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  1. mooresbp

    Re: Five Tow Truck Drivers Shot - Two Killed

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to them and the families.
  2. mooresbp

    Prepared For Launch...

    Nice. It seems that those big yellow poles are invisible to some. I think every one of them in our WAL MART parking lot have been hit! Some of them several times. I know some of it is being distracted and some of it has to do with blind spots.
  3. mooresbp

    2018 Motor Club Ranking

    1. NSD 2. Agero 3. Allstate 4. AAA 5.Honk Don't have contracts with Honk or NSD but NSD is always easy to work with just not much volume. AAA is easy to work with just low pay have to watch every call to see if it pays or not.
  4. mooresbp


    At least you had a hard surface to pull the shaft
  5. mooresbp

    "Let's talk Flashlights"

    I wear head lamps mostly so much less intrusive. Small cheap and last a while
  6. mooresbp

    Driver Struck in Western Iowa (IA)

    Hoping he will be ok
  7. mooresbp

    Hello From Iowa

    Welcome! We are in Washington IA. Where are you?
  8. mooresbp

    Newest Addition

    Sweet looking ride
  9. mooresbp

    Ass Grabin Bull Dogs...

    Sad to say Ed but they don't think about you at all, but they don't know you like we do!!!
  10. mooresbp

    how to convince the boss

    One big advantage of the side puller are the stiff legs, they might be more valuable than the side puller at times. We all know that getting the truck to sit still on the side of a slick road isn't easy.
  11. mooresbp

    Would you use this hook on rollback?

    No I use the yellow self closing self latching ones as they don't catch on plastic air dams or the deck.
  12. mooresbp

    3 Car hauler

  13. Hoping all will be ok
  14. mooresbp

    3 Car hauler

    Had these going to the scrap yard today. Put a tape on them first and pulled them on together.