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  1. I went to the week long class in Fayetteville NC in 2002 and I never met Donnie Cruse before that and a man picked me up at the airport and I asked him what his name is and he said Donnie Cruse. I learned a lot that week and when I read the horrible news what happened, I couldn't believe it and felt terrible for his family and friends and co workers. Stuart Wagner Wreckmaster 6/7A 020104
  2. Just not into all of the technology. ( I am 51 years old)
  3. My rollback was doing the same thing and a heavy truck/ alignment frame shop had to remove rear axle assembly and put it in a jig and bend housing in a 100 ton press to give it more positive camber. I also never overloaded my rollback (seriously) spent about $1500, but buying tires isn't cheap either.
  4. Amen to the driveline disconnect C. J. Wagner Inc 110 West LIncoln Avenue Myerstown PA 17067
  5. My heavy is a stainless steel body and it originally had dri-dek and it is old and falling apart. Miller has some really nice stuff on a roll but it is like $900 for a roll to do a truck. What are you guys using? Wasn't sure if I would get heavy rubber matting at a hardware store and possibly glue it down so it doesn't move around?
  6. Best to start it out on a brand new truck. If there are nicks or burs in winch drum or rollers, it will ruin new cable. I tow wrecks on my flatbed so battery acid and sharp metal would not be friendly to synthetic rope.
  7. Cool, I wanted to get to the auction but we had a vacation planned. I am a mopar muscle fan.
  8. 164 views nobody has knowledge if this can be done or if it shouldn't be done? Or if you ever did it or you never tried it?
  9. A local competitor just towed a single axle pusher motor home backward by forking the Reese tow receiver. Is this ok? I thought I read years ago that towing a motor home backwards by the frame the whole unit could flex and blow side windows out? Thoughts? Anyone here tow them backwards?
  10. we use vital through our local bank 1 free unit and extras are $100 and $3 a month per unit and 1.5 percent. Bluetooth to android or i-phone
  11. Good job. What did you do to get rid of the gas fumes exactly? We had some Uhuals get the cat converter stolen and had to build cages around them.
  12. we have barb wire on but our insurance would not let us put on razor wire. i would like to add 400 volts to it also. Ha Ha.. Local copart yard has fence electrified with warning signs in spanish.
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