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  1. We have been so focused bringing the community back from what was a virtual fire. That I not gotten anywhere near catching up on supporter invoices. The operating funds are seriously depleted and I need to find time to get back on track. I want to Thank those Patrons & Sponsors that have had faith in our abilities to keep the only Industry message board community active. Kat has added tons new features and there are more to follow. The primary advantage of a message board is that you can miss a day or days and still keep up with the industry. Clicking unread content will take you to topics you may not have seen. No attempting to follow a timeline for industry related topic. Most all topics are industry related. If you like the new venue, please let us know and if you can support the new force in the industry please click the link above.
  2. Is that it? I will close this roll call in 24 hours. Thanks to those who participated, seems many just are not ready for this yet.
  3. The Needle is moving just not fast enough. Any Idea's, yeah stand by and will make an announcement soon. Not Gonna Give Up so easily on this goal set. There are still about 80 days remaining...
  4. Unsure who the member was that posted this on Tow411 in December of 2008. The attached photograph was probably published in 1939 or 1940. It shows what the Terminal Garage wrecker fleet looked like in those years. Although no longer in business, Terminal Garage was once the largest wrecker service in Knoxville, maybe the largest in east Tennessee. My father began working for Terminal Garage in the mid-1930's as a wrecker driver. He was later promoted to manager of the company. Before they were married, my parents did much of their dating and courtship from the cabs of these three trucks. It was not unusual for my father to work many 24-hour shifts in those days. And he loved it. After World War II ended, Terminal Garage grew into one of the most sophisticated automotive service centers in the South. A customer could obtain anything necessary for a car or truck, even to Spanky said: NICE !, Got anymore stuff like this. If so, keep it coming. Contributor said: It may be possible to come up with one more picture of the Ford c.o.e. I'll scan it and try to upload it without the visual distortion you see in the current image. It may interest you to know that Terminal Garage helped develop and bought the very first production model of Holmes' 850 wrecker. My father worked as a consultant with the Holmes engineering staff as this wrecker went through its pre production tests. As a child of about 10, I spent a lot of weekends at the Holmes factory watching the testing and the final designing of that unit. Holmes equipment are still the most fascinating pieces of machinery I've ever seen. Ameritowruston said: Yes I agree I would like to see more pictures of that COE. I am building on that exact yearmodel and would like to see it. I just love old wreckers. Makes you wonder where they are today. Thanks Brad
  5. These images were added by Bighook to Tow411 in November of 2008: the single axle pete was bought new in 81 taken to century and its a 820 20 ton then in 83 it was hit while towing a new mack cabover by a drunk driver, both trucks rolled completely over and totalled we bought it back from ins company put new hood cab and sleeper on it trebron upgraded the boom cap. and put a stiffleg on it it was a beautiful truck to drive also in 1983 it won best of show at the illinois tow show....i beleive it was the only out of state truck to do so Wildwood Jack asked: Bighook is Shortys still in business? I used to see them running down the tollway by us. I haven't seen any for quite some time. Jack Herman, Wildwood Service Gages Lake, Ill. Bighook said: wildwood they are but after roger died they are struggling alittle rogers son corky leftin 2007 and started his own company he runs 3 otr trucks and has 7 towtrucks if i remember correctly i see corky quite a bit we have been friends almost 28 years he is doing pretty good with his stuff
  6. Posted by an unknown member on Tow411 in August of 2007: i was digging around in my backyard and came across it. my grandfather and i took it off a ford AA about 10 years ago. we have a 28 international stuck in the bard that i would like to stick it on someday. aussiehooker said: good stuff would love to get lost in amongst all that old iron looks like you have a bit of work in front of you i spoke to a kiwi a couple of years ago he told me about an old motor bike all rusted and siezed that he found in a well he soaked it in molassis for about 18 months some bits longer apparently molasses reverses the rust process i rode the old indian nice bike just thought it might help with the old wrecker winch and bits rather than blasting and sanding i havent tried it do a little research might help happy hooking
  7. Submitted to Tow411 by Mark Redman (cfrtruck) Joe Cummings said: I swear that Brockway is John Griffin from Masher St in Philly's old truck. His was green and had a Continental gas motor in it. As far as I remember he died in 94 or 95. I have no Idea where the truck went after he passed. I think his son died too so it probably went up for sale. cfrtruck said: Joe: The Brockway is from Red and Arts in Stafford Springs, CT who had this truck for as long as I can remember. Traveling along I-84 eastbound just before the Massachusetts border you could always see this truck parked outside his station. Da Wash Boss said: that brockway is an icon next to I-84 out there. what them guys would do with that little brockway many guys on here claim only way to do that job is with a rotator. if that truck could talk wow would i love to listen. great pics mark, i never seen that white before where is that from? Danny Cassello - TRPC - East Hartford, CT Joe Cummings said: Mark, John's was so close to that one it is almost unbelievable. I'll have to poke around and try to see what happened to his. He also had a bigger Brockway tandem with a 30 ton Weldbuilt on it and a big Continental gasser in it. John was a great guy and an really good mechanic. He had a whole fleet of older Brockways working day to day in his trucking company. Ed Barker said: Those are pretty neat old pictures ,,,I can see where they would somewhat be limited with the single line though.I love to see those old photos.
