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  1. Lot of variables there...Is the PTO spinning? It's a mechanical transmission & mechanical engagement so even if it was low on oil, it would still work.
  2. After leaving the Miller Factory, we went to the ITRHF. I have contributed thousands of dollars to this organization but never got to visit the facility. It was a very nice time and I would recommend it to anyone interested in our industry. Here are some pics for the folks that have never seen it... I also have high resolution pictur
  3. We had a trip planned last year to take my Grandson on a road trip to the Florida show but was cancelled. So this year we made a 11 day adventure out of it. Thought I would share some pics for the folks that don't get to go...
  4. Sorry for the delay in response. We just got back from a trip to the Florida show. I think everything is here to finish this truck but they were swamped while I was away. We are going to be in and around the low $30k's number once we are done. It's a DT466 Pre Emission, Alison Auto, Hyd. Brake, Spring suspension. I bought the truck new in 08' as an 07' pre emission unit. It was a great truck for us and I believe will be for years to come.
  5. The biggest player there would be Falzone's. His boys may be members on here, not sure though.
  6. What you can do is open the cam locks to extend the sling down. Do your hook up but leave them in the unlocked position. As you start to lift, it will begin to collapse the arms, then turn them to the lock position. When it lines up with the hole, it pops in and you are closer. When unhooking, just let the weight off, spin the cam locks and the sling will drop down to unhook. I'm not trying to tell you how to do your job, just the "Physics" of the sling will improve the closer the load is to the truck. It handled this load fine but if heavier, it could be an issue?
  7. I had one just like it...didn't care for it & traded on my F-1Fiddy.... That would appear to be a Non-Motor club tow?
  8. I don't know Ed...Looks like he has Super Singles on the back of that! looks good.
  9. Looks like maybe it's heavy? It's hard to tell on a SWB wrecker. I would assume that was the reason for the sling tow? On a side note, the steer axle weight will be better if you allow the sling arms to collapse all the way. It brings the load closer to the rear of the truck. At this distance, it's probably about the same offset as if it was on the wheel lift?
  10. One of the things my son does with his self loader is he hooks everything and takes it out of the road. Put it on the shoulder...in a parking lot...just try to open traffic. That will take the pressure off the situation. They seem to like this, and it looks impressive. Many times we still have medical & fire on scene and they don't seem to care so much about time. We still try to work as efficiently as possible.
  11. I have said this many times when someone tells me that "The police wanted me out of there immediately" or whatever... I assure you of one thing. If something goes wrong...and something ALWAYS goes wrong... That Officer will not stand on the right side of the Judge and explain that he told you to operate like that. You will be on your own...PERIOD. Personally I believe that most of the tension & urgency on an incident are self inflicted. Train & practice with your guys to do thing the right way. But don't lower your standards for anyone...
  12. I appreciate the kind words but that's a pretty far way to get a truck refurbished. We just finished my 06' F650 today but it's already moving on to a new home... We are finishing up a similar refurbish to your truck right now. This is a 07' (in service 08 as a pre emission truck) International 4300 Ext. Cab that I have owned since new. When my wife got ill, we didn't replace it so I kept it too long. So my theory is if you want premium money...then you have to have a premium truck. It has mileage so that needs to be offset. We rebuilt the engine w/ all OEM Inter
  13. Was looking for a body for a customers truck and Eric @ Bigwheel had what I exactly what I needed... He loaded it on a friend of mine's trailer to transport it down from Mass... We set it on skids until we are ready to do the refurbish job. The other day they said it was going to be "windy" but I wasn't expecting this... I looked it up on our cameras to watch it happen... The kid was washing one of the wreckers with his Ear Buds on & never realized what happened..
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