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  1. The drums will naturally take some wear over time but I personally never seen one so worn out that it was not usable. Now that doesnt mean it cant happen, but just I have never seen one. If memory serves right, I believe there was a end gap between the clutch and drum face. ( it has been awile since i have rebuilt one ). After it is all back together, be sure to check and adjust your handle linkage so there is a bit of slack in it and it is not either putting tension OR pushing in on the clutch pin when engaged. As long as it is "relaxed" while engaged, it will keep the jaw and pin from wearing excessively.
  2. Pictures are a great way to note damage. I dont take pics of every run of the mill tow But I do the 4 corners, front and rear lips and obvious damage on EVERY ppi or Unattended impound. I gotta say, in my 26 years I have only had maybe 6 people really push the issue of what I call "Phantom damage" and the pics shut them down every time. Now on the other hand, Whenever I have made a mistake and caused any type of damage, I own up to it Immeadiatly and work with the customer to get it resolved. Too many people in this industry play the "not my problem" game And I just dont see the point. We are human. mistakes are made sometimes. I consider myself to be an excellent towing and recovery operator But I still have caused damage. Owning up to your mistakes shows the customer your integrity. I know of one customer in particular that I had caused a bit of damage to his vehicle and because of the fact that I went right to him and explained what had happened and rectified the damage, he became a lifelong, regular customer. The point I am getting at is although it is great to set up all this to cover your butt for the phantom damage, Just be equally prepared to deal with any damage you may actually cause
  3. 🤨..... And we all wonder why we cant get treated like professionals...
  4. There are many many factors involved when deciding on a particular rig. The main thing is what kind of weight do you plan on hauling? If your gonna be hauling mainly civilian auction vehicles, then a 23-26,000# truck would suffice. I would say a 19,500 chassis but you did make mention of hauling duallies and such. That will put you overweight on those chassis with most dually pickups. My ideal "auction hauler" would be a aluminum 23' deck, 10,000 winch with a 3,500 wheel lift on a Cummins powered Pete or Kenworth lo-pro chassis. If your looking at older trucks, The ol 5.9 Cummins I feel would be just fine power wise on open highway. I feel It would lack a bit of power for long hill pulls and tight low speed maneuvers but would still get the job done. I would be looking newer though. I am a big fan of the 6.7 Cummins these days.
  5. All I can tell you is this is in Nassau county on Long Island. Not far from the Queens border. And the town the tow company hails from is called New Hyde Park.
  6. More than likley, The clutch jaw,pin and groove are full of crud and gunk. Do you service the winch regularly? If you dont then there is also a pretty good chance the case seal has been leaking and it has run dry on oil. Alot of times they leak so slightly over time that you may not even notice it unless your like me and a stiffler for pressure washing and cleaning everything pretty regularly. If it has run dry for an extended period of time then it is probably best to rebuild the winch. You might get away with just a real good cleaning by running the winch with kerosine in the crank case then draining it and refilling it with the proper grade oil. ( after finding and repairing the leak of course.) But I dont know if I would trust it anymore. If I were you I would rebuild it of replace it.
  7. What a horrible impact. My condolences to the young womans family and friends as well as the operator involved. The images of the aftermath are going to be with him for the rest of his days. I hope that drunk never sees the light of day again.
  8. I couldnt get through more than 3 minutes of the video myself. It was that painful. You bring up a good point about a possible tow owner performing a "strategic downsizing" of his failing business.
  9. For all our lost brother operators.. We will drag those chains from here, R.I.P.
  10. I hope this was just a stolen dumped in the river or something. It appears that the drivers door is open in the first pic. Anyone have any updates on it?
  11. That is very fitting for Jim !! Wishing ol' Buck a speedy recovery.
  12. They work great once you get them set up and balanced right. They are quite time consuming to set up and pretty expensive to purchase so be sure your charges reflect its use. Like Mr. Wagner and Orcas Mentioned, They really shine on those real heavy loads and mountainous terrain.
  13. Your forms look good. Short, sweet and to the point. I see no need to get very elaborate with them. As far as a customer refusing to sign, I Would really wonder why they are refusing. I would play every scenario by ear. A customer claiming they see no damage that you noted is a sure fire way to get yourself in a sling in my opinion. If it seems they are trying to snowball you into a bogus damage claim then I say cut bait n walk away. Politely of course.. Motor clubs just dont pay enough to start bickering with a customer over a ding or scratch. Theres better things to do like good paying jobs at your rates.
  14. Those screw in t- handles were the very first thing to go when I purchased my new Jerr-Dan roll back in 17. Loped them off and welded on a new pair of barrel plungers. Of course this was a simple deal for me being a welder/fabricator. a quick splash of Rustoleum gloss black gave it a factory look.
  15. There was one response above that said " p.d. will come to the lot and threaten to arrest me if I dont release the vehicle free of charge". To that I say, get your cuffs out. I would love to see a judge. What are the charges?? Providing a service and requesting payment for said services?? Since when is that Illegal?? So many people get freaked out when they are told they are going to get arrested. I have seen tons of scenarios over the years where an officer will play the bogus "I will arrest you" trick just to get a person to do what they want. To that I say, Know your rights and have at least a generic knowledge of the law.
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