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  1. If it is not equipped with a front suction or discharge pipe, you should be able to frame fork it with ease. Not to jinx you, But I have had 50/50 results with fire apparatus through the years. Some are as simple as any other rig and others have caused some serious grief for me.. As far as airing it up, I cant for the life of me remember what brand of apparatus it was but there may be an access panel inside the drivers door step that has both air connections on valved glad hands behind it. Might of been the old Mack cf series.. I cant remember,,, sucks getting old... LOL Good luck with it, Hoping it turns out to be a drama and B.S. free deal for you.
  2. It will probably be air braked and a auto trans being that vintage so caging will definitley be needed unless it is aired up or you can start it of course. There isnt really all too much to grab ahold of in the rear due to the step, water tank and booster reel in the back so you will probably be better off getting her from the front. Now depending on how far you have to tow it to the ferry at what speed would determine if I pull the shaft or not. inside 5 miles at less than 30 mph I would grab n go then maybe pop it out during the ferry ride. Anymore than that I would pull it right away. I will say this is the first time I have heard of a fire truck being impounded. Lol
  3. Hoping for a quick and full recovery for Derrick. I send my best to the whole Eaton towing crew
  4. I think you will like them. As you can see, I use mine quite often, I am not very nice to them and they have stood up to the abuse. lol
  5. That had to have been one hell of a mess. The last one I hit, got mangled by both the front and rear axles then ended up wadded into the space between the wheel lift boom and the inside of the tail light boxes/ d.o.t. bars of my roll back.. I pulled it out in 6 pieces... Lil bastard took out a fog light, front grille, a front hub cap, front and rear mud flaps, the rear bracket and 2 hydraulic lines on the wheel lift boom and bent the front bumper. This happened during the biggest snow storm of that year, we were busy as all hell, and my partners truck had gone down earlier in the evening with a blown tranny line.. That was a rough night for me... Oh and did I mention my truck was only 3 months old?? I was not impressed by any means.. lol
  6. I'd say he "Failed to negotiate the turn".. We call moves like that "running out of talent" here.. lol Excellent work as always from team Ed's.
  7. The truck looks amazing !! I really like the flag on the hood. Now, I know it wouldnt really fit your color scheme, But maybe a yellow stripe added in the middle of it would really set it off.. You know, TOW LIVES MATTER !!! Lol
  8. Great job. Now I gotta say, I have been in, around, upside down and sideways of the trucking / towing industry my entire life. I was born into it, raised on it And have done everything from over the road, local trucking to heavy recovery and technical work in the shop. I have hit a thing or two in my day. Nobody is perfect including me. NEVER EVER have I not realized something was a miss to the point that I dragged something over a MILE down the highway... I hear about these types of things happening quite often these days... Are the people driving today really that ignorant? Now, My educated guess is that he knew it was there, and instead of stopping and calling for help,( Cause you know, he would have to admit he made a mistake ) he CHOSE to keep driving with the hopes it would just walk out from under his wagon and at that point it would no longer be his problem. Then, it becomes the problem of the texting teeny bopper blasting down the highway at 70+ mph....
  9. If the stars align for me, the plan is Baltimore, Ny, And Tenn. for 21.. I would love to go to the Florida show, but I dont think I can get it to fit in the schedule.
  10. Louisville Ky. apparently is stacking them up like cord wood yet, Chicago Il. Seems to be towing from the street right to the shredder ( See Towing without telling ). Talk about both ends of the spectrum..
  11. Dragged him for over a mile?!?!?!? I dont mean to be brash, but her worthless ass should NEVER see the light of day again..
  12. The rock trick is a good idea. I do know a few of the Cso's ( community service officer, Fancy city of Ithaca word for parking enforcement/meter maid ) have resorted to marking the inside edges of the tires or the tread because a lot of the college punks would scrub the marks off the tires and the pavement. I am gonna pass along your rock trick to them.
