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  1. In 2012 mballer SOLD this unit and created this post. military rotator .... the beast..... (SOLD, going to texas) I have decided to throw this one up for sale... 1968 kaiser m543a2 I have had this truck for about five years. The entire body was stripped down to bare steel and redone when i first purchase the truck. It has the 45k drag winch, 20k front winch, and the 20k winch on the boom The stiff legs all work Has aggressive tires multifuel engine comes with torch tanks Has orignal spades that you put on it also comes with scotch blocks so you don't have to use the spades has the boom stands also Comces with 2 huge snatch blocks and 2 medium snatch blocks we replaced the grease sleave on the fronts 2yrs ago Comes with an extra trans still in the military box (nothing is wrong with the one thats in it..... i asked the same question when i bought the truck) Has a holmes 750 towbar on it. The seats were all redone last year in camo vinyl chrome stack is about a yr old It runs down the road really good and its a blast to drive. I have even got a couple of trophies at the car shows from it. I am probably going to hate to see it go but i want to open myself up for a couple of more projects. This truck here isn't one of those that is missing this and that, rust all over it, or you have to replace things to get it running. miracle1 said: Beautiful piece of equipment...Just too far away and wrong colors......Good luck with it's sale....Kenny moremph asked: how much reach do those units have and what kind of lift ratings? dragonwagonII said: If that is the original winch on the front they are rated at 10,000 . Its the largest 10,000 lb winch if ever seen . They come with 200 ' of 5/8 wire too . mballor said: they reach out at 18ft off the side.... we also own a body shop so paint is always an option. The boom capacity is rated at 10,000 at full extension with the legs down. As everyone will tell you they are extremely under rated. But with that said i personally bought this truck myself... and i also put all the work into the truck buying things for it over the years. This truck has been my baby since i bought it and i have been the only one operating it, I hate to get the damn thing dirty because i am out there the next couple of days getting it back to the way it was before...I actually still have the operating manuals somewhere... if i find them then those will also go with the truck. front winch is 20,000lb has tag..... I have winched trees out of the woods with just the front winch. Have also rotated 10,000 from side to side with the stiff legs down. The truck has gone through clay and has been through mud past the center of the axles just trucking through. Also all the flood lights and beacons work. It has the brake lock on it for hard pulls. Heater also works, and it has a big ass vise on the front. DaddyRay said: Can't wait to get it, thanks again Matt, , Texas will be it's new home soon. It'll be our mud recovery unit.... Dieseltek said: How do these units pull with the boom winch? Can you pull with them or are they just for lifting? mballor said: I am sure you can pull with them, the one on the boom goes through a three part block, and its pretty heavy. With the boom reaching out to 18ft its usually just easier to lift them up... mballor said: We are starting to paint the truck before it makes it trip out to texas Should be able to start adding some red on her today...... updated 4-4 just finishing up the little things on it... have to put on the roof lights and paint a couple of the attachments.... then its all set I found the camera...... 4-9 Coming in for detailing in the morning got the frame all painted up... just have to remove the rest of the tape and make those tire shine... Deck is also painted up... tow bar is done just have to get up there and spray a couple more spots on the boom that i noticed outside by the sheave. loaded up the extra trans. and those heavy boom stands one word of advise... if you ever have to remove that tank use a wrecker... The wife said you can even keep the picture of her on the door...... I will post some more pics after we detail it up.... should be all set and done tomorrow DaddyRay said: Looking REAL good, and on a personal/business note, I must say that Matt has made this entire purchase worry free, and is a great person to do business with. dragginwagon said: very nice quality paint work DaddyRay said: Brother Matt's work is outstanding!!!! Mballor said: Thanks for the kind words ray.... we got some of the red done yesterday. Going to finish up on the white on the rims Starting to come together. Going to get more pics in the morning. Going in for the final detail tomorrow then it's all set... @Mballor
  2. Well unsure if one of these guys is an industry legend, they are memorable and to me legends. Maybe you have a picture of yourself with an industry legend you can share. I'm going to search for one myself. All Images added need to have been taken more than 20 years ago. just add them in reply to this topic, if we get enough responses it will certainly be interesting. John Beauman and Jimmy Allison (image stolen from John Beauman Jr FB page)
  3. Of everyone knows that we feel so far behind in our efforts to reach 6000 members. Appears we have added just over 100 members in the last 45 days. A couple of new members average a day isn't the 8 to 10 a day in the first year. If your lurking then we need you to join. While this Major Chassis Manufacturer did not see the numbers they needed. There are those companies that have an good understanding in regards to the size of the Towing Industry. Join Today, Easier than Ever...
