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  1. GRUMPS The Towman

    What The?

    What a disgrace... That was simply painful to watch. Not for nothing But, as a customer, Just one look at the clown running the truck, ( I refuse to call him an Operator. That is a term used to address a professional )And i would have told him to leave. Not to even mention that he screwed around with it for 5 minutes and still didn't have it loaded. Silverhawk did a excellent job describing what his plan would have been.
  2. GRUMPS The Towman

    Feed truck on ice

    Wow. i would have never guessed that. I'm always learning something new on here. lol. If turkey grit works that well i might have to look into finding some !!!
  3. GRUMPS The Towman

    Feed truck on ice

    Lol. I have never heard it called turkey grit but i'm assuming it is speedi dri. ....Heck, now i'm curious...
  4. GRUMPS The Towman

    When would you say a Tow turns into a Recovery ???

    That's a good question really. Personally i use the term recovery for any vehicle that is off the roadway, hung up, tangled or sunk and needs to be retrieved to a driveable or towable position. a ppi or lei for instance that requires extra work or equipment to tow is termed as additional labor/equipment. I use different billing rates for each as well.
  5. GRUMPS The Towman

    Woman leads police on chase in stolen tow truck (TX)

    That's nuts. Thankfully they got their rig back in one piece, just a bit less fuel in it. I carry a door key for my truck on my belt. If i'm more than 10 feet from my truck it's locked tight. Running or not.
  6. GRUMPS The Towman

    Video of Tow Truck Hit Richmond (NC) 02.11.19

    What scares me the most is these people who "make" these laws and regulations have no idea what its like to be on the side of the highway, trying to do your job while people rip by you at 70+ mph doing their makeup, hair or answering texts and emails. I suggest you take your fancy desk, wearing your $1,500 suit and set it out on the shoulder of the nearest interstate and try to do your job for the day. Then maybe you can earn the right to make a law or regulation regarding what we do everyday.and btw, don"t use any type of warning lights that you feel should be excluded from your slow down move over bill your pushing for..
  7. GRUMPS The Towman


    My renegade unit has a single hold valve for both cylinders. Now my partner told me when we replaced the cylinders a few years back on that truck it originally had 1 hold valve for each cylinder and that we re-piped for one. Truthfully, i cant remember if it did or not. In any event, it sounds like either the hold valve, one or both cylinders or possibly even the valve body itself is bleeding off. the easiest and cheapest thing to swap out would be the hold valve. I hate to suggest to just start throwing parts at it but again it is difficult to diagnose it through this forum. I have had a unit that did the same thing once and although it had twin cylinders on the boom the problem was caused by one cylinder leaking back Internally. That was on a jerr dan unit we had. We rebuilt the affected cylinder and never had another issue with it. I always did find it odd that it would do that even with one good cylinder but it did.
  8. GRUMPS The Towman

    Re: Tow Truck and Triple Fatal - San Diego County

    Get well soon brother. What a terrible tragedy.
  9. GRUMPS The Towman

    City Plans To Rein In Racing Tow Truck Drivers (PA)

    I know all too well how that goes. we have a part -time operator who works for the competition here who's full time job happens to be as a dispatcher for the county 911 center. we cant prove it but, it's incredibly obvious that when he works nights as the dispatcher, the only tow company that gets called for anything worth while is the tow company he works part-time for..
  10. GRUMPS The Towman


    Huh.. I'll have to look at my Chevron. I know mine has twin cylinders on the boom and I think each cylinder has a hold valve. I guess its possible both have gone south on you. Hard to say without looking at it. While your at it, Check the condition of your hydraulic fluid. If it's cruddy that could be causing you problems with your system.
  11. GRUMPS The Towman


    Is it the whole boom or the tilt that is leaking down ? it could be the valve or the cylinder itself. my Chevron tilt cylinder had a internal leak a couple years ago and would settle on its own after a while. I had to rebuild the cylinder.
  12. GRUMPS The Towman

