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  1. This one is in the water..... assuming it at least has liability coverage on it, it would be a pretty easy one to get paid on. Personally, I would call in a friend with a rotator and have them set it on my bed. I would also make sure to have some absorbent pads and booms ready to absorb any fluids out of the water. Lots of pictures.
  2. We have been using Cintas for our uniforms. I am happy with them overall, but looking into options. Currently, we have uniforms for our whole crew, but we all choose to wash our own at home rather than use the Cintas service. So we are paying weekly for a service that we don't use. I am looking into buying uniforms outright for our guys. I really like the gray with vi his that Cintas uses. Their price to buy seems a bit high for the quality so I wanted to see what is working for you guys before I make any moves. Thanks
  3. LIVE: Philadelphia District Attorney announces insurance fraud charges against a local towing company. https://cbsloc.al/2GdH0ud PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The owners of a Philadelphia tow truck company have been charged with insurance fraud. Police say the owners of Hooked Inc., 47-year-old Joseph Moreno and 29-year-old Dwight Williams, both of Philadelphia, surrendered to police last month. Police say the insurance fraud occurred on the 2200 block of West Westmoreland Street on April 24, 2016. Both suspects were charged with racketeer influence and corrupt organization, theft by deception, deceptive practices and insurance fraud. During a press conference Wednesday, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner called the case “the largest of its kind.”
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  5. That is a shame to hear, and hope they work it out. The last issue Patrick took care of for me and told me to contact him direct rather than my rep. We have been watching things close, and have seen a bit more work out of them lately as they picked up Avis, so for us that means alot of 30-40 mile jobs to the phila airport. I have had them all shorted on miles, but when I submit the map with my invoice they pay according to shortest distance and match whatever google maps says. I really hope they can stay on top of things for guys like us that have bent over backwards. They have always paid our retail rate with the exception of GOAs and we kick them some "free" miles.
  6. This morning we picked up some trailer supplies for the new Hino. The truck was ordered with a standard 2” receiver. We added a tri-ball attachment and a pintle hitch as well. We also have a wiring adapter setup so we can plug into our truck lighting and adapt it to any common trailer plug. The truck went to work on its first crash (white Nissan Versa) last night, followed by a dui traffic stop shortly after. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. A few years back we had a lot of trouble from Ford and their warranty and will never give them another penny. At that time Chevy was getting out of the market, so we gambled on a 2013 Hino and have had great luck with it other than a few emissions issues. It has been a great truck for what we do with it and great on maintenance and all too. We needed to add a truck this year and decided to do an exact match to the one we already had and here it is. As far as price... they are all too expensive haha. But the Hino is right in there with everyone else. In the past few years we have bought at least 6 trucks from Alan at Nussbaum Equipment and he treats us right. To be honest, I didnt even ask prices on this build... we knew exactly what we wanted. In years past we have shopped around, and its hard to compare apples to apples anymore. So many dealers order in "stock" trucks with no options, steel wheels, standard bed, etc. When we ordered this one we went with air ride, air brake, aluminum wheels, galvanized subframe, lodar remote, in the ditch tool boxes (which we actually have one more 60" coming for it), 22' dual angle bed with rollers, trailer hitch. I wanted to make sure we have everything we need. Trying to compare prices on this truck with other dealers takes too long and its usually not accurate. Nussbaum is also only an hour from us and they normally deliver. The few times there has been any warranty issue, they have taken care of it no question. Could I save a couple dollars shopping around, maybe, but so far we have been very happy.
