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  1. I tried everything to get there, too many taking vacations this month. Have a Great Show!
  2. Old Post, has anyone dealt with Roadside Protect?
  3. BlueSkyBoss you have until Noon Friday to PM me your size and mailing address. Alex Petruccio PM me your size and mailing address so I can send your shirt. All shirt will go out within a week to 10 days. I always seem to get behind. Thanks
  4. Thanks Alex, I am in 100% Agreement. I have been to jersey the home of those jersey barriers. They are even closer to the roadway then ours here in the Midwest and traffic flies just as fast. This starts with the drivers of the disabled vehicle as well: I have had more than one driver stop in the fast lane or lane of traffic because they had a flat tire and there was no shoulder. They just fail to understand the dangers Tow truck Operators and other emergency res-ponders witness. We are all on the same team: Correct we are a Force of Tow Operators, it's difficult to watch out for ourselves in these hazardous situations. Much less watch for others though that often happens and those who fail to understand the dangers are often confronted with them. This situation could have taken many different turns. As they could have been struck prior to the arrival of the tow truck or the tow truck driver could have been struck. There is no good outcome when things go wrong. The fact that you reacted and slowed the bleeding saved a life. Sadly the lack of understanding the dangers we face cost him his leg and impacted not only his life but yours as well. You are a True Hero!
  5. Once a month we will be seeking a Female in the Towing & Recovery Industry to draw a winner for T-Shirt Tuesday. This is a Two Fer Tuesday, which means on the second Tuesday of each month a Female active in the industry will draw a scene name on FB Live. The name of the female will be drawn the week prior to the drawing, that industry member will be notified and the name will not be released until the FB video goes live. Once the video is posted a T-Shirt will be sent to the winner as well as the presenter in appreciation of her service. To enter this drawing to be a presenter add a reply here, a request will be made for details of that entries industry status and the associated company. A image of the presenter either in the dispatch area or with a tow truck should be submitted as well. Thanks Disclaimer: Nothing sexiest is meant by this promotion as it has been tradition a female has always conducted our drawings. If anyone has an issue, voice your opinion here and get over it...
  6. It's our very first T-Shirt Tuesday. Drawing Held Later Today! Entries are taken from the recent semi annual roll call. But, wait there's a twist. New Members that join before noon today and add a reply to this topic which includes Company Name & Location will be entered into the drawing. Good Luck!
  7. Amazing and since he is right there in New Jersey I would suspect he could receive a Medal at Festival Night this year. I do not know how many of us could have dealt with this in the same manner. It just re-enforces the reason to know where your customers are at all times. I do not like putting them in the cab. My preference is away from the roadway with a recognizable escape route. Having them within the tow operators vision as that tow operator attempts to watch and listen for the traffic sounds and load the vehicle. It's difficult enough to save ones own life without the need to save another. Had this operator been closer to the victim he likely would have pushed to customer out of the way and become the victim himself. Expect the unexpected!
  8. Dear Tow Operator, I saw you on the side of the road today and I did as I had been told. I made sure to slow down and move over to give you room to work. I never really thought about it, I just did it because it was the right thing to do. I went on my way, later that night I happen to turn on the news. I heard the reporter say a tow truck operator had been struck and killed. My mind rushed back to that scene where I recognized the slow down and move over. Even though I never saw you, I knew you were there. The news report went on to give the location and I was glad it wasn’t you. Now, I am sad that another did not recognize the dangers of your job. If only they had followed the same slow down and move over that I had, one of your fellow tow operators would be home with their family as I am with mine. First Draft by Ron Parrish for review. I'll keep working on it or not. I will make some changes as I see them now. But, I want your opinions Bad or Good...