    City Plans To Rein In Racing Tow Truck Drivers (PA)

    It's amazing to me there are still cities out there that allow these half a*&%ed ambulance chasers to run their "businesses" like that. I just cant imagine having to fight for work like some sort of vulture. I used to wonder why i always had to defend our industry but, then i see something like this and i'm reminded why i always have to prove that there are real professionals in this industry. Hopefully actual legitimate towing companies will get these contracts they are setting up and not some clown with a homemade sling setup on the back of their ragged 1/2 ton pickup truck. If someone raced up to an accident scene around here with a setup like that, Our P.D. would tell them to go home and take that crap off their truck before it falls off and hurts someone!!!!
  13. Thats horrible. It's wonderful to hear that the officer will be ok. Now, on to the situation. From what i can see from the photo's, The winch line is still connected to the casualty and run up the length of the deck indicating that the line did not break and the operator's rigging held. So it is safe to assume the winch disengaged and free wheeled. Being a piece of machinery, sometimes there is failure. We all know that. My concern is with the operator's actions during the loading procedure. If the vehicle was up in position on the deck then why wasn't a safety strap or chain thrown on to prevent a roll off? when i load a vehicle the first thing i do when the vehicle in in position on the deck is connect a safety strap just to catch it if something should fail. Next the operator obviously did not have control of his scene by letting the officer into the path way of the casualty. It's imperative to keep bystanders from the pathway of the loaded vehicle for just this sort of situation. Just my 2 cents on the situation. The officers injuries could have been easily avoided. Even with the best maintenance schedule and top equipment, mechanical machinery sometimes fail. we have to be prepared for those situations as professionals.
  14. Was driving down the local main road today and noticed one of the regional transporters hauling a couple vehicles on his 3 car carrier. ive tried to add the photos i snapped but im not sure if i did it right. in any event, there was a dodge avenger set way back on the deck, held on with the winch and one chain at the rear, and a full-size chevy pickup on the w/l backwards. secured with one strap, one safety chain attached to the tow chain loop on the pickup's hitch, and what really got my attention was the wired tag lights run along the truck only to be just hanging on the edge of the front door. in just a balled up mess and not even facing rearward. its amazing that this 'driver' ( i cant bring myself to call this person an operator)went through all the trouble to run out the tag lights to not bother to place the light heads in the proper positions across the roof of the towed vehicle. as i passed by, i could see why he didnt have the decked vehicle pulled as far forward as possible because there were 3 quick-fix wire rope clamps holding the wire rope together about 3 feet from the hook so he cant run that mess through the roller fairlead!!! at first it angered me that this 'driver 'was so incompetent and / or lazy but after seeing the condition of the equipment, the business owner is no better. Its no wonder our insurance rates are through the roof with companies and fly by night "transporters" running like this.. What crazy stuff have any of you seen out there?
  15. GRUMPS The Towman

    Feed truck on ice

    Nice work. Those steep sheer ice road jobs always give me butterflies. never had any major issues working them, I guess its just the thought of what can go wrong that gets to me.
  16. GRUMPS The Towman

    Re: Snow Ban

    When there is a ban here, P.D. keeps us out there but only to clear the main roadways. if there is something off the road, The occupants are out and safe and not impeding the plow crews we will leave it there till the ban is lifted. I feel we all have pulled the 36 hour shifts at some point in our careers. As i get older i dont do it as much. There is just no point in pushing that hard. the cars will be there when the storm clears. I find it better to rest up, Prep your truck and equipment and be ready to rock when the call comes in. We only roll out during the ban at P.D. request. there are some shall i say less desirable companies that lurk around during the storm and extort top dollar from people. It's sad really.
  17. GRUMPS The Towman

    Need advice! About towing and partnership

    I agree. As a towing company owner, I Do not promote one shop over another. Its just bad business practices and as stated above, Illegal in most states. When a customer asks for recommendations I always give them a couple options of reputable shops in town. Quality shops that I myself use. Do yourself a favor and become one of those reputable shops that provide quality service and fair rates and your local towers will take notice. Good Luck with your business!!!
  18. GRUMPS The Towman

