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2020 TOP TEN Motor Club Ranking "CLOSED"


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Create a list of motor clubs and give each club a ranking of 1 thru 10.

Please only rank clubs you have done business with in the past 18 months.

List Top 10 Clubs

You can comment to 50 words or less following the list. Those that exceed the limit or bash the clubs will find their reply has been removed. This list is not to attack any motor club, it is to showcase the top club. We believe Motor Clubs should strive to be at the top of the list. No funny business here this is serious, if you are doing Motor Club work then you should desire to see at least one Motor Club strive to be at the Top of the TowForce Motor Club List. Now, This began with Tow411 more than a decade ago. So, lets make this the most popular Motor Club Ranking we have ever conducted and if you prefer, inbox me your list. An email address will be added within a couple of weeks, however message board membership is still required.

This survey will end on or about January 1, 2021 (original topic may change at anytime).


For those who prefer to remain anonymous  an email address will be set up in a couple of weeks. However message board membership is still required.


Note; there were nearly 200 submissions last year. Our 2020 Goal is 300 responses, should

the goal not be met the polling may be extended up to but not exceeding 30 days.


ADDED NOTE 12.09.20: You do not have to fill in all the numbers. If have done business with only one club or three clubs you can assign them any number from 1 to 10. However, each club must have it's own number as in not all clubs can be number 1 or number 10. If you have a club you consider to be the worst club then you can just note that you consider them to be the worst. We are then able to factor that into the numbers which are applied to our system of calculating the rankings. Don't ask who is number one at this point because while we may see a trend, we do not know until all the numbers have been calculated. It is not as cut and dry as you think and no we do not disclose the factors and methods which goes into the algorithm. If we did someone else would likely use it without our permission. Keep the rankings coming in as we are looking for a magic number of 300 responses. Thanks


You Can Now Submit Your List by Email: 2020RANK@TOW411.NET

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Looks like I am sending 4 T-Shirts out this week. Each of you that have responded to this topic will receive a T-Shirt in the mail within the next week. Inbox me your size and mailing address.


Thanks for being among the first to participate. Each week we will choose at least one responder to receive a T-Shirt.

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This has been my first full year of not having any motor club contracts and have only been dealing with 2 of them on a cash customer basis.

They are:

1= Quest

2= NSD

Both are C.C. up front, full regular rates. Both have been fairly easy to deal with and pay right away, Quest goes first for sending a bit more volume my way than NSD.



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I just got good equipment this year and signed up with Allstate Agero AAA and honk. I submitted my info to all and the only one that finished the process was Honk. That being said in 4 months I got one Honk call and that was when I had 2 already loaded up. 


I don't understand these clubs. Customers in my area say they don't call because the wait times are 2 hours minimum. When I applied to be a provider they said they have enough coverage in the area. Seems like if a guy has to wait 4 hours on the side of the interstate on a Sunday for a tow truck they don't have enough coverage. I didn't agree to work 24/7 and I don't think they like that. I run a shop during the day so I can only work nights and weekends. The busiest and better paying times. But that also means I'm not available to do the low priced daytime  calls. 

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I had to have an operation that took me out of the game last year for about six months.  My hubby and one other guy tried to cover everything but i was the one for lock outs, jumps, and any long distance hauling for vehicles under a one-ton.   so they tried to cover 24-7 with just the two of them  - and i was proud of them until AAA cut us out of our most lucrative territory telling me that we were 5 miles farther out than the company they went with (we've been AAA for 48 years).  HOWEVER, they gave me a territory that was 30 miles away instead.  I really believe that they do not know what they are doing.  None of them can operate a Google map, just follow the computer-generated list.  We've had calls to go 75 miles to change a flat tire.  OR they don't know geography and think Montana is MO and Missouri is MI. Smart to keep some time for your shop too.  Stay choosey, you'll sleep better. 

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We only have contracts with three motor clubs and only receive a handful of jobs per year from the rest. I can rank that three that I know.


1. Geico

2. AAA (MountainWest Group which is now part of Northern California, Nevada, Utah (NCNU)) --I loved AAA when it was MountainWest AAA (Alaska, Wyoming, Montana). Now it has some problems.

3). Agero/Swoop (I don't understand what is going on here, especially with calls coming through from Swoop without Agero PO#s.)

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Agero has been around for at least the 20 years we have worked with them but they have contracted with State Farm among other insurance companies.  We have had S.F. 'dispatchers' call us to do jobs and given us Agero's P. O. #s and when we try to get paid - it is a zoo!  I think a part of Agero saw the lawsuits on the wall and started Swoop, using the same vendors and paying straight across with credit cards.  So plan to pad the bill because going back for money can be tough.  As for Agero, if you accept a call you go to the top of the list but if you refuse, then you fall farther down the call-out list.  AAA of Missouri got bought by CA to even their books up.  Now we get dispatchers from TX and CA giving us calls - and since geography is no longer taught in school and English is no longer a prerequisite - it is getting tougher to deal with them.  Geico is straight up credit card - like Swoop.  So we just pad the bill.  It's harder and harder - honestly, we keep our billing below average of some of our competitors so we can sleep at night that the customer is not being taken advantage of by us.  Good luck and Happy Holidays!

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1.  NSD

2.  Geico

3.  Allstate

4.  Agero

5.  Swoop

6.  Urgent.ly

7.  Quest

8.  Allied Dispatch Solutions

9.  NAC

10. Honk


This list takes into account rates offered and support from reps.  It does not take into account Volume.  We value all clubs and couldn't be more thankful for the opportunities giving to us.

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I used to say NSD was # 1 for me but they are kinda dead  now they lost most of there contracts.


Urgently would have been my new #1 but last months or so they started there Bull Shit rates and cut things about 40% so I sit home. We have a contract but now they say they have the right to change is if and when they wish.  If I would have asked for extra on a job they said it is not  my contracted rate 

Agero and Swoop are the same but right now Swoop has been doing me OK

Allstate is almost as dead as NSD.  And Quest owes me for almost a year. Don't  answer the phone , don't call back  CC only


1. Allied



4. Urgently

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George Geissinger

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