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  1. "Cant make it any worse" I tell my customers that..............or at least the ones I know can take a joke
  2. I bought the 15 minute flares without the wire stand and I am not going to worry too much about retrieving them. Once they burn out, there will be nothing left but the ash and maybe some paper, I am not going to ruin the planet. Dad used to use them years ago but we got away from them when the free supply dried up, but not any more, I will have them on each truck. Last night I was on a long sweeping curve up against the guard rail, plenty of room. Visibility, in hindsight was not as good as I thought. I had it up on the deck and was at the controls, I only have left side co
  3. Had a close call last night along the interstate. Kicking myself in the ass for not setting up cones, but it was a simple grab and go when I got there. In my mind, at the time, it would be quicker to grab and go than to put the cones out around the curve and then collect them again when I was finished. I don't generally consider myself lazy, but last night it would have been worth the time it would have taken. Thankfully nothing happened but it could have very easily turned ugly. Thinking about it on the ride home, I decided it was time to get some flares so that I could set the
  4. There is actually an approved pattern for setting up cones based on the roads posted speed, number of lanes etc. I believe it is in the FSMC book.
  5. Good job, chaining up to get out of the customer drive and back to shop sucks!!
  6. Good video, thanks for posting. I had done some homework when I was buying my dollies and went with the Collins due to the extra weight capacity and I am happy with them. The only downside is they are a bit heavy but I will live with that for the added security of the weight capacity. This confirms to me that I made the right choice
  7. Good Morning, Welcome I too am a repair shop that has expanded the use of my trucks with the clubs. I started by taking the calls on a credit card basis and it has grown from there. I now have three clubs that I have contract with and I still take calls from the other clubs on a credit card basis. So far, so good for my company. It has provided extra work when the trucks would be sitting. It has almost gotten me to a point where I can bring on a guy full time in the shop. I also like the after hours calls, they do not interfere with the day to day in the shop as much but it does exp
  8. Nice truck, Interesting how you hooked that
  9. I didnt know that was how they killed termites good job, I like those little money makers
  10. Look at the old Jerr Dan work, good job. We have a company around here that would have called in their rotator, I guess if you have one you have to make work for it.
  11. Not that it really matters but it was a lady driving. I am also about 99% sure it was the same lady who drove another one into a ditch on one of the first times they called me back in the spring time, that one was also leaning but I got it out and they drove that one away. The owner was there yesterday, he had driven out from the distribution center and he put her back in a replacement van he brought out to the scene. He was much more at ease yesterday, the first time I met him at another scene he was hot enough to melt the snow!! I guess he is realizing that this is going to be
  12. Today's misadventure. This is on a steep one lane road at the top of the mountain. No snow or ice on the road, just drove straight into the ditch. They have to be trying to do something on their cell phones to keep doing stuff like this See all the trees to work with, one line to bring it back on it's feet, one to drag it back, pretty quick and simply. Air bags deployed Two lines and it was out pretty quickly but then I see this. Broke the ball joint off at the end of the control arm, pulled the axle out of the trans
  13. We are always everybody friend when they need something
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