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  1. Our thoughts and prayers go out. And yes buckle up
  2. Yes it is per hour till done, all chains, truck and me included.
  3. I don't remember using rims for recovery on a rollover on light duty. I have used a rim to move vehicle out of buried snow to get to a more suitable point of recovery. I usually use control arms, sub frame or the like.
  4. Seems obvious to us but.... Most people don't have the bad guy mentality that we seem to have
  5. NO! hook up a jump pack get it on the side of the road out of traffic!!
  6. Our thoughts and prayers, how awful.
  7. I have a side puller that fits in the end of the deck so I leave the bed locked in. Can put dead man on the stinger and lower it.
  8. Just wanted to add that I did a tow for a GEICO adjuster with a car that had a shift cable broken and they don't even use their own road side assistance for tows!
  9. Saw one of their trucks in Des Moines in today.
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