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  1. good luck, let us know what you think after you use it for a while
  2. I was thinking longer after I made this and I will also soften the angle so when it hits the edge of the bed it will be less likely to tip. I have one big tool box but I will need to get one on the other side soon. I hate not having what I need thanks for the input
  3. These guys were actually pretty cool, we talked for 15 minutes or more after we got it in the shop. Like ESC said, take it back you your shop if they play that game. Once someone pays the extra mileage and storage that would put an end to that BS
  4. I try to leave a window down too. Week or so ago I loaded a newer Subaru on the bed, left the window half way down. The lady who owned it stopped me before I pulled out and told me I forgot to roll the window back up. Nice sunny day going 14 miles. I said "yes mam I forgot" I got out, rolled up the window, stuck the keys in my pocket and away I went. Just wasn't worth trying to explain
  5. I have seen these and wanted to make one, here is what I cam up with. I used a 6x6 and left 4 inches on either end and made the opening 4 inches. Used my favorite wood working tool to make the cuts and used some of the snowmobile ski tracks I had left, heated them to get the bend. Before I make another one, thoughts on the measurements I used, should I go longer, shorter?? thanks
  6. I get so worried about locking myself out of these newer cars that I developed this bad habit and it has bit me twice in the last year
  7. Got my first bike tow of the year yesterday. I like that Condor loader, it really holds them secure and makes one person loading simple. Being the wise ass that I am, I walked into the dealer and told the service manager that I had a Harley outside for him in it's natural habitat. He and the mechanics looked and me confused until I told them I had it strapped down on a rollback. The mechanics chuckled, not sure the service manager got it. They said they would be out in a few minutes so I went out and started unstrapping. I had if off when they came out, we chatted a few minute
  8. nothing like getting a first hand experience
  9. Good Job, I like the ones that make you scratch your head a little and think how am I gonna do this???????
  10. I was surprised too. The lady called in and told my wife that they were listing it as an accident because of the damage to the left rear bumper. That damage was done when it slid in the ditch. I made sure to take pictures, just in case. I could have gotten it out a lot easier if I just drug it down the ditch but I cant work like that. Your right about the rates, they keep climbing Agero is one club I will not contract with and I am getting called by them more and more, I guess they have everyone else pissed off but as long as I get to set the rates I will run th
  11. I knew it was going to be time consuming, that is why I bid it by the hour. Was worth the time. The customer called in this morning and told me that her insurance covered it in full listing it as an accident because of the damage to the left rear. It never ceases to amaze me what people will do and then be surprised at the concenquences
  12. So, I took the chains off the wrecker two weeks ago, thought if I needed them again it would be for a new storm that we sometimes get in March and I would throw them back on the bed. Yesterday I got a call from Agero for a winch out about 2 hours from my shop but I was already 3/4 of the way there dropping off one. Same old story, less than 10 feet off the road, but this one was on State Game Lands and they needed it moved today. I don't have a contract with Agero so I bid it high and figured what the hell, I am almost there and they don't know that. I knew I bid it right when they had to
  13. I found this company online and they will make them up, even one set. I am getting a quote and sample for 3 sets. If anyone is interested I would email the guy listed, he has gotten back to me. I also mentioned this website, with an administers approval, so he may be on here at some point. Matt CoyleSenior Account ExecutiveUSA Flap matt@usaflap.com Phone: (866) 806-9120 ext. 118 Office Hours M-F 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (Eastern)
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