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  1. EdsTowing

    Rollover w/ Plenty Of Rolls....

    Yea Nick I agree. He thought he was going to get more lift with the boom winches. It's a new truck & still getting the feel of it.
  2. EdsTowing

    Eds Towing Newest Addition "Updated"

    I'll have to get a pic of it tomorrow George. We took their unit and welded a receiver tube on it. Now we have a pintle hook adapter and a 3 way ball assembly. We also install a factory ford trailer plug in the rear. It makes for a clean install for a 4 wire & 6 wire plugs. She got her new suit on today... I think it looks good....
  3. EdsTowing

    Rollover w/ Plenty Of Rolls....

    Well Ron you're right...no yellow trucks but they were there in spirit! I owe a lot to those people and Big Wheel changed the way I do things literally the day after my 1st class.... nearly 10 years ago. And when I presented my invoice to a typically difficult insurance company, they didn't have a single complaint. My connections made back then have & will continue my business's prosperity for years to come as well as friendships that are priceless. Stuart you're right...I was dreading these rolls as soon as I found out. I knew if I was to drag them out the back and load them on a trailer or carriers, they would be junk for sure. To make matters worse, they have a small hole (7/8") in the middle so rigging to them could be tricky... I knew it would be difficult to lift that dead weight in such a confined area but handling them was potentially dangerous . Like John said, I was concerned that they would move around when the trailer dropped and @ 6000 lbs each...they can make a difference! Wet set it pretty easily, I think I have a video of it...a slight bounce but not much drama. The rolls were damaged some but from their initial movement. They decided to scrap the load in the end so it is what it is. Thanks Randall. We were taxing the Tator pretty good so I decided to add my second line off a block to the drives just in case. It turned up to be a good idea because it was starting to stall the auxiliary winches and the main boom winches were getting the outriggers "Light". A lot of guys really push them but I don't know this truck well enough to exceed the platform. That added line made the difference though to get the initial lift to start & then from there it was like text book. Thanks for all the comments.
  4. This is a TT rollover job we did a couple of weeks ago. Got a call for a truck that got off the exit too fast and laid it on it's side.Originally I was told it was a load of paper towels so I figured no big deal. Then I was told it was paper rolls....a little bit different... First we stopped a fuel leak at the tank to minimize any further contamination. Had the guys pull the driveline while I set up in the rear to lift the back of the trailer... Called a buddy of mine to help me the job since I was dealing with 42,000 all in the front 30' of trailer. It would be difficult to handle these rolls and they would be destroyed if we transloaded it on the ground. I wasn't sure of their acceptance now but knew it would diminish if I winched them out of the trailer... So we got straps under the rear and dug out the front corner to get straps under the front. The trailer hit the guardrail when it slid off the road, compromising the roof in multiple places. Set the Tator up for the brunt of the load and then I set the 35 ton to pull the steer over and assist with the middle. We chained both drives and trailer axles to the frames to prevent further damage. Once over, we split it down and moved it forward to get the cleanup underway. Once everything was satisfactory, we towed the units back to our facility.
  5. Got a call earlier today for a trailer that was "stuck" at a gas station.... Apparently it was a little more... So we hauled it back to the shop but couldn't find a replacement trailer. Uhaul asked us to deliver it to Brooklyn NY, wait for them to unload since there was no parking and then deliver to a repair center... Snap Chat my kid sent me... I'm sure this made motorist happy...LoL They unloaded it on the sidewalk and we were out of there!
  6. Funny thing now Joe works for me. We started a body shop last summer and things are going great. He hasn't had time to finish any old Fords lately but we found 2 candidates last weekend that we are going to pursue.
  7. We picked up a couple of trucks for a buddy of mine that restores 77-79 Fords.... You just can't imagine how nice these will look in a couple of months.... dperone said: Nice job saving them from the scrap yard. I love those trucks. Eds Towing said: Some of his recent builds... American Tower said: Great seeing old trucks saved. The rollback is looking good too! Eds Towing said: We picked this one up & tucked it in one of our shops until it is sold... That other one left last week to it's new home in Florida... Send me some pics and we can see? He does do Broncos from time to time. They just started the Blue/Green one from my picks now...in a few weeks it will be a beautiful ride! wreckerman05 said: I had a real good customer who specialized on older Ford trucks--he was a full-time truck driver but had a shop & mechanic working on his units--I made many trips for him thru NC<VIR<SC<TN picking up trucks he bought off E-Bay----he always ran a dedicated route from NC to Ga and one day he never returned,next day they put out a APB for him and he was found in a truck stop in the sleeper-- corner confirmed a severe heart attack--lost a good friend & customer------those trucks you posted reminded me of him---- mooresbp said: Very nice goodmichael said: That is really cool post Ed, thank you. They definitely do not make real iron like that today. Kralls Auto added: 79 F250 Eds Towing said: Kralls Nice Ride! That multi colored 79 that I posted the pic on my wheel lift is just getting wrapped up. This truck is so nice it could of just rolled off the Louisville assembly line! Just needs the wheel & tires installed and some minor sorting, then it's on it's way to it's new home in NJ. I understand the guy built a new garage to store it in. Far cry from what it was .... He already has his next candidate, found behind a barn...still owned by the original owner! We mounted the wheels & tires up yesterday..... Finished product... TowZone said: Bet that will Scat... Eds Towing said: Yea....it sounds like a Nascar...LoL A couple of final touches today and now we are delivering to the customer's home in NJ....
  8. dperone said: You can bring either one of those cars down to South Jersey. I'll even save you the trouble of unloading, I'll take the whole package lol. Looking good
  9. Rob Picked this one up the other day in an airport hanger and delivered it to a U-Lock It storage facility... I believe it was a 84' "wannabe" Turbo...had everything but the "swoosh"... dperone said: I could never see the beauty in these cars, but they seem to have a big following. I'd take the bed over the car any day. someotherplace said: There's a Panamera that parks inside a storage unit at a place I rent from. He "visits" it and takes it out for a spin every now and then. I'm only slightly above running the plate to see who the lienholder is... Richard
  10. One of the guys picked up a Delorean the other day. Something you don't see much of anymore... We are just finishing up this refurbish and had to use the truck...not sure if I'm going to sell it or letter it.... deperone said: Looks good. The truck that is, not so much the car. We had a customer that had one, biggest POS to work on. Wallyautotowingservice said: Hope your Driver kept it under 88 MPH BlackAutoload said: ...I don't know how anyone can make enough profit using a new unit any more. 100k used to buy a medium duty, now it buys a carrier. Eds Towing said: Yea we are rebuilding the wheel lift now. It got beat up just bouncing around back there...not that we use it much. Nice you lightened the load with no wheelift even.
  11. A 49' Merc we brought to the shop and then towed back to the customer's residence... A Vette we delivered to an Engine shop.... dperone said: Looking good
  12. From 2016: This was something a little different... TowZone said: Oh yeah, are they bringing it back to life or is is Rat on purpose? Eds Towing said: You know I'm not sure what the intention was? I'll have to ask my driver what he did with it. someotherplace said: All it needs is "free candy" written on the side panels. Richard BlackAutoLoad said: I could see a plumber /sparky/ tradesman loading that sucker up. Ben said: Does anyone remember the one Randys High Country towing in Colorado had?It had a rollback on it I think it was a Chevron bed. Mooresbp said: Yea that is well you said it ...CRAZY
  13. EdsTowing

