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  1. We received a call from Upper Uwchlan Police Department at 10:28 AM to respond to Hickory Park on Park Road for one vehicle after an accident. We immediately dispatched one of our flatbed trucks to the scene. Upon arrival we found a vehicle that had run through a concrete and wood fence along the parking lot. We were able to winch the vehicle directly onto our flatbed. Cribbing was used to raise the front end of the vehicle to keep from causing any more damage to the undercarriage. The wood and concrete that was scattered throughout the area was picked up and loaded onto our flatbed truck. We called and requested a traffic cone and caution tape and additional laborer be sent to the scene. The broken concrete post was placed on our flatbed truck. All debris was picked up from the area. A traffic cone was placed over the hole that remained from the fence post. Caution tape was used to mark off the area of broken fence. The vehicle and debris was transported to our storage facility. No one was injured in the collision. The new driver was learning to drive with mom and practicing in the parking lot. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. My guess from the description would be an Eagle Claw. I remember that same issue when I was first thrown into an Eagle Claw with no training. If thats the case, here is a video that I found showing how to.
  3. This was a call from the State Police for a pickup overturned down an embankment a few months back. The fire chief called and let me know that it was a Dodge Dually over a guard rail with a large amount of debris. It was a Sunday morning around 8 am. Since I happen to live just around the corner and didn't have a truck home that weekend I responded direct in my personal car. My dad went to the shop and got our 98 international 12 ton wrecker and we called in two of our other operators one in a 2011 Dodge 5500 mpl40 and our 2013 Hino flatbed. We worked with the fire company to cut the damaged section of guard rail and remove the debris that was scattered through the woods. We used our two wreckers and a few Holmes trees to move the truck back ward toward the open section of the guardrail and roll it back into its wheels in one motion. It was then pulled fully onto the roadway and loaded onto our Hino. The rest of the debris was piled into the back of the truck. The owner had us transport it direct to his farm not far away. The recovery bill was paid in full upon delivery. It took a bit of explaining for him to understand the fees involved in this recovery after his initial "sticker shock" when he saw the invoice. But in the end he understood and was happy. After we squared away I treated our crew to a good breakfast at a local deli.
  4. This call came in from Local PD as a single vehicle crash. I arrived on scene in our Dodge 5500 MPL40 wrecker. Once I did I called for a flatbed to come to the scene. The driver was parking the vehicle and said the accelerator stuck. He traveled over a parking curb and into a pine tree. Security video showed the vehicle started up the tree until the tree was uprooted. The vehicle continued through some bushes and came to rest straddling some curbing. We used our wrecker to recovery the vehicle and it was loaded on our our flatbed. The flatbed took the vehicle to the shop to unload. I remained on scene with the wrecker and started to pull out the damaged trees and bushes. Our cleanup truck and trailer came to the scene with chainsaws and power broom. Our flatbed returned to collect the debris. We all worked at getting things cleaned up. The landscaping company that handles that property is going to replant bushes and all this spring. We were paid in full by Erie Ins. They even paid us to transport the vehicle 50 miles to a Subaru dealer in Harrisburg for further investigation into the "stuck throttle"
  5. Looks great! We have always had a fenced in yard. About 10 years ago, we expanded the size of the lot... I was surprised at the time to realize how much fence costs. But it ads a much more professional look. Out of curiosity, what do you charge for storage? Are you charging more for secured storage? Our rate is and has been $50/ calendar day for years.
  6. No problem... its all I got from the guys that worked the wreck. Hopefully it will be a busy holiday weekend and we will add some fun ones.
  7. Very good idea! Not to mention, I could use a new towmate! Just wish I had more good work lately... its all been small boring jobs.
  8. At 4:48 pm 6/13 we received a call for two vehicles blocking Ship Road just off of Route 100. Paul Jr and Paul Sr quickly moved both vehicles out of the roadway. A large amount of glass was swept from the scene. A Saab 93 and a Toyota Corolla were towed from the scene. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Today we were a little short handed and it got pretty busy. Luckily Matt from Fling's Towing Inc. was willing to give us a hand. At 6:09 pm we were called to Route 113 in front of the Lionville Middle School for two vehicles after an accident. Paul Sr and Dylan has just responded to another crash in Upper Uwchlan moments before and Paul Jr was the only truck close to Route 113. Once he arrived on scene he found two vehicles blocking the travel lane and a large amount of fluid and debris in the roadway. The initial plan was to use the wrecker to move both vehicles to a parking lot in order to open the road quickly until one of our other trucks could make it to the scene to help. Just as Paul Jr started to load the Volvo he saw a truck from Flings Towing stuck in the traffic backlog. Matt was willing to help us out and towed one of the cars. Matt loaded the Ford Mustang and helped clean up the fluids. Paul Jr loaded the Volvo S60 and swept debris from the road. Both vehicles were quickly removed from the travel lanes and transported to our storage lot. There can be a lot of competition in the world of towing. We really appreciate Matt and Flings Towing lending us a hand. Thanks for being in the right place at the right time!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Sunday 6/23 just after 11 am Bob and Paul Sr were called to a two vehicle crash at Route 100 and 401. Luckily there were no major injuries. The vehicle was pulling out and did not see the motorcycle. The driver of the vehicle stopped directly in the other of the motorcycle when they saw it coming. Our operators pulled the motorcycle off of the vehicle and loaded it onto our flatbed. The Lexus was also towed from the scene. I spoke to the motorcycle operator yesterday and found out that he was not injured in the crash. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Most of the tow hooks/screw eyes are NOT rated for recovery and should not be used to pull a vehicle out of the mud. Be very careful using them. To be honest I dont even use them to load a car in most cases. Too many issues with them for me plus you never know what the last guy did to it causing an accident waiting to happen.
