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  1. Have a glass guy change the mirror to what you want? Sometime have to have the customer stand on the other side and tell me which way to go
  2. Forked an F 550 last night and the frame was right behind the bumper and worked good. It was dark and pics didn't turn out.
  3. I had the same problem with mine. Does it make a lot of noise sometimes with pump in gear and no functions being used?
  4. Not to bad on the muddy, Got muddier on this one This was Saturday night. They called in the afternoon for a quote and they had tried all afternoon to get out and then when they were going to have to pay for another day they called back.
  5. Did this one last night as the car was stuck in the gravel lot of the dollar store. Not much time on scene and she drove away with very little damage, mostly just needing a wash.
  6. Looks busy!!! Ed how do you like your auto loader by now?
  7. Yes all of the blame does go to the suv but we have come to have try and protect people from themselves and the bad decisions they make. I would say that some of the blame should be on the officer. They should have either directed the tow truck to the ramp he was blocking or be blocking the the tow truck where it was parked. That doesn't absolve the tow truck driver from being in the right spot but they should have been directed to the proper place.
  8. Our thoughts and prayers go out. What a senseless act!
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