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  1. We were called by Uhaul roadside for an Amazon van stuck on a dirt road. Apparently the driver made a wrong turn and when he realized his mistake he tried to turn around, which is when his day went to hell. He found a soft spot in the middle and sunk like a stone, right down to the frame. He was perfectly centered on the "road" so I couldn't get to either the front or back of him. Luckily there was a Holmes tree right where I needed it. I ran a line to the tree and back to the rear of the van, and a quick little tug got him going.
  2. We were called once again by the state police today to respond to a single vehicle accident with the vehicle reported to be on it's side in the woods. I arrived to find a Subaru on it's side up against a couple trees. Because the rear of the car would have hit the trees before it came to it's wheels, I slid the car forward on it's side a few feet to clear them. Once clear I rolled it back on it's wheels and pulled it out of the woods back to the road. We loaded it on a bed for the tow back to the yard and cleared the debris from the wood line, and the wood line from the car as it took quite a few vines and branches with it to the road
  3. We were dispatched by the state police to respond to a single vehicle accident. Knowing the area, I was pretty sure it was going to be in the woods. I arrived to find a Mitsubishi that left the roadway, struck a tree sideways and spun back around pinning a tree between the front bumper and fender. The fire department cut the 2 trees of as low as they could then I pulled it straight back to clear the stumps. Once clear of the stumps and tree I repositioned my truck and pulled it sideways back to the road so I could tow it away. Once loaded I moved up the road a few hundred yards to a pull out so I could strap it down for the 30 mile ride home.
  4. The number one thing I did to get more traffic to move over for me is to implement cones, flares, and vehicle blocking. I personally feel that the public is so accustom to seeing flashing yellow lights that they don't recognize the meaning behind them anymore. Putting cones and flares out to go along with the lights makes people realize that it's not a truck driving down the road but rather a truck on the side of the road with an operator outside of the truck. That's my opinion anyway.
  5. Looks like he'll be a repeat customer, probably everytime he hooks up to it
  6. Only you could turn a Holmes tree into a Holmes spreader bar. Awesome work sir!
  7. I was called to a car vs pole a few towns over by the state police. En route they called and changed it from an accident to an impound with a DUI hold. Considering it was 3am I didn't need to the second phone call to tell me they were drunk, I was already assuming it. Upon arrival I found a brand new Eclipse SUV off the roadway in a row of bushes. There was a telephone pole right in the way of me just spinning one end around to the road, plus one of the fire fighters out there helping me owned the house and the very beautiful lawn. Trying to save the grass and the pole, I opted to pull it a few feet away from the bushes and reposition to bring it straight out to the road. Once on the road I hooked it up for the tow home and cleaned up the mess.
  8. Last Saturday we picked up a 2 car crash from an intersection, with one of them being a Chevy Equinox. Fast forward to this Saturday and the state police call for a 3 car crash at the same intersection. I arrived to find another Equinox in the same exact spot as the one from last week. Talk about deja vu. The only difference was this one managed to knock down the big road sign that the other missed, and landed on top of it to boot. Along with that there was a soul balanced on top of a telephone pole up against another pole and a Sonata in a shallow soft ditch. As I beat my 2 beds by quite a few minutes, I started moving everything onto the roadway so all they had to do was load and go. I started with the soul, which was a quick pull sideways to get it off the pole. I then brought the Sonata onto the roadway where I loaded it. The picture is a little deceiving, where the car landed was at the base of a hill that goes up to the tracks and it was pretty soft from the rain we've had this week. By then my beds were on scene and one started loading the soul while the other loaded the Equinox that was trying to have relations with a street sign. Once we were all loaded and I blew the debris off the road we opened it back up and were on our way. This is a fairly well known back road to go to the shore so the troopers were very happy when we cleared the scene.
  9. We were called to this 2 car accident on one of our lovely 100 degree days. Upon arrival I found a Chevy Equinox in the roadway and a Chevy Cruze in the woods up against a tree, both with front end damage. My second truck was a little ways behind me so I moved the Equinox to the shoulder if the road then got started winching the Cruze back to the road. Once I got it past the low branches and wires I turned it over to my second truck and went back for the Equinox. Altogether we were on scene for about 15 minutes.
  10. I thought I posted this before but I can't find it so... The first Saturday in April was my oldest daughter first holy Communion, so I was switching the phones to one of our drivers at 9am. Of course at 8am the state police called for a 2 car crash with one being in the woods overturned. I called my dad to meet me out there and started the 20 mile trip to the scene. When I arrived I found this Corolla in the woods and the mini van partially off the road on the opposite side. I first uprighted the car and brought it back into the driveway where my dad loaded it onto the flatbed. I then winched the front of the van back onto the road so I could load it up for the tow back. A little bit of clean up and we were back just in time for the big day.
  11. Love this new incentive to keep people posting in the forums
  12. I was on an unregistered uninsured impound when the trooper told me to be quick dropping it, they just put out a car in the woods. I dumped this and headed out to the accident, where I found a car in the woods stuck on the guide wire for a telephone pole. The fire department was nice enough to cut the pin holding the wire as well as some trees that were in my way. Once I had a clear path it was a fairly straight forward recovery. I set the parking brake to get it to spin away from the wire then I winched it straight back to the roadway where I picked it up and towed it in.
  13. We're never too far from an American flag, in fact the first picture here is our t shirt design but I had them add a bigger flag. We participate in both the Memorial Day and 4th of July parades each year with our flags flying high and proud. *Edited to add this year's 4th of July parade photo
  14. Picked this mint Land Rover Defender 110 up after it burned up the clutch. The customer was saying it was one out of a 500 built with whatever package it had, and was worth around 200k. We stored it overnight and I brought it to the dealer in PA the next morning. Nice easy ride even with Memorial Day traffic. dat1 said: Some people really love those Defenders. Looks like something that should be cruising in the desert chasing wild animals. Battleground Tire & Wrecker Burlington NC Kirks Sineath Towing Greensboro NC www.battlegroundwrecker.com
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