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  1. ProTower

    Wilson's 60 ton tator working

    Trucker didn't notice the light pole pylon in the middle of the parking lot
  2. We are looking to deploy credit card machines to the field with our drivers and want to know what you all have and if you like it or not. We have used the cellular machines from the bank without much success; they are either dead battery or out of service area too often. They are also too expensive to deploy with each driver on call ($400 each) I like the Square Deal thing to plug into the iPads we issue to the drivers but don't know much about them. We use Towbook software so if it integrates into that it would be real nice. Please tell me your thoughts. Mark
  3. Here and ready to rock, roll and recover!
  4. The Indiana winters have damaged mine beyond repair. I would like to find some used ones from the south or maybe a new one that never got built This truck was bought new in 1995 and if you have one you know why I want to keep her. Thank you
  5. Make it happen! Montgomery County Indiana's Finest Light and Heavy Rescue Water Rescue Towing & More!
  6. Hello, I was a patron just before the system changes started taking place. I don't think my paypal ever was charged for it though. I would still like to continue to support the forums. Thank you, Mark
  7. ProTower


    We joined the ITWA last year. Hope to benefit from some of their training programs once winter releases us from her clutches. Anyway, I got to post the first topic in the new forum.
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