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  1. Randy, this topic reminds me of the HATS Presentation and T.I.M.S Program. The Tools are there everyone should have access to them.
  2. OK, I have had numerous replies to Enter the Recovery Topic Challenge for a chance to WIN this Great New TowMate Light Bar. I suppose I was not clear as to what it takes to enter this drawing. "Each Heavy Duty Recovery Topic a member creates from June 1, 2019 to September 1, 2019 which includes a minimum of 4 images and a minimum of one paragraph narrative describing the recovery and even equipment the used will be entered into this drawing. The more Topics the better the chances of winning." These Topics can be in Tator Patch "Rotators Only", Heavy & Medium Duty Recoveries and Air Cushion Recoveries. This is a Participation Prize, the more you share the better your Odds. But, like any drawing it only takes one entry. In the Early Days of the Message Board there were numerous Recoveries and Great Discussions. That's been Lost! TowForce along with the support of TowMate is seeking to change that and bring winning Opportunities back... So, replies to be entered into this participation program with a prize valued over $1000.00 you must participate. Thanks in advance for your participation!
  3. Tick Tick Tick, not one single Qualifying submission yet. Time is Ticking if you don't get posting those recoveries this light bar may be on here for awhile! Or will we see a couple of members go head to head and battle this one out. One member could create all 100 Equipment Recovery topics.
  4. Little Rock woman accused of attacking tow truck driver, stealing his keys Angry that her car was being moved, a Little Rock woman burst out the window of a tow truck and assaulted the driver, an arrest report said. Little Rock police officers arrested Zakyrah Sharome Gilbert, 19, Tuesday on charges of robbery, first-degree criminal mischief and theft of property after an arrest report said she broke the window of a tow truck moving her car from 13500 Chenal Parkway. The report said Gilbert elbowed the driver in his face while taking the keys to the tow truck. Gilbert caused approximately $1,500 in damage to the truck and police said they had not been able to locate the truck's keys at the time of the report. Gilbert was in the Pulaski County jail as of Wednesday evening in lieu of a $2,500 bond. https://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2019/jun/05/little-rock-woman-accused-attacking-tow-truck-driv/
  5. Trent, that was rather interesting. Hopefully others will take the lead and show us there EDC (Every Day Carry) When I find the time I'll show what's on my new belt either in a video or just images. Not much in my pockets other than a wallet, everything else is in a bag i carry and and hang over the passenger seat within reach. @Trent A Butzlaff
  6. Randall, the states with the highest number of tow operator roadside instances would be an interesting topic of discussion. Death, Injury, reported near miss/close calls. I have California, Texas, Illinois, Florida and Michigan in mind. But, I need to look back through the reports as I have not keep up with the deaths. It's just too much as I myself have more near miss instances than I want to recall. Most of us have them, no one working roadside seem to be immune. Tow Operator just find themselves at the top of the list with more fatalities than any other group working in the danger zones.
  7. "They gave us a 5 year unconditional warranty as well." Now that is is a good warranty, you hope you never need it but we all know how these lights can fail. After 5 years, I'd say you got your moneys worth.