  9. Lest we forget them on the long road home The tow operator stood and faced his Maker, which must always come to air. He hoped his chains were left behind and he hadn't brought them on to bare. "Step forward now, wrecker driver how shall I deal with you?" Have you always rendered aid? To your Maker, have you been true? The tower, with dirt on his hands, said "No sir, I guess I ain't. Because those of us who drive wreckers can't always be a saint. I've had to work most Sundays and at times my talk was rough, and sometimes I've taken people cars, because life is just that tough. But I never took a penny, that wasn't mine to keep. Though I logged a lot of hours when the bills just got too deep. And I never passed by a cry for help though at times I had little to gain, and sometimes, please forgive me, I could do little more than feel their pain. I know I don't deserve a place among the people here. They only wanted me around in their worst of moments there. But if you have a place for me here, well...it need not be too grand. I never expected or had too much so if you don't...I'll understand." There was silence all around the room where the saints respectfully stood. As the tow operator waited quietly, for the judgment...bad or good. "Step forward now, wrecker driver, you've borne your burdens well. Come tow on heaven streets, You've done your time in hell." Attached is a Death Notification from PTRAA: The Arkansas Tow Industry lost a great man and friend to many, Cale Hopkins. Cale and his wife Michele own Searcy Towing & Autoworks in Searcy, Arkansas. Cale was active member and regional direct with the PTRAA for many years. Cale died suddenly after suffering a heart attack. Cale was dedicated to helping anyone who crossed his path and his memory will live on forever. Memorial Service: Monday, August 5, 2019 at 6:00 pm Trinity Baptist Church 1600 E Moore Street Searcy, Arkansas The family has asked in lieu of flowers memorials can be made in Cale's Memory to the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame, Museum Survivor Fund, 3315 Broad Street, Chattanooga, TN 37408, you can go to the museum website and under the Survivor Fund Section, click Support Us and make a one time donation and list Cale Hopkins name in the "for in memory of" field and use a credit card.
  10. Thought's & Prayer for this Tow Operator listed in Critical Condition. I have searched for any updates as the is now been more then 12 hours. Do we have any members in Georgia that can provide further details and the current status of the Tow Operator? UPDATE: One of the Georgia HERO Drivers Posted this on a FB Group> TOW OPERATOR HIT last night - I-285 in Atlanta. Operator taken to the hospital in critical condition No Company Name on Truck - UPDATE: per police on scene he’s expected to be okay. He was taken from the scene to surgery.
  11. I know many Tow Truck Operators now carry, not sure I would go as far as to say "too many towers who carry" However, keep in mind we do not live in the world we grew up in, the dangers both roadside and domestic have increased. Now Firefighter and EMS carry, even Garbage Collectors Carry. Are more guns the answer, in a perfect world of course not. However, we do not live in a prefect world and we must be prepared for the unexpected. The fear however will be that the person with the gun will not be properly trained. Details of this event involving a Tow Op and A Gun are still pending. Hopefully, at some point we have details and an industry insurance professional that can advise. Now, I open carry and I carry the USCCA Insurance. I highly recommend this to everyone who carries a firearm. While we hope to never use that weapon to defend ourselves. Having the firearm is a responsibility and should be a last resort, not a first response. As more details of this story are revealed we will learn if this is a justified shooting or something that will result in charges. Leaving the scene of the incident brings more unanswered questions. I encourage everyone to be wise and be insured choose USCCA CHECK IT OUT BY CLICKING THIS LINK
  12. Another Gone Too Soon. Cale Hopkins joined Tow411 in February of 2008. Cale made the move to TowForce in June of 2018. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Family, Friends and those at Searcy Towing & Autoworks
  13. Jacobs Towing wrote: We had a very important and dedicated employee get hit today. Not just a employee but a good friend someone who was always there when you asked him for help. Someone who is known by many as a friend, son, and a father. Everyone please keep him, his family, and friends in your heart and prayers. I know we have all heard of people getting hit but it never hits you until it happens to someone that you know. We all have got to come together and start paying more attention to our surroundings when we are out driving day to day. If you see lights regards if they are red, blue, or amber please slow down and move over. Because we all have family’s, we all have friends and you never know what can happen. Trucks can be replaced but people can’t. Please keep him and his loved ones in your prayers and please slow down and move over.
  14. This Incident which occurred nearly a year ago has been Featured as a safety review.
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