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  1. Agreed, sounds like a scam attempt and likely has nothing to do with Square themselves. Are these coming in an email? If so it's probably scammers with a fake email hoping to get your Square login info so they can snatch your money. Richard
  2. There's the convertible version at one of the lots I drop at. Looks like it may have been someone's low-mile grandpa car, before it got crashed.. it looks like it went under a flatbed or something. The windshield frame is completely flattened, highest point is hood/trunk area. : ( Oh, and I wasn't trying to be funny about the "convertible" thing - it was an actual ragtop car, fake woodie sides, etc. ugly as hell even when brand new. I wanted to take a picture of it but I'm pretty sure it was from a fatal crash so I decided not to. Richard
  3. The ghosts around our place are completely silent. Any time something comes up missing or broken, and you ask the crew, the answer is DEAD SILENCE I wish I was joking, but I'm not. : ( Richard
  4. Solid advice as many times "abandoned" means it broke down/ran out of gas or whatever, and the driver is sleeping in it wherever they ended up. (Seems odd the troopers and SWAT team couldn't discern the reports from a pellet gun vs. an actual firearm. They're nothing alike in sound or volume level...) Richard
  5. Did you get a peek at the engine? Some of those trucks had 400 badges but actually had a 402 BB under the hood. : ) Richard
  6. Lots of hard-to-believe elements to the story. Sounds more like very inexperienced driver error(s) : ( Richard
  7. Forever ago when I was a good guy (wrecks not PPI) we would disconnect the batteries on wrecks, if the FD didn't. Just seemed wise. Richard
  8. Oh, you mean Mr. Drag and Shake? I'm no old hand and there's often many different correct ways to get a job done, but then there are also the very incorrect ways to go about it.. Either he chose to stop contributing, or is simply back under a different name, as those situations tend to go. Richard
  9. Agreed on the danger of bending the (self-loader) forks, while they can surely handle the weight on their own, they may not be able to handle it hanging at the far end of the forklift forks acting as levers. Wish I had some helpful advice on how to retrieve those little cars. Do you think the roof structure is strong enough to lift them sideways through the door openings instead? If the floors and rockers are gone (and I believe you 100% on that) I think they would still suffer a lot of damage if you try to lift them from underneath with the forklift forks.
  10. Sounds like a familiar subject. ; ) From the thread -> Warning: may or may not be an interesting read, but the spoiler alert is that a work-around was not yet identified. Richard
  11. There were some guys around here running a road service outfit with their employees' personal cars. It looked shady as you can imagine. Several of the cars looked more like cars that would need road service, rather than provide it. Haven't seen them around for a few years now; assuming they petered out. As far as handicap tows go, I am 50/50 on them. It is my all-time favorite violation to load, because (just about) everyone hates seeing someone take a handicap space that shouldn't be parked there. However, I'm also nervous of towing someone that might be handicapped but just
  12. My guess is that admin fee is for impounds, sending out certified letters to the registered owner and lienholder. Timing and fees will vary based on local laws. Richard
  13. Pic of the windshield to see if they have a valid placard displayed? Only then can I pass judgement. : ) I know wrecker drivers that apparently qualify as handicapped, placards on their personal vehicles, so I won't assume just because one may be handicapped that they can't do roadside assistance. Beyond that, it's not up to me to judge whether someone is handicapped or they're giving a ride to someone that is handicapped...only to determine whether they're displaying proper credentials to take up the space I'm considering towing them out of. Richard
  14. OK; I'll bite! They had to make the two labels to correct their coin policy after some smartass took them to task with a bunch of loose coins, since I'll guess they formerly "excepted" rolled coins. : ) Richard
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