  8. A few months ago we ordered another new truck from Alan at Nussbaum Equipment. We ordered the truck with almost every option available. After patiently waiting a few months, our 2019 Hino was picked up from Nussbaum Equipment in Columbia Pa on Monday and it headed straight up 222 north to Leesport to its first job. Paul Jr towed a Dodge pickup back to a repair shop in Elverson. On Tuesday, Dan Nunemaker from DN Designs took care of the paintwork and lettering. This morning most of the chains, straps and equipment was added. We have some additional toolboxes coming in for the truck as well in the next few weeks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. A couple years back when HONK started out, they really annoyed me with that loud horn when I would answer the phone. Clearly a lot of people were angered by it, and they finally changed it, but that was horrible to hear at 3 am. In the beginning, we tried Honk- credit card up front by phone. Everything went great, except they called multiple times. Are you on your way, what truck are you using, what is your drivers name, did you arrive, has the car been delivered, etc. Way too many calls for a simple job.... but I get it... they were reaching out to a bunch of towing vendors that they didnt know or trust, so they were staying on top of things. After one or two calls like that, I quit doing work for them. About two years ago after a long day at the Baltimore tow show, a few of us were ending the night at the small bar at the Oriole Cafe in our hotel. After a few drinks were were all joking and ranting about motor clubs. There was a guy next to us that began to talk to us, and after a while, he owned up to being Corey- The CEO of HONK. After letting him have it with our thoughts... Corey paid our bar tab and took our feedback... but he had one request.... to download the app and give Honk a chance. I came home, and gave it a shot.... the app at that time was still full of issues and the volume was really low. We tried a few jobs and things went alot better. We did notice once we would submit for payment, we would have a credit card within 30 minutes, never shorted... always paid to the rate that we have set on the app. I dont like that they wont pay enroute--but when it doesnt make profit for us, we just decline the call. After a bit we had some app issues and I didnt follow up and we stopped getting calls. A few months back I looked into it and re downloaded the app and got things working on phones for 3 of us here at the shop. The volume is still low, but its better. We see 2-3 calls a week that we take and we get paid our retail rates. I feel they need to pay enroute, and dollies where needed, etc.... but to make up for that we set our hookup rates higher than normal so it all averages out. Still fast paying and accurate. The app could use some work, but it gets the job done. Sometimes I decline a call, then it comes back in a min later, decline again, and it comes back , and i have to keep doing that. It can be real annoying when im busy... clearly I declined once, I dont want the job. I have noticed them growing... some more call volume recently. I dont win alot of bids in our area as we have our rates set high. There are a few guys working out of their house running older trucks that can run cheaper than I can... so they usually get the work... but when I do... i get paid well for it so i cant complain. A while back we had one in our parking lot that needed a tow... I put in a 1 min eta as I was sitting here..... I was not awarded the job as someone else bid that was cheaper. 2 hours later he showed up in a beat up truck, and he happened to be wearing a FEDEX uniform while he loaded in our parking lot. It was rather funny... i guess he works for Fedex full time and tows on the side. Anyway... it showed me clearly its another club just looking at price... allowing a member to sit for 2 hours when I had a truck literally in the same parking lot as the job and I bid 1 minute. All that being said.... I appreciate that you guys having someone on staff with WreckMaster training... and on here to work with us.
  10. Good thought. It was a 5 mile ride back to our shop on back roads not over 45 mph. To be honest i never even considered that being an issue. But I could see how it could cause issues, especially at highway speeds or a long trip. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I think that is a good idea too.... they seem to be doing a good job of it all..... but as you said, enforcement will be key. We are seeing alot of that in PA... they are making rules and then not following through with it. We had our inspection a few weeks ago for the state police and they basically showed up and saw we had a few trucks and fence and did not care to check anything else. Now I am not worried as all of our things are in line... but I want to see them checking on those that dont and enforcing the same rules that we work to abide by.
  12. I briefly read over the contract and from what I see it is very straight forward and clear. I think it is reasonable standards to follow. We are going through some changes in PA with the state police changing their rules this year, and the generic contract is nowhere near as clear as the one shown above.
  13. WreckMaster 4/5 here in southeastern pa. I went to Big Wheels a few years back and had the pleasure of meeting Ron there at the class. I did make it back for a refresher as well.... its about time to go again.
  14. Its funny that this is brought up again today. Recently the PA State Police sent out new applications for towing in Troop J which is in Southeastern PA. Their definitions are vague at best. But they consider a recovery something that is overturned or in a deep ravine as they word it. A tow is anything else, basically any hook and go accident etc. In past years, we have always billed a disabled vehicle or a traffic stop as their tow rate. Any crash/accident at the recovery rate. I am now being told that is not accurate.
