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  1. Bring the family to Hampton Beach State Park this weekend May 18 &1 9, 2019. The weather is going to be great. Come see new trucks, accessories, roadeo, beauty contest, tow truck parade, demos, raffles. Visit with old friends and make new ones. Visit with NH Highway enforcement officers for information without a ticket. Scales will be available if you want to weigh your truck for free.
  2. Maybe we have it pressurized trying to find a air leak/noise ?? Don't know where the brick comes into play.
  3. Oily mess won't rust right away. Great you are keeping busy.
  4. Got to scoop up a lot of air to keep all those ponies cool. Good thing you carry a lot of lumber with you.
  5. Here! Been towing for 43 years. Trained by Ross Kinman, Tom Luciano, WreckMaster, Dave Lambert, Joe Sroga (sp), and other local folks. Let my WreckMaster 4-5 expire a few years ago. Certifications don't mean anything to customers around here, they just want PRICE.
  6. The NHTA will again hold it's Tow & Trade Show at Hampton Beach State Park, Hampton, NH on May 18 & 19, 2019. Trucks, Accessories, Demos, Raffles, at the beach.
  7. At least he had shackles on the front for you to hook to if you dared
  8. I have not been visiting the new site much because in the beginning I found it much more difficult to navigate so did not return. I have been poking around just now and think I have it figured out. I'll try to return more often. Zip 03431
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