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  1. That is all fine and dandy but if they don't enforce it what does it matter. Have the cops come out when I am hooking up a truck and it would be like shooting fish in a barrel.
  2. We have a 16 ton unit like that, very versatile truck
  3. Did it have one of those wonderful pressed on driveshafts?
  4. always good to keep the cash register ringing
  5. I would love to stay off the white line but the interstates around me like I-78 and I-81 the shoulders are so narrow when hooking up a tractor trailer we are always on the white line. It sucks. As far as not taking your eye off traffic, our traffic is that heavy you would take hours to hook up a truck if you watched traffic.
  6. If they are in excellent shape you should be ok. If there is any cracks or damage I put 4 small c clamps on the skirts and ratchet strap them together
  7. My problem is I only have rollbacks for cars. The little extra the clubs want to pay for dolly wheels it would take forever just to get your money back on the price of dolly wheels. 10 years ago I had a light duty wrecker with underlift and dollies and after cracking a couple aluminum oil pans on the underlift going over bumps and potholes and people not knowing if their car or minivan was all wheel drive I got rid of it. That is why I was looking for a magic way to release the brakes but I figured there wasn't and I guess I am correct.
  8. crawling under a car and plugging leads into rear calibers to back them off would be too much of a pain if you could even get under some of these low cars. I just thought I would check if anyone had a magical easy way to release them.
  9. Must have got a good deal on that truck to want to do all that work versus ordering one yellow
  10. All I know is I have a Vulcan V-70 and I love the tilt. It will tilt extremely heavy loads and the angle of lift don't change. I was told a Century tilts at a weird angle that you may have to run the underlift in or out a little and the tilt can't tilt heavy loads. Guys told me the NRC is a recovery beast but the underlift doesn't work as nice as other brands for towing and has very tall underlift sections to get under low trucks.
  11. Copart and other auctions charge a very high fees so unless the car has some real value it would never be feasible to take a normal junker there
  12. Is there any way to manually release these stupid electric emergency brakes when the car has them applied and has a power failure? Had a few lately that you couldn't jump and everything is dead and the rear wheels are locked. Another hurdle to overcome like getting them into neutral.
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