    Motor Club Destroying Business

    That was spoken perfectly Tumbleweed. M.C. work is FILLER work. anyone who has a company put together that relies on M.C. work is destined to fail. There is not a club out there that cares about you the tower. They are a third party entity that gets paid for simply being the middle man. Yes, i do SOME work for agero under contract but, we agreed on a contract that is fair for me and my company. All other clubs pay via credit card at time of service at OUR rates. Dont like it? Then call someone else. We quit AAA about 12 years ago and everyone said that it was the biggest mistake i could have made and i would be out of business within a year. We were running our butts off for them and to the naked eye they would think we were raking in the cash. Dumping AAA was the best thing we ever did for our company and have prospered ever since. No more Free miles, No more $12 tire changes with no in-route mileage. If your depending on that club work to keep your business going you need to step back, and take a deep look at your business model. Just because your running all over the place for them does not nessesarily mean your making money. Not trying to hurt feelings here but I would hate to see your business go under because your hoping agero is gonna keep you floating.
  19. GRUMPS The Towman

    Cold snowy and ice

    Nice work. It's been in the 50's here since that last - degree cold snap. Mud and slop everywhere. Now today it supposed to drop back to the teens with 30-40 mph. winds today..Crazy weather..
  20. GRUMPS The Towman

    Tower Down: Newport News 02.07.19

    Another senseless loss. May god be with you operator. Please drive safe out there everyone
  21. Praying for our injured brother. We MUST get the slow down move over law more strictly enforced!!
  22. GRUMPS The Towman

    Mornings Activities from 2007

    Kw5030 did the right thing in my opinion.Great job on that dump!!! I ALWAYS pull the shaft and it appears that he does as well. Ive heard that whole " just leave it in high range and go or leave it running with the clutch in" but im sorry, i feel that is not only wrong and lazy, It's completely unprofessional. you have no idea what type of condition that trans is in. It could be just about toast and you go and tow it 4 or 5 miles, the next thing you know your handed a $ 5,000 + repair bill. and no matter what you say or what you do, its on YOU. YOU didnt follow proper procedures so YOU will be paying for it. Not only financially but in credibility which, hurts your business worse. Driveline removal is part of towing and a BILLABLE labor. Have the right tools and equipment, Do the job right and get paid well for your efforts. I work way too hard to go buying people transmissions. You did a great job there sir, Keep up the top quality work. Thats how you keep customers.
  23. GRUMPS The Towman

    A Couple Of Freeze Ups....Repeat Offenders...

    Ahh yes. The regulars... They just dont seem to listen, but my pocket doesnt mind at all....
  24. GRUMPS The Towman

    Anyone else have this happen

    Thanks for the tool tip. i've done the bottle jack trick before and i carry a spare removal kit as well. Like i said, i always give it a thorough effort to get the service done, but believe me, you will get to a point where your getting hammered with calls and cant spend as much time with it as you might like. And if your a math nut like me, you can figure out how much time you can spend on a fixed rate service call before it just becomes unprofitable.
  25. GRUMPS The Towman

    Anyone else have this happen

    Exactly what occupant272 stated is what i did for my renewal. they started pulling that about 2 years ago on us here. It helps to streamline your road service procedures so you or your operators can knock out the service call and / or determine if a tow is warranted as quickly as possible. for the most part, we have it down to where we can get a soft service call done about as fast as it takes to call in and get approval for a g.o.a.of course the under chassis mounted spares, and inflatable space saver spares take a bit longer. and we dont fight with those for too terrible long if there is a issue. we give it a solid attempt and if we cant get the spare down for instance then we go right to informing the customer the vehicle needs to be towed for repairs. i,ve seen other providers fight with those drop down spares for 30-45 minutes before throwing in the towel and offering a tow. i understand doing the best you can for your customer but you gotta make your money at the same time.