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  1. ?????????????? Idiot fails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. That operator is lucky to be alive. Absolutely!!!
  3. Our thoughts and prayers go out. I do believe that this board has made a difference, at least to me. I do a lot of things differently out on the road because of what I have seen and learned here. I hope that some will see what can be done to increase safety and add to the daily routine. When I started doing this 30 some years ago traffic was not near as fast or as heavy.
  4. Very nice. Let me know when you find those magnets would love to have a set for some of these cars that have plastic hoods and trunks!!
  5. Was it loaded and do you have the new fiberglass magnets? If empty why not load it on the deck?
  6. GVW on the carrier is 19500lbs? Empty 13000lbs? Ram3500 diesel 9000? Is it worth it? Not on my book.
  7. Hoping driver will be ok, and they find the low life that did it!
  8. 1. Honk low volume but paid the same day. 2. Agero Decent rates med volume 3. AAA Low rates paid every week just have to watch what you do to make money 4. Allstate Decent rates low volume pays with in a couple days 5. NSD Very low volume but won't take calls because credit card won't work. 6. Road America Very low volume low rates 10. Geico VERY low volume hassle to get paid. Have to be really hungry to take calls from them!
  9. Our thoughts and prayers go out to him.
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