  12. Thanks...I have had good luck working with Ernie in your parts dept, but he is the one trying to get them for me and he is showing backorder until aug 22. We just painted the truck and I want them asap, so was hoping someone here might have a set around.
  13. I am in search of Jerrdan part#1001130410S. It is for the aluminum diamond plate kit for the front of the tunnel tool box on the MPL40. We just had our boxes repainted and I want to get these installed. I have checked with our dealer and they were originally backordered into July, now they are showing the end of August. If anyone has anything around I would appreciate it. The picture is used for reference... I need the diamond plate for the front of the tool box.
  14. We had to cut a section a while back and I had only a sawzall... it cut through the rail section like butter. I had been expecting it would tear up blades in a hurry but I didn't have anything else on scene.
  15. We ended up using Maxxima Led strips from our local lighting supplier. They were actually a few dollars per strip cheaper than we found online. They gave us a 5 year unconditional warranty as well. They were fast and easy to install. We installed them in my MPL40 and wired them direct to the marker light wiring that was already in the boxes. This way they come on when the running lights are on and turn off automatically. No more silly pin switches. Last night I was out around 11 pm in the pitch black and I took this picture to show how bright they are. We used an 18” strip. We just ordered more to install in all of our trucks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Very nice. We are 20 min east of Bresslers. We ordered some 18” led strips today from a local lighting supplier to try them out. They recommended them highly. Going to try out in one truck before ordering enough to do them all. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. I am tired of my dim lights in my MPL40 toolboxes... when the switches work. Time to make some changes. We are going to remove the junk switches and wire toolbox lighting to the parking lights. I want to run LED and we are thinking of strips. Looking for something high quality and trouble free. Something that comes in a bulk roll would be nice too as I wouldn't mind being able to customize it and do all 7 of our trucks but I am open to suggestions.
  18. Ill snap some pictures next time I use mine, but it is very similar. The Condor has the part that flips over and helps secure the wheel where the Jerrdan does not. Its really tough to load a bike without an extra set of hands where the Condors that we have on our flatbed seem to be a bit easier. I think next time Ill order the Condor attachment for the MPL40 instead to have that extra bit of support.
  19. The truck needs to go from 37 Pottstown Pike, Chester Springs Pa to Preble Ave, Madison Maine. We may end up transporting it the entire way and needing a backhaul for the trip home. If you need a backhaul going north, let us know. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. We picked up an old truck for a good customer today and brought it to our yard in Chester Springs Pa (southeastern PA) for now. We have been given a limited budget to get it to Madison Maine in upcoming weeks. So far timing is rather flexible. We are looking into all options to get this truck moved safely. If anyway is headed north empty or maybe has something they need moved from ME coming south maybe we can make things work. Any help or sharing would be greatly appreciated!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Is that a Condor for the MPL? I have the Jerrdan Motorcycle kits for our MPL40s... they work well, but the condor would be a bit nicer I think. It always drives me nuts when guys see us pull up with a wrecker to tow their bikes and they give us a hard time. Just let us do our jobs!
  22. Call towmate. They sell a hard wired transmitter that will work great for you.
  23. A few of us sat through a basic training with Jack Sullivan years ago, but we have our full crew going to a class on June 3 at a local fire department hosted by Todd Leiss.... looking forward to having all of our guys certified and updated. Best of all, it is free... so there is no excuse not to attend.
  24. This morning I received an email from NSD. I think we have all noticed some changes lately in the quality of NSD dispatches. I thought it was nice for NSD to acknowledge the issue and hope that they make moves to correct things. Overall I have had good luck working with NSD. Fair rates and typically good jobs for the most part. We have seen a big jump in volume in our area lately with their addition of the Avis/Budget contract. I stay in regular contact with Patrick when anything comes up and he has been able to get things straight for us as needed. I hope the forward progress continues. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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