  8. Coroner Releases Name of Tow Truck Driver Struck by Big Rig in Castaic A tow truck driver fatally struck by a big rig on the Golden State (5) Freeway in the Castaic area was a resident of that area, the coroner’s office said Monday. Erwin Geremillo was 47 years old, the coroner’s office said. The AAA driver was hit about 8:15 p.m. Friday on the southbound side of the freeway near Vista del Lago, the California Highway Patrol said. Geremillo was tending to a stopped vehicle when he was struck by a tandem big rig that did not stop, the CHP reported. The incident is classified as a hit-and-run, but it is possible the big rig driver did not Geremillo had been struck, CHP Officer Stephan Brandt said. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene, the CHP reported. RESOURCE LINK
  9. "Be prepared for the reregulations it will also bring down on us." I know that those regulation will bring the industry down and likely not effect the annual number of deaths. The Industry must create a method to lower the number of incidents on it's own. Once again I look to National & State Association to develop a plan which reaches the entire industry. If that plan only saves one or two lives a year then while not the objective it will be successful. This losing at minimal one tow operator a week is insane. Who will we lose this we, will it be you, will it be me. I can assure you I will take every precaution I possibly can so that I can continue to rant about safety. "law enforcement and fire/ems don't even know how many towers are injured or killed roadside each year" When I tell these hazardous duty professionals that the towing industry on average loses 60 tow operators a year to roadsides tragedies thry are often unaware and speechless. That the tow industry which many don't really view as an industry, guy just shows up, just like the guy that takes the trash. "a mandated part of a tower's law enforcement contract" Every Association can make this happen, I have always felt that it should be a requirement to be a part of a group which offers training and resources to the tow operators responding to law enforcement contract tows should be mandatory. I have taken some grief from that as many have felt disconnected from their associations. CTTA has programs and I believe those on at least CHP contract have to go through annual training if I am not mistaken. I'll see if I can get Eric or Quinn in here to comment. @CTTA @WEDOTOWS @rreschran @brian991219 others to be added
  10. Brian, a decade ago members would enter into these discussions and many thought that we could effect the number of roadside deaths. That was a decade ago, since then the number of members entering into these discussions has declined and the number of deaths risen or remained near the annual high. Traffic was really high on the old message board with both members and guests reading topics. However over the last decade that is mainly all they have been doing is reading. While I truly believe that those that read these instances have a greater awareness of the dangers. We have lost a few members to tragic roadside events. For many of us these instances are a constant reminder of the dangers, yet we place ourselves in those situations roadside on nearly a daily basis with traffic wising by at 60, 70, 80 mph (99, 114, 129 kph). Yet we are still out there alone on the roadside, even having extra lights, cones, flares, using non roadside controls. we must still enter that increased danger zone. Even when we think we're not in harms way the danger is present and can find us. After each of these tragic deaths are awareness is raised for a short period and they fade quickly as we do not dwell on that fact that could have been any of us. Companies do not review these deaths, it's even taboo to review them within this online community. Yet, by reviewing them we can all learn how to lower the risk, be that how to position the truck, what extra safety equipment can be implemented, when to call for backup/support, etc. As an industry we fail our members, but more importantly we fail those that we are not reaching. Someone tell me how to reach them and I will work on it. Most do not read the publications, they do not participate online, there company doesn't stress the safety aspects of the job. Generally it's just get the job done. Met a driver just a couple of nights ago, on the job 3 weeks, little or no training, just knew the basics. Just knowing the basics will get you killed. Being a seasoned veteran taking safety for granted will get you killed and sometimes Just being there will get you killed. I know that when I step out of the truck I am in the danger zone, I treat it like a combat zone. I always say I have eye in the back of my head or swivel head but I can get distracted. I listen for the sounds traffic but sometimes there isn't much when a vehicle is upon you quickly. I do find that my concern for others safety at the scene does not lessen my safety. It actually increases the safety at the scene for all as raises the level of awareness. I have on numerous occasions seen officers watching the tow operator doing their job rather than watching the traffic. This places both of them at higher risk, I always ask the officer to keep an eye on traffic and alert me if I need to react. I want to go back through past roadside deaths and learn what the conditions were and where the driver was when the event that claimed their life occurred. But, I have been reminded numerous times that we as an industry do not discuss those aspects as it somehow suggests that tow operator or the company was at fault. That is not what we are suggesting at all, we simply need to be able to relate to other industry professional what can be done to lessen the risk. It appears to me that the 2 largest risks are being between the vehicles and entering the truck. It seems exiting the truck we check the mirror, open the door look and then step out always keeping an eye on traffic. Yet many let their guard down when returning to the truck and turning their back on traffic. I watch my back as I realize that is a point when I am most vulnerable. I hope that more enter into the discussion and we can reach those drivers that are more interested in the appearance of their truck what's on the bed or lift then safety procedures which must be followed. I do not want to see OSHA fining companies because the controls on the truck are not clearly labeled, that's a manufacturer issue. I don't want them harping signage and cones, flares, etc. That adds time to basic roadside hookups that can place a driver at a higher risk. They won't require such things as a blocker unit or law enforcement contact when on scene where there is an increased risk. They'll mandate safety hats and googles, What is that going to do to lessen the risk of our being struck. OHSA will then focus more on the safety at the facility then roadside because that's often a higher focus for them. Yes, OSHA has saved countless lives in the construction and manufacturing industries with regulations. But, all their current regulations are not going to save a life from a distracted motorist. It's Hazardous Duty and must be treated as Hazardous Duty. My hope is that more care enough to enter into this discussion. But, I know as in the past a few of us will kick this can down the road, while others simply watch. Some Associations will blink, add a note in any training events that do reaching those who are aware. Yet, not reaching those who need the message the most. We may never know, but we should know the details about every roadside death or we cannot lessen that risk of another. I want to compile articles on roadside safety which have appeared in publications or association newsletters over the years. If anyone has written these or can reference them please let us know. If you can provide a link or add the content. Please advise, as this would be a great resource to have in one place. Our Read Only Members & Guest would likely find those of interest and will the rest of us. As you know this isn't something that can be discussed with a few words. This is the venue to go into depth on the subject. My final thought on the subject "Tow Truck Rallies" these rides that towers conduct in memory of a tow operator often bring many towers together. How to expand on that formal or informal gathering of industry professionals is the question. No social media in general isn't reaching them. But those on social media can reach them. The TowForce is with them and care they just don't know it.