  15. The article is about Pittsburgh. But Phila has had chasers running as well. They recently had something going on with AutoReturn doing something in Phila, but I am positive there is still chasing going on. I was down in NE Phila last week and there were guys running all over. I passed a 2 car wreck and 3 different companies were there before PD.
  16. I would just solve the problem and make it easy on yourself... print our your rate sheet on a sheet of paper and hang it in the office. I know in PA we are legally required to. I just have a simple computer print out on the wall. Nothing fancy.
  17. I suggest calling NSD and talk to Patrick. He knows the deal and he seems to be able to work with us and get things done. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. I received a call from Patrick just a bit ago. He has made things right so far. He provided me with his direct extension to reach out to him if any situation comes up similar to this again. Apparently the rep I spoke with this morning was new and didn't handle things the way Patrick would have, and some of my reps in the past. Hopefully NSD can keep up the good service and not become like the other clubs.
  19. Has anyone else noticed things with NSD starting to go downhill? I have seen my area rep change 4-5 times over the last year. Dispatchers with little info lately, and more problematic calls ... which may be because they are growing and taking on more clients, so some of that can be expected. Today's issue really annoyed me to the point that we will no longer be near as helpful to NSD as we have been in the past. Over the years, NSD has been great to work with, until now. Yesterday they called us and asked us to help with a wheel lift and dolly job 31 miles away, which typically we would never do. They told use they couldn't get anyone with dollies to help them. Being NSD, and typically having a good relationship with them in the past, I was willing to help out. We called the customer and off we went. Arrived exactly at our ETA and found the customer wasn't there. Called and found out the customer got up and running and they left the scene without telling us. No big deal, called in for a GOA which typically pays us $50 + $3/ mile. For whatever reason dispatch couldn't get a goa approved and told us to call our field rep. Just spoke to our newly assigned field rep and after 25 minutes of trying to get things right on the phone, they deny my rates and tell me the best they can do is $50 and $1.50/ mile enroute after 10. It really irritated me since our normal enroute is contracted at $3/ mile after 10. This isnt an issue that I run into often, as we don't typically take club calls so far away. But given NSD has usually been great, we made an exception. I guess this is what I get for trying to help them out. I'm sure soon they will be calling me wondering why I no longer will help them outside of my town.
  20. This is Troop J. Southeastern PA. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. So far this is all new this year. But Normally every year PSP sends out an application basically to update info. Included is a blank, very generic form to fill in rates. Typically we and many others attach our printed, very detailed rate sheet and mail it in and its never been any issue. This year, applications are being denied if there is any rate added other than the fill in the blank sheet. After an email to PSP we are finding that we can no longer bill for anything other than what is listed on the application. So that means they are basically telling us that they are no longer allowing us to charge for oil dry, crash wrap, tarping, hybrid battery disconnect fees. Some of the heavy guys cant bill for a tractor to tow a trailer (in pa it is illegal to tow the combination). Right now we only have basic information and are trying to find out how to proceed. The PA Towing Association has been contacted. Hopefully we will have some answers soon.
  22. Skates, gojacks, dish soap from the dollar store even. All good ways to safely unload a car from a bed when stuck in park. I have used a snatch block at the end of the bed, doubled back to the front to winch the car off as needed. Rocking or shaking the bed back and forth is hard on the truck and the hydraulics as well as the car not to mention it doesn’t look very professional. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. I use fax alot still, but my fax machine is an all in one printer, scanner, copier too. Alot of our stuff is email too though.
  24. Only if you are prepared to buy a transmission/transfer case and damage your reputation on the all wheel drive models. There are some CRV's out there that are front wheel drive only- not many, but a friend of mine owns one. Most are AWD, as for the RAV4 to my knowledge they are all AWD. Flatbed, or wheel lift and dollies.
  25. The Teslas take a bit of extra care, but they are easy once you learn them. Take a look at my post about the tesla towing procedures- We tow a lot of them, and I am happy to do so. My minimum service fee for a Tesla is $125 just to go out. Tesla roadside is great to deal with, and they have a 24/7 tech phone line to help you if you have any issue trying to tow one. The owners can be a bit demanding, so the best thing you can do is get them in your truck and seat belted in and let you work.
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