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  1. EdsTowing

    Eds Towing Newest Addition "Updated"

    That's a nice looking ride!
  2. EdsTowing

    One of our 6 axle Recovery Units

    That was a cool set up. Very versatile!
  3. EdsTowing

    Busy Beaver....

    I hope so George....I'm too old for this....LoL
  4. I hate busses....I price myself out of the job if I can when we get called. This one is a monster!
  5. We get calls every day from our local DC's for trucks stuck in the parking lots with empty trailers... The common denominator is always snow, ice & the feeling that something Larger would be showing up...
  6. Got a call yesterday for a car that ran off the interstate & over the bank. Gave the guy a price to start but explained that we wouldn't dispatch unless he was on scene and verified that the car was still there since it happened the previous night during the storm. Don't want to drive around looking for a car that the police had towed the night before.... So, the customer arrives and calls back to give it a go... So we get on scene & find the police there...and a 4wd Dodge truck over the bank as well? So it turns out that the guys buddy who brought him out there, decided he could probably get it out...and backed over the bank as well! So we asked them why would you do that if you already called for a wrecker? You know the real answer... But then he was surprised that the price was going up to do both jobs? LoL... Some people....
  7. Eddie got a call to help out at a local resort unloading the Chef's 800+ H.P. Mustang out of a trailer... Not a good day for a test drive but I would of liked to take it for a "spin".... 😉
  8. EdsTowing

    Metro Tow Trucks RTR-16

    The shame of it is....Mr. Wehbe you made one fatal mistake. With all due respect, you need to rethink your business practices & how you treat the people who help you. Your only "edge" has always been price....but without integrity, there is no "value" at any price point. Then in a virtual "slap in the face", you use his unit to advertise? I can't help but think your conscious dictated the end actions because somewhere inside you knew you were wrong? But it is what it is.....good luck in your future endeavours.
  9. EdsTowing

    Rollover w/ Plenty Of Rolls....

    We got the job to dispose of the cargo on this job which was like another nice little job. Winched the rolls out & set them on the rollbacks for a local tow to a recycling center... Then delivered the trailer back to the company... We gave up some additional storage after the bill was paid to work out the logistics to get the disposal job. In the end it was like an additional $6000 on the job so beneficial for us to make it work.
  10. Do they make fork holder attachments for the autoloaders? Or likely not We actually just got a set...kind of costly...but I'll get some pics up once we get this done.
  11. What is the apparatus you have pined on the wheel grids? They are Chevron's "Sling or Tow Bar" attachments.
  12. Yea young girl...she was fine. Or I should say "Lucky"...
  13. EdsTowing

    Progress on 70 Ton Rotator

    Nice project!
  14. One of our customers had 2 trucks go down in the same storm... This one for a running/starting problem... This one went in to De-rate because of DEF tank issues...
  15. EdsTowing

    Busy Beaver....

    Been running my butt off the last week....Here's some of the Heavy work.... Swap to NY... Had to get this guy from Philadelphia... Pete to the dealer for a De-rate issue... Loaded Garbage Packer for a De-rate issue back to our shop for repairs... Mack had the Centrifuge Oil Filter blow off the engine...Made a pretty big mess... I need some rest....