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  1. I observed another company and a couple cops tending to a vehicle that slid off the interstate the other morning in a rural area and it left me wondering. The vehicle flew about 400' off the road and landed on its roof. It was approximately 10' below grade, not quite in a ravine but far enough down where a skid steer couldn't get out if you could even get it in. My question is how do you go about winching a casualty that far from the road? Do the heavy wreckers carry 1000' of wire rope?
  2. No sir. I got stuck in a snow squall Saturday night over near Kane, PA I had almost forgotten what 10mph feels like. I love the snow when it comes to snowmobiling, making snow angels, sipping hot cocoa you name it but I hate it when I'm trying to get somewhere.
  3. I hauled 2 back from West Virginia last week I noticed every wrecker and rollback with one on the stinger had the amber emergency lights flashing. That was in WV. In Ohio and Pennsylvania about half had them on. In NY we are told less is better and to keep the flashing lights off unless actively loading a vehicle. I left mine on up to the NY line people think 70mph speed limit means 100 down there. Not sure whats right.
  4. Hi my name is Ed I own and operate the Alfred Auto Center in western NY state. I opened the shop in 2010 and I have a good reputation in my area. Mostly we do general repairs and sell quite a few cars as well. I started fixing cars in the back yard in the 80's, now I still lay on my back out in the road so you see some things never change. I started out towing with a Holmes 440 sling on a Ford that was overloaded empty then graduated old school 454 chevy and a 17' bed, also over gvwr empty. A couple years on state police rotation before I moved to NY, got away from to
  5. I wouldn't go any shorter than a 21' bed. A crew cab long bed with a grill guard wont fit on a 19' bed unless you're comfortable with the back tires on the edge.
  6. My hino 195 has a 4cyl diesel its good on fuel and hauls 2 cars. 21' aluminum bed. Factory option derated to 17,900 gvwr so its under the weight limit which greatly reduces paperwork. No regrets so far. The truck will haul any normal vehicle. I was thinking about getting a 7 3 gasser but there's a couple sitting at the local dealer waiting on unavailable parts and I got scared.
  7. A good customer of ours called said she went off the road near her cabin. Appears the lower ball joint broke and took the fender with it. This is over 1 mile off the pavement. Tried getting to it the other day but it was so muddy we took a pause. Today I took my f150 up the trail because the ground was frozen and gingerly slid her down to the hard packed road in 4 low. Came back with the flatbed to finish the job. A couple skates and she slid right on. I jacked it up, removed the wheel, and put a block under the control arm to slide it off. There was no real way to jack it up on the soft grou
  8. I lifted it from the front but it is only a v6. Most of my paying tows come from the local college thats why I went with the cabover for my new truck its super easy to get in and out of the parking lots. I was running a f650 previously it wasn't the best to get turned around. Appreciate the advice on getting established but I've been here 11 years just added towing this year. Thats a direct result of the covid crisis btw my accountant told me to buy some new equipment and I just upgraded the shop a few years ago.
  9. Glad it worked out. I looked at one of these trailers before I got my rollback and a few things struck me as odd. 8 tires. 12,000lbs gvwr. Placard said "do not exceed 6740 lbs". The trailer i looked at was obviously designed to skirt the license class laws. 3 cars weighing in under 2250lbs each? Impossible. I wondered what would happen if there ever was an accident.
  10. Thanks for the replies on the stinger mounting. I never paid much attention on short trips dragging them an hour or so but I hauled 2 pickups yesterday home from the sale 550 miles and that's a lot if time to watch the one out back bounce. The wheel straps were still tight this morning and the truck didn't move at all so I guess its as good as it gets. I like them better on the deck for long hauls but I wasn't making 2 trips. I rig the safety chains so they aren't tight but not dragging either.
  11. Thanks for noticing my logo im an old school off road guy built not bought type of thing. Lately forest roads are as extreme as I go but I've built a ton of jeeps and pickups for enthusiasts. The last one was a 05 rubicon I put in a 6.5" suspension lift and 3" body lift 37" tires then realized im too old to get in it. The hump was almost 4' off the street. Lol.
  12. New guy here i just started using a wheel lift on a rollback this year and I follow the manual. 2 wheel straps plus 2 safety chains. But on some of these rough roads and bridge joints it seems like there is tremendous pressure exerted on the wheel straps. I was thinking of chaining the car to the wheel lift so the suspension can't bounce as hard. Is this necessary or am I worrying about nothing?
  13. I just got good equipment this year and signed up with Allstate Agero AAA and honk. I submitted my info to all and the only one that finished the process was Honk. That being said in 4 months I got one Honk call and that was when I had 2 already loaded up. I don't understand these clubs. Customers in my area say they don't call because the wait times are 2 hours minimum. When I applied to be a provider they said they have enough coverage in the area. Seems like if a guy has to wait 4 hours on the side of the interstate on a Sunday for a tow truck they don't have enough coverage. I
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