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  1. Having the tow bar above horizontal is not recommended.. It can lift and fold over on a down hill or hard braking situation.
  2. Put on your big girl panties and deal with it !!!👍
  3. Any downside to the larger tire wheel dollies ? Clearance problems on low cars etc. ? I like the extra capacity, less bearing speed and less tire revolutions per mile, but not if the larger size is an issue on some vehicles.
  4. I have towed several class A salvage motor homes from the hitch with no ill effects. Don’t know if I would try a good one.
  5. Very busy on day shift. But you are right. Third shift has slowed down. Trying to figure out what is driving this ?
  6. Looks great Ed. Very professional. Better check the loaded weight. My F450’s barely make weight.
  7. And the motor clubs want to pay how much ? Yeah right !!!
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