  11. Randall, it's not the "we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings" attitude. It's the "it's never going to happen to me" attitude. If you can tell me what miracle it will take to wake these individuals in the industry up, then I will gladly help promote it. You do realize less the .5 percent of the industry can tell you how many tow operators have loss their lives roadside this year. I estimate that Less than 4% know there was a Tow Op killed this past Friday and as long as it doesn't effect them. They're Good...
  12. Tow Years Ago in June of 2017 I created this topic on the old Tow411 message board: Do we have members who have been waiting to attend a Recovery Billing Unlimited Class? Will you making plans within the next 12 months to attend an RBU Class? In Addition: (Questions for those who have attended an RBU Class) Have you taken an RBU Class in the past? Has it been of value to your company? Have you taken the refresher and if not are you considering of one in the next year? Al Luna aka Alpaactow said: I took RBU class about 6 yrs ago and did the refesher maybe 5yrs ago and would love to go up there again. The first time my wife and i went it was fly up on friday and back sunday night (couldn't afford much more dollar wise), when we did the refresher we spent a week up there and took my daughter also..... so you be the judge ESC said: We took the class roughly 4-5 years ago. It took alot to write that check but myself and my dad went up. Luckily its only about a 5 hour drive from us. We made the trip up friday and went to the meet and greet. Drove home Sunday. What a great experience. My opinion is to go to their facility for the class rather than take one of the tow show classes. I feel that you would get so much more out of it... just personal preference anyway. But a year later we went back up for a refresher, and paid to take two others from our small company as well. I need to get back again for a refresher, or if nothing else a weekend vacation up there. Since the class I have spoken to Bob a few times by phone when I ran into an issue. He also stopped to chat for a while at the Baltimore tow show as he passed me in the hall. We are a light duty company... we had 4 trucks when we attended Big Wheels the first time. We now have 5 light duty and a medium duty wrecker as well as a small cleanup trailer. The class was great... money well spent, even for a small company. glnstowing said: Worth every penny and then some. Looking forward to a refresher, maybe next summer. hotsprings77 said: Taking the Jun 24, 2017 class. The logistics getting to the class have deterred me in the past, but I was able to make it work this year. Can't wait to attend the class and gain valuable insight into correct accident billing. Mark roadside rescue said: Absolute no Brain-er: Yes it might sound expensive at first, but the information you will receive will far exceed it cost. WTR said: My wife and I attended the class 2 years ago at the Baltimore tow show and a refresher this year at Bobs place. Money well spent. You will be shocked how much money you are leaving on the table. After taking the class for the first time we returned to our business and made a few small changes that actually paid for the class in the first month! When dealing with the insurance companies we need to be educated, RBU is the perfect start. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! underlift said: Best thing any heavy duty company could ever do. They make you think about how you do everything. Well worth ever penny they charge. blkwill said: Well I fell like a old timer!!! I toke the very first class and a few refreshers with my office staff.. The class opened our eyes to things we toke for granted and didn't bill for.. Well worth the money and time to go .. BOB ERIC LINDA and whole crew are top shelf great people and welcome you like family mathew106 said: The absolute most valuable class I've had. No but I need the refresher course and yes I intend on being in class in the next 12 months. I had an adjuster look at an overturned TT on my lot. The invoice was the largest I had ever written in my life. The adjuster called days later and explained he had never witnessed and Invoice like this in his life. He laughed because he was about 70 years old and said you seen me Mathew, I been doing this awhile now. He