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  1. So it looks like I scribbled on my finger with a black magic marker but everything works ok. What had happened is the driveshaft rusted into 2 pieces must have happened when I was winching it on. That's why it wasn't in park anymore when I tilted the deck. The stupid thing is I know better than to get under or in front of a car that's not strapped in case it slides off but I didn't access the whole situation properly to think and understand that the wheels were pointing towards me at the controls. I really was only thinking that it was going to be a b&tch to get off the deck and why did I
  2. lol on my phone it looked like a normal load but I viewed this on my computer screen and I'm embarrassed to have said it looks ok. It's not.
  3. 6 lug wheels on the pickup so under 7k lbs for sure I would have turned it around but who knows if its a v6 I don't see any issues the way it sits. These old rollbacks with 16" wheels and 19' beds were overloaded empty but somehow managed to haul the mail for decades.
  4. I dodged a bullet today when a car I was unloading ran over my fingers. I literally thought I had amputated my fingers. Appears no major damage, I probably won't be a guitar hero but all the digits are still on. Here's what happened: the car was a junk had a broken rear axle and locked up front brakes. I dragged it on the deck. All 4 wheels locked up but it was raining today so no dollies or skates. Front wheels turned all the way due to accident damage.. When unloading I unhooked the winch 1st because I reattached it with a snatch block to winch it off the deck. As soon as I tilted the deck t
  5. I need some quick advice. My wheel lift pivot pin has a large lock nut on the top side. There's a grease fitting in the center. There's some slop in that joint. There's only about 100 hours on the wheel lift so I don't think it's worn-out. I have greased it religiously since new but never touched the nut. I need to know how tight to torque it. I can call Kilar but I need to adjust this before using it in the morning. Thanks.
  6. How do the thieves get the jack out after removing the wheels? I mean the car is literally sitting on the ground.
  7. Looking to add another truck to the fleet and I'm welcoming opinions on mpg. My hino 195 2 car rollback averages 10.3mpg over the last 10,000 miles. Not bad in my book considering I don't drive for economy. I have gotten over 13 with it by limiting the speed to under 55 and shutting it off when parking but 55 gets old fast. That is the average of loaded, unloaded and idling yea when it's 2 degrees I let it idle and I go 70 on the interstate. The truck is underpowered for the hills around here. I'm looking at 4x4 f600 or chevy/international 6500 4x4 diesel. I've heard stories about 14+ mpg with
  8. I observed another company and a couple cops tending to a vehicle that slid off the interstate the other morning in a rural area and it left me wondering. The vehicle flew about 400' off the road and landed on its roof. It was approximately 10' below grade, not quite in a ravine but far enough down where a skid steer couldn't get out if you could even get it in. My question is how do you go about winching a casualty that far from the road? Do the heavy wreckers carry 1000' of wire rope?
  9. No sir. I got stuck in a snow squall Saturday night over near Kane, PA I had almost forgotten what 10mph feels like. I love the snow when it comes to snowmobiling, making snow angels, sipping hot cocoa you name it but I hate it when I'm trying to get somewhere.
  10. I hauled 2 back from West Virginia last week I noticed every wrecker and rollback with one on the stinger had the amber emergency lights flashing. That was in WV. In Ohio and Pennsylvania about half had them on. In NY we are told less is better and to keep the flashing lights off unless actively loading a vehicle. I left mine on up to the NY line people think 70mph speed limit means 100 down there. Not sure whats right.
  11. Hi my name is Ed I own and operate the Alfred Auto Center in western NY state. I opened the shop in 2010 and I have a good reputation in my area. Mostly we do general repairs and sell quite a few cars as well. I started fixing cars in the back yard in the 80's, now I still lay on my back out in the road so you see some things never change. I started out towing with a Holmes 440 sling on a Ford that was overloaded empty then graduated old school 454 chevy and a 17' bed, also over gvwr empty. A couple years on state police rotation before I moved to NY, got away from to
  12. I wouldn't go any shorter than a 21' bed. A crew cab long bed with a grill guard wont fit on a 19' bed unless you're comfortable with the back tires on the edge.
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