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  1. This Roll Call will close at the end of the month. It will then be used in weekly drawings throughout the remainder of the year.
  2. Bill, I can invoice you $18.00 + $9.00 S&H for $27.00 or you can go to the store and purchase a Level I Patron Status for $29.00 before July 31, 2019 and receive a FREE T-Shirt. Supporters can purchase T-Shirts for $10 each which includes S&H. @Bill H
  3. Aw shit, I thought I fixed that. Must have been two errors in there and I missed the second one. Sleep is a rare commodity in my world, I get enough only once or twice a week. I'll get those Shirts with an R out on Monday. Thanks anyone else wants a T-shirt this under cost as I need to move them out to make room for the next order. Researching a design now, and yes the poem as well as the prayer shirts will return. Only difference will be they may not have the Tow411 .net in the Wings.
  4. I don't doubt that, where's the error so I can fix it. I'm running on 4 maybe 5 hours sleep the last 48 hours. You want a total of 7 Shirts Right? I'm rather confident I can round them all up in Black. I'll send you an invoice through the board, it's something new, so we'll see if it works. wow, that was difficult, took like 5 minutes. Good Catch! I even ran spell check and that didn't catch it.
  5. FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va (WTVR) A Henrico woman, whose name has not yet been released, was killed on Interstate 95 when she drove into the back of an Amazon Prime tractor-trailer. The crash was reported Wednesday, July 10, at 7 a.m. in Fairfax County, according to Virginia State Police. "A tractor-trailer was stopped on the right southbound shoulder of I-95 when a southbound Toyota Corolla ran off the right side of the highway and into the back of the tractor-trailer," a Virginia State Police spokesperson said. "The driver of the Toyota died at the scene. State police are still in the process of locating and notifying the driver's next of kin." The cause of the crash remains under investigation. https://www.wdbj7.com/content/news/Virginia-woman-killed-in-crash-with-Amazon-Prime-truck-on-I-95-512641351.html
  6. This topic will continue through the end of July. Those responding with be placed in a T-Shirt Drawing to be announced later.
  7. Notice there is a New Shipment of T-Shirts in the works. Problem is I have limited space to store them due to having several cases of past Tow411 T-Shirt Designs. That means some of these shirts need to find new homes. This is how this works, This is being offered to New Supporters prior to July 31st. Choose any Level Patron or Sponsor Status an receive a T-Shirt. Since sizes are random the T-shirt may be random. Shown below is the Black variation, however the color sent could be green. If the supporter requests we will do our best to send the color choice. There is no guarantee of color. Also, since we are blowing these shirts out, current supporters can request Free T-Shirt and simply Pay Shipping & Handling which would be $10. If the supporter status is due, $10 will be added to the renewal. Thanks Here is a link to the store: https://www.towforce.net/subscriptions/
  8. A Follow up on the Status of the NRC in this Topic. It's named Savior and is in Lima Ohio, Owned by Big Daddy’s Towing! One of our supporting members.
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