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  1. Unfortunatley, If his home situation is that bad that it affects his work and you have already sat down with him and spoke about it, then I would have to say it is time to part ways. As you are aware, our occupation is dangerous enough and if his head is in the clouds over serious personal issues, then it is not a matter of IF a mistake will be made, it is WHEN. And that mistake could cost someone their life. Not to mention money, equipment and business reputation. I personally know all about family issues and the toll it can take on you at work if you let it. ( my wife is physically disabled and in and out of the hospital constantly). I would be lying if I was to say It doesnt get to me while working but when it does I know it is time to take some time off and let my partner run the show. I know it can feel like a shitty thing to do to an employee who is having issues at home, but you as an owner MUST put your business first.
  2. Mainly, just a real good cleaning and some light mechanical work to get her running again. I know the original owner had passed away a few years back and his son ( my customer ) has decided to get his dad's old car going again. I am told it was driven to the storage unit back when it was first put in there.
  3. GOOD!!!! This exact same investigation needs to take place in my neck of the woods. Slime balls like this do nothing but hurt the honest, hardworking guys in our industry
  4. Towed this today to a restoration shop. This is the first time in 30+ years that this complete original car, right down to the original ignition key has seen day light or been touched by a human. Been stored in a climate controlled storage garage all that time.
  5. Sorry to hear of Kens passing. Aside from all the t.v. crap he was a really good and devoted operator. rest easy Ken, your shift is over.
  6. Those look like the factory mirrors that come on the Ram 3500-4500-5500 trucks. If they are then they work just fine. You can flip them up if need be for wider loads too. i guess I never really noticed if the smaller Rams came with different mirrors. The smallest Ram truck I have is a 3500
  7. I did the roll call... Right??... Forgive my ignorance.. i am what is called " computer irlitterate"....
  8. Ideally, If I could get close to the casualty, I would like to put a lil lift on it with my pull to break the suction of the mud. If that is not possible then a low line to the front and dig away some of the built up mud to prevent damage. I am assuming there are keys available which will be helpful to steer the casualty and also to get it to roll up on top of the mud while winching. Depending on the resistance and length of pull, it would probably be nessesary to 2-part the low line.
  9. Is this a once a week thing for the t-shirt drawing? Do I check in once a week or is my first reply good? If not heres this weeks check in... LoL
  10. Nice. Looks like a heavy lil bugger. I know those old chevys can haul some weight.
  11. Does anyone know if anything is planned for Atlantic city this year? I really havent had the chance to sit down and see whats what for this year.
  12. Welcome aboard Sir. Lots of real good people on here. True professionals of the industry.
  13. Being I havent been to any shows in a few years I really wanted to do the estra show in buffalo ( cancelled ) and I am hoping to go to Baltimore. Holding out hope they dont cancel that one too.
  14. A good high quality cordless impact tool is a big one to have. Also, with the right socket it will help with caging brakes too. A can of brake clean and a wire brush is good to have for cleaning the grease and crud off of the bolt heads to make sure you get your socket on those bolts with a good bite. and a u-joint press tool for the pressed -in style u-joints is a must have. there are ways to pop them apart with out the tool but i am not going to mention how because I feel it is very dangerous. A good u-joint press is a lil expensive but worth its weight in gold in my opinion. Of course a good pry bar and hammer is a must have as well. If you are new to this then I also suggest contacting some sort of training academy or at the very least stopping in at a local truck shop and talking with someone who disassembles this stuff regularly. they will have some tricks and suggestions to help you out there. Not only can you cause alot of expensive damage if you dont know what your doing, you can get badly hurt as well.
  15. Still kicking.. Not busy at all but still paying the bills thankfully
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