  4. More than 2 Days and I have not be able to update this incident. Does anyone know the company and/or the driver involved?
  5. MANCHESTER, N.H. — A flatbed tow truck carrying a mail truck rolled over Thursday on I-293 in Manchester, causing significant backups. Officials said the truck rolled over a guardrail about noon Thursday. The driver was able to get out of the vehicle and was uninjured. The crash happened near the Mall of New Hampshire on the on ramp to I-93 North. Police said the cause of the crash is under investigation. The left lane of I-293 was closed as crews worked to remove the overturned vehicle. RESOURCE LINK
  6. JEFFERSON COUNTY (WSIL) -- The most recent crash data available from Illinois Department of Transportation shows a startling number of accidents along Interstate 57 in southern Illinois. In 2017, 445 crashes were reported along the stretch from Jefferson County to Union County. Neil Sinks with Rend Lake Towing says despite all the yellow lights, drivers still ignore the warning. A study from the National Safety Council shows that those who work in the towing industry face on-the-job fatality risks 15 times greater than any other laborers. "It's like people are oblivious to yellow lights anymore. It's almost like mosquitoes drawn to a light instead of trying to stay away from them," said Sinks. Sinks has been driving a tow truck for more than 20 years. He's the President of Rend Lake Towing and gets multiple calls each week to crashes on Interstate 57. "It seems like in the past, really the past year, it has gotten just out of hand," said Sinks. Just a month ago, he was parked on the shoulder of the interstate trying to hook up to a vehicle to tow it out, when he noticed a truck barreling towards him. "He just kept getting closer and closer, and I stepped away from my truck trying to get his attention, and he basically never saw me and drove right in the back of my semi wrecker at full speed. Never touched his breaks," said Sinks. That was the second time a truck of his had been hit, and he says close calls happen all the time. Sinks says he's growing more and more uncomfortable working on the side of the road. "You can't do this kind of work and ever turn your back on traffic. You just won't make it. There is just too many people not paying attention," said Sinks. So he's begging drivers to keep your eyes on the road and move over when you see flashing lights. He says just like everyone else, he wants to make it home to his family. Sinks added that he is thankful Illinois State Police have increased their enforcement of Scott's Law. RESOURCE LINK with video Neil Sinks has been a Tow411 Member for more than a decade. We want to thank him for working to raise awareness to the dangers Tow operators face. Thank you sir... @napaneil
  7. I first want to say our Thoughts & Prayers go out to the Beauchine Towing Family. Bob has been a Tow411 Member for more than a decade and now part of TowForce. Our Condolences for this tragic lost. God Speed... @beauchine towing
  8. This story was originally posted on FB with a single image as in Texas. Then later the video was posted without a location, only the visible Garners Towing Units doing the recovery. If anyone has Fact Based Details that would be appreciated as this is why we do not rush to get such news out there to the membership.
  9. Thank You, I found a News Story this morning that gave more detail. Problem is you had to be a subscriber to get to it. That story changed it to the semi hit the tow truck. If anyone has more details or a good story link please post them. Been watching Facebook, but after the initial post often that's all you hear after a few hours. Everything moves why to fast on Facebook, miss a day and spend hours catching up cause of Family Friends and Interests. Stop in a message board like TowForce click on unread content. So much easier for Towing Related Topics.
  10. A semi-truck was sideswiped by a tow truck at about 2:15 a.m. Tuesday on Interstate 10 in Leon County, sending three people to the hospital. According to The Florida Highway Patrol, the semi, driven by Donald Davis, 38, of Fort Worth, Texas, was traveling eastbound in the outside lane when it was struck by the tow truck, driven by Everett York, 48, of Tallahassee. The semi went off the south grass shoulder and into the wood line where the trailer rolled onto its side. Davis, his child passenger, and York, were taken to Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare and were treated for minor injuries. Florida Highway Patrol was initially assisted by Leon County Fire and Rescue, Leon County EMS and Leon County Sheriff's Office. RESOURCE LINK
  11. Robert Jones, if you need some assistance adding an image of the truck. Just Ask...
  12. UPDATE: Officers are searching for Justin Lang, 32, who is wanted on suspicion of two counts of manslaughter in the crash that killed Ramon Murillo, 32, and Richard Struble, 57.
