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  1. I am with ESC... Ram / Cummins 5500 4x4 84"c.a. all day, every day.. Since we bought our first Ram in 2012, I will NEVER own another Ford.. The Chevron Renegade 408a ( dont quote me on the model #, I might be wrong ) the one with the stiff legs is a killer recovery unit. That is the truck / unit that is on my wish list for the near future. My 2012 Ram 3500 4x4 has the older version of this set up minus the stiff legs and it is an awesome rugged unit. It has served us well for over 20 years and benn on 2 different truck chassis.
  2. This post brings back some horrific nightmares... LOL The first one I did I cut the pin like Ed had and the second one I did I cut the flanges out like you mentioned then rebuilt the mounts while the cylinder is out. If your welding, torch work and fab skills are up to snuff, that is the way to go on it in my opinion buddy. Keep in mind, ANY way you do them is a real bitch. Prepare yourself for some cursing, cuts, bruises and a few slag burns...
  3. I gotta say, In all my years of doing U-Haul service and tows ( 20years ), I can only remember 2 bearing failures like this one. Thats a pretty good track record considering how their equipment is beat on by random people its whole life.
  4. Great to see that sexy new rig of yours earning her keep. Nice work.
  5. Rest easy Operator. Not only are we getting run over or crashed into constantly, Now we are getting shot pretty regular now too it seems
  6. Those man lifts are pretty heavy lil buggers. I hauled one a while back and was surprised to see it weighed 5.200lbs !! It certainly didnt feel that heavy but the scales dont lie usually. If I had to guess, depending on what was in the van, she was probably right at or just over gvw by a few.. But we all know they can handle way more than they are rated for if carried right and driven by a pro. I would have ran that load on that rig without thinking twice. It is these types of jobs where it pays off to stay on your local D.O.T. guys good side.. LMAO
  7. Poor guy.... I can see this turning into a Gigantic mess for him and his insurance premium being in NY... Someone has to be at fault as far as they are concerned, the easiest person to blame is the tow op who last had contact with it.. This State sucks...
  8. This one here is SUPER virgin. No A/C, But it has the "big" in-line 6. I should have taken a few interior pics because it was like getting in a time machine. Totally spotless clean and Complete with the plywood style bench seats and "Shag style carpet... Lol. AMC's were turds but there is like a cult following with them. Even crappy cars have followers.. lol I am with you on damage waivers, I see no need. If you are on a job where you feel you need one, You are probably out of your league and/or pay grade. I have snagged more than a couple jobs from the local bozo's because they scar
  9. Towed this to my Wifes uncles resto shop today. A complete 1971 Amc hornet that was parked in a shed back in 1990. The Odometer says 63,000 !!! The r/f tire actually blew out while I was winching it out of the shed. Luckily, it was low on psi to begin with. Knowing my Wifes uncle, This gem will be showroom condition in a few weeks.
  10. I really really like the " the support rig comes out, or I am not your guy" Phrase.... It is nice to know I am not the only guy out there that stands firm on his procedures. I dont let anyone sway me from what I feel is safe, professional and profitable. Seems that Mr. Ed is the same way. Too many companies these days will let customers chew them down or give out ultimatums that sway them from performing their jobs properly or with profit simply to get the work. I would rather stay home than take on a job that has careless, unnecessary risk. It is my way or the highway.. A "G" note seems
  11. You didnt mention what your excavating equipment weighs.. Keep in mind, Pulling weight on a spec'ed trailer is totally different than carrying it on your back. Using a truck and trailer gives you the GCVW rating where using a roll back your dealing with Total GVW.
  12. We were all loaded up for this past Sunday But mother nature had other plans and the track rained out. This Weekend is looking much better !!!
  13. Do you wonder why all of our insurance premiums are outrageous??? Here is probably one of the biggest reasons.... So, I had this 2020 Toyota Tacoma in my yard from a rollover mva My partner performed last week. Although it was a relatively light roll, there was significant damage to the cab. The wheels, driveline, engine, etc.. were in fine shape. I was actually able to yard drive it out of the gate for these clowns to load it. Copart sent a "contracted" tow company That I will not Name to retrieve it from me and when he showed up, he had a pretty decent looking
  14. I felt the need to post this because of what I have seen over the years. If you were to ask a group of teens or younger kids today what Memorial day is and what it stands for you might get 2 that actually understand its meaning... Memorial day is a special day for many. A important day for people like me and thousands of others. It is not just a day for BBQ's and beers or day off from school / work and sales at the local shopping mall or car dealership... Sadly, It is known more as the "unofficial start of summer" Than what it really is... A day to remember the Men and women who lai
  15. Welcome aboard Mr. House. Feel free to snoop around on here. There is tons of great info throughout. And please dont hesitate to ask any one of us questions. We are here to help one another learn and grow as Professionals.
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