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  1. mooresbp

    Ford Fairlane...

    I learned on a sling truck too (all we had) and dollies (with pans not self loaders), so you had to get creative once in a while. But no one wants to hear those stories anymore. We have come a long ways to beds and self loaders it has been quite a ride.
  2. mooresbp

    A Long Dolly Job..

    that will make you think your next corner a ways away.
  3. mooresbp

    Ford Fairlane...

    Pretty cool. Good to hear from you Ed. Missed your posts,
  4. My single axle carriers weigh almost 20,000 lbs. and I know that bed is bigger with a tandem axle but it doesn't look good.
  5. I have not given up and am mad and upset as anyone. One of the reason's we had the spirit ride here this summer to try to bring awareness. We still need better training for operators to stay off the traffic side at all costs. We must keep operators safe.
  6. Looks over loaded to me and quite the overhang. Single axle carrier and car would think about 23,000?
  7. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends. I agree with the hottest topic although this might not be the right place here for all the family to see
  8. mooresbp

    Three Wheel Action Challenger

    Nice you did it with what you had to work with. We have impact could have pulled wheel off
  9. mooresbp

    Would you Look at That...

  10. mooresbp

    Steve Flanagans Auto & Truck of New Jersey Tristate

    Nice history