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  1. Its funny that this is brought up again today. Recently the PA State Police sent out new applications for towing in Troop J which is in Southeastern PA. Their definitions are vague at best. But they consider a recovery something that is overturned or in a deep ravine as they word it. A tow is anything else, basically any hook and go accident etc. In past years, we have always billed a disabled vehicle or a traffic stop as their tow rate. Any crash/accident at the recovery rate. I am now being told that is not accurate.
  2. The article is about Pittsburgh. But Phila has had chasers running as well. They recently had something going on with AutoReturn doing something in Phila, but I am positive there is still chasing going on. I was down in NE Phila last week and there were guys running all over. I passed a 2 car wreck and 3 different companies were there before PD.
  3. I would just solve the problem and make it easy on yourself... print our your rate sheet on a sheet of paper and hang it in the office. I know in PA we are legally required to. I just have a simple computer print out on the wall. Nothing fancy.
  4. Long story short- we towed a 3 vehicle crash on 8/24/18 for the police. A Chevy pickup truck (fully covered by Nationwide) rear ended and Hyundai Elantra which then rear ended an old Mazda Miata. All three were clearly a total loss. Nationwide has been dragging their feet through this whole mess for some reason. Their insured pickup truck didnt get picked up until 9/7. And the elantra finally picked up by Nationwide on 9/27. The Miata is still here. Nationwide first attempted to pick up the vehicle 9/27, however it had not yet been released by the owner as Nationwide was stalling on making a settlement with the owner of the Miata. I have documented every phone call and message left with the owner and insurance company. Copart called for charges yesterday and said they would pick it up. Just now I get a call from the insurance company stating they will only cover $2,500 on the Miata, and they was to pick it up and issue a check and have us bill the owner for the balance due. The current total is $3261.50 through 5 pm today. I declined, as we need paid in full before we would release the vehicle. The insurance company then advised me that they will just send the $2,500 + the settlement to the vehicle owner and told me the insurance company will not pickup the vehicle and that I would have to go after the owner. I told the insurance company to have the owner pay the balance due, then they could come with the remaining $2,500 and pickup the car. Right now, I am waiting on a call back. Basically, we have done very will on the other two cars, and realistically $2,500 is alot better then nothing on this POS Miata. Its just the principal for me at this point.... I am really annoyed. I find it pretty messed up that they would give the vehicle owner the $2,500 that is due to us... that we all know we will never see from the owner. The next alternative is us taking the owner to court, which I would rather not have to waste my time with, but I will. Just looking for some opinions...... I am expecting most of you will just say take the settlement of $2,500 and run.... But I hate letting the insurance company get away with an extra penny when they are the ones that have been dragging their feet.
  5. Just got word that our new truck should be here next week.... so far, its looking like this Dodge will be traded in on the new one.
  6. 2008 Dodge 5500 4x4 19’6” Vulcan flatbed. 6.7 Cummins Auto trans. Transfer flow 48 gal fuel tank upgrade. 19,500 gvwr. 98,000 miles still in use locally. Our new truck is due in about 4 weeks. Not looking for low ball offers, I already know my trade in number. This is a great low mileage non DEF truck. The underside of the bed is rotten above the tires and needs new cross members. The passenger side control box has been hit and damaged. The passenger side door is showing some signs of surface rust on the bottom side. See pics. We have all service records from new. Typically this truck stays local for police work in town. It has all 6 new tires. Front brake pads and rotors were recently replaced currently 10B. Rear brakes currently 10B replaced pads, rotors and axle seals at 85,000 miles. Please... no low ball offers! 30,000 as is. Lettering will be removed. If you would like to come and see the truck arrangements can be made easily. I would prefer to keep the truck in service until the new one is a bit closer (estimated 4 weeks).... But cash money talks.
  7. I suggest calling NSD and talk to Patrick. He knows the deal and he seems to be able to work with us and get things done. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Has anyone else noticed things with NSD starting to go downhill? I have seen my area rep change 4-5 times over the last year. Dispatchers with little info lately, and more problematic calls ... which may be because they are growing and taking on more clients, so some of that can be expected. Today's issue really annoyed me to the point that we will no longer be near as helpful to NSD as we have been in the past. Over the years, NSD has been great to work with, until now. Yesterday they called us and asked us to help with a wheel lift and dolly job 31 miles away, which typically we would never do. They told use they couldn't get anyone with dollies to help them. Being NSD, and typically having a good relationship with them in the past, I was willing to help out. We called the customer and off we went. Arrived exactly at our ETA and found the customer wasn't there. Called and found out the customer got up and running and they left the scene without telling us. No big deal, called in for a GOA which typically pays us $50 + $3/ mile. For whatever reason dispatch couldn't get a goa approved and told us to call our field rep. Just spoke to our newly assigned field rep and after 25 minutes of trying to get things right on the phone, they deny my rates and tell me the best they can do is $50 and $1.50/ mile enroute after 10. It really irritated me since our normal enroute is contracted at $3/ mile after 10. This isnt an issue that I run into often, as we don't typically take club calls so far away. But given NSD has usually been great, we made an exception. I guess this is what I get for trying to help them out. I'm sure soon they will be calling me wondering why I no longer will help them outside of my town.
  9. I received a call from Patrick just a bit ago. He has made things right so far. He provided me with his direct extension to reach out to him if any situation comes up similar to this again. Apparently the rep I spoke with this morning was new and didn't handle things the way Patrick would have, and some of my reps in the past. Hopefully NSD can keep up the good service and not become like the other clubs.
  10. ESC

