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  1. We see a lot on NJ cars with failures like this since they stopped the State safety Inspections...it may not be safe to drive but you can breath from the tail pipe! LoL
  2. My body shop guy restored this vehicle for Barris prior to that sale. Cool tow.
  3. We do this on every job possible. It's a thorough job that people appreciate once you show them the value. And from a business standpoint, let me say there is a substantial amount of coin to be made. Do a complete job & get paid for everything that you do.
  4. Yea it came available right when this Covid stuff started and I really didn't want to spend any money but the deal was right so we bought it. My guys like it... I "fumble" around with it, not much of an equipment operator....I know how much they cost...LoL
  5. Saw this and it cracked me up...
  6. Business has been challenging the last couple of months being in a "Covid Virus Hot Spot".... With most companies not working, work has been thin. Here are a few jobs I have done. Engine grenade'd on a customers tractor. He dropped a truck off at my shop for me to swap this one out... Loaded Tri-axle in the rain....My favorite! We have 1 low underpass in my town & this lady found it... Towed to the shop for PD. We cut the remainder of the roof out, secured the walls together and took it to Penske's Body Shop in Reading PA. Well Driller support truck back to our facility for repairs...It stopped raining just in time to take a picture...
  7. The Innovator...getting it done! Nice work buddy. Oh and...That's a Wicked Cool Ramp Truck...."said in the voice of a Kennedy"
  8. If there is anything we are famous for in the Poconos it's our Rocks! Made an awful lot of money taking cars off of rocks & boulders...LoL Picked this one out of someone's front yard. Then our crew went up and straitened out the property damage for the homeowner...she was very happy that we took interest in her issues as well. We told her We Insist! Traffic control...
  9. Incident we had the other morning. Kid in the Honda Passport fell asleep while driving in a gated community @ 4:30 in the morning. I assume he was exceeding the 25 mph speed limit based on the carnage he left in his wake... Ran off the road, struck a pole and busted it in 3 pieces, Through some trees and over the boulders, and crashed in to a Jeep Cherokee / BMW 550 / Nissan all sitting in a homeowners driveway. When the pole went down, it ripped the wiring & meter off the house so there were live wires all over as well. We responded with 2 rollbacks, the mini excavator, a wrecker & the crash van... Straitened out the property issues, removed all the cars & debris... Then returned to the shop...fill up the fence & dispose of the debris... That's the "boss" in the Back Hoe making sure everyone is doing their job...LoL The fun part comes next...getting paid for everything. So far we have done pretty good considering that some vehicles had little or no coverage. Hopefully by Monday we will have settled the Jeep & we are done.
  10. The "Boss" barking out orders the other day...Didn't want to get on her bad side since she had her Shit-Kicken Boots on....
  11. EdsTowing

    1964 Autocar Holmes 850

    This thing is a work of art...
  12. Great job on the site! I really like it. My son has been talking about having someone developing a site for us like this.
  13. Moving one of our local Fire Company's antique Reo around the other day. This is a neat old truck that we have towed 3 or 4 times.
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