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  1. This absolutely the same policy we have for winch-outs that are outside of the norm. In fact, every customer who wants to pay over the phone is sent an invoice via email that way if something ever comes up, it's the customer who willingly entered their CC information to request service. This quickly became a company policy after getting burned on a $1k long distance tow where the customer requested a CC chargeback after 3 months. Any point when someone paid over the phone, prior to our current policy, we compile as much documentation as possible (multiple pics of the vehicle, signatures at pickup and drop off location, recorded names and numbers, etc) just in case this sort of thing occurs. Well, it inevitably will, and did. The customers CC company stated we had no recourse to appeal the chargeback because the card had a chip and CC law states that when a chipped card is processed manually, there is no recourse for merchant. It did not matter how much evidence we had to prove the customer requested our services and we completed the request. Hard lesson to learn but now its cash, card on the scene, or customer pays through the email invoice.
  2. Agreed. Its the easiest thing to do that *should* be expected, yet trying to get info from some sellers is like pulling teeth. It inherently breeds mistrust right from the rip. I was suprised to see the low mileage considering the year. In my experience (which may be useless) that engine has another 200k on her. We let ours go at just a hair over 500k on the CAT...only because it was involved in an accident. It had become our backup to the back up but we all had a fondness of her. Reliable as an old goat and just as slow too.
  3. I'm not interested but have alot of experience behind a 95 model spec'd the same when I was younger. I just wanted to chime in to appreciate a well-written, honest ad with a fair price. A rarity these days. GLWS
  4. Another one for Square. Each driver gets a processor and is responsible for it. All funnels into the business account and frees up the phones. Square is 2.7% if you have the card in hand. Like someone else has said, they are a few cheaper options out there but we have been with Square since their inception and have had zero issues. We've been approached by our bank with processors but there seems to be too much fine print and unknowns for us to switch.
  5. Posted in the Vulcan sub-category and realized this arena is probably more appropriate. Without calling a supplier, I was curious if anyone knew where to find them online offhand. I'm just looking for the generic switches for the yellow pistol grip controller for functions inside the cab. We're having some issues with most of the down switches being very intermittent. Feels like a ground issue but we've looked the cab over front to back. May be time to call in a pro but wanted to have a set of switches in the shop in case.
  6. Exaclty what I thought, but cant find them easily on anyone's site. Thought I may be calling something different. Regardless, thanks for your reply.
  7. I'm having a hard time finding replacement switches for the pistol grip in-cab hand controls for Vulcan 810. I'm sure they're the same brand for all in cab wreckers but can't seem to find them.
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