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  1. I’d like to wish the operator the best of outcomes with this situation.
  2. My Condolences to his family...
  3. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in July of 2005: But the worse part is this is their replacement coach for a "Lemon" coach that spent more time in the shop than they owned it (kind of hard to do).John R. AKA Formula One Towing Marquette, Michigan In Memory of DNDTOWINGCOM who said: Ouch! That's when ya think to yerself,"It must suck to be you!"~Dann towmanjc said: Gota love those RV`s!!! John the truck is coming along!! timjohn said: How heavy are those RV's? I always wondered if they were heavier than they looked. Have fun and be safe Tim 408Stroker said: Well, depending on the length of that particular unit(which could be '33 - '38) the GVWR is either 22,000 or 24,000. Of course that's the gross rating and not curb weight. So would the curb weight be around 20k? The GVWR of the front axle is 7500, 8500, or 9000. Timco said: If I spent that much money for a MH, & it conked out that soon....I wouldn`t be a happy camper! Gerry Sienk said: had a few, being delivered to dealer from manufacturer not make it, and need towing. I couldn't tell, is that a pusher or front gas? Had a 3 axle pusher scale at 42,000. He was 15,000 on the front with a 7ft. set back axle. Towed him 125 miles over two mountains to Phoenix. Darn hard to stop, so I am going to rig up a brake set up like they use on the piggy-back transport of new trucks. Auto Rescue said: This lumux is a gas (454? up front I did not look at it close only from underneath) with four huge slide outs, two each side like you see on the left. I stopped by the nexy day and it's rather huge inside they thought they were waiting for a fuel pump, they were still there today.John R. Mr Waialae Chevron said: To heck with that motorhome..... I like that multi-colored Peterbilt that's towing that hunk-of-junk. Good to see that rig in action! Auto Rescue said: Thank you both Joe & Barney it feels better with a little income instead of all outgo.John R. It made a Nice Forum Banner back then:
  4. Great to see this reposted, it was well worth the reread.
  5. RVs and Tow trucks can equal big bucks when they get together, I really miss the Tow trucks and the RV is leaving next. Thank you for the photos.
  6. I can just feel the truck by looking at it
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