportswear, GEICO, Idaho Wrecker Sales, In The Ditch, Landoll, Nation Safe Drivers, Santiam, Spill Tackle, Tow Times and TowXchange. Watch for New Sponsors to be added. Member Attending: rreschran, Littletow, BigBlonde
  4. I Carry a USCCA CARD that I Carry with me at all times. Although, I may not be CC at the time. I endorse USCCA, Click the Link below at be Insurance and support the Towing Information Network. Yes, this is a commission based Ad. Link: https://www.usconcealedcarry.com/offers/5c7d4f40e82bb/join-the-uscca-today?tID=58af0e413ccfe
  5. Missed the Friday Podcast, did not get the info in time to notify members. I want to listen in live today, However, I now understand this is recording season for a LIVE BROADCAST. If someone has more information please let us know in a reply here. Thanks
  6. Autism Awareness Month is near and dear to our hearts each year. WestWay Towing not only has some family members with autism, but several friends in the industry as well. It is our honor to present TRUCK 150, 2019 Ford F550 single cab with a chevron wrecker body sold by Rechtien International Trucks and Miller Industries. This truck was built and wrapped in dedication of Autism Awareness not only for this month, but every day as it rolls around South Florida. Come by the Miller Booth at the FLORIDA TOW SHOW this week and check this amazing unit out. Thank You once again to everyone involved in this project Brett Holcombe, Hugo Cardonne, and Scott Seaman
  7. We need a nearly additional 2700 Members in less than 90 days. The numbers are on the rise, however we are falling seriously behind on the goal. By not reaching this goal and proving to a major company the industry is worth investing in not of value to those who watch the topic yet do not register as a member. All has been done to make the registration process easier than ever. On a side note you do not need to log out when leaving the community. If you are using your personal devise do you log in and out when using other forms of social media. The New System will not show active after 30 minutes of activity. Thanks
  8. LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY. I am not Yelling, I am shouting this out. Now, are you going?
  9. Family continues to search for woman who was in tow truck that plunged into Sacramento River The body of man who was in a tow truck that plummeted into the Sacramento River two weeks ago was recovered Thursday, family members and the California Highway Patrol said. Shalvinesh Sharma’s body was found around 8:45 a.m. south of Stan's Yolo Marina, which is toward the West Sacramento side of the river, authorities said. Shalvinesh Sharma, 40, was in the tow truck with his wife Roselyn Sharma when the truck plunged into the river after a crash with a big rig on the Pioneer Bridge. The collision hurtled the truck over the bridge rails and into the water. Divers and a barge are headed to the Sacramento River in order to help recover the body of Roselyn Sharma. Get the full story in the video above.
  10. Warren would have been 81 years of age today. Taken too soon, there just wasn't enough time with a great man. Please share your memories of Warren aka Towing Grandfather (Tow411 Screen Name). Here's to you Warren, I.T.R.H.F.M. Inducted to Hall of Fame Bubble Nose
  11. UPDATE 04.10.19: Divers Set To Recover Tow Truck, Couple In Sacramento River Friday SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Divers are set to recover the tow truck that plummeted off the Pioneer Bridge into the Sacramento River this Friday. his comes over a week after officials located the truck, but could not safely recover it and the couple presumed to be inside. The truck crashed into the river around 8 p.m. on March 26. CHP South Sacramento said the recovery effort will come from Global Diving and Salvage, with local agencies on the scene. The Bay Area company is expected to leave Thursday morning. According to CHP, the family got power of attorney of Justin’s Towing Wednesday and contracted Global Diving and Salvage to do the recovery through the tow truck company’s insurance. Global Diving and Salvage plans on transporting a barge with the necessary equipment to make a recovery of the vehicle from their Bay Area headquarters tomorrow with the barge arriving sometime in the evening. Officials said the recovery could take up to two days. There is no word on the couple believed to be inside. The family of Shalvinesh and Roselyn Sharma believe their bodies are at the bottom of the Sacramento River, but local crews had not been able safely to locate the truck and couple due to rapid, frigid waters. The water is moving at about four feet per second. Last Monday, a commercial dive team was called in to help with the recovery effort. They used sonar to find the tow truck, pinpointing the location through sound waves. They now believe they have located the truck using sonar technology, but crews have not actually seen or touched the truck. The water was too dangerous for local divers, so Solano County divers came to help on Saturday, but the water was still too dangerous. “Safety is paramount when we’re out here,” said Solano County Sergeant Jackson Harris on Saturday. “We’re not going to cause any further complications by putting our divers into jeopardy.” Police say they believe the truck is halfway across the river and about 39 feet down. Officials say there are two major PG&E pipelines in the water and weather conditions will make the recovery increasingly difficult Resource Link