  8. This is an active discussion found on FB; This image started the discussion about Amber vs Blue/Red. In respect I will only use name of those who are registered on TowForce. If you find that you comments have been copied here and you are registered on TowForce please chime in. Thanks FB1 Member Creating Post: For those that think blue lights will stop them from hitting you, the officer was beyond upset😂 no $hit he was upset. FB2 Member: Pretty ignorant remark man. Places that have changed their colors have seen a drop in these incidents. If it saves 1 of our lives, its worth it. FB1 Member: Post the proof please, actual numbers. FB2 Member: ask the guys in Saskatchewan that have had theirs changed. Doesn't get more proof than that. FB1 Member: Well how can you say that with no actual numbers? Here say is not proof. Why would these cop cars all over Ontario constantly get hit? Blue lights are not stopping it. Ignorance and lack of education, stricker fines and or license suspensions will. FB2 Member: Ontario uses blue lights more than the rest of us. You are trying to say that bc it may not work there, it wont work at all. even plows in Ontario use them. Private plows were allowed as well in Ontario but not sure if that is still legal. The idea is a color that isn't used for everyone. In other areas only the police use them. Thus ppl pay more attn. It isn't going to stop the problem but it will work. I dont believe its ignorance or lack of education either. Common sense and giving a shit about ppl on the hwy is what is lacking. We already have huge fines and it isn't working. FB3 Member: blue lights will not stop roadside assistance vehicles from getting hit, but they will reduce the number...so its worth it TowZone said: There is no evidence that the color of lights effects the actual statistics. Many of us want that to be true. However in reality the reason in the past fewer police vehicles were struck was because they often had back up. We are now seeing an increase in the number of police vehicles being struck and those number are rising rapidly. Taking that into effect we now find ourselves in the Towing Industry questioning the effect of the color of lights. I run Red, Blue, Amber combo and I have run them separately. I don't see enough difference to suggest that one is better than the other. Focusing on the color of the lights only masks the reason this is occurring more and more. Thankfully our number of Tower Down notification are Down this year. But, I don't say that very loud and I say a prayer when I do. Amen FB4 Member said: TowZone, could not have been said better FB5 Member said: actually that's bullshit. Blue, red, white, pink or purple. I drive a tow truck and work on the roads and as i always say you can build a damn wall around us and they'd still find a damn way to hit us. Doesnt matter what you do, its never gonna end and the numbers will always be high, so as long as people only care about themselves and dont pay attention on the roads. Simple as that FB2 said: So why are less police hit statistically? Stats don't lie TowZone said: Officers are actually struck at a higher rate than Tow Operators. The Towing Industry just does not keep up with those stats. As an industry we do not even know the actual number of Tow Operators are struck annually, we only know the ones that are reported via news media or social media. More than half the industry is not on social media and the many are in rural areas where news doesn't always travel. I do not have actual numbers but I would have to say officers are struck at a higher rate and tow ops are killed at a higher rate. Somewhere in there are highway workers. If anyone knows where we might piece together these numbers please advise. FB6 Member said: There are tow trucks in Wisconsin, Washington, Missouri and Kansas just off the top of my head that run Red or Red/Blue and still have a high number of collisions. Illinois State Police have had 15 Troopers hit alone in 2019 already in which THREE have died. It simply doesn't matter what colors blinkies you have. Plain and simple. Only you can get yourself home everyday and that's not a guarantee. I get that hoping that blue or red/blue lights will slow them down but it won't. All its gonna do is put false hope into a driver and that driver will take his/her focus off the road and the worst happens. Just my opinion. I like most have been doing this long enough and know that as long as a human being is in control, NOBODY is safe. FB7 Member said: Red and blue lights do slow A majority of drivers down maybe they should start investing In enforcement tools FB8 Member said: I've been on the shoulder 36 years now and still alive. I run a red and blue strobe bar on a tripod, I know for 100% fact it does slow them