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  1. Repo or not, I likely would have done the same, grabbed it and pulled it into a lot to secure. From the position the car was in you would have had to block a lane no matter what truck you used or direction you loaded. His method limited the impact to traffic as much as possible and got him out of "harms way",in one sense or another, quicker. For the sake of argument, let's imagine showing up to tow that as a disabled car with a flat bed. You'd have to park in the live lane and manuver the vehicle up the bed, then secure at least 2 points to get off the road and apply the other 2. Add the time to lower the bed, attach the winch, winch the car up, secure and stow the bed, and your in that live lane at least 5 minutes if not more. Add a lot more time if it's an impound or repo to deal with the no key, in park without being able to steer. Now show up to the same call with his truck, disabled, repo, or regular run of the mill breakdown. Lower the wheel lift, back up to the car, pick it up and get out of traffic. You end up using both lanes, but instead of the 5 to 10 minute impact, your in and out in less time than it takes to put a bed on the ground. Even if there's not a parking lot to pull into like in the video, you could always pull it into the shoulder to secure the car and be on your way. This gets you out of traffic and lets everything flow with minimal interruption. With today's push to get in and out of the road side assistance quickly as possible, I feel he did just fine. Yes he skipped a few steps, but only for the time it took to get himself out of harms way. Were an officer to call him on it, I would like to think common sense would prevail and the officer realize that taking the time to strap the car down could be accomplished mere feet from the the pick up happened, rather than while the truck is blocking a live lane or lanes.
  2. If it's a newer car and the hook is easily accessible I'll use it. If not I go to the control arms with soft straps. We had one of the universal to eyes, used it on a dumped impound and bent it the first use. Called Steck, they sent a replacement and we bent that one the first use too. It seemed to us that it wasn't strong enough to withstand the slight side pull that comes with offset holes. They are now paper weights.
  3. We have a 3rd shift, kind of. We have a "part time" guy who comes in 5 nights a week from 4 to 10pm to take the load off for a few hours. However, after 10pm or if we get loaded up with calls during that 6 hour period then my dad, my uncle, or I go out, depending on who's answering the phone that night.
  4. She's sure going to be a beauty! Can't wait to see the finished product
  5. Looks good to me. Those trucks aren't heavy at all empty, and even loaded I can usually drag them out with my Renegade.
  6. What a shame, Da Moose shall be missed but will most certainly live on in those of us lucky enough to have known him
  7. Assuming it doesn't get cancelled I will be in Baltimore in November
  8. You beat me too it. The bed can handle that tow all day long. The chassis, however, is dependent on the person who spec'd it. If they spec'd the chassis to match the bed, it'll be fine as well.
  9. Yea we got them a number of years ago, but I'm sure they weren't cheap even then. These are fiberglass with a metal base, they're light but strong
  10. I was scheduled to work a shift at the fire house today, so I figured I'd bring a car with me so we could get some training in. We worked with a new member on stabilization basics for a little bit. Once we took care of the basics we moved to more advanced scenarios. I raised the front of the car to simulate a car going up a guy wire so we could stabilize it with our struts. After that I put it on its side and we went through some different scenarios based on calls we've had in the past. When we got tired of looking at the car we cut it apart. It was a long day of training both on the fire side and towing.
  11. You can't pay for the kind of training he gets. I did the same thing growing up and became an 18 year old operator with 18 years of experience on my first day solo. Add to that the bonding time most kids don't get with parents who work as hard and long as us.
  12. We were called by the NJSP Buena barracks for a single vehicle accident. Upon arrival my dad found a car well off the road on it's side pinned in a tree. He immediately called me for a wrecker, as he was in a flatbed. It was pretty clear that the only thing holding the car from going all the way over was the tree that was a good foot and a half into the engine compartment, meaning that as we winched it away from the tree out was going to roll onto it's roof instead of wheels. We decided to utilize a perfectly placed Holmes tree off to the left to keep it on its side as we pulled it back with a low line. We also decided to use the control line to roll it once clear of the tree. This presented a problem as there were a couple trees behind the clearing we rolled the car into. Another perfectly placed Holmes tree on the opposite side helped us swing the rear of the car around to pull it the rest of the way out of the woods without taking any trees with us. Once out of the woods we loaded it onto the flatbed and brought it to our yard.
  13. We're fortunate I guess that we lost 2 drivers right before this hit. We were a skeleton crew in the hiring process right as this hit, so our payroll is already down to a somewhat manageable level. Our call volume is certainly down, but this is historically a slow time of year for us anyway. I for one don't see this going on into the summer. I don't think people are going to willingly stay inside for too much longer without going nuts. I've already seen an increase in traffic on the roads this week from the ghost town we were last week.
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