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  1. Another one I use from time to time on big, messy jobs and such is "Well, This is gonna taste like s#!t"... LMAO
  2. I will send a message to my regional rep and see if there is some info he may be able to provide.
  3. Now that I think about it, I suppose my one liner is " Well, that's good for it" since I seem to say that at least 2-3 times a day when dropping my phone, laptop, notebook or tools etc... 😁 P.S. I use the "living the dream" line a lot myself...LOL
  4. Agreed. NOTHING we can deploy or do is totally 100% fool proof or a gaurantee that no one will come along and run us over. I can honestly say that I dont think anyone on this forum would deny that fact. Hell, There are even reports out there of operators and other emergency workers getting struck on closed roads or totally shut down highways. Usually by worthless drunks such as in the story you have posted. That is not really the point we are trying to make on the subject. Unfortunately, the matter of an errant vehicle encroaching on our work site is a realistic risk of the occupati
  5. Even better that you know some of the back story to the unit. And it has history in the company your with. I sincerely hope you will be able to take ownership of her. Please keep us updated on it. I am a total sucker for these old rigs and the history that goes along with them. Just Imagine if that truck could talk.... The stories it would tell !!!
  6. Shes beautiful. And all that relatively preserved under that awning.. Although a huge fan, I am By no means a pro with the old school Holmes units. I will take a mildly educated guess and say it is around a 500 model??... I think I recall them having dual winches..
  7. First off, I am happy to hear that your ok and nothing bad came from your "close call". I am a big fan of flares myself and use them regularly on jobs similar to what you described. Yes, it is an added expense but any smart business man works those types of expenses into their charges. The nicest thing about flares in my opinion is they are easilly and quickly deployed, and If the situation really dictates, It is not a big deal if you cant retrieve them. Cones are expensive so they must be retrieved, further exposing you to moronic drivers. I will normally at least put them out and
  8. Sadly, No..Jobs like this certainly make me regret not adding at least a winch remote to the build sheet when I ordered her, But on the other hand, I can certainly use the exercise..Lol I have been thinking about adding one myself, but It just seems to be a lot of money for what amounts to basically a soleniod, some weld-on linkage and a transmitter..
  9. Beautifully written Tow Zone. I plan to have my wife write it out with her fancy hand writing so I can frame it in my office. I feel safe to speak for most of our brothers on this forum in saying Thank you for taking the time to write this and sharing it with all of us.
  10. Took a call from a customer last night who stated he was stuck down a long driveway after attempting to make a Door-Dash delivery. As I was taking his info over the phone, My buddy who runs the local AAA towing company called and told me the customer had originally called AAA for service and when he arrived, he found him approximately 300' from the road down a sloped, muddy camp trail. My friend didn't want to get involved with it through AAA knowing they don't pay well enough for him to return to his shop and gear up for that type of pull, so he turned the call down.
  11. Maybe the customers tire pressure monitor never told him he had a flat so he "Justa kept on keepin on".... LMAO..😄
  12. Kudos to the OPP for exposing this. Many L.E. agencies wouldnt do so simply to save face. Kick-backs and favoritisim happens here regularly ( mainly the small town, certain companies have family in law enforcement type ). And even when proof of this is brought to the higher ups, It falls on deaf ears..
  13. Hello and welcome to the forums. As far as up charges and the mighty motor clubs go, If you use it, you can charge for it. In theory. But, If you have signed a contract with them, You will have to read through it with a fine tooth comb to make sure your allowed to do so. Some clubs require you to call them to make adjustments to equipment BEFORE you use it. This can obviously be a time-consuming and aggravating venture if your in the middle of doing a tow. Now, I will admit, I am probably not the best person to really help answer this question Namely because I no longer have any motor cl
  14. Personally, I have always felt that Collins dollies were by far superior to In the ditch set ups.. I have owned and used both and although I have never "tested" them to that degree, The few times that I have had failures were with the In the ditch brand I had. In the ditch seemed to require alot more attention and maintenance throughout their life as well.
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