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  1. Owner of this pickup called to upright and tow back to his home. Called for a second truck as pickup was on a culvert and wanted to be able to pull up sideways after the upright. Went very good except I had to put chains on after taking to his home.
  2. Towed from the paint shop back to restoration.
  3. I am not sure the light bulb in some of these minds is screwed all the way in. Nice work on a tough job!!
  4. Love those legs, they are awesome!!! Have pulled loaded semis with mine too.
  5. 1.Quest 2Honk 3Agero 4Allstate 5AAA 6Allied We have done work for these in the past year. They are listed in no particular order. Contracted with AAA Agero and Allied. The others pay CC up front at my rates. The three contracted are ok as we only do calls that make money. AAA has the most volume and Agero has the best rates. We don't don't GEICO unless the customer pays cash or CC.
  6. We did this one the other day SUV ran over and broke oil pan
  7. Still here looking forward to 2021!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Towed this to the frame shop today. Pretty fresh truck.
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