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  1. I drilled out the collars and put grease fittings on the Vulcans I had. That helped but wasn't the total answer. I have had two handles break on my new 408 already but that is because they are aluminum. Replaced with stainless steel. But hope they all don't do that, it has a lot of handles! I like the Vulcans that I had, they seemed like they would pull better than the Century's. I am sure most of it is owner preference.
  2. Our thoughts and prayers go out to All involved!!
  3. our thoughts and prayers go out
  4. Is it an aluminum gland? Better off to get a new cylinder😘
  5. Glad to see RA go by the wayside
  6. She's adorable!!!!!! Nice work Ed and crew.
  7. Just a move to the shop
  8. Driver was put out of service, IDOT requested that it be towed. When I got there the officer said didn't they tell you it just needs a driver. Uh no, so we towed it. Not sure I would have done that anyway. Not big on doing that, we are in the towing business not driving someones else's truck,
  9. Oncoming car hit it and flipped it up into him.
  10. ...and no one got hurt except the Honda... and the deer
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