  13. Let me try this, the Century is the Rotator, then the Hazmat truck with tools and supplies for mitigation/cleanup. Skid Steer to carry the contents of the load from the crash and supplies to & from the area. The Second Heavy is actually the NRC Carrier to transport the Armored Car. Eric, will need to explain the Plan of Action. Sure appears Professional from Start to End. Should be the Industry Standard! After all it's just money...
  14. "No tire changes should be initiated roadside for operator safety" This should be the policy of every Tow Company and Motor Clubs should adhere to this policy as it would save at minimum one life a year. a lane should be blocked with a blocker vehicle This should be a requirement on roadways where the speed limit is a minimum 55mph. A standard industry requirement, to include safety glasses, reflective vest, as well as a hard hat. OK, safety glasses are going a bit far as they are not going to have any effect on roadside safety in regards to possibly being struck. I prefer reflective clothing over a vest as most fail to put the vest on. The clothing eliminates that safety fail. Yes, I'm good with the safety hard hat. Problem is the hard hat that would benefit our industry professionals are at minimum $150.00. The best ones are over $300.00. There fore the cost factor is going to be an issue for many. Yes, I have been researching them and may or may not purchase one this year. If you think those General Plastic Construction Area Hard Hats are going to benefit a Tow Op on the side of the road. The only thing that will protect is a bump on the occasional head which many of us can relate too. The answer is never more regulation, it is education and desire to save lives. Most in this industry in all respect to those effected by a loss is reactive rather than proactive. I think to many who were just out there doing their job and could not have avoided the incident that took their life or cause injury to them. Yes, we can think back that maybe this or that could have been done differently. Yes, reviewing these roadside deaths would possibly save lives. Often out of respect for the family we do not ehter into these discussions. When we have ventured into this discussion few want to participate due to the high probability they could be on the list of those injured or whose name is going on the Wall of Fallen. I generally take so many precautions that I know many think I go overboard. My life has a value, I protect it the best I can. Your family places more of a value on your life than you do. You may or may not know that, but I am sure they worry more and more each and every year. The Odds of being struck increase the longer you are in that situation and they know it. Think Safety
  15. Can you believe the Pinecroft Sedgefield Fire Department did not mention the two tow truck drivers on their facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/PINECROFT.SEDGEFIELD/posts/2806319286108547?__tn__=-R
  16. This truck was SOLD while Listed on Tow411 and ended up someplace in CT. Does anyone know where it might reside today?
  17. This topic will serve as both an appreciation of continued support recognition and a current roll call of Active Patron II supporters. Those on the list are asked to add a reply to this topic. Those missing from this current list please advise as some members status did not transfer to the new message board. Thanks 5towman All City Tow Service Allstar710 AndyCox antowing Arichard Arrow541 ASAPautomotive aztecasalesandservice Benski Towing Bigredtowing5 Byddon Borotow Bridgeman's Wreckers Bruce Bock Chuck Anderson dan turpin Dave Whealon Dependable Dtow DutrasTowing Eastendtow 66 EKYtow55 f650man Falcon01 firstduetowing CGT Inc heather411 Hill Towing Hot Rod Motorsports IATOWMATER ✔️JeffTow Jim B JGTOW Jmmonday72 JohnF JST1 Kasey Kerns Knighthawk Towing Kim02 kw6x6 Les Tow lowrider luf#1 Marks Towing moetows Moremph Nieman's Towing ✔️ Njsss nousdef Nyctowing007 Oldschoolpete paulie417 Pifer's Service Center ✔️ ProTower PRTowing RandyR RasTow Recovery Inc Reds Rick Lichty Riddle Towing ROCKY MT TOWMAN RodVT Rubbersidedown silverhawk Smith Brothers of CNY Southwest Towing Stuart Wagner SURRYTOWER Tatersalad72 Texas6 THOMAS CURRAN Tom Durham towblaze96 TOWMAN27 TOWRUSSELL towwind44 Voigt W900AVt wasinc WM96511 WTR Patron Level II and III Roll Calls will be added later. Those who are able to provide community support at this time are asked to review our supporter levels at: https://www.towforce.net/subscriptions/ Thanks
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