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  1. This insurance company was a pleasure to work with. From the original recovery job that they paid quickly without any issues, to the salvage transport which Copart had an issue with....they paid the job before we started it and the supplement as soon as we presented it.
  2. EdsTowing

    Three Wheel Action Challenger

    You did a fine job...I have no problems with it. I carry a rubber mat in my 650 for laying under vehicles pulling driveshafts. I also use it on the deck to set pieces like this if needed. I use it all the time when I take the shoes off the wheel lift to use forks. So now if you want some constructive criticism...(and maybe you don't?)...the only problem was dropping it in the customer's driveway. A late model vehicle like that w/ full coverage...I would make every effort to take that to my shop and put it through insurance. That car has maybe 5 grand in damage and it will certainly go through insurance for repairs. Sell the job! Tell them it can go to whatever body shop they like in the morning. Do whatever you can make the decision easy for them. Take them home, get them a rental...whatever you can do. Just add any time to the invoice. I have set up limo or Car service for customers trying to get home to a distant location. You could double the value in that job over taking it home. Just an observance...if it was possible.
  3. EdsTowing

    A Long Dolly Job..

    Yea that's true! LoL
  4. EdsTowing

    Ford Fairlane...

    Yea it seems odd but "doable"...This one was a little before my time. I started in the early 80's and ran a sling truck (Holmes 1200). I slung Vette's....after that everything was a breeze... LoL
  5. EdsTowing

    Downhill and behind a house

    Dam...how much rope you have on that truck?
  6. A 55 Ford Fairlane we towed the other day for a fuel pump problem...Check out that Air Conditioning attachment!
  7. Limo we towed the other day...AWD with a trans problem. They told us the last time this car was towed, the company damaged the drivetrain.
  8. This recovery turned in to quite a nice job for us....a real adventure! The equipment sat at our place for a while till they determined what they were going to do. The truck was picked up by Copart & taken 35 mi away to their salvage pool. The trailer sat for 5 or 6 weeks in our storage until they totaled it. It was 2 weeks old & $73,000! We don't allow companies to work on our property & this wasn't just a hook and go so...Copart unhappily had to pay our rates to deliver it to their facility... As said, we were paid for the recovery & truck storage when it was picked up but the insurance company had it re appraised. They came to the mid $30's and couldn't total it since it was a $63,000 truck! So they contacted us & requested if we would be interested in repairing it. We just started our body shop a few weeks before this and my original intention was for doing commercial work...not insurance so much. But after seeing the estimate we decided to jump in! The truck was written for a complete frame swap and everything OEM so I figured lets do it... About 30 min in while we cleaned out the bed and found our 1st supplement...the bed floor was buckled due to the hitch... So that added another $5 grand to the already high estimate. We put the truck in our mechanic shop while the body shop worked on painting components. Lifted the cab/front clip off the chassis and then removed the engine/transmission/transfer case as 1 piece with a wrecker... Palletized the drivetrain & set out of the way. This made the swap work much easier... Picking up the frame @ the dealer... The customer requested if we could paint his chassis because GM puts a wax based tar paint on them that comes off easy & rusts even easier... So we stripped the whole frame and primed/refinished it... My guys had it swapped in record time and then back to the body shop to get it's new suite... Hood had a little damage from the incident but they also got caught in a hail storm in Nebraska on their trip which hammered the heck out of it... In the end it came out like new or better... Just thought guys might like to see the rest of the story.... It was a big task but in the end a profitable job from start to finish!
  9. I recall it being pretty snug in there against the drum...the rim slings were 3/4" out of my heavy & a bit big for light duty applications. I have since gotten a few smaller ones for the smaller trucks.
  10. EdsTowing

    Ford/Holmes Barn Find....

    Originally Created in October of 2016 My buddy restores & sells 73-79 Ford trucks and came across this wrecker other day. He bought it as a project to restore... They cleaned it up a little and got some good gas to it....Fired right up. Its got a 71' 460 in it...DOVE heads so it was a performance/Interceptor engine I would assume. 4wd & everything works. I'm thinking it will make a nice addition to our fleet.... Thanks, Ed Builder2 said: Ed 71 460 wasn't much for performance, lower compression by then, dove heads are 1970 heads with smaller chambers, so someone has played with it, looks like a nice add to the collection! Eds Towing said: The mast had 2 angle irons welded to it, top & bottom, on both sides. They were all cut off at some time but I can't recall them being factory or what they may have been for? Mark said: I like these old wreckers. I have old 480'S…old 750's that we use every day…..and LLoyds old 850. Is it just me or does it seem like 7 or 8 years ago a lot of people loved these older trucks and commented on them but now it seems interest in them is way down? Just saying….. Maybe its just me Tri-State Collision Eufaula, Al
  11. EdsTowing

    Building Our New Emergency Response Truck

    LED Message Board.
  12. EdsTowing

    Building Our New Emergency Response Truck

    Yea we have been averaging about $2500-3000 a month with it on clean ups.
  13. My shop truck was looking a little tattered from a rough winter so we figured we would run it through our body shop for a new "suite" and then put our new logo on it... She came out pretty nice for a 300,000mi truck! Then off to the wrap shop.... I was happy with the results. My team did a good job on her & she's ready for another 10 years of service.
  14. Got a call tonight for a new Mercedes with a flat tire wanting to go to Staten Island NY. We loaded it and told them we would take it down on Monday... A big dollar ride....
  15. EdsTowing

    2 Car w/ A Clean Up....

    Yes it's a Stihl. We use it quite a bit....it's a quick "Buck & A Half" every time it comes out!