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  1. A tow operator died Monday, Aug. 4, when his tow tow truck was hit by a semi-truck in Lewis County, Wash. The Washington State Patrol stated that the tow truck and semi were westbound on highway U.S. 12 near Salkum when the tow operator, a 64-year-old Cle Elum man, made a u-turn and his truck was struck by the semi. He died at the scene. Two passengers in the tow truck, a 38-year-old Rainier woman and a 35-year-old Olympia woman, were injured and taken to area hospitals. The driver of the semi was also injured and hospitalized. View the full article and more on TowTimes.com
  2. from the Blog of Geri Roskopf: I received this in an email from a fellow tow lady and I had to chuckle. Those of you who are dispatchers will certainly know where we’re coming from. No disrespect to the agent from the motor club – we’ve all been there, and you can’t make this stuff up. Motor club: Hi, this is ____ from (motor club), can you help me with a tow from a repair shop to Hwy 1? Me: What is the address on Hwy 1? Motor club: It says US Hwy 1. Me: To quote the call, I will need to know the address where the vehicle is to be taken. Motor club: Well, she said she wanted it taken home. (Keep in mind that at this time I do not know the name of my customer. Therefore, I have no idea where she lives. Maybe I knew her.) Me: Is there anything else in the notes that may help? (There is about 10 miles of highway where the vehicle could go.) Motor club: No, just says Hwy 1. I will call the customer and call you back. Me: Can you put us on a three-way conference? I start talking to the customer, who tells me where she lives and that it does not come up on Google maps. No problem, I knew where she was. We are chatting and the customer tells me she thinks the agent hung up. Me: Ok, I will have to wait until she calls me back. A few minutes later, the agent from the motor club calls back. Motor club: Did you get the information you needed? Me: Yes, the amount is $XX. Motor Club: Did you tell her that? Me: No, I will need a credit card from you. Motor Club: Well, I’m not paying it. She has roadside to cover that. Me: What? Motor club: She has insurance to pay that. I am not paying that. Me: I am talking to the motor club, correct? You work for a motor club? Motor club: Yes. Me: You are the company that the insurance has to contact for a tow. You need to pass this to your supervisor for approval. Have a nice day. View the full article and more on TowTimes.com
  3. Balboa Capital has been named one of the 7 Best Equipment Financing Lenders for Small Businesses 2020 by Business.org. Balboa Capital received the Best for Fast Funding category of the ranking. Business.org assists small business owners and decision makers find tools and services to help them grow their businesses with in-depth research, product reviews and expert recommendations. Balboa Capital is a technology-driven direct lender that features a variety of business funding options including: Small business loans Equipment financing Commercial financing Vendor financing Franchise financing Business line of credit To learn more about Balboa Capital visit www.balboacapital.com. View the full article and more on TowTimes.com
  4. J.W. Speaker Corporation has announced the launch of its high-powered, low-profile solar LED flasher lights to help crews, motorists and passersby identify dangerous obstructions in a wide range of settings. The new lights are fully sustainable and offer visibility for up to one mile (1.6km) in any location where safety is a priority but power is unavailable. “Potential hazards are a constant threat, especially on job sites and other places where a lack of power means less warning and more danger,” said Gary Durian, Director of Engineering at J.W. Speaker. “We created our first energy sustainable, rugged and powerful solar flasher lights specifically for optimal visibility under the most adverse conditions, including storms, dust and vibrations so crews and motorists can identify potential hazards and stay out of harm’s way.” The self-sustaining solar LEDs charge fully in as few as six hours and can run for up to 120 hours before a recharge is needed. Compared to other marker lights that emit parallel beams, the design of J.W. Speaker solar marker lights projects perpendicular to the lamp for easier identification from further distances. The impact-modified acrylic housing withstands UV light degradation and is nearly indestructible. Each light assembly is IP67 and IP69K rated and can withstand high-pressure washers. LEDs are available in amber and red to accommodate diverse applications. “These lights can be mounted securely on any surface without drilling, so they can be placed anywhere,” said Durian. “We use the powerful Click Bond adhesive-bonded mount, which makes the lights ideal when you need to mark obstructions or large objects but don’t want to compromise structural integrity.” To learn more about J.W. Speaker products visit www.jwspeaker.com. For the most recent updates on J.W. Speaker and new product launches follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. View the full article and more on TowTimes.com
  5. Full Send! F 150 Into The Desert!
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