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  1. You going to be there tomorrow? I saw an esc sweat shirt from a ways off but by time I made it over I lost you lol.
  2. I wish I could be there but unfortunately I'll be back at work. I am attending the TIM class again to refresh but your class sounds like it's more information to the tower.
  3. I put mine on the outside tires and only when we're getting over 10 inches. Anything less and they're more a hassle than a help. When I put mine on I put them on inside the shop where it's warm and dry.
  4. We were with Winant Bowmack for years, they're great people to deal with. The only reason we switched away from them is AAA partnered with another ins co that gave us a quote that blew everyone else's prices out of the water. I'm not sure how they are for new start up, but we never had any problems with them.
  5. This bar is awesome, it's brighter than the other bars we have and the charge time is incredible. We're definitely switching to these as we replace older lights.
  6. "What's an axle rating anyway, more like axle suggestion. If it fits it ships am I right nudge nudge wink wink" Going off what my dually weighs his empty rear axle weight would need to be around 5,000lbs for him to be legal. I'm not sure how carriers balance out, but my wrecker is a little under twice that empty. The little trucks have their place in many fleets, but hauling around dead duallys is not what they are made for.
  7. Where's the finished product?
  8. We still dispatch mostly by voice unless the driver's are at the shop when the call comes in. Usually if they're out we shoot them a text to say call when you're clear, meaning either when you're at the drop location of your current call or when you stop somewhere. When they call in we give them the basics of the next run then follow up with a text with all the details. It's worked for us for many years and I don't see us changing to all digital unless we add more drivers.
  9. Thanks, those 4 part lines use up 150' of line pretty quick but you can't beat how it pulls.
  10. We received a call from a traffic control company to winch one of their crash trucks out of the sand on a rural road about 20 miles away from our shop. I happened to be on another call about half way between our shop and the location so I was dispatched along with our heavy to give him a hand with traffic and pulling cable. I arrived to find a truck about 50' from the road way buried on to the axles front and back. Being as impatient as I am, I started rigging my little winching monster to pull the truck to the roadway. I ran a 4 part line to the truck and started pulling. Once the chocks got a good bite the truck came right out of the hole it dug. I winched it all the way to the road then repositioned to get it to jump the 6 inch lip back onto solid ground.
  11. I have no problem doing minor things road side. I take it as a case by case basis, but most times I can have a spare on a car faster than loading it on a bed, even with taking the time to check the inflation. I'm all for using the method that gets me off the road the QUICKEST, even if it's not towing it off the road.
  12. I was going back and forth recently on replacing the line on our 16 series bed with synthetic. In the end I kept the steel on it. The primary driver is as old school as it comes and I'm not confident that he'll always look after the rope and not let it touch anything abrasive. If I was the only driver of the truck I'd replace the steel with synthetic in a heart beat, but I know how well I take care of stuff vs. others.
  13. Tell me about it. I only use a bed when I'm bored and the cars run lol.
  14. I agree with you on motor clubs, we've been with AAA for 70 years so far and a preferred provider since they unveiled the psp program. Agero, on the other hand, has a history of bring difficult to deal with and Jill said she spends a ton of time chasing payment. If we start new companies with the impression that running for a loss is not worth it and clubs that are hard to deal with pay accordingly the industry as a whole will benefit. We as an industry need to move away from the idea that working 21 hours a day at a loss is good and make sure every call we get is profitable. At the end of the day we as a whole have the power to ensure this, as we're the ones with the trucks not the clubs.
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