  12. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in January of 2013: I look thru this site and many other's selling trucks! If you are going to sell a truck..at least show a clean picture of the truck. Also, if seat is torn/worn buy a seat cover or have a new/used seat installed, as well as..a couple of spray bombs of black paint hides a lot.. and have the McDonald cups and other trash cleaned up... Just some helpful tips..Ian Tomei wreckmster said: From my experience the keynote would be Pictures, Pictures, Pictures. Plus a clear description of the truck. I cruise the for sale ads and I always wind up asking myself the same questions..what's the wheelbase, what does it weight, what is the mileage, engine size, transmission size, type of suspension ETC.. You wont believe how many sellers leave this critical information out. If I was buying a truck, I would want every piece of information on the truck that is available. I dont want to call to get information. I'll know from the description whether or not i'm interested. I only want to call if It's something I'm looking for..I dont mind calling for a price, I just hate calling for information that should be in the description. I sold all of my trucks rather quickly and I feel it was because each ad had 20 or so (clear and visible)images and a full and complete description with a fair price. My advice is to put a little thought into your listing and you will sell it. Answer the questions you would ask if you were buying a truck and your listing will be successful. wreckerman05 said: a price also helps---- Tom Jr said: Pictures, mileage, price. TowZone said: Not Buyer to Buyer, Unit to Unit. A good description sometimes makes understanding why the unit in the listing is more than another unit which happens to be bear bones or cookie cutter. Had a member write me upset because he went to pick up a new unit and there was nothing on it, not even a light bar. How do you buy a new unit and not know that the light bar is an option, as are chains, straps, jumper cables etc. When I asked which of our Sponsors he purchased the unit from, the answer was I purchase it off eBay and the dealer was not a Tow411 Sponsor. When you are buying on price, make sure you have in writing everything that comes with the unit. The other unit may have been a better deal as the dealer may have loaded it up and priced the accessories in at his cost to make it ready to work. If the member that this happened to wants to comment that would be fine. However, I do not think outing the dealer is appropriate since they actually did not wrong. There was no misrepresentation, they simply sold a base unit for less than most dealers. Almost forgot, even though it is not a requirement to list the price or even place pictures in an equipment listing here on Tow411. Those who do list the Price, Millage and have more than a couple images do qualify from a possible featured topic. someotherplace said: I believe the main reason for not listing a price is to avoid being beat up by the peanut gallery, in other words people that were never a serious player on your equipment yet feel the need to comment about your price. At least that's how it seems to work on most forums. If you're even halfway serious, having to call or email to get the price won't stop you. Personally, I prefer to list the price, that way you don't end up answering a lot of calls or emails from people that turn out to not be interested once they hear the price. Richard JTC Towing said: Agree.. List the price if i think it is reasonable im calling you... I wish people were a little more honest.. I flew to St Louis over the summer to buy a truck.. 1500.00 for my buddy and i to fly there.. Guy tells me how nice this truck is spotless. The same old saying the owner drove this himself. ya know kinda like it was my grandma's she only drove it on Sunday in the car market.. Flew out there people didn't come out in the lot to talk with me or nothing.. I'm young i think this was the biggest problem.. I do know they lost a sale or any future sale with me.. I flew back home that day after getting in this spectacular POS wouldn't build air felt like i smoked 2 cartons of cigarettes standing beside it..put the side puller down the left wheel was about to fall off. i wouldn't let someone test drive it.. the steering wheel was sideways when it was going straight..Must add this was a 62,000 truck.. yea it was used had some problems not what i wanted.. but i would have considered something else they had with a little customer satisfaction.. I flew home ordered my new KW off Matheney Motors.. Long story short if you treat someone right talk with them show them you are interested in selling them something it will happen.. I was never so dissatisfied with a company in all my life.. The sales man didn't come out in the lot all day to talk with me offer something else to drive nothing.. Until i had to tell him " look bud i didn't spend all this money to fly out here and kick tires" they were to take care of my cab from the airport that didn't happen.. What an awful experience!!!! to say the least.. TowZone said: I hear that story at least a couple of times a month throughout the course of a year. I even have those dealers look to list equipment on here. While I do not base the decision to deny sponsorship on one instance, I do look at a pattern of such events. Now, I have found in a few instances that it was the sales and not the dealer. In a few cases the salesman was not even an employee, but a broker seeking a commission. So, buyer beware and I will do my best to maintain the highest level of dealers in the industry as Sponsors. For those who venture out of our network, I feel your pain. However, there is nothing I can do about your situation. I am certainly not going to attempt to make contact with an out of network vendor to find out what went wrong. JTC Towing said: I will add i haven't seen this company on here!! thanks for looking out for the members on the forum.. Brian Bell said: JTC That sounds exactly like my story from 6 years ago... Same Town Too... I flew up there and found a bent inner boom, wheel lift that looked twisted & a hyd. tank