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  1. Good job. What did you do to get rid of the gas fumes exactly? We had some Uhuals get the cat converter stolen and had to build cages around them.
  2. we have barb wire on but our insurance would not let us put on razor wire. i would like to add 400 volts to it also. Ha Ha.. Local copart yard has fence electrified with warning signs in spanish.
  3. last couple years we are $40 a day with a $40 gate fee
  4. Best thing we ever did. People would come in the middle of the night and clean their wrecked car out and never come in to pay tow. Now, you pay first and then we open the fence, helped greatly on abandoning your wrecked car without full coverage.
  5. I don't know if I am getting too old, but I turn down pusher motorhomes and busses. They suck. Some aren't terrible, but you don't know that till you get there. So many pusher motorhomes are on Freightliner chassis with full round u-joints and that alone is enough for me to turn them down.
  6. I ordered stick on led lights on a roll from a miller dealer, Bresslers in Morgantown PA for all my wreckers and rollbacks. What a difference, lights it up like daytime.
  7. Eric, what's up with every couple years you guys go from Jerr Dan to Miller to NRC? You just want to keep the manufacturers on their toes? A company piss you off?
  8. How is the Hino price compared to all the other trucks out there or didn't you compare and just knew you wanted a Hino?
  9. Maybe different states have different laws about posting rates.
  10. Sometimes you just got to get some sleep. The older I get, sometimes you just got to turn the phone off and get some sleep.
  11. Lately I am running into more and more 12 point 3/8 drive line bolts that the heads are rounded off before I start to remove them. I found instead of trying a chisel or vice grips, I smash the edge of the bolt head with a hammer and then hammer the socket on and usually that gets them off without the socket spinning on the bolt head. Just a tip I thought I would share.
  12. I have a side puller on my rollback. Was it expensive? Yes it was, but the police would request a wrecker for a crash at night and you would run out with one and find out you need a rollback. They would call for a rollback and you would get there and the car was down an embankment and 100' out in a field and now you need a wrecker. You can do 90% of the recoveries with a sidepuller and a rollback, yes sometimes you need a hydraulic boom with dual winches but not very often. Saves me from sending 2 men and 2 trucks and I now can do it with one truck and one man. Of course I charge extra when using the sidepuller. Does it pay for itself and make you money? Maybe, maybe not, but it sure is convenient.
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