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  1. Happy Anniversary! “My, how the years have flown,But there was a timeBack in my primeWhen I could really hold my own”. - Toby Keith
  2. If someone knows whom to speak to at Hurst; please ask them what we can do to help. We are in Indiana but would do whatever we can from here. We have 2 light towers and several trucks we might deploy.
  3. Thankfully you were not injured! Our company has been on the receiving end of the same stupid drivers 3 times over the past 30 years totaling out all 3 trucks. Thank GOD nobody was injured but 2 of the trucks were less than 6 months old at the time.
  4. Some more good ones now that you guys have me thinking: "No good deed goes unpunished" "There's a light at the end of the tunnel" - followed by: "But I'm afraid it might be the train" I heard this from a State Trooper about the rednecks with jacked up 4x4 trucks: "Truck height is inversely proportionate to penis length" "That is what I was shooting for" - used when your results didn't turn out as planned.
  5. That's why they are required to honk before backing up 🤣
  6. Flares don't always work either: Be safe out there. Trooper Struck While Investigating Crash on I-80 HAMMOND- For the third time in as many weeks, an Indiana State Trooper has been struck while investigating a prior crash. This morning at 4:07 a.m., troopers from the ISP Lowell Post were investigating a multiple vehicle crash on I-80/94 eastbound at the 1.7 mile-marker. As a result of this crash, the right three lanes were blocked as one of the vehicles stalled and was una
  7. Looks like the BMW's have highjacked your original thread here. I ran across your thread while looking for more info on removing the new Freightliner and Volvo drivelines, they have bolts and nuts instead of the normal set up of 12 point bolts through the bearing cap or straps to secure them. I agree 100% that something more needs to be done about this than the truck manufacturer applying decals warning you the transmission will be damaged if the driveshafts or axles are not removed prior to moving the vehicle. The companies that unknowingly purchase these trucks are the same ones
  8. I impounded an abandoned motor-home last year and it was piled full of clothing and personal articles when we got inside with the police to secure the steering wheel. I completed hook up and was driving slow out of the parking lot it was in when I saw a large naked man exiting the motor-home in my passenger side mirror. I stopped and he fled across the street and into a nearby house. I called the police back to the scene and explained what had happened and they made entry to the house. The parties inside the house said the man lived there and could not offer any explanation as to what I had wi
  9. RIP Vicki 1980 seems like it was not so long ago...at least to me
  10. Grumps I would buy one just to see you operate the 4 joystick remote control!
  11. Wow you guys almost wore it out before you got the graphics put on her. Nice truck
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