with no cap on it... Oh yeah it was pouring down rain... Maybe that's why the Salesman didn't come out until I went and found him. I flew home and ordered my new bed / used chassis and had it built by Tex-Star (Coker Wrecker Sales) someotherplace said: I've even gone after used cars like that, where the seller wouldn't come out, even an individual not a car lot. Only thing I can figure is maybe they were hoping some yokel looking guy would show up they think they can run a scam on, and when you arrive and appear to be walking upright and not dragging your jaw or knuckles, they fear that the line of B.S. they've been feeding you is going to fall apart quickly. One guy many years ago...jeez I had driven several hours with a tow dolly to pick up an old Chevy panel truck project. Was described as "straight and complete" (except engine/trans). When I got there it had been hacked with custom van windows in the sides, front clip was sitting on the ground, roof looked like a few 300lb kids had been dancing on it, and the rear 1/4's were caved in. Mind you this was before the web and email so I couldn't ask him for pictures ahead of time. Anyway when the guy finally bothered to come out I asked him point blank, this is your idea of straight? He hemmed and hawed a little and says, "Well it's not so bad...what'll you give me for it?" I told him I'd given away $#!t that looked better than that and he was lucky he lived in a small town, because I knew if I punched him out for wasting my time and fuel the cops would likely catch me before I could make it past the city limits. He didn't say another word as I left. JTC Towing said: What blows my mind is why would you want that confrontation? What got me Brian they knew what day i was coming for a week, do you think they would even wash the truck? No H*** no.. Oh and i would aslo add "this truck came from one of our good customers" local just up the road actually... Well i hope next time they use this line they would remove the Wisconsin tags since they are in MI.. After going there i have herd this same story again and again about the same place!!! how do they sell trucks??? someotherplace said: ¡No hay credito, no problemas! ¡Financiamos! ¡Tu trabajo es tu credito! That's how... Richard George Geissinger said: What about location ? I think wether you are selling or looking to buy posting your location should be mandatory . Why start asking then find out it is too far away to bother. Concord Towing said: I like pictures of damage or rust so you can see what you're getting into. Just a way to show you are being upfront about the damage and condition. santiam01 said: I hear horror stories about people buying trucks from "enthusiastic" sellers weekly. Enthusiasm is great-but it does nothing for you sitting along the roadside in a broken down used truck you just purchased. Used trucks are all hand grenades with the pin pulled, you just don't know when the pin was pulled....... Wade200 said: I understand the reason to not list price from a sellers standpoint, but I do get tired of asking people for a price. Usually I'm just looking aka"tire kicking" and don't want to bother people. If they expect me to call...even worse. I just like keeping up with prices because any day I may need a truck, you never know. Daniel Wade Moremph said: I buy lots of trucks and equipment that i was not looking for every year based on price. Your price might be something that sparks my intrest. No price i automatically assume you think its worth to much and dont bother unless its something i just got to have,, You have 100% more chance of selling to me if a price is included Thanks Travis BOROTOW said: I like to see a price solely so I don't waste anybody's time. I do however see why some dealers hide the price. Sometimes if they have a good customer who buys numerous units they can give them a better deal, as they should for dedicated customers. I prefer not to waste anyones time I don't know looking for a price. The last unit we bought off here had a price listed, it was a little out of my comfort zone, a short while later the price was dropped and now I own that unit. Had it not listed a price I would have never looked into it any farther. But thats just me..................... Al Campbell Boro Collision & Towing WreckMaster 67A LSChicago said: Having what the buyer wants (spec'd right) helps a lot too. I did a walk around video of my truck, shown to serious buyers. http://www.LEDandSafety.com JTC Towing said: Lloyd that truck was absolutely perfect.. I may have traded the ol lady for it if only i would cook.. I purchased a f-550 twin line the same day you posted that came home and seen that and was in tears.. But im very happy with the one i purchased.. When i stated enthusiastic.. I ment a little motivation to call you back give you information and put you on to leads of other trucks.. This is what builds a relationship with a salesman to me.. A big one for me is clean the truck up for pictures.. i seen this earlier in the post..trash all over the truck and dirty just means thats how this truck was all its life.. But there is fine line there i like to see it in its normaly life style too..
  13. Two Full Days Remaining till we close this semi annual roll call. There are still quite a large number of members that have not checked in. I ask that anyone that has not added a reply do so before this topic closes sometime Friday morning. Thanks
  14. That won't last long, the rooms are much more expensive now when you get there. If you can get a room, with a no cancellation policy that sounds like there will not be any rooms. That is unless the Hotel didn't sell out, though I have not know a year that it didn't or wasn't very close. Sorry, you won't be there, I got to work Thunder so no Florida either. Looking forward to Vegas in May... Someone jump on this room quick!
