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  1. Thanks ESC, that makes sense the Cam lock stops the spoon from coming dislodged from the top pin when the lasso strap is used. Now I get it. With my Vulcan, when I am on the side of the road, I will just get the spoons under it and move it to a safer spot to finish strapping and putting on the safety chains and never felt unsafe because of the way the the spoons grip the tire. I am hoping this one is the same. Parts are coming for the cross bar, truck should be going out for paint at the end of the week. Cant wait to get to use this truck Thanks again
  2. Collins also makes one with greater GVW but needs tools to mount it and I dont see that it has the gooseneck option???
  3. Hi ESC, Do your scoops have holes on the inside of the scoop to correspond with the horizontal cam lock in the picture ( lower end of the picture and this one is broken off)? That is my confusion, the scoops that came with this unit are marked Jerr Dan as well but do not have any holes that correspond with the cam lock in this position. When unhooking with my Vulcan, I got into the habit of tilting down just a touch once the causality was on the ground and it loosens up the scoop. I really like the Vulcan set up, especially when picking them up along side of a busy road, it is very quick Thanks Tracy
  4. The spec shows a 12K towing capacity but does not give a vertical lift capacity. I like the fact that is can do 5th wheels or Goose necks but I wonder about the ratings, especially goose necks, they can get well over 12K.
  5. There is a company on here, Austin Insurance, Many carriers don't like to write towing contractors, good luck
  6. Good Morning, Does anyone here have any experience with a "5th wheel power hitch" made for a wheel lift? It is made by In the Ditch and looks relatively easy on and off. I am wondering about durability and stability when towing. Thanks
  7. Stubborn66


  8. Grumps, thanks for taking the time to respond. The whole end pivot point is one piece of cast steel. The verticle pin is a spring loaded assembly that allows it to swing out for the installation of the L arm, then it latches in place when you swing it back under the wheel on the towed vehicle. Vulcan has a Pin that you drop into the hole for this purpose. I still cant see where the side cam lock serves any purpose with the Vulcan style scoops but I have ordered the parts to replace it. When I went to see this truck I was surprised to see the Vulcan style wheel scoops on it, I thought they were proprietary to Vulcan. It also has two sets of forks for the wheel lift and 10 ton winches which is what I was really looking for. I have to rebuild the bushing in the T bar but the other pins and wear pads are tight, replace the cables, and go through the rest of it. The other thing I have found is that Jerr-Dan scoops have holes on the outside of the scoop arms and they recommend Lasso wheel straps to secure the wheels to the grids in one of the parts breakdowns I found. I am not sure how that would not work to disengage the pin on the bottom like the Vulcan's. I have always used a ratchet strap or a chain from the T bar to a suspension point as my "strap" but I have never had any issue. The Vulcan scoops also have the pin holes right through so I can drop a 5/16 pin through the front side of the pivot point to ensure it cannot come out. With a little work, this will make a good truck.
  9. Thanks Grumps, I have been at it for a while and I run Vulcan now and am familiar with the "strapless" system. My surprise here was that this Jerr Dan unit has the same style L bars in this unit as I have on my Vulcan. I ended up getting in touch with a Jerr Dan dealer. The vertical pin in the picture attached is spring loaded and allows for the end to swing out to install the scoop and when you swing it back, it latches in place at the perpendicular position. You will also see the "vulcan" pin at the top of the picture that the scoop latches into. The Horizontal pin (which one is missing and why I am researching this) is a traditional cam lock. On the traditional L bar this would engage in the sides of the L bar from what I can see. The guy from Jerr Dan told me this is an added safety on the Vulcan style L arms I have but I don't see how this is possible because there are no holes on the sides of these L bars. Am i missing something???
  10. Thanks, will do. I just took another look at the set up, this has the Vulcan style wheel scoops on it and the Horizontal pins that are missing don't seem to have any purpose with these wheel scoops. There are no holes in the wheel scoops to correspond with those pins. I am now thinking those pins are not necessary with this style wheel scoops and must be for different L arm applications? I am sure I need the vertical pins but with these scoops not the horizontal. Is there a benefit to the other style L arms, can someone weigh in on the difference? Thanks
  11. Hi, I just picked up a Jerr Dan with an HPL60 wheel lift and it has the T37 wheel grids. The Cam locks are broken on it. The two vertical appear to be screw in and changeable. The horizontal ones look like the outside is part of the casting and the center pin is missing on both sides. Do they make a repair kit? I cant seem to find it. Thanks in advance
  12. Good Morning, I apologize if this is off topic for this forum I am small garage operation with a rollback and a wrecker. I was recently looked into supplying a customer with a "certificate of insurance" listing them as an additional insured to become a primary call in my rural area. When I asked my insurance agent for the certificate I was told that I would need to change my policy to a contract tower and that my insurance rates would at least double. I asked my agent if I was covered to take these calls without having a contract and they said "yes", I was covered to take any calls from anyone, the contract was what made the difference. Then I got a rate from another company for 12K per year, which is about triple what I pay now. The other thing I noticed is that only one of the companies I shopped the insurance through asked about how many calls per month I did. Has anyone else run into this? Does it make sense that rates would be so much different over the certificate when my insurance would be first in line for a claim on my operation anyway?
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