down. Its not speculation or guesswork, its FACT! However, it's just another tool and ain't doing a damn thing to stop a 5000lb car driven by a 19 yrar old with a phone their face so if you don't have good awareness you'll win a Darwin award. But red and blue definitely shifts the odds your way a bit. In heavy city traffic it slows the flow by 5 to 10mph because when one driver slows a bit it causes a chain reaction slowing the entire flow. Out in the open they still come by at the 75mph speed limit but a hell of a lot more of them move over a lane. FB6 Member said: I should also mention that until now with Troopers getting hit, enforcement of our SD/MO law was a joke. When it was enforced, judges would usually dismiss the case or barely slap the offender of the wrist. So nobody cared... Now that enforcement is at a all time high across the US, now people are actually starting to obey... illinois-senate-wants-to-add-scott-s-law-question- Just came across that as I was scrolling through my news feed.... How nice to finally make sure people know to use your common sense and let people live. Scott's Law includes ALL vehicles with hazard/4 way flashers and warning lights on the shoulder. In Illinois we just had a trucker killed on Friday while he was re-securing his straps on the road. He was side swiped by a car and the passenger of the car died as well.... TowZone said: is it the color or is it the additional light itself. To know for sure if the color has much effect would to to experiment in similar conditions with Amber compared to Blue/Red Steve Ronin Westerfield one would think that the increase in officer deaths related to similar conditions tow operators are killed would cause concern. This concern would lead to an increase in enforcing the current SD/MO Laws. I suppose we just have not gotten past the fact judges do not hold the violators accountable for their actions. Officers do not even want to bother writing those citations, even though they know the effect it can have. FB6 Member said: TowZone, I agree. Up to this point LEOs weren't even bothering wasting time writing tickets for this because judges would just barely slap the person on the wrist. If it wasn't for the fact that THREE Illinois State Troopers were killed in such a short span and that so many squads have in hit in 3 months, I don't think a thing would've changed if they have at all. LEOs are definitely stepping up the game when it comes to SD/MO but now the question is, what are judges gonna do? FB8 Member said: Way more tow truck drivers get hit. Cops dont enforce move over for them so tbh I dont care. Think about towers then I will TowZone said: Officers Care, Judges Don't... FB8 Member said: alot of officers dont care here. FB9 Member said: Blue lights won't do shit FB10 Member said: There’s a lot of drivers on the the HWYs that just don’t care who you are or what your doing there and your in there way and it’s sad for saying this but it’s true . I hope they throw the book at the person that did this to the police officer. FB2 Member said: Hey, guess what. Nobody is making you guys use them. Ill happily let you all go to just amber if thats what you want. I do find it odd that you that have used them say they dont work. So why are you using them? Me, Ill take whatever i can get. 1 life saved makes it worth it. FB12 Member said: a survey would be good ….age ..gender...ethnic group...type of vehicle...time of accident,,,.weather conditions...road condition....I for one would like to know which group of society is causing the most accidents Wade200 said: There are optical engineers out there who are adamant that more and brighter flashing lights are not the answer to this problem! Its called "Moth to the Flame phenomenon", where human (and animals,bugs etc.) brains get fixated on the bright lights and are actually drawn to the bright lights. This theory is not at all popular with lighting manufacturers and installers, since there is a ton of money being spent on warning lights and installation. Then theres "My truck has more lights than yours" syndrome and it only makes matters worse. No one is discounting the actual larger issue of cell phone use and the whole distracted driving plague. I also have another theory on this, which I've discussed with many long time wrecker owners & operators that usually brings more discussions. I'm not sure a FaceBook posting is actually the best place for that discussion either. TowZone said: you are correct. I see drivers turning upper work lights on. This not only blinds oncoming traffic it also washes out the strobes regardless of color. Those work light turns an impaired driver into that "Moth to a Flame". FB6 Member said: is correct, more is NOT better! Is placement and patterns. Not the most and brightest.