    Working the New Carrier

    That's a nice ride, and very capable.
  14. EdsTowing

    Eds Towing Newest Addition "Updated"

    Thanks for the tip. We also took off those tire spacers and left them off too. Got her "sun glasses" on the other day, ordered a grand in rigging for it. I am making some attachment holders for in the boxes. We mounted a 2" receiver on the tow hitch adaptor so we can use a regular receiver. Monday we are going to figure out an attachment to use forks as well as a stowage spot for it.
  15. EdsTowing

    Eds Towing Newest Addition "Updated"

    So we have used the truck a little...nothing to really work it out...but figuring it out. First, I haven't weighed it yet but will when it's outfitted. I know it's heavier then my MPL40 was...I would bet by 2000 lbs. And not in the right places. But it's not apples to apples exactly with the legs. But the whole back of the truck is steel which is a totally different then a Jerr-Dan which is weight conscious. The wheel lift doesn't negative tilt unless you remove a stop pin from the boom. That's silly to me. One of the dealer reps told me it's not needed but that was spoken from a guy who spent his time on blacktop & concrete...but that's not where I live. When you run the T head against the ground, it's like a shovel to pick up stones & debris. They told us about removing the back panels to clean them out weekly (!) and after the 2nd tow, there was a bunch of gravel in there. I can see where this is an issue and will damage lines & fittings. The Jerr-Dan T head is a much better, thought out design in my opinion. They continually say that the arms being able to fully close is "better" but in 11 years of our old truck, it was never a problem. I guess we will see. Moving on...Eddie said it isn't as "friendly" towing with it but some of this is due to the design & additions. Obviously the added length makes it different. But a real issue is the overhang length required due to the legs & body protruding past the tailboard so far. He'll get used to it with use but physically the issue is still there. The MPL40 stays inside of the tailboard where this extends a foot past. The recovery boom seems shorter too...or at least the usable boom. I would need to measure it to be sure. A couple of quirks.... The left side (drivers) winch controls are normal (to me)...left handle is left winch & right is right. Sounds simple, right? Well the right side is backwards and I almost sucked the cable end in to the fairlead today. THAT would of pissed me off. Maybe you guys know if that is normal? Or maybe mine is hooked up wrong. Either way, I need to do something about it. The air freewheel is neat. I don't like the switches in the back, we will be digging them out in the snow but that's just personal choice. You have to remember to turn the compressor on because it has a small service tank and no air - no release. Don't take me wrong, I like the truck. It looks awesome to me. The chassis is incredible...with every option ticked off, it's nicer than 99% of the vehicles you will ever tow. The 12K Planetary winches are fast and I can't weight to get them engaged into something real. Those that know me...know that i will find it's weak points and use it to the trucks capabilities & beyond...LoL