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  1. I'm sure a lot of guys knew Bear Murphy from NJ. He followed this board from the beginning but not a big contributor. Great guy though....always enjoyed his conversation at the shows. https://www.lehrergibilisco.com/obituary/thomas-bear-murphy?lud=F7B6618C7953F8937ED88C26BBED8E53&fbclid=IwAR1djBYR-NapYucOjKsHUUrtiS03lCFdK_aCRgeFIUgxsCiD2nnR_azE1jY Rahway - Thomas "Bear" J. Murphy, 65, passed away suddenly on Monday, October 18, 2021 at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital at Rahway. Bear was born in Elizabeth and lived in Roselle for 19 years and Rahway for the past 47 years. He was a Abraham Clark High School Graduate in 1974 and was a member of the High School Football Team as a Defensive Tackle. Bear worked all his life at Murphy Towing in Rahway. He took over the business from his father in 1992. Murphy Towing has been in business for over 57 years. He was a member of the Garden State Towing Association and the Vice President, Bear was a member of the Rahway Honorary Local 31, the PBA Rahway FMBA Honorary Member, the Rahway First Aid Squad Honorary Member. He was and Avid NY Giants Fan, and a Notre Dame Fan. Bear was proud to be Irish. Bear was there for everyone no matter the need, day or night. He was a loving brother, uncle and friend to many and will be missed by all. Bear is predeceased by his late father and mother Michael and Ruth Murphy, a brother in law John Chabak. He is survived by a sister, Jane Ann Murphy-Chabak, a niece Sarah Jane Chabak, a nephew Michael Chabak and may close friends from throughout the county. Funeral Services will take place on Friday, October 22, 2021, 9:00 am from the funeral home, 10:00 am St. John the Apostle RC Church, Clark. Visitation on Thursday, October 21, 2021 from 4-8 pm at the Lehrer-Gibilisco Funeral Home, 275 West Milton Avenue, Rahway, NJ 07065. Interment St. Gertrude Cemetery, Colonia. In lieu of flowers memorial contribution can be made in "Bear's" name to: International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum Survivor Fund https://internationaltowingmuseum.org, 3315 Broad Street, Chattanooga, Tennessee 37408. or the Rahway PBA Local #31, P.O. Box 832, Rahway, NJ 07065 or Rahway Fire Department FMBA33, P.O. Box 28, Rahway, NJ 07065
  2. It's got a nice wheel base for a 16 ton with the extended cab & tunnel box. As long as the engine holds up it will make a nice unit!
  3. That came out good! Should be plenty strong enough & good use of what's lying around... We upgraded a bumper on the back of my crash truck. We wanted a stronger trailer hitch then it was equipped with... It's down in the body shop to get painted Monday.
  4. She's not resting...LoL.... The company that runs it now uses it hard.
  5. We were talking about that yesterday,,, It handles weight very well. Rob says it's very stable, much more then the Internationals it replaced. Its a 2022 337, basically a 33,000 gvw de-rated for under CDL. Now this truck I'm sure exceeded the ratings but it goes like nothing else we ever had. Peterbilt Air Trac or Air Leaf has always been a great suspension in a towing application.
  6. Never fails...4:30 on a Friday Night and a Heavy comes in.... Large motor home coming up a steep mountain pass blew a coolant hose & shut down. Customer was on their way to Pocono Raceway for a Camper gathering... Dam thing was hanging out in the lane on a steep hill. To make matters worse, the one occupant was in very bad health and in a wheel chair which was going to be difficult to accommodate. I decided to let them ride in the coach for the 2 miles to the track rather then stressing over other options... Towed him to the park where he was going to find a mobile mechanic to repair the coach... The famous Tunnel Turn at Pocono... Their view of the grandstands from their coach...
  7. 20 Ram Rollback for a De=rate issue back to the dealer... Another ram to the dealer for a running issue... GM Bus for a 125 MI Tow to a Bus Repair company near Harrisburg for accident damage...
  8. The Cougars come with tall stands, maybe someone grabbed them before you got it? They are probably pretty expensive though. What you did seems to have worked fine. Sometimes you need to think outside the box. As long as it's secure, I would roll with it. On a side note, I probably would have forked the class 3 hitch bar. It's easy and I have towed hundreds of trucks that way.
  9. It's so much easier when you have a good relationship with the Fire Companies. They help us clean up all the time.
  10. Funny thing, this guy calls the other day with a very "Official" tone asking how we towed his car since he knows that the tow hook was missing? I said on a Rollback?... Well he knows that a lot of guys do damage towing cars like this and wants to know how we got it on the bed? I realize immediately that I'm dealing with an obvious "Towing Connoisseur" ...and asked if he's questioning me if we hurt his car while loading it on a carrier? I told him the time to worry about his "Baby" was before crashed it in to the big boulders and did $25-30,000 worth of damage. Then I preceded to explain that we used a rim sling through the smashed RF wheel and drug the casualty up the bed...tying it down with wheel straps.... Later that day, an older guy shows up from Long Island to pick up the wreck. I explain that the owner is a bit opinionated of our industry but it doesn't faze him...He hops in, fires it up and rams it up the bed...LoL It didn't steer but the bed rails kept it in check....
  11. We plugged it in between jumps for 10 min and it kept working. Not sure how long it took to get full, just plugged it in at the end of the day. But to repeatedly jump stone dead 15 Litter engines in under a minute was pretty impressive...
  12. Hey I have a truck compressor that's literally like new. We had it in a F350 for a few months, maybe used 2 or 3 times at best. It's been sitting in my back truck shop for a couple years but still looks new. let me know if your interested.
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