told me not to stop what I'm doing! He explained it's his job to eat me alive and destroy my invoice piece by piece pretty much. He explained he couldn't find one area of the recovery to argue in dollars. I had checks the next day. People, this class is no joke. I recovered the expense in a week and then some I'm sure. When that phone rings, I'm ready to stand my ground with ease and RBU put me here! Light to heavy duty, it all the same! This class covers everyone. Take the class!! Mathew Riddle Riddle's 24 Hour Towing and Lockout LLC 94 Clay Street Cadiz KY 42211 270-350-6368 Protower said: We would like to take the whole family to one of their courses ASAP! (We are a family owned and operated company). Big Wheel Recovery said: Our next class is in July hope you can make it just call Linda at 15087635927 for a informational packet, Thanks again BOB
  13. This Heavy Duty Recovery Topic Challenge started today. The more Recovery Topics you create the better your odds at winning this Towmate 36" Wireless Truck Bar. I understand as a Tow Operator you may not care as the company generally supplies these nowadays. However I have seen a few driver stringing wire even on heavy tows. Wow, hard to believe a company would place their employee in that situation unnecessarily. So, keep in mind this runs through June first. However there is a catch we need 100 topics to draw a winner. That should not be a problem for some of you that will or have created a topic every couple of days in the past. If one member creates 50 recovery topics following the guidelines stated they could have up to a 50/50 chance. The odds are yours, can't wait to see more than just images anymore. FB took away the narratives and the discussion. TowForce is surely going to bring them back with a Force...
  14. OK, while this is a discussion which should be taking place more and more. I never have considered the Tower Down Report to be the proper venue for in depth or heated discussion. I believe it is meant for Condolences, so I have taken some of the remarks and created a topic of discussion. I hope everyone added their thoughts to that topic and this one returns to Thoughts Prayers & Sentiments. Years ago these topic drew many of these replies, something happened and many click the link read and move on. They may think about it, it likely bothers them at the moment. But nothing changes and a week later another tower loses their life. As an industry we're going to run out of Quality Tow Operators as they seek a less hazardous career.
  15. Just a few thoughts in regards to the comments copied from the headlines report. It appears Sunset was between 8:15p & 8:25p From the images I have seen it does not appear the roll back was struck. We do not have details to whether the tow operator was working alone without any support. So while we can assume like most of these incidents they were on their own, we need to wait for the details. The Move Over Law has had little effect on drivers giving tow ops room to work. Increasing fines does little good when judges will not uphold this law. While ones, flares, signs, blockers, cops and whatever ... doesn’t negate the fact that working on or near the white-line side is a dangerous place to be." It can certainly lessen the risk of being struck and killed. Waiting 10, 20 30 minutes for a backup is certainly better than losing ones life. But, this industry just cannot seem to wrap it's head around the safety procedures when working along side any roadway. The industry DOES NOT need OSHA's involvement, the industry needs to develop a plan of action on it's own and force towers in their states to follow those basic procedures without government involvement. Bringing a government agency into this is like bringing TDLR into the industry. How has that worked out? It all comes down to the Tow Companies taking a harder look at how they respond to roadside breakdowns. I see far to many tow operator working in the same type of conditions as the one we are discussing. So, in general this discussion is about more than one incident where a Tow Op tragically lost their life. It is about reducing the number of instances to where we are not reporting these on a weekly basis. Please add your thoughts and if you are involved in your state association What are your thought's in regards to how as a Towing Association you can do more.
