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  1. IMO, this is the best reason to take the extra minute or so to put cones or flares out. As I say time after time, the drivers cannot move over or slow down for you if they do not have adequate warning that you are there. I've seen it myself, a tower on the side of the road at night with no vest, no cones, no flares, and the lightbar either blocked by the disabled car or facing the ground. You cannot see them until you're right on top of them, giving you zero time to react. Again, if you want them to move they have to see you in enough time to react. Cones and flares are not going
  2. Our local state police barracks is pretty good about getting us a junk title within a few months if the owner never shows up with the title. The problem is they only keep logs of impounds, not wrecks. If we junk a car without a title it's pretty well tore up and the owner emptied it out and told us to just keep the pos.
  3. We also try to charge at least the tow plus get the title. If it was an involved recovery we might add labor in too, to try to cover at least a little of our costs. We also cannot legally hold possessions, but we "bluff" them a little to at least give us the title before they get any stuff. We've been hit or miss as of late, but junk has been way up and our scrap guys don't hound us abut the titles.
  4. The only thing you can count on with the postal service is that they get stuck in the snow. It seems that every snow storm we pull a bunch out of the snow, then a week or so after we replace at least 2 transmissions. One time my mail carrier got stuck at the mailbox before mine on my day off and I happened to be outside. I told her hold on, I'll get my keys and winch you out. By time I walked back out and started the tow truck, she had rocked herself out, going from drive to reverse without lifting her foot off the gas. Three days later I towed it in because it had no forward gears, and we put
  5. I would but he babysat the night before so me and the wife could go out. I'd say we're about even lol
  6. Long story short my dad needed to get to the top of his RV's car port. Instead of using a ladder he decided to back a flatbed in there, after it rained all day. 🤦🏼‍♂️ He made it in fine but starting spinning on his way out. Fearing for the safety of his sprinkler lines, he wisely decided call me to winch him out.
  7. You sir need a Youtube channel. Excellent work as usual!
  8. I keep one in my truck and I usually have a spare one that I grab when I take a flatbed. I should wear it more often but I tend to forget it in the cab and start doing the job. You'd think I'd be better at wearing it considering my fire department background, but I just don't think about it until it's too late, usually right after I crack my head. I think that'll be my resolution for the new year actually.
  9. This turned out great, which comes as no surprise from Team Ed's. You guys really knock every build out of the park.
  10. I'm definitely having withdrawals from Baltimore, this is the first year I haven't gone to the show since the early 2000's and probably one of only a handful of years since I've been born. Too make matters worse of course I get a call today to tow a car to Delaware. Ended up doing a little over half the trip to Baltimore only to turn around instead of going to a tow show. Almost cried on the way home lol. As far as next year we'll definitely be in Baltimore. Florida is an unknown right now, we're actually heading to Disney the week after Thanksgiving. It might be a little much to g
  11. Funny how they always remember to take the keys when they run. At least it should have full coverage, hopefully the driver wasn't excluded from the policy like the brand new Buick we picked up the other day that was tore up just as bad.
  12. Thank you sir. Too add one more statement, cones and flares are great but you should also take the TIM class to go along with it. You can have all the cones in the world but if you don't know where to place them they aren't doing you any good.
  13. I'd be shocked if it took more than a minute each way to put the cones out and collect them after. I keep a stack of 4 on each side of the truck so no matter which way I'm facing I have them close at hand, plus I have enough to define a fairly long work area.
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