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  1. I would want the longer wheel base and the weight it adds for bad weather and for anchorability when working. Like someone else said, you can never have too much storage if your going to get heavy into recovery. I would go with the Collins dollies over the ITD, they are rated for more weight. I would also get the biggest drums possible for the winches, the more cable you can get on there the better. I would also recommend a training course on recovery so you know how to calculate line loads, resistance, etc. It is well worth the money, I have been doing this for a long time a
  2. Finally got back to this project this week, been busy which is good. I ended up cutting this out mounts and all, will need to rebuild the mounts. Damn thing is, when I took the cylinder in to get rebuilt the hydraulic guy told me he was going to cut the front pin section off and weld in a new one. I ended up getting the ends of it with the torch. Had I known that was an option, I would have cut it out differently and saved the mounts on the frame. Oh well, live and learn I guess.
  3. LOL, I have not been able to get back under this monster. Seem to be real busy in the mornings and it has been 90 degrees for the last week.........man I hate the heat!! I found a small enough porta power cylinder to fit in there so I am gonna try one more time to push it through with heat before I cut the damn thing out of there. In the mean time, I have done some tricks with the roll backs that I would not normally do and have not had a call that I couldn't cover yet, thankfully.
  4. been busy all week, which is a good thing, back to this today. I hate to buy a $3000.00 cylinder when I can rebuild it for 3-4 hundred. My next thought is to cut the mounting angle on either side of the cylinder, once it is out I can weld another piece of angle across the two remaining pieces, then weld the original back in place and reinstall the pin when the cylinder is done. All they had to do is reverse the angle iron mount when building this and it would have been much easier to get at.
  5. I love running these old trucks but man, this one hurts!! 1996 International 4700 with a Jerr dan HPL60 My main cylinder on the wheel lift started puking oil. No problem, get it rebuilt.........not so fast. I think they built the truck around the front pin on that cylinder, I cannot get it to budge. Ok, talk to my hydraulic guy and we can cheat and pull the cylinder apart from under the truck..............wait, not so fast. To add insult to injury, they used a spiral ring as the retainer for the end cap, they could not use an easy screw off type. Naturally, it is all corroded
  6. I had thought about pulling the bed but I cant tie up a bay for that long. Since I was widening it and cutting the side off, sliding the new rails in and squaring them up should not be too much of a problem. Ed, how are you coming along with the one you are doing? I still want to come a take a look at that
  7. The kid I have helping has all the cross members cut out except for over the frame rails. We are going to start in the back, square it up, reinforce it so the ends can take the pressure when the deck is lowered on uneven ground. Then we will work our way forward and install the new cross members and finish cutting out the old. So far it is going well, I should be right around the 30 hours to get it done. I also ordered a new AC compressor for it..........I'm getting old and want AC to work. Other than that it runs good all the lights work ( I may add a few) and should be a wor
  8. I got busy and did not get any further on this. Today I ran into another call I could not move, I need to get one of these. Anyone have one and a preference? thanks
  9. So, I really don't have time for another project but I could not pass this up and I like these old internationals. 1999 International 4700, 100K miles, cab in perfect condition inside and out, AC/ DT466 with a 6+1 transmission. The steel bed was in good shape but as usual, the cross members were toast. The bed was 93" wide with the old fixed side rails that the JerrDans had. I had looked at a bunch of these trucks and felt that I could fix them but for what they wanted for the truck itself it was not worth it. This one was priced right to do the work so I bought it. We cut the
  10. I gave my insurance agent the gist of what Grumps friend is going through and she checked my policy (74 pages) and found that I am covered and could not find any "exclusions" which according to her is what we need to look for. Many insurance companies will lists all kinds of coverages but then have some exclusions to those coverages so it is possible to think you are covered and not be. She then called the carrier she has me with because she does not do a lot with this company but they offered us the best rate since I do towing. She had to talk to a few people before someone would defin
  11. I saw this last night and immediately emailed my insurance agent. It actually took her a couple hours for the insurance carrier to verify I would be covered. She did not see any exclusions in my policy but went the extra mile to get it confirmed from the carrier. With that said, I do take passengers in my truck when needed be it a club call or a retail call. I look at it this way, if it were my family I would want them taken care of first, to hell with the car, that can be replaced. I don't do it because I am told to, I do it because I believe it is the right thing to do. Wou
  12. That was my wife's first car LOL. Vacuum wipers that didn't work worth a shit from day one LOL. She would still be driving it though, if she could, she put almost 175K on it before it rotted away
  13. Good work, love the ones that make you think a little
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