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  1. I would do similar to Grumps, a minimum fee for a M/D vehicle plus $ per foot over 20 feet
  2. One truck with trailer. The 3 cars are just along for the ride.
  3. Are those trying to use the discount putting two numbers "0" instead of one number "0" and one letter "O" ?
  4. Just saw that I had won something on 05-26-2020. Probably too late to claim. Large if a tee and not too late. Thanks for being there. Hope everyone is staying safe.
  5. I don't remember seeing an invitation but please add surrytower to the den
  6. I can't do that fancy stuff but the thought is there HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all out there and your loved ones. Be careful out there. JB
  7. http://www.elmcityauto.com Tried earlier but couldn't. Here, Try again
  8. I agree, size of the job/load determines the price/rate not the size of the tow truck. Always enjoy your recoverys.
  9. Bring the family to Hampton Beach State Park this weekend May 18 &1 9, 2019. The weather is going to be great. Come see new trucks, accessories, roadeo, beauty contest, tow truck parade, demos, raffles. Visit with old friends and make new ones. Visit with NH Highway enforcement officers for information without a ticket. Scales will be available if you want to weigh your truck for free.
  10. Maybe we have it pressurized trying to find a air leak/noise ?? Don't know where the brick comes into play.
  11. Oily mess won't rust right away. Great you are keeping busy.
  12. Got to scoop up a lot of air to keep all those ponies cool. Good thing you carry a lot of lumber with you.
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