  9. Can Anyone believe we consider this vintage now? Topic Created by TowJay on Tow411 in May of 2012: it toke a year to built it . its a 1995 ford f350 4x4 5speed 7.3 powerjoke with a 6 inch lift and a custom wrecker deck wheel lift works great a little lite on the frontend need to make a counterweight if you got picture please show hope you guys like it RobertCAdams said: Looks Sharp!!!! leroy hedrick said: a big ol' push bumper with a 12,000 lb plus winch will help hold it down wrecker85 said: ladder on the back for customers ? hartstowing said: im jealous
  10. TowZone

    F650 Allison trans

    I have looked through the archives and I must have been mistaken because I found nothing in relation to this topic.
  11. TowZone

    F650 Allison trans

    I recall your topic on Tow411 regarding that wiring issue and searching for the cause. Then again you may have experienced with another truck as well. If I find the topic I'll bring it over to TowForce. Thanks
  12. It's WreckMaster cause I made a promise to Donnie Cruse that I would make the correction anytime I saw it on social media. The all lower case can pass sometimes, but NEVER Wreckmaster. Please note this and help me keep my promise by noting this every time you see it. In DC memory Amen. See you in the Ditch.
  13. Time Magazine has released their Top 100 List. So, we thought we would start a TowForce list of our own industry professionals. The Top 10 Most Influential Leaders in the Towing & Recovery Industry of 2019. Who in the Towing Industry has Influenced you? Add your nomination, state past or present and the reason this person is at the top. Note: there are numerous awards in the industry. This is simply a Top Ten List that will appear in our sidebar for the remainder of 2019. If the number of nominees is strong it could be increased to Top 20. Doc Calitri Steve Calitri Bob Fouquette Clarissa Powell Note: Industry Leaders can be nominated more than once. Topic will close on or about May 1, 2019
  14. Lifting and transporting a plane that made an emergency landing on the streets!
  15. In loving memory of Rimal Shalvin Sharma and Roselyn Sharma who are forever in our hearts. We request you to bring thoughts, prayers, fondest memories and join us for family memorial service on April 18th from 2pm to 4pm at Sacramento Memorial Lawn , 6100 Stockton Blvd, CA 95824. Thanks for all your support !! — with Roselyn Sharma and Shalvin Sharma. RESOURCE: Justin's Towing Service FB Page
  16. I will keep this Roll Call Open until a day arrives that there are no responses. Thanks
  17. Alright, with Florida a recent memory for some. Let's get this started for those going to Vegas Baby! Be sure to visit these valued TowForce sponsors at the show. If you need to set up a dedicated time post it here and as an appreciation once the sponsor has confirmed we will reserve a Tow411 T-shirt in your name. A PM will be sent prior to the show. All requests must be made two weeks prior to the show. There is a Limit of One T-Shirt per member and the Sponsor must confirm the dedicated meeting time. Watch for other ways to receive a Free or reduced cost T-Shirt. Beacon Funding, Crash Film, Dynamic, East Coast Truck & Trailer, Excel Sportswear, GEICO, Idaho Wrecker Sales, In The Ditch, Landoll, Nation Safe Drivers, Santiam, Spill Tackle, Tow Times and TowXchange. Watch for New Sponsors to be added. Member Attending: rreschran, Littletow, BigBlonde
  18. I Carry a USCCA CARD that I Carry with me at all times. Although, I may not be CC at the time. I endorse USCCA, Click the Link below at be Insurance and support the Towing Information Network. Yes, this is a commission based Ad. Link: https://www.usconcealedcarry.com/offers/5c7d4f40e82bb/join-the-uscca-today?tID=58af0e413ccfe
  19. Missed the Friday Podcast, did not get the info in time to notify members. I want to listen in live today, However, I now understand this is recording season for a LIVE BROADCAST. If someone has more information please let us know in a reply here. Thanks
  20. Autism Awareness Month is near and dear to our hearts each year. WestWay Towing not only has some family members with autism, but several friends in the industry as well. It is our honor to present TRUCK 150, 2019 Ford F550 single cab with a chevron wrecker body sold by Rechtien International Trucks and Miller Industries. This truck was built and wrapped in dedication of Autism Awareness not only for this month, but every day as it rolls around South Florida. Come by the Miller Booth at the FLORIDA TOW SHOW this week and check this amazing unit out. Thank You once again to everyone involved in this project Brett Holcombe, Hugo Cardonne, and Scott Seaman
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