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  1. Agero and out of my area and paid my rate
  2. https://www.readingeagle.com/news/local/2-reportedly-killed-in-crash-on-route-222-in-ontelaunee-township/article_9dc72dfa-c318-11ea-9312-67c773a8ed98.html 2 good samaritins killed changing flat tire on 222 Reading PA
  3. I guess what I am getting at is that all these motor clubs think you have fleet of trucks and guys ready to run their calls. They send you an automated message or text with seconds to respond if we are accepting or declining a call. At night or weekends I need a minute or two to see who is available and if they want to go? I would just think that there are a lot of small tow companies versus the big 3 shift tow companies like 75 percent small and 25 percent big, but just guessing.
  4. Does anybody have figures relating to how many small tow companies are in America that let's say have a couple trucks and a couple drivers that basically operate 8:00 am - 5:00 pm and after hours owner answers phone and see which one of his guys can do a tow at night or on the weekend versus companies that have 3 manned shifts and dispatchers around the clock?
  5. I towed them backwards already with a can on, but my front end was plenty light and I have a 2,000 pound weight below my front bumper. Pulling axles sucks.
  6. I have one just like it, a real workhorse, i love mine
  7. Good luck on your new adventure. My future son in law has a Tesla. Not sure I am quite ready yet for an electric vehicle.
  8. I get a wreck over the guardrail every 5 years, you guys seem to get them every couple weeks.
  9. I went to the week long class in Fayetteville NC in 2002 and I never met Donnie Cruse before that and a man picked me up at the airport and I asked him what his name is and he said Donnie Cruse. I learned a lot that week and when I read the horrible news what happened, I couldn't believe it and felt terrible for his family and friends and co workers. Stuart Wagner Wreckmaster 6/7A 020104
  10. Just not into all of the technology. ( I am 51 years old)
  11. My rollback was doing the same thing and a heavy truck/ alignment frame shop had to remove rear axle assembly and put it in a jig and bend housing in a 100 ton press to give it more positive camber. I also never overloaded my rollback (seriously) spent about $1500, but buying tires isn't cheap either.
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