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  1. Even though we have been a AAA service provider for over 20 years, we have never been dispatched by them for a "Tipsy Tow." We did once provide a tow (discounted, but not free) for a man who had been at a local music festival with his grandson and decided that he had had too much to drink to be safe on the road. It was probably a good decision on more than one level, not only was he thinking about a safe trip home for himself and his grandson, but the Troopers were patrolling the single road out of the community where the festival was held and had already impound three other vehicles that day.
  2. 1. Geico --pleasant dispatchers who really seems to care about motorists, fast payment, easy invoice submission, decent rates 2. AAA (NCNU) --When we were part of MountainWestAAA and that was great, now it is Northern California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Alaska, Montana, and Wyoming and nothing is the same. 3. Agero --commonly confused about location and destination (a common one has been closed for 6 years), complex procedure for requesting extras, short pays not uncommon, poor communication, commonly lies to us and to motorists about the covered distance. Only 6 jobs so far this year with any other motor club.
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