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  1. Who is guy, and what does he do. To the best of my knowledge I have never met him, and not sure I want to.
  2. Grump, take care of yourself Pardner. My deceased was an invalid the last 10 years of our life before she passed away in 2010, so am well aware of your situation. Take care of that lady first and foremost Pardner. We are praying for Y'all ! 🙏🙏
  3. We are safe as well, but the virus has caused us to be a "No Riders" company. LD seems to be up some, but I think the lower fuel price, and kids being out of school makes people get on the road headed for Grandma's house.
  4. I have been towing for many years now, but it baffles my mind to know how it is possible with a roll back to load, secure,tie down, and load the customer in 3-5 minutes? Maybe I'm to OLD & SLOW at 82. 😂
  5. I also go out in a 4x4 vehicle and look at the job beforehand . If the customer does not like the price (and they usually don't) they are free to call one of the "cheapo" companies who haven't washed their trucks since day one anyway. I truly believe - You Get What You Pay For !! 🥰
  6. Good decision, we can not be careful enough. At 82, I am not taking any tow calls. We need the money but not that bad.... Stay Safe & Remain Healthy.. Rick
  7. You know that had to be some "wild cowboy driver" cause no owner that has to pay for his trucks with sweat & blood would do that !! 🤠
  8. Our prayers for the driver, the company, and his loved ones...
  9. I guess he thought the tow bar would puncture the radiator. Try and claim that one through your insurance company. 🥵
  10. I support this site, but still do not see any bars.....Why??
  11. Great video, however SnapOn makes a tool just for that purpose.
  12. Back in the day (60-70s) used many Holmes trees in the Prescott, AZ area, to lift tractor/trailer rigs that had gone over the side of US-89 (called the white spars area). They were all US Forest Service trees, so never thought of calling anyone in those days. Can tell ya one thing though, when winter rolled around we didn't have to go hunting for firewood, we just cut up the stack of trees in the yard !! 😂
  13. This is getting ridiculous! I sure am glad we are legal to carry my 357 on me. You shoot at me you gonna get return fire immediately !! 🤠
  14. I have a 2000 International 4700 with DT466E. I didn't use it for about five years. U needed to use it again, so I replaced new batteries, drained fuel tank refilled pluss new fuel filters with new fuel, changed the oil and filters, greased it fully all around. My problem is it takes almost a full can if starting fluid to start it and keep it running. After about 10 minutes it will idle on its own. Anyone got ideas? Bear in mind I am NOT a mechanic, but can do some shade tree stuff.
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