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  1. Picked this mint Land Rover Defender 110 up after it burned up the clutch. The customer was saying it was one out of a 500 built with whatever package it had, and was worth around 200k. We stored it overnight and I brought it to the dealer in PA the next morning. Nice easy ride even with Memorial Day traffic. dat1 said: Some people really love those Defenders. Looks like something that should be cruising in the desert chasing wild animals. Battleground Tire & Wrecker Burlington NC Kirks Sineath Towing Greensboro NC www.battlegroundwrecker.com
  2. Picked up this Maserati for a customer and towed it to a tire shop to replace his blown tire. EdsTowing said: Nice. I love those cars.... dperone said: Yup, me too. If I ever had stupid money to spend on a car, it'd be this exact one, minus the flat.
  3. About 3 months ago we towed this '56 Buick after the brakes locked up in the middle of the roadway. We dropped it off at his house so he could work on it. Apparently the repair didn't go so well, as I picked it up yesterday about a half mile from his house. This time, he had absolutely no brakes. I took it to our shop this time for repairs. It was less than a mile from us and not in a good spot to grab the rear, so I grabbed the front and went. Knowing how cars were towed back when this car was new, and how much of a pain in the a$$ pan dollies were, I felt confident that Ole Ernie Holmes would have towed it the same way. EdsTowing Said: You can't tow those cars...they have to be put on a flatbed..... TowZone said: You couldn't possibly know how may times I have been told that... As I tow it the same way. It's just a car, a really nice car. But it tows with the same extreme care as any other car. Damage Free Towing with the motto when the wheel lift was introduced. Who Started that "Damage Free Towing" was it Vulcan Wrecker? someotherplace said: I would hope old Ernie Holmes knew the value of a nice soft length of rope, too! I carry one about 6' long bunched up in the driver's door pocket; it's thick but soft, won't scratch anything. Looped through itself double around the wheel and shut tight in the door frame, then knotted out there for safety. Works great on everything except for the thinnest of late model sheetmetal. Beautiful old Buford! Years ago we had a '57 out front for sale that was that weird cream/salmon-ish twotone. Ran and drove like a champ and looked great too. Loved the gas pedal starter button; that always surprised people that weren't expecting it. It shared front line space with a '49 Olds, '77 T/A, and a bright red '71 Impala convertible which I ended up buying for myself. EDIT - even found a pic! This was our used car lot, wrecker service, and storage lot around 2003-2004. dperone said: That's funny you mention the starter button, I had one of our guys bring it around after we fixed it. About 10 minutes later he came in and said it needed a starter as it wouldn't crank even with a jump. Luckily we have a few old timers left to teach us kids old tricks like buttons on the floor to start a car... BTW that's a nice collection you had
  4. Picked up this Impala yesterday for a shop near Atlantic City for some carb work because it kept stalling. Not exactly the day I would have picked with all of the rain and wind, but it went right inside after I dropped. someotherplace said: Oh! Shame on you! That's a 1967. Regardless looks like a really cool ride. Seems like it has the wrong wheel covers? Maybe 1965's? Hard to tell from the pic but it appears they're going for original styling. Richard deperone said: This is as close as I could zoom in on the wheel. They were a pain in the ass to strap around, but I always hated the angle they put the T- slots on these cars. someotherplace said: Yep! Those would come on a '65 Impala SS and I think another model...maybe the Malibu SS of the same year? I'm no expert on them but a lot of that particular wheel cover was made so I guess more than a few ended up on other cars. My first car was a '65 Impala SS. '66 body is very similar to it other than header panel/headlight area, and taillight area. '67 was a bigger styling change to the one in your pic. Richard This Topic was originally created on Tow411 in November of 2015
  5. Nice, always good when people can learn off other's screw ups.
  6. That definitely looks like it. This truck has been a little monster, I've never seen it fail to pick up anything in all the years we've had it.
  7. I think the biggest problem there was the flood lights blinding oncoming traffic. I rarely use my work lights on the roadside, instead I prefer to use a flashlight. I also removed the work lights from my light bar, they were to high up to do me any good and blinded the hell out of oncoming traffic. I still have 4 pairs of lights plus a 27" flood light bar so I can light up the area behind me like daylight, but it gets obnoxious to oncoming traffic, even with everything tilted downwards as much as possible. By keeping them off while roadside you make your emergency lighting more effective by not getting washed out, plus you don't blind the people coming at you.
  8. dperone

    Hino 338 LCG 16

  9. I'm pretty sure it came from up your way, but I don't know what the equipment is. It's our drivers baby though, he loves this truck more than his kids lol.
  10. We received a call for this heavy duty rollover. We immediately dispatched myself in my wrecker as the recovery supervisor, a heavy and a medium duty truck. Upon arrival I found this crash truck on it's side with a large debris field. There were 2 passenger vehicles involved, however another towing company was dispatched to handle then. I immediately cancelled our medium duty and told him to bring a pick up with brooms, shovels, and barrels for the debris. Once my heavy arrived we were given the go ahead to start the recovery. I used my truck to remove the mail box so we didn't crush it then proceeded to upright the truck. As it didn't roll all the way onto it's side the recovery was very simple. Once on it's wheels we hooked up to the front end and started cleaning the debris and fluids. It slid across all 4 lanes of the highway, leaving a trail of glass, fluids, and assorted truck parts in it's wake. Between my blower and a couple brooms we had the mess contained quickly and were on our way back to the shop.
  11. The past 2 Saturday's have started out with early morning calls to remove new unwanted lawn decorations. The first one was a young girl who ran a stop sign, jumped the curb and travelled through about 60 feet of yard before totalling 2 innocent vehicles in the driveway and damaging a third. It hit with such force that her car was stuck in the first grand Marquis and the second Marquis was moved far enough that it almost hit the house. Not bad for a much lighter car than the 2 she hit. Not wanting to do anymore damage to the poor guys nice lawn and not having any room to work, I set up on the main street and winched it all the way back to the road. This let the other company called have the entire driveway to work on getting the grand Marquis out. Almost a week later to the minute I got a call for an impound. I arrived at the location looking for a Chevy pick up, but only found a Saturn that had the driver's side almost completely removed. The trooper pointed to the house 3 doors down and there sat another lawn ornament. After it stuck the car, the pick up travelled through 2 chain link fences and a stand of shrubs before hitting a tree that luckily stopped the truck just short of making an unannounced appearance into the house. The yard was completely walled in by shrubs and the passenger front wheel was only being held on by half a tie rod. Only having a narrow driveway to set up in, I had to accomplish the recovery in a few different steps. I brought the truck out towards the opening in the shrubs as far as I could until I ran out of room. Once it was lined up and out of room, I moved into the street to winch it the last few feet before I had to to spin it into the driveway. I was planning on towing it once I got it to the street, but once I got the rear of the truck clear it became obvious that I was not going to have the time I needed to swing the front around to tow it on my own. I called my dad to bring me a bed while I brought the rear end around to line it up with the driveway. Once he arrived we loaded it up and I cleared the rest of the debris out of the driveway.
  12. I kept getting water in my trailer plug on the truck from leaving the transmitter plugged in. Towmate sent me a hard wired transmitter that I connected under the truck tucked up away from the road spray. Works great with no issues with the antenna reaching through the body
  13. Man no wonder we've been slow all weekend, everyone is wrecking up your way before they even come to the shore Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-T337A using Tapatalk
  14. You guys couldn't have asked for a better spot for that truck to burn up, your response time was seconds lol.
  15. Originally Posted on Tow411 in July of 2016: Had a couple nice sunsets this week, perfect for some beauty shots.
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