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Title says "Tow Truck Driver having a bad day"

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... it's fair to say, "Every one of us has had that, "Car from Hell", sometime in our career.  That's where good training, practice AND sometimes a bit of help from the Tow Gods are in-order.    R.



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Randall C. Resch

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We have all been there Im sure!   I know years ago I rolled up on a cavalier on its roof at 2 am in the rain.   I remember thinking that it looked like an easy one.    It ended upfighting me like crazy.   Things go wrong.   But, In this case, Id personally have had another truck respond to the crash with us for extra hands and to help protect the scene a bit better.  Things would have gone much faster with an extra set of hands in this case.


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That roll over stick and not having the vehicle straight is where it all started going down hill from the beginning. I have a roll over stick cause I thought in principle it was a good idea. Yes, it does work well in a few situations otherwise it's just a hassle. I don't leave it on the truck because if another driver sees it. I know they will use it as a chock or a ramp thus damaging it. I'd like to say I have never had one that snow balled on me. Meaning the more I tried the larger the issue got. We've likely all had those when we least expect it. Thankfully they are few these days compared to the rookie years.

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We have all had one at times that just refuses to cooperate. Sometimes you have to just take a step back and give yourself a minute to think. I have been there where you start panicking and rushing. It just makes matters worse. There is no shame in calling in for help. A second set of hands and a fresh look at the senario is worth its weight in gold sometimes.


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Well. that didn't go so well...... These recoveries just find us sometimes, the goal is not to let them continue to go in the wrong direction. Know when to stop assess the situation and and go at it again. I do worry about the manner this scene was secured. Though, we do not know for sure if the tow truck was working alone or had a support vehicle. Seems traffic is passing rather close......

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