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  1. I've had a few ins. co's do that as well, and I got paid in full for all of them doing nothing but digging my heels in and waiting them out. One lady was on the phone arguing with me over storage when IAA pulled in with a check a for MORE than my bill already printed lol.
  2. dperone

    Slippery When Wet

    It's a Chevron 10 series from '04. We replaced all the rails a few years back and ever since it's been real wavy.
  3. dperone

    Newest Addition

    Nice, can't wait to see some working pics of it!
  4. We were contacted by the State Police to respond to an overturned vehicle off the roadway. The driver lost control coming over a hill and left the roadway where he slid for approximately a hundred yards before striking a telephone pole. It then overturned and slid another hundred yards before hitting a stand of trees and coming to a rest still on it's side. The recovery was fairly simple, I put it back on it's wheels then winched it back onto the roadway. Even though it had a bent rear wheel and flat tire, I hooked it with my wheel lift to open the road so the electric company could start working on the pole. Once clear of the electric company we loaded it onto the flatbed for the trip to our yard.
  5. We were called one of our customers to pick up a limo that was on it's way out of Atlantic City when it overheated. I towed it back to a shop that deals exclusively with limos, a nice 45 mile ride. As it turns out, one of the passengers was a guy I know who's a state police dispatcher and also tows for a company about 20 miles away from us. I guess it really is a small world. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-T337A using Tapatalk
  6. dperone

    Three Wheel Action Challenger

    Looks the same as I do them, way easier than using a bed, in my opinion Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-T337A using Tapatalk
  7. dperone

    Lexus "On the Rocks".

    Judging by the damage to the door, I'd say this person needs some driving lessons. Good job
  8. dperone

    Our Newest Family Member

    We recently took delivery of our newest truck, a 2019 Hino 338 with a Century LCG 16. So far it's been a great addition to our fleet.
  9. dperone

    AMG Benz...

    It looks nice and all, but I'd much rather have the truck towing it than the car itself. Nice little payday though.
  10. dperone

    Definitely Outside The Box!

    Now that is cool.
  11. I avoid clear warning lights to the rear. They have the tendency to blind oncoming traffic, more so than the other colors anyway.
  12. dperone

    The Fleet

    We washed up the fleet for an updated picture. Missing are one flatbed currently being built at the Miller factory and one flatbed that we are taking off the road when the new one comes in.
  13. We turned 70 years old this year and are planning a customer appreciation/ open house to celebrate. I was wondering if anyone else ever did one and if so what activities did you have; i.e. wrecker demos, touch a truck, food, music, etc. Also, how did you guys handle running calls? Did you take only emergent calls and decline all the rest or have a skeleton crew try to handle everything? Any comments will be appreciated.
  14. One of the state police garages we tow for has had this old Chevy with a Holmes 1200 sitting there rotting away for years. Every time I go in there I ask them when they are going to auction it off, it would be a cool little project and it has less than 5500 miles on it. The other day they called me to tow it out of there. I got all excited because I thought it was time for the auction, but unfortunately they just sent it to another garage to move wrecked troop cars around.
  15. dperone

    Wheel lift & dolly

    I love the car manufacturers for making such pain in the butt cars. I always hated using a flatbed so having so many stuck in park cars that need doillies keeps me in my truck all day