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  1. If you ever bend a axle tube on one using forks, I will call you "Sir" Derlyn Z from now on.. Lmao. Seriously Though, If you have a set of forks that work on it, Your good to go.
  2. You made the right call leaving the disabled person and a care taker in the RV. trying to Move an ambulated person out of any type of vehicle on a road side shoulder is just asking for trouble. Nice work.
  3. Your Pete rollback looks like it sits real nice with that Ram dump on board. How does she feel with that kind of weight ? What model Pete is it? I am really starting to think about spec'ing one out here soon. Seems like it would fill the "medium duty" void in my current capabilities.
  4. Yeah, even with pulling the wheels you would need the extra deep reach upwards or the extensions or cribbing to give you the "peace of mind" clearance on the wheel lift stick to the bottom of the bumper / hitch for vertical articulation. Ultimately, popping the wheels would allow you to carry it lower giving you better nose clearance. I too have grabbed class3 hitch crossbars But, I am super picky about which ones I will. The one stubborn posted here in the last photo is one I wouldnt because of how the crossbar extends out away from the end of the frame rail via the side plates. It is just one of those things that I never liked the look of. Not saying it is right or wrong in any way. Would it hold up just fine? Almost certainly. It is just one of my O.C.D. compulsions I guess.. LOL
  5. Ditto on Bushwacker's suggestions. The fork extensions would have done the trick for you But the Wood cribbing trick gets it done too. As a side note, I always prefer to buy Good quality pressure treated hard wood Materials to make up my cribbing assortment just for these sorts of occasions. Takes a real beating and holds up longer than regular run of the mill lumber. Even with the extensions or cribbing, I would have popped the other set of wheels off so it could ride as low as possible and not tear up the goofy dress-up lip on the front bumper. You thought it through, used what you had and got it done safely. Not to mention you added another few bits to the "mental tool box". Good work.
  6. I am not a huge fan of "open deck wheel lift tows " either but when the circumstances are fitting, I have done it too. You made a Good call in my opinion.
  7. Wow... That looks horrifying.. My prayers are with Operator Byrd. I hope he makes a full recovery.
  8. I used to laugh at these types of scenarios be it watching videos or seeing them in person. I am at a point now where I am utterly disgusted by them. The sheer level of unprofessionalism, incompetence and not to mention overall lack of just common decency towards his customer ( who was extremely calm considering how he was treated and what was happening to his car right before his eyes ) is appalling. The only semi understandable explanation for this would be the guy was hired an hour ago, thrown the keys, told to figure it out and this was the first job he rolled up on. If he has been doing this job for awhile and STILL struggled like this then it is only a matter of time before he ends up destroying some ones car or kills someone or himself. What makes this all worse is this was the 2nd tow company Agero contacted for this job, Which leads me to believe that the first company that Openly told their customer that the responding truck broke down ( even if true, who tells their customer that??..) more than likely would have done this job for even less of a rate. As far as how the time line played out with Agero/Haggarty, It sounds typical... 3-4hours of calls, texts, aggravation lies and B.s. for what ultimately turned out to be a 15-20 minute tow. (According to the end of his timeline.)
  9. Beautiful rig! ( even for a Ford.. Lol. 😄 ) Congrats.
  10. I absolutely LOVE your Autocar Mushspeed. She is a real beauty. Those Concorde were magnificent aircraft... The design and technology of them was way ahead of their time. It is sad they are no longer in service.
  11. Dperone, Your description of the L.E. dispatching you deal with sounds almost identical to the way things have been here ( although, it has been steadily improving here ) and I am sure there are many many more of us out there that get frustrated with this scenario. I agree that the blame for the poor communication and interactions between L.E. / dispatchers and tow companies falls on both parties shoulders. I dont blame L.E. solely. Our industry and the black eye we have of poor training, planning and professionalism has a major part in it also.
