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  1. We had this one the other day. Some guy with the Mazda SUV drove off the road, and down through 2 people's yards and ran into the driveway and hit this guys 2 pick up trucks.Thankfully he just so missed the nice blue VW Golf that was in the driveway as well. We were called to pick up the Mazda SUV. We cleaned up the pieces and all the oil dry in the driveway. The guy with the pickup trucks did not want them towed, so we only got the SUV.
  2. Wow that is an expensive piece!
  3. The other morning we got a call for one into a barn. When we got there it was resting on a concrete retaining wall, and was resting partly on the fuel tank. So we backed our rollback at an angle, so we could lift up on the rear tire, before we started winching. Once we had it lifted high enough, we slid the rear of the SUV over and pulled it onto our bed. All in all it went pretty good. Sorry I don't have any pictures in action, since the police were holding traffic for us. And this is after it is out
  4. Welcome to the Forum. There is a lot of information on this forum.
  5. Thanks a lot for sharing those pics. Very interesting!
  6. Great Job on the clean up. Those cars that are burned to a crisp are always a lot of work!
  7. We do the same as stubborn66 mentioned, if they don't have a ride coming we will sometimes take them along. But that is only if we have to.
  8. Probably someone not in a sober state of mind. And a station wagon at that. That thing was probably totaled before the wreck! LOL
  9. Wow that did some damage! Nice work! That probably was fun to load the wheel and strut, those things are usually heavy pieces to lift around!
  10. Had one the other night in the pouring rain. This HHR hit water on the road and hydroplaned, spinning backwards into a tree. Then went through a board fence, down into a drainage ditch, and up against a concrete culvert. So I hooked to the back, and pulled it up out of the ditch, and back through the hole in the fence.
  11. That looks like an interesting one. Nice work!
  12. Nice recovery! You guys did a good job. I like all the good photos
  13. Welcome to the forum! You can learn a lot on here!
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