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  1. Topic Originally Created in April of 2012: Has anyone found if the 4x4's have worse fuel economy than the 2wd? We have a 2011 dodge 2wd and it gets 12-14 approx. is the 4x4 that much worse? I want to buy another Dodge carrier, and am weighing options if it is better to go with a 4x4 for un-plowed alleys and road in the Wisconsin Winter. ESC said: I have a 2011 dodge 5500 84" ca with MPL40. I get around 10 mpg... usually just around town with it... not much distance work. i dont baby it by any means... im sure if you were easy on it, you could get the number up a bit. Mine is 4x4 timjohn said: I think around town that is pretty decent. It would probably be up near 12 or so if on the freeway more. We could assume the 4x4's are pretty close to the 2x4's. Towaholic said: 2wd you get a choice of gears 4wd you dont 488 only. my 4x4 got 8.5 to 10.5 average. i got 13 once on a 100mile tow at 55mph. i would hit 11 on a long freeway trip. I traded back up to a 2 ton i didnt think the loss in payload vs the mileage was worth having around anymore. towinginmedina said: I dont have any 2wd to compare mpg against the 4wd, but my 4wd get 10.5 - 11 driving city daily. I can get get between 12-13 on a highway trip. Hope that helps. Another thing to take into consideration are the ball joints. 4wd are getting replaced between 80K & 90K, and 2wd are getting replaced between 120K & 130K timjohn said: good to know, thanks for the imput We decided to buy a bigger 26k chassis again. They seem to be a little tougher and we get comparable fuel economy with our Hino's.
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