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  1. EdsTowing

    1st Of Two New Rollbacks Coming...

    It's a Durastar
  2. EdsTowing

    ford 550 with a jd 1210d

    That's true Ron...If I figured out what this truck has made over the last 12 years...it would amaze some. And it's only had cosmetic makeovers...all the original running gear. But I would jump in it and go to Cali tomorrow without thinking twice. Ain't it funny how some vehicles can instill that kind of confidence? Then there are some that I wouldn't go to Town in without a pocket full of cash & a cell phone...LoL
  3. EdsTowing

    Definitely Outside The Box!

    We transported it through our local Halloween Parade yesterday... My son & I have gotten pretty "fluent" with moving this...LoL We always have a truck behind to stop traffic for the "swings" and an escort up front. We have only moved it locally without permits. I can't permit on a RT Tag so we don't take it any distance. It's only slightly over height...the trailer was custom made to let it ride as low as possible.
  4. EdsTowing

    ford 550 with a jd 1210d

    It's a juice brake 650. A 750 would be better suited with a 16 ton unit. Air brakes would help this truck in general...when I replace it, I would change a few things.
  5. Nice work. I really like to recover big stuff with a small truck...it's a great feel of accomplishment! Sometimes in this situation I like to hook into the pockets of the trailer. It would allow the tractor to turn/pivot once it comes out of the hole. just another option.
  6. Our new International just got "Dressed" & ready for service... Air ride, Air cab, Air brake, Cummins / Allison package with a 22', 102" Jerr-Dan aluminum body.
  7. EdsTowing

    ford 550 with a jd 1210d

    Well everyone will know what I will say....this truck is one of the baddest in the land & will outperform many that are even bigger. It's been in many different publications & magazines and the common denominator is that it always gets it done! This is one of the highest profit vehicles I have ever owned and never lets me down. Can't go wrong with this combination.
  8. Bus driver the other morning turned too sharp & hit a marker pole/stop sign at the corner of the lot.... Fortunately all the "important stuff" is in the back... Just hooked it with 2ea 3/8 gr 8 chains in a basket through the front structure. Used a piece of cribbing to disperse the load, lifted and rolled it back off the pole... Few minutes to rig...a few to recover...and a few to laugh since nobody got hurt and we were on our way.
  9. A couple of Mack Triaxles going to the dealer for warranty work. These can be a real PITA to hook up depending on the rear pintle hook plate. I guess some welder/fabricators don't think about the same thing I do when constructing stuff like this....
  10. EdsTowing

    Would you use this hook on rollback?

    We use like George but I'm sure this hook is fine. The cotter pin will be there for life...if you're concerned then lock tight the nut as well...but I would say you are "Over thinking it".. I m sure it will last the life span of the rope.
  11. EdsTowing

    4 axle twin steer Autocar Holmes 850 ex Kauffs

    What an incredible result John! Your attention to detail is admirable and the truck is stunning. It would be great to see history pics of it in action. How about a picture of the 359? All of the attention on the Acar, it must be jealous by now...LoL
  12. This insurance company was a pleasure to work with. From the original recovery job that they paid quickly without any issues, to the salvage transport which Copart had an issue with....they paid the job before we started it and the supplement as soon as we presented it.
  13. EdsTowing

    Three Wheel Action Challenger

    You did a fine job...I have no problems with it. I carry a rubber mat in my 650 for laying under vehicles pulling driveshafts. I also use it on the deck to set pieces like this if needed. I use it all the time when I take the shoes off the wheel lift to use forks. So now if you want some constructive criticism...(and maybe you don't?)...the only problem was dropping it in the customer's driveway. A late model vehicle like that w/ full coverage...I would make every effort to take that to my shop and put it through insurance. That car has maybe 5 grand in damage and it will certainly go through insurance for repairs. Sell the job! Tell them it can go to whatever body shop they like in the morning. Do whatever you can make the decision easy for them. Take them home, get them a rental...whatever you can do. Just add any time to the invoice. I have set up limo or Car service for customers trying to get home to a distant location. You could double the value in that job over taking it home. Just an observance...if it was possible.
  14. EdsTowing

    A Long Dolly Job..

    Yea that's true! LoL