  13. Well I suppose the first question to ask is do you prefer an intergrated boom/wheel lift or independent wheel lift? My perspective on the matter is basically do you perform alot of recovery work or More run of the mill towing? Not to say that either style cant be used for the other but I personally have always preferred an independent boomed rig for recovery work.
  14. I am curious as to what they would consider "proper warning". Proper warning here would be a parking citation and a chalk mark, 24 hours later, the vehicle is towed if it hasnt moved. But how long are they holding the vehicle prior to disposal? This story makes it seem as if it goes from the street to the shredder almost immediately. Is there no certified letter mailed to the last registered owner? No waiting period before disposal? No vehicle auctions? Theres a lot of holes in this story..
  15. that short wheel base will make her a beast of a plow truck. perfect for any tight accounts you might have.
  16. Took a call from city parking enforcement for a vehicle parked in a "Car Share" space. ( Long story short, car share is a city funded vehicle "loan" program. Basically, you sign up, get the app then you can "borrow" any one of the stratigically placed vehicles throughout the city as long as it stays in the city and is returned within 24 hours.) Some skates, a quick snatch block to straighten it up on the deck and off we went. The customer called to claim the vehicle and stated they couldnt understand the signage. What do you think?
  17. Excellent work Mr. Ed. Theres no better feeling than being able to resurect and refurbish an un-wanted vehicle into something that will serve a great purpose. We did the same with an old ford ranger that was abandoned years back. We went through it top to bottom, gave it our customary paint scheme and set it all up as a light road service/ support vehicle/ parts chaser. We still have it although she hasnt been used much since the downsizing we went through a couple years back. But It doesnt cost me anything to just wait patiently in the barn. Nothing beats bought and paid for rigs and gear. I also applaud your efforts to keep all your guys working through this mess we are dealing with. That is a true leader.
  18. Majority of your codes are related to voltage issues. Start with all your battery connections and battery condition. Check them, clean them, tighten them. There is an independent wire that will run off your battery positive that feeds directly to the ecm of the truck. There may or may not be a fuse installed on it. ( I have seen them with and without ) that particular wire has been known to corrode and cause a plethora of issues including the symptoms your experiencing. Check all your obvious ground connections. Battery to chassis, cab to chassis, engine block to chassis. Again, check, clean and tighten. Those 7.3's ( dt466e ) were known to vibrate things loose over time as I am sure you know. On more than one occasion, I have found a loose chassis ground that was the culprit of months-long headaches for guys. Your Icp issue may or may not be related to the voltage issue your experiencing. Since you said you already ordered it, I would toss it on there since it isnt a big deal to do it and they were known to crap out regularly anyway. Good luck with it sir. Hopefully you get her nailed down in short order. NOTE, Just as I posted this, I noticed KJBAND13OC had also gave you a run down of basically, the same things I mentioned. Sorry kjband13oc, didnt mean to step on toes and repeat what you already said.
  19. Ditto. The Vin # ( at least the last 8 ) might help too. Then I can play with this new software I have on my new-to me diagnostics computer. With all the relative info I think collectively we can point you in the right direction Mr. OldTow.
  20. All I can say is wow... He just kept on keepin on... Like nothing happened... Lemme guess, He didnt realize he hit something or MANY things for that matter..
  21. I was taught and always was a "crossed chains" secondary untill about a year ago when I was stopped by dot and they told me that it was illegal to cross them although he couldnt give me a reasonable explanation as to why. I havent since just to appease our road side inspection friends.
  22. I personally prefer the wreckmaster skates, they seem to be more forgiving and flexible than other brands I have tried so they dont get tore up as much. They also seem to get real slick easilly with a lil Wd-40. I know they are a bit pricey and it is probably all in the name but I just feel they work better than the other brands. The ability to interlock two or more together is a great thing too.
  23. I agree with kjband, It does sound like a bad crank sensor ( they were known for throwing crazy fits with anything but oem International sensors ) But to better help you I would need a list of trouble codes she's throwing on you Sir.
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