  16. Once again a Tow Operator has been struck and killed working along side the very dangerous roadways. I have taken the comments from the Headlines News Story posted earlier in an effort to keep that report devoted to condolences for the loss. We can debate the issue further and yes we should debate this issue while it is fresh. Keep in mind we awaiting further details surrounding this incident. Here is what we have gathered from the initial reports. This was the drivers second day on the job. It was a Friday evening and the incident occurred on southbound 5 Freeway around 8:15 p.m. Questions needing answers and not speculation: At this time of evening was the sun setting? Where was the Tow Operator standing when struck? One report was the tow truck operator was struck another does not reference the truck being struck. Add your questions show they may be researched. Some lines of thought from the Tower Down Topic in the Headlines and Towlines forum. "We as an industry need to stop working in unprotected work zones. Without signage and lane closures we do not have a chance out here. " "The tow truck driver was in the process of towing a broken down vehicle when his truck was struck by the big rig, logs show." "The move over law is just not out there enough, people don't care ." "This section of California’s I-5, towards Gorman and Lebec, is extremely rural, wide, winding and fast traveled." "at 8:30 in the PM, it’s totally pitch-black with no streetlights." "it possible that this operator may have been working/standing near the white-line side when struck by the semi" "I'll suggest that, all the cones, flares, signs, blockers, cops and whatever ... doesn’t negate the fact that working on or near the white-line side is a dangerous place to be." "when there isn’t available assistance in a rural location, it demands that towers be that much more diligent in their actions when working shoulder events." "I am an advocate for OSHA getting belly deep into this industry and mandating that safe operating procedures be initiated." "We are responsible for our own safety. Even then, sometimes we fail. Plan the safest procedures and then abort the plan of it gets too dangerous "
  17. Brian, while we await further details. I based my respond on the statement which appears in the story. "The tow truck driver was in the process of towing a broken down vehicle when his truck was struck by the big rig, logs show." Updates will be added as the news is updated.
  18. Just 6 Days since the last Towers Down. Seems the industry is devastated by the tragic news nearly every week. The to as though it cannot be any worse the coward strikes the Tow Truck and the Operator Killing him or her and flees the scene. No strike that Murdering the Tow Operator, it maybe involuntary but Murder non the less in this instance and others. Gods Speed... Sending our Thought's & Prayers
  19. Patron Level II and III Roll Calls will be added later. Those who are able to provide community support at this time are asked to review our supporter levels at: https://www.towforce.net/subscriptions/ Thanks
  20. BELTON, Texas (KWTX) A three-vehicle crash in Belton involving a tow truck sent one person to a local hospital Tuesday afternoon. A portion of North Loop 121 was closed near the intersection with FM 93 because of the accident. Further details weren’t immediately available.
  21. Are thought's will be with the Family, Friends and Co-workers. According to Algoa Towing and Recovery director, Alwyn Smith, the driver was working at an accident scene on the corner of Gately Street and St James Road in Southernwood at 3 am. He said the driver was on the side of the road taking photos of the accident for insurance purposes when a bakkie hit into him. "My guy was taking photos and waiting for the flat bed to arrive when a white Toyota Hilux hit him into one of the vehicles involved in the accident. The bakkie then drove away immediately," said Smith. "We have had a few very close calls in the past, but in the 10 years I have been here we've never lost someone like this. There's just no laws out there. " Smith said that while on the scene of the hit and run, an alleged drunk driver almost hit into him and his team. According to Smith, there were various eye witnesses and the hit and run was caught on three different municipal cameras. "We have handed everything over to the cops, a case has been opened and there will be multiple investigations," said Smith. He said the company was deeply saddened by their loss and that he was sure the hit and run driver would be found timeously.
  22. As found on facebook and youtube.
  23. I found a few more images from 2006: Auto Rescue said: Can't afford new so I guess a little color change will have to do With so much corrosion around the seams from the factory prep work there was no choice but to go all the way down to the metal. The battery box and fuel tank will be maroon also, while the L arm boxes under the main tool boxes will stay black. The rest of the trim work on the tail board and light bar still need to be reinstalled. We start on the other side this week and the cab will get redone shortly but that depends on the weather and work load. Maybe I better start taking pictures outside except it was raining today. black reflective tape stands out pretty good in the dark with snow.
  24. My reaction when this was listed for sale remains the same today. "And my heart skips a beat. If only I was ready, hope someone that purchases it treats it well."
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