  12. Nice work as always. Reminds me of that lil red riding hood song, "Over the river and through the woods to grandmothers house we go".... 😁
  13. Doingitall, I understand the differences in accrual and cash basis accounting. I am also aware that most U.S. small and medium businesses run on cash basis accounting because it is the method that most closely follows a businesses financial activity "in real time" rather than through projections, past models and anticipations. I suppose what I was trying to get across but ended up rambling off was Why would an accountant use that as an excuse to explain away Mrstow's question of writing off the loss Instead of breaking it down like you did for her or My accountant did for me way back when I raised that same question? My concern is with Mrstows accountant's response.
  14. That is an EXCELLENT response Doingitall. Couldnt have explained it better myself. Looking at the overall picture of an abandoned wreck, it does certainly seem like your losing out on all you mentioned Mrstow. But with proper documentation and some quality accounting / book work like Doingitall mentioned, The loss is in your profits. Does it make it right? Of course not. Lets be realistic, We are all in business to MAKE PROFIT. The key here is to minimize that loss and devise a streamlined way of getting that abandoned turd off your log book and out of your yard as quickly and as legally possible. And to speak on the accounting / book keeping, You mentioned your accountant called your business a "cash based" company??... What exactly does he or she mean by that? If you are in fact running a properly licensed, registered and Insured business, then in todays modern business age, that statement is false. The "cash based" business statement in my eyes is a fly-by night, under-insured "scab company" that is more than likely operating Illegally and under the radar.. And Please, by NO means am I insinuating That you or your business are !!! Don't take it that way, I mean NO offense. It is in the wording. What I am trying to get at is it seems that your accountant may not be classifying your business properly and if that is the case, is probably not handling your books properly. you may want to at least shop around or at least speak to another well established accountant to ensure your business is being handled properly books and accounting wise. Every state / county and jurisdiction has different laws as far as dealing with abandoned vehicles. Some can be really complex and others rather simple so it is difficult to say that what I or any other Tow owners out here do to minimize loss will work or even be legal for you to do. One word of advice I can give you is to do your thorough and best research on your local laws regarding this AND have your business Attorney ( or hire one to assist with this specifically if you dont have a regular one ) Go through the legal mumbo jumbo on the subject as well. There may be some "loopholes" that can work in your favor. Then develop a good, letter of the law system for streamlining and dealing with the dead beat owners and stick to it. Here in NY, there is a minimum of liability only insurance required to register a vehicle. It is the absolute bare bones of coverage that many will get just to put their vehicle on the road. In my opinion, it is antiquated and is nowhere near what any minimum coverage should be in this day and age. An example would be a young kid goes and buys some tired, worn out and rotted pickup from his uncle for $500, buys the minimum insurance so he can register his "new toy" then ends up rear-ending a Tesla at a red light.. Is his measly $25,000 per occurrence policy going to replace that totaled Tesla?? of course not. So, the Tesla's Insurance now has to cover the difference, The kid ( and his parents if he still lives at home ) then gets his ass sued off by both the Tesla owner, their Insurance company and anyone else who has financial loss due to this accident. INCLUDING The tow company who towed, stored and cleaned up what was left of his beloved truck. Now, His Financial life is off to a fantastic start all because he wanted to save on his monthly insurance premium or was in that teenaged rush to get his first truck on the road.. I am a firm believer that this states minimum insurance requirements need to be upgraded and improved. This alone can and would minimize many trouble areas Including My Towing business getting stuck with more tow-storage bills than I can shake a stick at. And I get that many people cant afford better tiered or Comprehensive insurance. To that I say, then you cant afford to own or operate a vehicle.. If it comes to a day that I cant afford to run my business or pay for my home, then I wont have it.. It is the same in principal.. The general public MUST be better educated as to how and why proper insurance coverage is CRITICAL. It is just one of those thigs that no one ever thinks about until it is too late. Sorry for the long Rant, Just my opinion on one way that the abandoned, under-insured vehicles can be dealt with.
  15. Nice work. As you know, It is always a good idea to over-rig when you can for thick mud pulls. The "suction factor" is difficult to figure into your resistance calculations sometimes. Charge accordingly Of course.. 😎
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