    2019 PSP Application Process

    This is Troop J. Southeastern PA. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. ESC

    2019 PSP Application Process

    So far this is all new this year. But Normally every year PSP sends out an application basically to update info. Included is a blank, very generic form to fill in rates. Typically we and many others attach our printed, very detailed rate sheet and mail it in and its never been any issue. This year, applications are being denied if there is any rate added other than the fill in the blank sheet. After an email to PSP we are finding that we can no longer bill for anything other than what is listed on the application. So that means they are basically telling us that they are no longer allowing us to charge for oil dry, crash wrap, tarping, hybrid battery disconnect fees. Some of the heavy guys cant bill for a tractor to tow a trailer (in pa it is illegal to tow the combination). Right now we only have basic information and are trying to find out how to proceed. The PA Towing Association has been contacted. Hopefully we will have some answers soon.
  12. ESC

    Electric parking brakes

    Skates, gojacks, dish soap from the dollar store even. All good ways to safely unload a car from a bed when stuck in park. I have used a snatch block at the end of the bed, doubled back to the front to winch the car off as needed. Rocking or shaking the bed back and forth is hard on the truck and the hydraulics as well as the car not to mention it doesn’t look very professional. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. As much as I don't want to admit it.... winter is coming. I was just checking out our supplies for the winter and checked through our tire chains. Years back, we got blindsided by an ice storm early in the morning and we managed to get our 4x4 wrecker stuck before we could get out to a police call. That week I ordered up a few sets of tire chains. At the time, I didn't know much about them, just didn't want to have any issues missing a good job. That winter we had a lot of ice, and we chewed up a few sets of chains. That next year I did my homework on chains and found Pewag. It turns out some of our local municipalities had been using them on dump trucks and all. They were a lot more expensive than what I had used the previous year, but I heard good things, so I gave them a try. They were much faster and easier to put on. And they lasted a lot longer than the regular ones. Since than, I have added multiple sets of Pewag chains and got rid of all of the old styles. I just ordered 3 more pair for this year. I just thought I would give you guys a heads up on what works. They are awesome!! On our 4x4 trucks I have a set of Pewag singles for the rear which I install on the outer dual only and it works great. I also keep a set for the front for those really icy days, or the nasty driveway etc. When I use them, I bill a minimum of $175 to roll the truck.... 1 job pays for the pair. Our 2 wheel drive trucks I have a pair of singles for the outer rear dual. I highly recommend having a pair or two around, as when it gets icy, they are hard to get a hold of quickly. Now is the time to order them.
  14. I use fax alot still, but my fax machine is an all in one printer, scanner, copier too. Alot of our stuff is email too though.
  15. Rear brake pads and calipers were replaced this week, as well as a new 75' wire rope. Our new truck is expected within the next 2-3 weeks.
  16. Only if you are prepared to buy a transmission/transfer case and damage your reputation on the all wheel drive models. There are some CRV's out there that are front wheel drive only- not many, but a friend of mine owns one. Most are AWD, as for the RAV4 to my knowledge they are all AWD. Flatbed, or wheel lift and dollies.
  17. We have been towing for Tesla for a while now, and they provide us with only manuals for towing procedures for the Tesla models that really come in handy. I figured some of you might want that info. Don't be intimidated by a Tesla, towing them is pretty easy. Dealing with the owners of the vehicles on the other hand, that can take a pit of patients. Charge accordingly! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B_QYILiBIslrV3ZCTnRGOW1SOFk
  18. ESC

    My Tesla Died...

    The Teslas take a bit of extra care, but they are easy once you learn them. Take a look at my post about the tesla towing procedures- We tow a lot of them, and I am happy to do so. My minimum service fee for a Tesla is $125 just to go out. Tesla roadside is great to deal with, and they have a 24/7 tech phone line to help you if you have any issue trying to tow one. The owners can be a bit demanding, so the best thing you can do is get them in your truck and seat belted in and let you work.
  19. We have a vandalized car that is being hauled to Cartesios Persicion in Pocono Pines PA tomorrow morning, leaving Chester Springs PA around 10am to deliver. We will be in a Dodge 5500 flatbed with wheel lift, so far coming home empty. I would love to change that! if you have anything for me, call or text my cell- 610-636-9358 Paul
  20. One of these days we will catch a job that works out. Always worth a chance. Thanks for giving us the opportunity. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. I was born in 1983, my dad started the company in 1989- So I figure Ive been around it all for 30 years
  22. Vehicle has been delivered and our driver is on the way home empty
  23. Not much into sports. Motorcyle/ATV racing was always my thing.
  24. I always liked Tow411.... I still use Towforce just the same, but it will always be called "Tow411" in my eyes.. ha. But I understand the reasons for the switch. It works much the same as tow411 did. I would love to see more activity and interaction from members, but dont know how to entice more people to get involved.
  25. No, its been years since I have attended.