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  1. Our thoughts and prayers go out the the family and friends,
  2. I'm not busting your chops Eric I was just curious
  3. Just curios why you needed two big trucks? Nice money!
  4. Lady tried pulling our of her alley and trailer got hung up. Winched it far enough to then just pull it ahead with pickup. Bent front and rear jacks on the camper. Checked the ball on the hitch and after getting it pulled ahead the nut was just finger tight, and lock washer was just below the ball.
  5. Once again out hearts are broken and prayers don't seem to be enough
  6. Topic Originally Created in February of 2007: Towed these vehicles yesterday. I had never used the forks before and I had a little time to work with at that point in the day so I used the forks to tow these. I could have wheel lifted or slung the van and the Dakota I could have slung but I had just got done with the van when the guy with the Dakota called and said he had lost a wheel. As you can see I picked the Dodge with the Reese hitch. The van I forked the frame just behind the cross member. You can't see in the pic but the cross member had a flange sticking out in the middle keeping the fork from sliding to the rear of the van. Am looking for comments and suggestions. When I towed the van I stopped to check the tie down chain and it had loosened up some. Other than that I was pretty happy they way they handled. I couldn't feel any movement and felt real solid. I would have liked to have a little more lift to add ground clearance but they didn't drag and I put both in neutral.
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