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  1. It would appear that the material in the jar is possibly Tannerite . Why you would put it a glass jar and wrap it with tape is anyone's guess . The FBI agent used a ...
  2. I found a explosive device in an impounded car . While doing the inventory . My father was a powder monkey for Broughton Lumber in White Salmon WA .
  3. A driver of a school bus broke down we happened to be contracted for there towing so we set out to pick up the broken down school bus once we had loaded it ...
  4. Driver was dropping off a trailer at a small station in the boonies when she found her self in a situation because she didn't turn wide enough to make it into the ...
  5. I met this young couple last Friday . They called for assistance to tow there SUV and trailer off the beach just north of Boldstadt beach approach . Their kids were ...
  6. Thanks for watching as always LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE the HECK out of this video! ▻Support my channel-paypal.me/plazatowing (copy ...
  7. Prius lost traction in heavy rain jumped a small driveway and landed up against a small tree in front and a stump under the right rocker panel . I went with Franky ...
  8. When I talked to Danny on the phone he had the best accent . Just something about the old louisiana accent that makes me grin . Several 4x4s tried to pull him ...
  9. Young man was taking stream samples below a rock quarry for Department of Ecology . I noticed that they do not have the State logo on the side of the truck .
  10. Not even sure what this guy was attempting . Possibly too many mushrooms . To those that know about our illegal mushrooms this time of year we have ...
  11. We are proud to unveil our newly redesigned 5-inch girth towing forks for towing class-8 heavy trucks. These redesigned forks will become available in January 2019 and are manufactured to fit into the standard Miller Industries fork receiver. These wider towing forks are universal and can be used on all Century® and Vulcan® heavy-duty units. View the full article on Millerind.com