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  1. WTF..... So how do you explain when the casualty slips sideways off the side of the truck into a live lane of traffic?
  2. There are two types of guys around here that haul for Copart & IAA . the first type use those as filler jobs and haul here and there for them. the second type are fly by night guys running ragged 3 or 4 car carriers that run all over gods green earth dragging wrecks around for them. Their trucks are barley road worthy and poorly equipped to deal with most of the wrecks they haul. These auction houses just simply dont pay enough to get any decent companies to haul for them.The numbers mentioned by yoBdaBenO above are pretty accurate with what I have been told by the guys running for them around here. A 3 car carrier makes 5 -6 trips a day at those rates and they feel they are making a living. But in reality they only are scraping by if nothing goes south for them. Their antics have put them on D.O.T's radar so they constantly get dragged in for spot inspections that usually result in a red tag. I have gotten a couple calls in recent times from a particular company around here that shall remain nameless that picked up a vehicle from me an hour or so later asking me to come pick up the same car and hold on to it untill they can send another truck for it due to being shut down by D.O.T. or their truck going down with a mechanical issue. Of course I happily provide service and charge for another tow and day or so storage. If you can run for them as a filler to supplement your other work then i would say try it out. If your a newer company hoping they will pay your bills my advice would be to look elsewhere for work. There is just no money with them.
  3. Thats a HARD hit. I hope everyone is ok.
  4. That is EXCELLENT advice !!!! I havent done the white glove routine, but I have put on nitrile gloves to handle an exotic. I also make it a point for the customer see me remove my keys and pocket knife as well as pull my shirt out and down over my belt buckle. as well as handle the vehicle gently as you stated. I also always ask permission to enter the vehicle before just grabbing the door handle and yanking. Taking the time to put a customers mind at ease can make the whole job more pleasant and productive for all involved and possibly gain you a regular dedicated customer.
  5. Pre towed Photos are a MUST in these cases. Especially for PPI /LEI tows. I usually take all four corners, front lip and rear lip. I take specific pics of existing damage including curb rash on wheels as well no matter how obvious or old the damage appears. During my corners shots i make sure that the back round can be seen in the photos. I have had plenty of people try to claim tow damage and in most cases as soon as I state i have photos , all of a sudden they remember the damage was there before I even bring up the photos. It doesnt hurt to take loading pics as well showing your ramps, cribbing, skates, propper rigging etc.. A couple extra minutes here saves countless hours and money in court fighting a bogus damage claim.
  6. She is certainly in rough shape. The recovery team did a fantastic job of removing her from her formal resting place. It will be a monumental task to bring it back to life but so worth it for all us shelby lovers. Good luck with the restoration.
  7. About 13 years ago I had a towaway customer come after hours to my yard to retrieve his vehicle. I asked the man for his drivers license and he stated his wallet was in his vehicle. I opened the gate enough for us to walk in ( it is a large swing gate )closed it behind us and escorted him to his car where he promptly changed his demeanor, jumped in and started it. I stated kindly that he needs to come back to the office with me, finish the paperwork and pay the bill before he can drive out. He then told me in so many nice words that he wasnt paying anything and refused to get out of his car. After explaining to him that i was calling the police, I walked back to the gate, walked through it and let the latch swing down like I had when we walked in so the gate would not fly open. I then grabbed my phone from my truck and called the police. while waiting for the police the customer continuously drove forward and back towards the gate and never once stepped out of his car. When the police arrived he stopped the car and stepped out claiming I had locked him in the gate and refused to let him leave. I explained to the officer that he was free to leave whenever he wanted and the gate was never locked it was just latched so it would not swing open but he was not taking the car unless he paid for the tow. After a few minutes of talking with another officer, the first officer on scene walked up to me and told me to put my hands behind my back as I was being placed under arrest for unlawful imprisonment for closing the gate with him still inside of it. I bailed out a couple hours later. To make a long story short, 7 months and about $7500 in lawyer and court fees later the charges were dropped. To add insult to injury, after my arrest the officers let him take his vehicle without paying. Needless to say, I no longer let anyone in the yard for anything. If you dont have your I.D., then bring someone who does.
  8. Jesus.... Sounds like a possible case of complacency and routine gone horribly wrong. May you Rest in peace Sir.
  9. A couple things I do are 1) I try to not run the deck all the way out if possible. The more it is on the slide frame, the better. I try to keep the deck at the ground with most of the weight placed on the legs (d.o.t. bar) of the tilt frame. At least for the grunt of the pull. A lot of times with a roll over for instance, I will pull the deck back in as the casualty gets to the breakover point. It helps to keep the line at the same angle throughout the roll and also gets the deck out of the way if your rigged close to the casualty. 2) I lean against the side of the deck as I run the controls so I can feel through the truck how hard the pull is. If she starts moving around good style, I stop and rethink my angles or options.
  10. We are in our 3rd year of the rebuild from our fire. The 2 main things that were a blessing to us is we are just a small 2 man band ( my partner and I ) and we didnt really do a whole lot of repair work for customers other than some odd ball brake jobs and oil changes for our elderly regular customers. One of my partners brothers worked in the shop a couple days a week and did not really rely on his income from the shop so we didnt have to worry about any employees being out of work. Our shop is primarily for our own equipment and personal toys. My truck was at my house as usual and my partner was out working with his truck the night of the fire. Being a cold snowy night, my partners truck would have been inside the shop if he wasnt out working ( Our big shop is at my partners house ). So by the grace of god, It was business as usual the day after the fire for us. The building, tools, lifts and equipment was a total loss
  11. Untrained and incompetent. Guy says "this is what happens when you dont have good insurance" well dont worry, its covered by the tow companies insurance now...
  12. I wouldnt touch the casualty untill I spoke to someone ( owner or police ) in person. I would respond to the site on a call by customer so long as the customer is going to meet me at the scene. In the past, i have come upon vehicles off the roadway, stopped to see if anyone was inside or saw there was yellow caution tape on the vehicle indicating there is no one in it and continued on my way. It is Illegal around here to just grab a vehicle off the roadway and tow it. it falls under this states predatory towing laws
  13. What a terrible loss. I know exactly what they are going through. We lost our shop to fire 3 years ago this past december. lost everything but the trucks. ( thank god ) We are still in rebuild mode. Praying for their injured workers.
  14. So, if I understand correctly, the owner of the van did not call this company ? P.D. did not call this company and the vehicle was left at the crash site by both the police and the owner? If thats the case, then did this company just happen upon it and take it upon themselves to recover the vehicle? If that is the case then it is an Illegal act by the towing co. Here in Ny thats considered soliciting and downright auto theft.
  15. Well said Goodmichael!!!! Too many people in this industry play the tough guy routine and it needs to be almost the exact opposite. Firm but fair is what comes to mind. Speak intelligently with a normal tone, Eye contact and face your customer. You need to be the voice of reason in heated situations with customers. Being polite even when they are berating you and dont stoop to their level. Remember, YOU are the professional. Obviously you must defend yourself If the confrontation is physical But words cannot hurt you. In my 24 years Ive heard how a angry customer has "f---ed my mother," my wife is a tramp, I am a pussy, I am stupid etc... whatever.. you cant let it get to you. At least this has always worked for me.. Some apologize for their rants, Most just mutter off. I have had a ccp ( concealed carry permit ) for 17 years and I have never so much as had to think about drawing my weapon let alone actually do it. Maybe I have just been lucky or maybe my methods work.
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