  15. Touching Tribute: Tow Truck Drivers Remember One of Their Own TUNKHANNOCK, Pa. -- There were tow trucks as far as the eye could see. More than 70 tow truck drivers lined up at Ace-Robins Inc. in Tunkhannock on Wednesday to remember one of their own, 24-year-old Colin Schaeffer. Victor Vega was his old boss at VPR Motors. Vega organized the procession. "He fixes everything by smiling. He smiles at you. It doesn't matter. Everything is better," Vega said. Colin was killed last week. He was trying to tow his own truck after it got stuck before work. A car ran over the cable he laid across the street and the cable snapped, hitting Colin, and killing him. The first tow truck in the procession had Colin's old tow truck on the back with his name written on the front. "He named his truck the Green Goblin. He is going to be the last to drive it. The identity stops with him," Vega said. Tow trucks from all over northeastern and central Pennsylvania as well as New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and even Alabama came to take part in the tribute. "You know that the kid was loved. He was a great kid. He just loved his job, loved his trucks, and was an overall great person," Friend Richard Miller said. Hundreds of people watched as the tow trucks passed the Triton Hose Company. Plenty of these drivers didn't even know Colin, but they wanted to pay their respects. "Tow truck drivers the percentage of deaths are very high. We try to support one another. It's a brotherhood," Joe Russell from Grease Monkey Garage in Swoyersville said. "I always wanted him with me, always. Unfortunately, he's not, but he's always going to live with me, always," Vega said. VPR Motors is making decals in his memory. Tow truck drivers hope more people pay attention when a tow truck is nearby. Resource Link with video
  16. There has been a Follow Up question asking if I could elaborate on the criteria was is used to rank the Motor Clubs. This is my response: There isn't much else to add as I do not disclose much more about the ranking system I developed and have used for many years. The system has not changed other than a few tweaks as it would effect the outcome. Can the system be manipulated, of course any poll is only as accurate as the data you put into it. The difference with this poll is the inquiry and request for rebuttal. 2018 TOP TEN LIST 1. NATION SAFE DRIVERS (NSD) 2. GEICO 3. ALLSTATE 4. TESLA 5. HONK 6. AAA 7. PINNACLE 8. AGERO 9. SWOOP 10. NATIONAL AUTO CLUB (NAC) OTHER MOTOR CLUBS THAT WERE RANKED 11. ROAD AMERICA 12. AUTO HELP LINE (AHL) 13. URGENTLY 14. United States Motor Club (USAC) 15. QUEST 16. NETCOST 17. ALLIED If we were to conduct this poll semi annual instead of annually the results may differ as the contributing factors change. As the number of members participating increases it can alternate the scores. The data in relation to topics/posts change as well. The factor that does not change is the request for list confirmation and rebuttal. Most years the numbers in disagreement have not warranted review and the list is accepted. Disagree with the current rankings then be sure to add your rankings when the polling being at the end of each year. Anytime throughout the year you want to comment on the rankings you are more than welcome to do so. I only ask that you have done business with a specific club you are reviewing within the past 6 months. If you stretch it to 18 months the note that detail. If you have not done business with a motor club in the last 18 months then sorry you no longer have a dog in that hunt. Move On, we needed to hear that in past polls. These Motor Clubs tend to change year to year, with factors such as Payouts and Representatives being at the top of the list. Followed by misdirection's and ETA checks every 5 to 10 minutes. We can go more into this if you like, however I will not reveal the full method used as that may compromise the process and/or another source may choose the conduct a similar ranking and market it. Odd enough no one has wanted to take on this task over the past decade.
  17. At this rate we will not make our goal. If nothing else I would like to prove the Towing Industry in reality and online is larger than many believe.
  18. We are in the final days of this Roll Call. As in the past members who have not logged in over the past year will be placed in the next membership purge. This includes both invalid email addresses and inactivity. We do our best to keep membership numbers real and always have. If your membership has been transferred to the new system and you need an updated password text 502-376-3071 with your screen name.
  19. Is the number of Officers Injured or Killed in Roadway Incidents on the rise nationwide?
  20. Can you believe I actually had a Marketing Representative with a Major Chassis Manufacturer throw that line at me. I suppose I could have given this person the reality in my response. But, the silence was enough since I obviously was not going to change the mind of this person and more than you're going to change someones political views. They then said the Towing Industry is just Too Small to direct a significant advertising dollars towards. I guess that's why we don't currently see them in publications and never see them at shows. I should have said "Think About That The Next Time You're Stuck In Traffic & Waiting" But, next year there will be a different person or firm in that marketing position.
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