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  1. That is a nice looking roolback. Does your truck have an 8.3L Cummins?
  2. We got called for this car the other rainy night, it slid off a sharp turn, down into a drainage ditch, narrowly missing the guard rail and some trees. I hooked to the back and winched it onto the rollback. The front was not smashed that bad, and all 4 wheels rolled freely, so it came out fairly nice. Sorry I don't have any more pictures, it was pouring down rain, so I tried to hook & book it as fast as possible!
  3. Yea those seem to get a little pricey, and once you have a remote setup on your truck it can also cause another set of issues. But for the most part we had good success with ours, and we use them all the time!
  4. Nice work! You gotta love the mud! :) Just wondering if you got a remote control for your winch? It sure helps a lot when you have a job like this!
  5. Nice Rig! Did you have to air the motorhome up, or is that a light cord?
  6. Great job. Those vehicles on top of trees can be interesting.
  7. Nice work! You have to give the guy a little credit, he laid that thing in there real nice! LOL! Nice pictures. Thanks for posting
  8. On accidents where people don't have insurance we usually give them the option to either pay towing and storage, or hand over the title for the vehicle. It seems a lot of people like the option of just handing the title over, since they don't know what to do with the car anyway. But you still have those people who let you hang and never show up!
  9. Nice job! I wonder when the driver thought that maybe this was not a real good idea to drive this road with a FWD Promaster! Thanks for Posting
  10. Nice Work. Looks like your having Fun! LOL :)
  11. Yea same here! I had to check the pole every couple of seconds to make sure it wasn't coming over! :)
  12. We got a accident call for a jeep that hit a pole. When I got there I found the pole totally snapped off, and the Jeep was perched on top of the about 1 ft section of pole that was still in the ground. The utility company was already there and they gave the ok for me to get it off. The guy there said the pole is not going to fall if I move the Jeep. So I talked with the officer on scene, and he said to get out of there if I feel comfortable doing so. So I hooked to the back, and it surprisingly popped right off of there, and the pole didn't hardly budge. I cleaned up the pieces, and was on my
  13. Nice job! I would have got those with a rollback as well. We only got two out of the snow storm here in PA.
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