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  1. my whole puzzlement comes from the Alabama company looking up tow services in Missouri thru the Yellow pages, gets MY phone number, calls it and gets the scammers in New York? how do they do that?
  2. I want to warn you all about something and hope to pass it on – On Monday 8/20 we got a call from Mike with Ring Around LLC who said he was in Pennsylvania and had a tractor/trailer stuck near Gallatin MO. We did the winch out. We called back into the office and faxed them the bill and they called back with a credit card and it went through. On Wednesday 8/23 we got a call from a AAA representative in Pennsylvania who wanted to know why I was charging that amount to them. I explained that we needed to compare credit card numbers as I was paid by Ring Around. The card numbers matched. I looked up Ring Around and they are located in Alabama. I called Ring Around and they said they paid $50 less than what I actually charged. Their credit card did not match the card I had at all. Mike actually works for a company called Millenium Truck Repair. Ring Around looked up tow services near Gallatin MO in the yellow pages, saw MY ad and called MY number and ended up talking to Mike in Plainville, New York. Mike pretended to be Ring Around and brokered the call to me. I got paid with a stolen credit card belonging to corporate AAA in PA. Mike no longer answers any of the phone numbers listed on his site. Ring Around is cancelling their credit card as of today because if they stole AAA’s then they could steal his. AAA found 3 charges on their card and it is cancelled now. Why they would have open ended credit cards is beyond me anyway but I will bet that changes as soon as possible. I think I will be asking for a photo copy of credit cards if they are paying over the phone. This is just an FYI; Good luck and be safe out there.
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