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  1. Jeez, you ain't kidding about a hard hit
  2. That's one thing I wish my Renegade had, a real sling. I can use the wheel lift as a truck bar, but it doesn't help me much with overhang, the head is still back there a ways.
  3. This car is owned by a friend of my dad. In the 10 years or so he's owned it, it has more miles on one of our trucks then it does being driven. He has a guy down in Delaware that specializes in restoring these cars and a couple times a year he drags it down there to get something "restored", even though it was mint when he bought it. Today's reason was too paint the door jambs, because he told them not to do it last year when they painted the car and now regrets it. It was a fun 50 miles with his tape job coming apart in the wind and the rear hatch unlatched because he removed the catch, but w
  4. Awesome job from start to finish, with both the car and the customer. It's amazing how everything needs a flatbed, until the flatbed isn't the easiest tool anymore. I also bust out the pictures of other cars that "need to be on a flatbed" getting dollied around.
  5. Yup, did that once and now I leave the keys with the vehicle or right on my center console where I can't miss them
  6. Me and my little wrecker do the same thing. My first job when I get there, usually first, is to clear the road to the point that we can send the troopers home. It doesn't always work, but if I can open even one lane it makes the job a little less stressful.
  7. I've been pretty bad about leaving my phone in the truck lately, so my supply of pictures is dwindling. This one was a pretty cool story though. I got a call about 5 minutes before my week was finished to tow a SUV about 50 miles away to a dealer down at the shore. My wife and daughters happened to be at our friends house right over the bridge, about 5 miles, from where I was dropping, so I wasn't that upset. I arrived at the breakdown spot, right in the middle of a fairy busy intersection., to find out was one of our local U.S. Congressmen. Needless to say he got a first hand lesson on the im
  8. I mean really, who feels like carrying that heavy bed all the way down the stairs to put it in the truck. Might as well just back the truck up to the bedroom window and save yourself a couple steps.
  9. Another legend in the industry gone too soon. Rest in peace sir
  10. I've said it before and I'll keep saying it, this industry will not see any respect from the general public or government agencies until we weed these idiots out. How any sane individual thinks this is a safe professional way to transport a vehicle is beyond me. Even if it was loaded correctly and rolled off while driving down the road, the fact that it moved at all tells you your securement process is severely inadequate. Take a class and get certified, it could save your life or the person's who's behind you.
  11. Around me the truck unit troopers don't bother us when we're there picking up an out of service truck. It could be because we tow their troop cars but I'm not complaining lol.
  12. Congrats sir, I always enjoy reading what you write
  13. I dunno, I see plenty of one truck operations running around doing crazy shit around here and beating the hell out of the trucks that they purchased with blood sweat and tears in the process.
  14. Gotta love a nice easy one once in a while.
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