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  1. Yea we have one at the shop now, an Ariel. I looked under it to see about towing it...not too friendly...
  2. Had to pick up a Fire Truck the other day for a brake problem. It always amazes me how heavy these trucks can get... This truck handles weight like a dream....the counter weight keeps the steer axle firmly on the ground... Found it to be the Slack Adjuster Pins seized in the yoke and wasn't letting the brake to completely release. A quick inspection, repair and we delivered it back to their facility.
  3. Just finished a full refurbish on my 07 International Extended Cab Rollback. We took this truck out of service nearly 5 years ago with 385,000 miles. It became a "back burner" project but finally came together. I had this truck built in the spring of 08 w/ a 07 pre emission chassis because I didn't trust the MaxForce engine that was replacing it... It ran fine but had "blow by" which is typical with that many miles. I should of moved it before it got that high but when my wife got sick, I didn't spend any money... So we either had to sell it as a high mileage
  4. Yea I really enjoyed the car....factory 454 Big Block car with Pwr seats, air, tilt....every option. It was a fun driver & the kids got a kick out of it....but I'm on the search for something new...LoL
  5. Rob transported this the other day for a customer.... At first I wasn't sure how I felt but he said it was like 10k and it handled it nice....
  6. I was supposed to have my convertible there as well but last week a guy from Florida apparently wanted it more then I did... I gave him the "I don't want to sell it" price and he hopped on it so it left Saturday....😪
  7. Haven't had time to post much because we have been busy as shit for weeks now....Not complaining but I could use a break. Fire truck @ 2am coming back from a structure fire... Eddie has been running every night... Motorhome thought it was a good idea to pull down through his yard after a week of rain... Damage to coach prior to us touching it... Abandoned Uhaul w/ a trailer... Wrecks every day...
  8. We transported our friends Helicopter to a local charity Car Show supporting ASOME animal shelter today... Brought my Cadillac to show as well as "Mateo", a foster pup that my son & daughter In Law are caring for.... This rescue does a lot for our community and we help them whenever we can... My grandkids have a great time... And we brought home a trophy for "The Coupe" too! I love helping out the community as well as the Veterans Associations.
  9. Great pics & commentary John! Thanks for sharing them.
  10. Got a call the other day from a guy who was a little excited for a Boom Truck that was "Sort of rolled over, or is going to roll over"... There were 3 or 4 workers on the roof when the driver attempted to load a pallet of shingles up there. The left outrigger tube snapped and he saw the truck start to go so he swung the boom to the left and let the load crash on the ground... The truck laid on top of a dump trailer parked in the driveway... Snapped the outrigger right off...
  11. Couple of rollovers we got the other morning... Control Center called on the 1st one and said "It's 196 and....Oh...well it looks like it's in your driveway?" Snapped a pole off in the yard of one of our rental properties... Yep that was right.... After flipping it, it laid on the ground like a lobster... Eddie picked it up with the skid steer & put it in the fence... Then 2 hrs later another by the State Park... Guy said he swerved to miss a dear.... Lost control, ran ove
  12. This was a good truck. We replaced it December of 18 for the new 550.
  13. Last one we did I cut the pin, replaced the cylinder & pins....it's a real bitch...
  14. I spoke with the department on scene about the residue from the foam and they said to leave it. I would of liked to wash it down but it wasn't my call at that point. Honestly it just would of made for nicer pictures...LoL This one left today for like 55 Hundred...a nice reward for the effort. I agree that there are some chances you take. I asked the officer if it had insurance and he gave me the basic info which was a help. I'll admit, I got a little nervous when I did some checking the next day and found the owners home is going up for Sheriff Sale next month...and then a few more
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