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  1. WOW!!! He really hammered that thing.. Hope everyone was ok. Just curious DerlynZ, Whats the speed limit through there? I see traffic lights so I assume it is not highway speeds..
  2. My rule of thumb has always been to keep people back as far as the amount of line I have out OR the distance of the overall length of my truck in circumference . Whichever is longer or logical. Being in a college town and performing a fair amount of ppi work at times, I get recorded all the time by people that are usually not even directly affected by the work I am performing. I have had occasions where I am heckled, called names etc.. I look at it simply, If what I am doing has nothing to do with the person talking s#!t or recording me, I just totally ignore them. As long as they stay ba
  3. Personally, I would tighten it untill the crossbar moves smoothly with some slight resistance with me leaning my body weight against it. I have never dealt with the adjustable ones, but ones I have re-bushed and /or done welding repairs in the throat / plate, that is how I have always tried to get them. Not to bash you or your truck in any way sir, but It may very well be worn out already being a Kilar..
  4. Walk along the rail, Stand behind the un-secured car with the deck tilted, winch it up against those wheel-stop thingys and put it in park... Good enough and Off we go.... I knew I have been doing way too much work for the past 26-28 years.. I am sure glad I found this tutorial on how to really load a car.. Now all I need is a leather fanny pack And I too can be "one of the boys"
  5. Lmao.. putting Customers keys in a pocket is a BAD combo.. I have learned my lesson on that many a moon ago.. Lol
  6. Very nice. It is awesome to see someone using a sling set up and using it properly. I can attest to the fact that the new Jerr- Dan sling bars dont have enough adjustability to them. On the self loaders, all the way in is way too close to the fold-up. Theres no way he would have been able to turn with that van in all the way. You have to run them out a bit. The short wheel base Rams give it a weird look but it takes the weight real good. Ive been over scales with my partners swb truck and one on the sling. I was actually surprised at the amount I had on the nose. It really didnt loo
  7. My ultimate initial goal has always been to get or keep traffic flowing around the scene. I have always had a big thing about secondary accidents. I always will go out of my way to work from an off angle if necessary just to keep a lane moving. Usually, the first word out of the officers mouth when I arrive is "we will shut down the road" and my response is usually ( if it can be safely done ) is I will work it from here etc. to keep that lane open. Yes, It might take a few extra mins at times but it is worth it.
  8. True words of wisdom spoken by a true professional. Like I have said many times This Industry Requires a Pretty moderate level of common sense to become a real professional operator. I whole-heartedly agree with tow zone when he stated doing a "Quick clear" Means securing at a minimum to get out of harms way. Now, I see that as get it FULLY on the deck, get at least one solid point of rear securement and get off to a safe area to complete your tie down. I do it all the time. I dont want to be out in traffic for a second longer than I have to be. But, there are others I know will think dra
  9. Beautiful car. You dont see too many around here any more. Thats one sexy looking truck too btw..😀
  10. Rest easy brother. My thoughts are with this operators family and friends. I pray the man responsible for taking his life never sees the light of day again. This madness MUST STOP.
  11. Rest easy Brother.. We will drag those chains from here. I am curious as to how he ended up getting struck by the Train. Was he loading one near the crossing Or did he not take a good enough look before crossing over? How fast was the locomotive travelling? Those un-gated crossings can be real dangerous if moderate speed trains use that line. We have a good amount of un-gated crossings in the city but there is a STRICT 5mph train speed limit in that area. you can see and hear them coming Long before they approach the apron. Yet, there are still plenty of morons around here that try
  12. Since I am in NO WAY computer literate, I send myself the pic from my phone to my email, save it to my computer then use the choose files thingy that Tow Zone mentioned. It has been a few weeks since I have posted any pics so I dont know if my round about, antiquated way still works or not.. LOL
  13. Ditto to all that ESC said. The boys at team Ed's would be my number 1 pick for a refurb job. Just dig in to some of the old posts on here in company equipment of some of their own rigs that they have done. They knock it out of the park every time. Detroit wrecker would be my number 2 if they were still in the refurb biz.. They are really killing it with there own designed rigs so I understand why they are no longer doing that type of work. I am seriously considering a Detroit built rig for my next one.
  14. Here, the only tow truck you might see without any business lettering are repo trucks And I only know of one guy that has no business lettering on his rig. But even those must display D.O.T. numbers, M/C Numbers and License plates etc.. Even if it is a tow truck for private use only like hauling personal equipment, race cars etc. They must say NOT FOR HIRE in bold lettering where the D.O.T. numbers would normally be displayed. I am with you. If I see a rig with absolutely zero markings, They are probably up to no good. Very Glad to hear they busted this douchebag.
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