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  1. We at Rick's Towing send our prayers and condolences to his family, and his co-workers.
  2. Old Tow

  3. Our hearts and prayers go out to Mr. Knight's family and his co-workers.
  4. Carol and all of us at Rick's Towing are Praying for the family of the operator and the company he drove for.
  5. So sad, we here at Rick's Towing send our condolences and prayers to the Zuniga family and to his Company
  6. How sad, seems like this is happening way to often anymore. Our prayers for the driver's family, may he rest in peace !
  7. Randell, 116 is considerable cooler than the 121 here at our yard. 😂
  8. We here at Rick's Towing are lifting the loved ones of the tow truck operator up to the Lord in our prayers. !
  9. We here at Rick's Towing are lifting the loved ones of both men up to the Lord in our prayers !
  10. I don't see any link where to donate?? Prayers for the families and friends from us here at Ricks Towing
  11. Very good video. Many of us may need to be reminded from time to time on keeping ourselves safe..
  12. I signed up with Allstate when the Auto Clubs first started. Seems to me like it has been more than 12 years now. My problem with all of the Auto Clubs is that they are still wanting me to work for the same price that we started with ! No Can Do ! The price of everything has gone straight out of site, so we Can NOT work for a 12 year old price period !
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