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  1. RIP Vicki 1980 seems like it was not so long ago...at least to me
  2. Grumps I would buy one just to see you operate the 4 joystick remote control!
  3. Wow you guys almost wore it out before you got the graphics put on her. Nice truck
  4. Man I wish I could get some of my drivers to move that fast! Nice job.
  5. Check the fluids if you haven't- we have seen brand new trucks with no fluid in rear differential in the past. Also Allison transmissions are very finicky about being just a 1/2 pint low.
  6. Or - - When everyday bad attitudes and circumstances try to bury your ass- shake it off and keep on stomping along!
  7. 1982 Peterbilt 359 with 300" c/a Air-ride and 750 Holmes on the back end. That old truck floated down the road. Seriously though I've never had a Hino buy my Freightliners are superior in ride of my International.
  8. George, Towbook has a free trial of a month I think. (Then $49 a month.) My son set it all up in a couple of days and the Towbook people have been very attentive to any problems we had. Holly's Towing Dispatch might be an alternative for you although I have no idea what she charges. http://hollystowingdispatch.com/ That way you can concentrate on towing and let the dispatch service talk to the overseas dispatchers lining up work for you.
  9. Congratulations on 50 years! I remember my father and I traveled down from Indiana to try and buy a big old tri-axle heavy duty truck you had for sale, probably 35-40 years ago. We didn't get together on the truck but looking at all your trucks and swapping stories between Irvin my father was awesome. I always liked the orange and white trucks and looked for them anytime we traveled through Kentucky.
  10. Wes, FYI- The Myrtle Beach and Evansville links don't work. Thought you would want to know.
  11. Answering my own question or updating everyone that replied: I spoke with Fattmerchant and Square about it. We spoke with Towbook at Atlantic City and the told us about they were integrating with Square. We had been using smaller handheld machines from PNC Bank branded Clover. When we called them to see what our obligations were prior to cancelling the service and they advised we could buy more of the handhelds but no other solution they were aware of. Then one of the office ladies ran across the "Clover App" that works on all of our company issued ipads for each driver. This has been a great solution for us so far although we will likely migrate to square with integration to Towbook when that happens. Thanks for all the great replies everyone and Randy I have one of those old back and forth swipers on the shelf in the back room just in case we have another y2k or the like.
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