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  1. As far as know there were no real serious injures to both of them. And I think the speed limit right there is 45, but just past the light in the direction he was heading it changes to 35, if I'm not wrong.
  2. We got this one the other day. The pickup truck and trailer and an old Mercedes were in the turn lane waiting to make a left hand turn. The black Colorado never hit the brakes and slammed into the back of the Mercedes, which then pushed the Mercedes into the trailer. It really hit hard, and there was a lot of debris to clean up.
  3. Welcome to the forum Sir. Take a look at some of the discussions in the past, and you will see there is a wealth of information on here. I have learned a lot by being a part of this forum. So if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask!
  4. Yea that looks like a good heavy duty piece! I probably would not go any shorter, just because when you get to uneven surfaces, like the edge of your bed, it might quicker tip front and dump the control arm off. That is just my 2 cents. That being said the only downside to that is, that it will be bigger and bulkier to get in under there. We have the ones from ITI and those measure 19 in. long. Hope this helps!
  5. We use the Kinco brand pigskin leather gloves as well. They hold up really well for us. If you like the Mechanix style gloves you can pick up the Hardy brand gloves at Harbor Freight. They cost half the price as most of the Mechanics gloves, and they hold up almost as long. I like using those on the wrecker for jobs like removing the driveline, where big bulky gloves don't work as well.
  6. Very nice! I would sure sweat on loading that one! If you damage the front spoiler and hafta pay for it, that's almost like buying a new Prius! LOL!
  7. There is one road that is a divided highway for a while near our shop, and there is a road turning onto it at one point. It it has been more than once that I see someone turn out of that road, and they don't drive all the way across the divided highway to the other lane, and then they head down the wrong way towards oncoming traffic.
  8. Just curious, did you have to do a double pick on that one? I know some of those new ones the axles sit fairly low.
  9. That is a neat idea. We just have a few coils of cable hanging around the shop that we just grab and go.
  10. Nice work! I had a vehicle the other day in a tight parking lot that had the ignition locked and the wheels were turned the whole way to one side. I figured when I get there I will give the steering wheel a tug and the ignition should turn. Because I know we had some people already that said their key won't turn, and here the steering wheel is cranked tight to the one side and the steering wheel has lots of pressure on the lock, therefor you can't turn the key without yanking on the steering wheel to relieve the pressure. But the wasn't the case with this one. I think it ended up taking a new
  11. Got called for a 2 car accident w/Rollover the other evening. The blue Taurus pulled out in front of the Jeep. The Taurus was sitting in the middle of the road so we just pulled that one on our bed. The Jeep was on its side, wheels facing away from the road. So we hooked low on the rear of the Jeep and slid the rear around till we could hook to it and pull it over. We then backed our rollback up to the curb and pulled it on to the bed. Cleaned up all the pieces, and were on our way.
  12. Yea that's what I would like. I have extra chain and a binder laying around the shop here, and I thought I could save a little on the cost and make my own?
  13. Would anyone know what size Omega ring I would need for a 3/8" chain to pass through? I ordered a 3/8" size and the ring is too small for the chain to pass through. I would like to fasten an omega ring to the end of my 3/8" chain so I can use it to create a choker on an axle to secure it to my under-reach. I was just thinking of ordering a 1/2" ring, but wasn't sure if that would be big enough? Thanks
  14. Yes I agree with you TowZone. I wish they would make some simple way to disable those brakes, but hey nobody cares about us guys that have to tow these!
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