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  1. Reminds me a bit of learning as a very young person about tow dollies in general (the regular pan style still used today); had a 1959 Apache loaded on one, pulling it with a 1970 C10. Took a downhill banked turn to get onto the highway with it and the road was a little damp, and the whole convoy went sideways into the curb. I never trusted tow dollies after that. However, they seemed better than the clamp-on style tow bars we used to move junk around with back in the days when everything had steel bumpers. Richard
  2. I probably would have been wise to try test-fitting the new battery before mushing the terminals down at all. I suspect it would have needed some adjustment regardless. The "Outlast" brand batteries provided by Towmate have had their terminals smashed all the way down near flat which is excessive. I carefully bent mine down slowly by hand against a wooden desktop. I also wonder if the people soldering the wiring pigtails to them are taking care to not heat the terminals too much or too long, as that could possibly also be causing issues inside the battery casing where the terminals attach. If I have the same type of failure with this new battery I may look at going back to using crimp connectors and simply plugging the thing in, leaving the soldering iron out of the picture. For the record, the new battery I'm trying is an "AJC" brand bought from a-zon, was $17 to my door. Have only gone through 1 charge cycle with it so far so it's definitely too early to tell. I generally have to charge a good battery once a week. When it becomes more often I know the battery is going South.. Richard
  3. I don't see any issue whatsoever with how the Mustang was towed except for one thing - it looks like it's being towed with the trunk lid popped? Seems super risky. Maybe they shut it before pulling away, assuming it was opened during the investigation. As far as whether keys were in ignition or not, irrelevant in terms of why dollies were used - it's so hit-or-miss these days which vehicles have locking steering columns and which don't. It varies so much even in the same vehicle depending on year model and sometimes on trim level, and in a few rare cases, whether automatic or manual transmission. A vehicle with non-locking steering column will absolutely move in turns with the dollies on the front wheels, so care must be taken to set the bars wide enough that the dollies won't contact the fender or rocker panels. Always Monday Morning Quarterbacking on stuff like this, and everyone wants to sound like an expert. As long as the tow operator didn't enter the vehicle or touch external surfaces (other than what was absolutely necessary for proper load securement, like as mentioned, the straps) then there should be no issues. -- And editing for clarification, I'm not saying anyone in this post is guilty of the quarterbacking 😃 but it's one of those subjects people love to pick apart. Richard
  4. So many ways to approach this and he demonstrated one of them, the one that can only be done if there's plenty of open space to one side of the vehicle. Dropping linkage (if automatic, which is almost guaranteed these days) is the quickest, if the park brake isn't set. Go-jaks would be my next approach. Richard
  5. Sometimes I get nights where I've thrown them FOUR times in one shift. Other times manage to go a whole shift without throwing them even once. Really gotta come up with a more workable solution for mounting them on the truck because this mess is getting old, LOL No way boss is gonna spend the bucks for the fancy setups. Richard
  6. I'm not writing this to shame Towmate; I love the product and absolutely will continue using them. It's more of a "heads up" for anyone experiencing these issues with their Towmates, I believe I have figured out what's going on. Specific product being used is a TM-21 light duty wireless tow light. Been using the various models of these light duty wireless ever since you guys came out with them way back in the old days when they were still in the white plastic housing with the rubber covered toggle switch on top so we have some history. In the last couple years the batteries y'all have sourced do not last. The one part I can't get covered under warranty. After having bought several replacements from the local wrecker supply (which are sourced from Towmate; they are the same "Outlast" 12V/1.2ah batteries with the pigtail already installed) I have given up on them. Symptoms: (1) the tow lights start flickering off intermittently, particularly when placing them on the towed vehicle. You'll have the switch "on", the lights come on, you place them on the vehicle and they turn off, or "reboot". Sometimes a gentle smack will make them come on again. (2) they do not charge reliably anymore as the connection to the battery has become intermittent. Since the batteries come from their makers with a raised pair of terminals, then you guys smash them down flat and solder on the pigtail with the fuse, so that the battery will slide into the housing easily - I think this is damaging the connection to the terminals inside the battery and causing it to become weak and eventually fail. I've replaced 3 of these batteries in the past year or so. The replacement lasts for a few months then begins the same behavior. For my latest replacement I bought one from a different vendor and soldered the pigtail on it myself, after smashing the terminals down but not -all the way- down. They offered up enough resistance and made a slight cracking noise anyway which is concerning; I can only imagine what it's like smashing them all the way flat like the Towmate-supplied batteries are. It still slid into the housing with minimal effort. Here's hoping the results are better. Richard
  7. Wrong section? Maybe should have posted in Ford? Nobody has experience with this unit?? Richard
  8. Anybody here have these units in your fleet, on your Ford F450/F550's with the 10 speed transmission? Comments, experience? Thanks, Richard
  9. AWD badges get removed often for various reasons. Wraps, re-paints, collision repairs, owner just feels like it, etc. The two best things you can do - be aware that AWD models of a vehicle exist, and LOOK before you book. (underneath for the shafts/differentials, not for the badges! lol) Richard
  10. Ya gotta wonder why GM would jump in bed with them after even Ford had a falling out... Richard
  11. The internet, and social media in particular, has given voice to mental illness that it did not previously have. Richard
  12. Nice. Haven't seen one in that color before! Only black (dark gray?), and white. I loaded a white one a couple weeks ago, but since it was parked head-in, I loaded from the rear and dollied the front. A little trickier since if the tire sits too low in the bars, the rearmost bar will contact the rockers when you pop up the dollies. I extended the boom a couple inches to roll the tires up onto my skates so I could pinch the bars a little closer to each other; no biggie. Same (in reverse) to unload at the lot. Richard
  13. No experience in a heavier truck, we have them in a pair of 2020 F450 short wheelbase selfloaders. The 7.3 gas absolutely has more grunt than our previous 6.8 trucks, which is good and bad; they move when you need them to but as a PPI truck they are quite loud at the tailpipe even when idling. They remind me a bunch of an old Chevy 3500HD 7.4 or 8.1 rumbling away. I'm still a little wait-and-see on the 10 speed auto. It sure seems to hang in 1st longer than I like while accelerating from a dead stop, it really winds out the engine for no apparent good reason, when I'd prefer it had already shifted. Again this may not matter to most people but as a PPI operator it makes it tough to be sneaky when going through apartment parking lots. Richard
  14. It's set up the way it is likely due to federal motor vehicle safety law.. the reason the camera is there in the first place. If there's a way around it, it's going to be an aftermarket solution. Not sure about your 2017 model but we have some 2018's that I was able to get a little bit of extra functionality for free simply by going through the on-screen menu to enable the camera delay. It will stay on for a few seconds after you've shifted out of reverse. I found it useful for pulling away from a vehicle after opening the claws. The 2020 I'm driving now stays on even longer (haven't counted but it seems like 10-15 seconds) once I enabled the delay. Richard
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