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  1. That was one Vicious collision. I am praying for a speedy recovery for both drivers.
  2. Same here. The recovery, load and cleanup would be billed hourly. If a second truck is needed for assistance, then That piece of equipment ( if actually used for the recovery )and manpower is added as well. Around here, there were guys who would have 3 trucks show up at a scene, and although they would only maybe use the manpower from those additional trucks, they would charge for their use. Some were charging as much as $450 per truck on scene plus labor rates even though the truck just sat there with its lights on. Naturally, vehicle owners and insurance companies threw a fit when they caught on and Now, The laws in our contract with the county changed to where we can charge a response fee ( basically a show-up fee ) for the additional truck if it is not used in the recovery or tow and charge hourly for the manpower/labor.
  3. If I was assigned the Gmc, I would back up to the front, as tight and angled to the Durango as I can and using cribbing and blocks on the end of my deck, Lift it off of the Durango so the other operator could remove the Durango then set it down, slide it away from the pole a bit and perform a traditional load using skates and boards for the damaged rear wheel. Option 2 would be Blocks, cribbing and Bottle jacks to support the Gmc while the Durango is removed.( Yes, I carry enough gear on my truck to do it ) I Know most companies, at least around here would just pull the Durango out from under the Gmc and let it smash down then still charge some ridiculous recovery rate because they can. Sorry, I am not that guy. I earn my living. Both vehicles took nasty hits, I hope everyone was ok.
  4. Dont get me wrong, A murder conviction is good, It shows that you can get charged and found guilty of it in this type of situation But, I still think she got off easy.. Not for nothing she is a double murderer, A child abuser, a drug and alcohol abuser And obviously has ZERO regard for any type of vehicle and traffic laws.. Should have gotten the Death penalty....
  5. Completely destroyed his car....... But he beat that tow bill !!!!!! Thats a WIN in his book. lol
  6. I suppose it could be possible if your area got hit with the heavy rains from what was left of that storm. Looks like it was a fun job. It usually takes a good grunt to break that initial suction and get things moving. I hope all went good and you got paid well for your efforts.
  7. There is no need to let it get to that point. It could be a number of issues that plague this particular driver. A few I can think of.. 1- He's trying to get every penny he can and will do what ever to get it 2- He has a tough guy complex and confronting PPI customers is his way of showing how big and bad he is. 3- He doesnt know the laws that bind his areas of duty 4- He DOES know the laws that bind his areas of duty and any loopholes that may be in them. 5- ALL OF THE ABOVE Now, i do SOME PPI work, It is not my bread and butter and truth be told, I dont like doing it But there is good money in it. I follow the letter of the law to a T. Even though I feel some of it is unfair to the towers, It is the law. I do admire guys like Richard who do this type of work professionally, with dignity and skill. It is a trade that is not for everyone. It requires the right mindset and a calm demeanor. It is not an occupation for wanna-be tough guys.
  8. That whole recovery ( starting around 4:30 ) Was a complete joke. It was like watching a bunch of monkeys f#@k a football... And yet we all wonder why we are treated like Idiots in our industry. This is why.. Because THIS is what the public sees....
  9. It is kinda tough to talk about this, But I too have had to load and transport vehicles with a deceased victim, In one case it was 3 victims and one being a 7 year old little girl. It was a horrible wreck, Probably the worst I had ever seen before or since. And I am here to tell you, I dont care how big of a tough guy you think you are or what you have seen in the past, It gets to you. It is a shame that a lot of the resources that are available for F.D., EMS and P.D. are not offered to us as well. When I asked if it would be possible for my partner and I to see their crisis counselor, I was told no. It is apparently offered through their union or something and us not being a part of their union, well you get it.. I was then Questioned by a P.D. Sgt. who knows me personally and he said " your a combat vet and this bothered you?? " I wanted to slap him. Of course it bothered me..ALOT I had to have a friend that wasnt involved with the recovery or transport come by that evening and wash the blood off the deck of my truck that had dripped from the wreckage. I couldnt bring myself to do it. Neither could my partner. To this day I still have issues with it from time to time and this happened about 8 years ago. It is a tough thing to deal with and I just want any Operators out there That have to deal with a fatal of any sort to know that although I am no professional counselor or anything, I am here to try and talk with you about it or just listen if anyone ever needs a ear. Sometimes it is easier to talk with someone you dont know personally Than someone you do. Shoot me a message and I will give you my number. Anytime, Day or Night. ( I have no life. Lol. Just a joke to lighten the mood )I have been there. Dont go it alone, Believe me it doesnt work.
  10. I am very sorry to hear you have lost your families vacation home. You made no mention of anyone getting hurt or worse so that is the best case scenario. The home can be replaced, A life cant. I pray that the fires near your home can be contained soon. I know you guys over there deal with this pretty regularly it seems lately. It doesnt make it any easier. As far as an evacuation plan, I wouldnt go as far to say that I am a "prepper' but I feel my family and I are as prepared as we can be. We keep the small camper trailer packed with supplies and non-perishables so if it came to it we could just snap into it with any one of our vehicles and be off. We keep a fair amount of cash at the ready as well as 2 credit cards we only keep for emergency use only. All important documents are in a fire resistant safe that can be grabbed out of the big safe and taken with us. Each family member including our dog has a "bug out" bag at the ready as well. As far as protection, Both my wife and I have concealed carry permits, ( No, I do not carry while working. Never have ) and both our boys are fire arms trained and we all shoot regularly. Being former military And growing up in a military family, it just got ingrained in me to always be ready for anything. Although I love my home, My business etc. If it came down to it I would dump it all in a heartbeat to protect my family from some form of natural disaster that we wouldnt be able to defend our home against. Now, on the other hand, Rioters, looters, or what have you, better be prepared for one HELL of a fight if they want my home or property. thats a different story..
  11. Good Point Mr. Resch. On second look I noticed it IS NOT a AAA truck. I thought it was AAA when I first watched it. I didnt notice the B.S. " not for hire " crap on there.
  12. Now I will admit, I have never seen that style of pivot arm on a Jerr-Dan. It looks very similar to the Century-style one that a buddy of mine has ( And complains about non-stop ) that is of 2017 vintage. It is obviously a Jerr-Dan set up as I can see their logo on it. I personally have never seen one though. From what I can see the horizontal pin on the back of the pivot appears to be whats left of a traditional Half barrel pin set up. Those i know for certain can be purchased from AW-Direct. I purchased a pair and replaced the old screw-in style locks on my flat beds wheel lift grids with them. It is just a matter of cutting the old, broken one off, grind the area smooth and weld on the new ones. i cant say for certain because I am not familiar with that style of wheel grid but, It does appear that those barrel pins were added on by someone. maybe they were added as some sort of homemade adapter or something. Dont take my word for it though. None the less, It would be a easy replacement of those barrel pins for someone with a bit of welding experience.
  13. No securements AND ITS RAINING on top of it!!!!! WTF !!!!!!!
  14. Top Quality service as always from Ed and his crew. It is amazing how much of a mess those newer trucks make if they get punched in the nose just right. They dont make them like they used to..
  15. My god... What a horrible wreck... My thoughts are with the families of the men who were MURDERED. Aside from some freak mechanical failure that may have caused this, I Pray that AGGRESSIVE charges are brought against this man If is determined his inattentiveness of some form caused this. An example must be made of this man. This MUST END.
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