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Stuart Wagner

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  1. Stuart Wagner

    A few more months it will be done

    putting a 7035 on that?
  2. I replaced at least 24 frames in pickups the last couple years and i could always beat flat rate. Keep suspension and other pieces in as large of sections as possible. Separate as little as possible. Never had one come back with a squeek or a rattle either. Looks like you did a good job Ed. Some insurance companies really drag out paying supplements. If it is a company you don't work with regularly, insist they overnight a check for the supplement before you release the vehicle. More and more body shops are doing this, sometimes we spend way too much time getting supplement payments and they drag on for months. Sometimes the insurance sends the supplement check to the customer and they think it is Christmas and they spend it instead of paying us. Good luck in your body shop venture, it is challenging at times.
  3. Stuart Wagner

    A & W aquired?

  4. Stuart Wagner

    Building Our New Emergency Response Truck

    Looks real nice Ed. A local shop has one of those as a service van for doing road work and trans went out. Large Ford dealer had it a month so far, trans is on backorder. Did you look under it? You need to drop the engine and trans and subframe out the bottom as a unit. Can't just remove the trans. Hopefully you have better luck!!
  5. Stuart Wagner

    Re: Michigan Tow Operator Killed Today 5-29-2018

    I called Pennsylvania State Police numerous times to assist me on the interstate hooking up a tractor trailer on the white line and they never once showed up to help.
  6. Stuart Wagner

    R Model Curb weight?

    no, I have a 99 pete day cab tractor with a smaller engine and an aluminum frame and it weighs 14,300
  7. Stuart Wagner

    2007 Peterbuilt with V-70

  8. Stuart Wagner

    1016 vs DTU

    3212 will not lift the front axle of a tractor. Nice unit, I have one.