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  1. That is neat Ed. Is it just on the wheel lift?
  2. I voted as well. Anything we can do to make it safer for just one tow truck operator should be worth it. I get red light or speed camera alerts on my GPS, why not this too.
  3. Oil will run out just because of gravity. Could it be a bad (new) pump? Not everything new is good out of the box. Any way to make sure gear is turning on tranny?
  4. Can't emphasize this enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Those loose wheels can go a LONG ways, in this case maybe wet!
  6. Our thoughts and prayers go out, yet again.
  7. That is such a huge deal!!!!! Why do I have take the dash apart to get a Dodge into neutral and that is if I know where the release is!!!! I hate to snag and drag with the customer there, it just doesn't look good.
  8. I have put off responding to this for a while. Have been watching what has been said and can't say that I disagree with much. What I have been wanting to know is the nuts and bolts of it. I became a member here to find a way to cut down on tower down messages. It has been a long time and not too much has changed out on the road except I am WAY more educated about how I do things myself. I have tried to bring that knowledge to as many as possible. But can't not control everyone or everything. Would love to wave a magic wand and get all to move over and slow down. Would love to have all towers work the off traffic side and not have to be in harms way, but don't have that magic power. This discussion seems to be headed in the right direction, just hope we can make a positive difference ie: save towers from being struck and killed.
  9. Beyond words, our thoughts and prayers go out.
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