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  1. That's a real nice job...start to finish. I'm so proud I taught you everything you know... 😁
  2. That's a nice job. We get a lot of these stuck in the weather...they take chances & make poor decisions. We had one last year that drove in the woods...literally...like a mile back a ATV trail... We had like $4000 in paid out charges to get it, then they let it sit in storage for a month after being contacted 4 or 5 times...then we fixed it. Banged up all over the place. Brand new w/ 2300 miles on it. We started the paper work to apply for title but then they finally came.
  3. That is some incredible history to have, thanks for sharing the pics.
  4. Had this one the other day that hit a low railroad underpass. We get a few trucks here a year...this was the second Penske here this year... Made it through bought caught a reinforcement plate on the other side... Had to cut off a few pieces to prevent further damage with a SawzAll... In her defence...it wasn't very specific...LoL Exhausted the air suspension & deflated the steer tires. Then we removed the car trailer and hooked it up to my pick up for transport. Backed it
  5. Thought I would post a couple jobs from this week... Trailer with 38k in the box slid off the switcher & folded the landing gear leg... Simple job, 2 Two Part lines & foundry hooks in the pockets... Once up I got a trailer stand to stick under it, packed up my toys & head to the next. Couple nights ago, Had a TriAxle dump blast a car in an intersection... Big mess, we had the Power Broom, Skid Steer & Dump to clean up the mess...
  6. It folds down for an impact cushion. The newer ones I see have round crush modules instead of this rectangular unit. The arrow board flips up behind the cab on this unit.
  7. We weren't letting our liberal Governor or any Blizzard cancel all of our Christmas plans so since all of the restaurants had to close down, we decided to have it at the shop. We brought in a huge bounce house for the kids and catered it ourselves... Even the dogs had fun... And everyone should have a $30,000 buffet table... Lined some of the trucks up in the entrance for appeal...LoL Had a wonderful time with about 50 friends, relatives & customers.
  8. So the other night after our company Christmas party, we got a call to winch out a TT that was turning around in a parking lot. They believed it was empty & it was unclear what he was doing there anyway. Eddie said he was just going to run down with his little truck to take care of it... Well it turned up the guy had like 35k in the box and wasn't completely in the parking lot anymore either, The steer axle was sunk & rutted in to the grass. This is an "over flow" lot for a local outlet mall and they plowed the entrance but not the entire lot for some reason. N
  9. Got a call from one of our accounts to bring a truck in for a No Start problem during the 1st storm of the week... Didn't feel like laying in the slush but it was backed in and the dam box on the back looks like it was 13' on the ground? So I pulled the shaft so I didn't have any problems.
  10. They can be damaged...I Know, I have seen me do it... They can get to flappin and crack around the mounting screws on the sides. I have seen them rip, completely come off....and I have seen companies blame me for damage that we didn't do. I have 4 duck bill Vise Grips that I welded a chain link on the back of. I lock these on the rubber and use 2 straps to connect them. You just need to take the flapping away. I'll see if I have a picture of the set up somewhere...
  11. Well I think it's done now... Installed a new Fisher V Plow and a Towmate Light Bar... It can have multi patterns and we did a full front & side package. Then it can switch to all spot light... Or both (hard to tell in picture)... We had a new head unit installed w/ a Back Up camera... We are supposed to get 15-18" + of snow on Wednesday so we will see how it works.
  12. Great work guys. Like you said a Tator could of been easily justified for that job but sometimes you need to work with "plan B", which you guys executed excellently.
  13. This one left yesterday. Funny thing the adjuster came to inspect it and told me he's "been doing this for 22 years & never saw a 5k invoice on a non commercial vehicle accident"...so he didn't know what they were going to do?.... I told him "No shit? I have been doing this for nearly 40 years and have written a bunch of them"...They are going to pay it...that's what they are going to do... We had already sent the pics & detailed invoice to the company handler the day after the incident. On to the next...
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